What is a Bonus Round Slots and what you need to know?

James Smith
July 2, 2020
Modified: August 9, 2023

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If you are looking for the best possible experience while playing online slots, then you should go for casino bonus round slots. Normally, they are more exciting than games without this feature. If you check, you will find that there are a lot of bonus round slot games on the internet to give a try.

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Modern online casinos such as Betiton have bonus round slots so that players can try them out. Other than being fun, these rounds let players to have more chances of winning slot games. However, before you get started, you need to check the paytable of your preferred online slot machine.

What Are Slot Bonus Rounds?

Slot bonus rounds might have different rules in various casino sites. However, in most cases, they are games that are unlocked after players have spun a specific combination of symbols in their reels during regular gameplay. If you are a regular player, you will notice that most sites with these features provide no deposit bonus.

Though players stand a chance to win money from slot bonus rounds, they cannot make a lot with them. These games are mostly created to make online casinos more interesting and fun. It is crucial to understand how these bonus rounds work on various casino sites before giving them a hard shot.

What Is A Bonus Extra spins Round?

When it comes to online gambling, extra spins bonuses are some of the most preferred features. Some of these bonuses are out in place to promote various casinos online. In a nutshell, it is the one chance you get to spin the reel without having to pay for it. They make new players sign up on casino sites.

If you are playing a slot video and click spin, your account will not be deducted. Better still, you can get a bonus round that features a number of extra spins, depending on the amount of bonus you won. Normally, this is considered an absolute chance to test an online casino.

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How many types of Bonus Rounds exist?

We have promotional spin bonuses and new players’ extra spins. Also, casino sites are still working on creative ways to provide players with bonus rounds. If you are looking for casino welcome bonus on sites such as Betiton, be sure to find out if they have bonus free rounds for new and existing punters.

  • Arcade game
  • Cascades
  • Free for all
  • Extra spins
  • Pick a box
  • Pick ‘Em
  • Sliders
  • Wild

An arcade game is a coin-operated game placed in public places such as restaurants, amusement arcades, and bars. Cascade is a unique puzzle game that helps you train how to line up gems from an array of columns. Free for all is a gameplay mode that is integrated into a number of shooters. Let’s illustrate them further.

Arcade game

As mentioned earlier, this is a coin-operated game that you will mostly see in public places. Most arcade games are electro-mechanical games, video games, pinball machines, pinball games, etc. Though not clear, it is debated that arcade games originated somewhere between the 1970s and 1980s. Today, the games have gained a lot of popularity across the globe.

The arcade machines became popular between 1970 and 1980, during a time when video games were seen as a huge technological advancement. Various communities around the globe gathered around arcade games to give them a try. The coin-operated game generated a lot of suspicion among individuals and gave birth to crime and violence among players.

Cascades Game

Cascades is a puzzle game that lets you train your brain on how to arrange and match gems on various columns. The game is played in levels and it keeps getting tougher. To achieve more and keep playing, you need to plan your moved carefully, and use your gem in the best order.

This is a mind game that has rules which must be followed by each player. Depending on your choice of site, you can win real money as you move from level to level. This is the game to play if you are looking for something that would put all your skills to test. Also, it comes in different designs.

Free for all

Free for all games are available in most online casinos looking to provide the best platforms for players. These games come in a wide variety, and you are free to pick one depending on your gaming mood. Even if you are the pickiest punter, you will be spoiled for choice once you visit this category.

Free for all games include arcade games, racing games, dress up games, parking games, shooting games, and many more. The best part is that you are given a chance to win money as you enjoy playing on the site. Also, most of them do not have strict rules, so there is no need to wait.

Extra spins

In any online casino, extra spins are spins that you will not be charged for. In most online casinos, extra spins are provided as bonuses or promotions to bring more players to the site. In some instances, you can find extra spins on video slots. The extra spins are useful for beginners and intermediate players.

Any punter looking to make extra cash will find extra spins very useful. Even if you have of money in your account, and in the tier, you will still find playing extra spins quite lucrative. What is more, they do not have lots of requirement, and many of them don’t require deposits.

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Pick a box

There is a wide range of bonus games offered by online casinos, and pick a Box is one of them. To commence the game, you need to achieve a certain combination of symbols. After that, you are required to pick one or more items that are mostly in the shape of boxes to see your prize.

There are rules of the game, but they vary among casinos. Thankfully, they are not stringent rules, so you still have a good chance at winning money playing Pick a Box. As long as you have achieved the required combination, you can unlock your game and start winning. Some casinos provide a free guide to help you get started.

Pick ‘Em

Pick ‘Em might be the right treat for those who believe in their favorite teams. In this game, online punters to pick one of the players they believe would win and place a bet on it. It is an entertaining way to play online casinos as you are triggered to cheer on your selection.

Unless you are an intermediate player, you will find Pick ‘Em a little tricky. Before you are sure that a certain player or team would win, you need to be familiar with how they play. Better still, you can search for online tips to have a clue on how best to pick your win.

Sliders bonus

Slider bonus is a newer feature from NextGen game providers. But there is a lot to know about these games that provide you with amazing extra spins. They are good, and if you can get a site with amazing design and music in the background, you will definitely have a good time playing sliders bonus.

Since this is not a very old feature in online gaming, you might need to understand how it works. To get started, you will need to pick the number of bets and a pay-line. You need to know which reel you will pick to become the wild line. Also, depending on your site, there are house rules worth understanding.

Wild bonus

In an online casino, players can get bonuses in many ways. For instance, if you are a new player, you will be given a welcome bonus. This might come in form of extra spins that give you a chance to win real money. Also, some sites provide players with a welcome bonus after their first deposit.

Though some sites do not provide first deposit bonuses, they still have amazing promotions to keep players excited. For instance, if you are a first-timer, you can be given a given amount of cash-back after wagering a certain number of times. A welcome bonus can also be given in the form of extra spins.

Is the Bonus Round available in all slots?

While bonus round is an important promotional tool for various casinos, it might not be available in all slots. If you are looking for this feature, make sure to check carefully whether or not it is available before trying a given slot. Also, some casino sites do not have this kind of arrangement since it is a new feature.

If an online slot machine does not have a bonus round, then you might consider finding another one. As a player, you need these rounds so to learn how a given site works as you make money. Other than helping you learn, they are a fan feature that should not be missing on an established casino website.

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How to identify the bonus round on a slot?

You will also be told if you have a bonus round. But to be certain, check to confirm that you are not charged eve after spinning the reel. To be precise enough, online slot machines are designed differently, some will let you know when you hit a bonus round, while some will not notify you.

Therefore, it is important that you keep checking. Also, if there are terms and conditions of having bonus rounds, you need to work on getting them so that you are given the bonus. For example, if you are needed to wager a given number of times, you have to work on attaining the threshold.

These are free rounds put in place to help you have fun while playing online casino

No, some of them do not have this feature

Yes, but not all of them are predetermined, so it helps to understand what you are dealing with.

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