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The Guide for French Roulette

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

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French Roulette is a variation of the game known as roulette. It became increasingly popular following the French revolution and has since become the favourite of many casino game players. It is loved by many because of its entertaining capability along with its prospects of huge winnings and earnings while playing. There is however a huge and stark difference between French Roulette and American Roulette.

This can mainly be seen in its table arrangement and overall layout. in French Roulette, the game players are usually disadvantaged as compared as the game has one more rule while playing the game that decreases the edge to 1.35%. This is a French roulette guide that will make you know your way around the game.

The History of French Roulette

In the French language, roulette means a “tiny wheel”. The history of French Roulette can be traced to a French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. It is said in recent history that while conducting his experiments in the attempt of the creation of a virtual motion apparatus back in the year 1655, he unintentionally came up with the French Roulette wheel. Since then, the wheel has remained unchanged, but for a slight modification.

Later in the year 1842 , two French brothers advanced the game slightly. These French brothers were Francois and Louis Blanc. Their modification was the addition of the number zero to the wheel thus changing the roulette rules. Since then the game is played with 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36.

What are the rules of French Roulette?

There are two rules when playing French Roulette on Betiton. Some are similar to other roulette variations while others are not. As has been noted, French Roulette, also known as European roulette is made up 37 numbers from 0 to 36. Except for one type of bet, in French Roulette, the number 0 is differently treated. It is this difference in treatment that gives the casino game and the house its edge.

Since the number 0 is connected to no other number it has its own unique chip while the other seven numbers are covered using at least one split bet. Additionally the number 17 is covered twice. Two of the rules on how to play roulette include En Prison and the La Partage rules.

How to play French Roulette?

French Roulette can be played with two rules. While playing with the En prison rule, you retain your bets for the next spin whenever you land a 0. This is the best part of the French Roulette bets as you don’t lose your bet. Instead you get the opportunity to bet in the next spin. In Betiton casino, this is repeated until the chips don’t fall on zero.

The La Partage rule allows you to retain half of your chips any time you land a 0 in an Even Money bet. Of course you lose the other half. This rule is equally great for playing French Roulette as in any given bet you have a 50/50 chance.

  • step 1: Place bets on the French roulette table
  • step 2: Announce your bets
  • step 3: Full or maximum betting
  • step 4: Release of the ball
  • steep 5: Collection of loosing bets
  • step 6: Paying of winning bets

There are six steps in the playing of French Roulette at Betiton casino as in American Roulette. First the bets are placed on the table layout. Secondly, the type of bet is called out. Bets have unique names. Thirdly, maximum betting has 12 varied bets in one. To call this, you tell the dealer “a given number to the maximum”.

The fourth step involves releasing the ball. Here the ball drops on the wheel and the dealer has power to overrule late bets or announced bets. The next step is where lost bets are collected by the dealer. This is determined after the ball settles in a pocket. Lastly, the winning bets are paid out. Multiple winners, depending on the variation of the game receive payouts.

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Learn the French Roulette strategy

French Roulette or European Roulette is basically a game that involves chance in its playing and entirety. However, the Martingale strategy can increase your chances of winning. Here, whenever a bet is lost, you need to double your money. The mathematics in the system is adequate.

For instance when playing on Betiton, an initial stake of €1 is followed by consecutive doubling of the bet any time it is placed. When played with the Martingale strategy, French Roulette is broken down to a doubling of the stake any time a bet is lost. This way, the €1 is doubled to €2, €4, and €8 and so forth. Therefore, by following the Martingale strategy, the chances of success are greatly improved.

What are the payouts for French Roulette?

In playing French Roulette following the strategy mentioned in this article, there are two main types of bets. These include inside and outside bets. The payouts are different for each type of bet. The names outside and inside bets are gotten from the position of the bets on the table layout.

While the outside bets come with a higher probability of winning chances, their payouts are minimal. Inside bets are the complete opposite of the outside bets. Whereas they have meager chances of scraping a win, their payouts are substantially huge. Depending on your outlook, you can choose to go for higher winnings or lower risk while playing the French Roulette strategy on Betiton casino.

  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets

Outside and inside bets have different payouts on Betiton . Outside bets have a high probability of winning and have a 1:1 payout. inside bets are of several types. A straight bet is a bet on a single number and comes with a payout of 35:1. A split bet is a bet on two numbers which are adjacent.The payout for split bets is 17:1.

Three numbers bets are called street. The numbers must be in a row and the payout here is 11:1. Four number bets or corner have a payout of 8:1. Six number bets or double streets have a payout of 5:1, while a basket or a bet on five numbers comes with a payout of 6:1.

What are odds and what to know about it

French Roulette is considered a great casino game. This is because it offers players a wide range of options from which to place bets. In Betiton, the working of the French Roulette is made possible by odds. These help in calculating payouts in the event that the player wins the bet. They are usually stated in the form of x to 1.

Here x refers to the amount of money the player will win for every dollar he/she bets. For instance, as highlighted above, the single number bet comes with a payout of 35:1 which means that for every win, the player gets $35 as a win in addition to his stake amount of $1.

Some tips to play French Roulette

Playing French Roulette can be as entertaining as it is risky. While it can be enjoyable to participate in the french roulette game because of the prospects and potential of earning more money from your stake amount, if one is not knowledgeable in the workings and operations in the game, they stand to loose considerably.

This of course is not a good idea. It is for this reason that it is important to go into the game with some insight that will not only enable you to understand the flow of the French Roulette game, but also its prospects, good or bad. This will allow you to play safe and at the same time increase your chances of actually winning. Here are some tips:

  • tips 1: Try playing free online french roulette
  • tips 2: Watch the game for a while
  • tips 3: Familiarise yourself with the rules and types of bet and how to play
  • tip 4: Know your position

If you have never played French Roulette in Betiton casino before, it’s a great tip to play for free with a roulette simulator so as to get the feel of the game. This can be done for free online. If you’re playing on a land casino, it is advised that you watch the game for a while before actually trying your hand at it.

It is also a good idea to understand how the game is played, the type of bets and the rules of the game which have all been underlined in this article. You are advised to know your position as regards stake and risk. This will allow you to make an informed decision on the type of bets to play.

Play free online French Roulette games

As has been suggested above, playing free online French Roulette games before trying your hand at it is a good idea. There are numerous online casinos that offer free French Roulette to registered members before they can decide to play the actual game and stake money and place bets. A great casino to try free roulette is the Betiton online casino.

It offers a variety of casino games, of which one of them is French Roulette. The casino is secure and reliable with handy dealers especially when playing the French Roulette casino game. Here you can practice playing the game until you are confident that you have understood its rules and types of bet including its overall working.

Mobile French Roulette

Players can now play mobile French Roulette on Betiton. This is a great way to experience casino games on mobile devices. Betiton users do not need to have any other registrations on other gambling sites as the the casino offers them all they need in one place. Registered users can play French Roulette any place any time on their devices including mobile phones.

Additionally, the overall experience of playing the casino game is greatly elevated as the casino’s mobile platform comes with a great user interface and a smooth design. Playing mobile French Roulette on Betiton’s mobile platform is advisable as there are numerous offers and bonuses available to registered players. This allows you to get the most out of mobile French Roulette.

Simply create a Betiton account and load your account with money for stakes. Proceed to pick the French Roulette game from the list of offered casino games and start playing.

Choose from the two types of bet in French Roulette i.e inside bets and outside bets. Announce your bet and await the results after the ball is released.

French Roulette provides a lot of options to bet on and depending on the rules and strategy you use to play, it a nice gaming experience.

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