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Soccer Predictions in Canada

James Smith
August 17, 2020
Modified: June 27, 2023

To have the knowledge on how to calculate betting odds in soccer is one thing but to identify betting chances is another thing altogether. First, you must have knowledge of what influences such odds. When making a decision on odds, bookmakers usually consider multiple factors like team strength, the form of the teams in action, home team, previous results, the style of play and injuries or suspensions of players just to mention but a few.

The odds provided are always a little bit adjusted so as to factor in a profit margin. Therefore, the trick lies in finding the value of the bets that you place and this is where your know-how of the game comes into play. Simply put, a bet often has value when the likelihood of an event happening is higher than the reflections of the odds. In this betting tips guide, you will learn about all the tips and strategies you can use when placing your bets.

What is soccer?

Undoubtedly the most recognized sport in the world, soccer is a foreground for nearly 4 billion fans, watching from all over the globe. With this level of coverage, it’s only natural that it will definitely attract the largest betting action. Soccer’s popularity in sports betting translates to the sheer number of matches, tournaments and various leagues that are played over the year. The word “soccer” was derived from the official name, “association football.”

Other versions of the sport evolved to include rugby football game which was later shortened to “rugger” a name accepted in British English until today. Gradually, the name “soccer” gained immense popularity in the U.S. to differentiate it from American football. It is largely believed that the British adopted colloquialisms to differentiate one game from another. Towards the end of the 1980s, the British began to do away with the name, apparently, because it was too American.

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In Canada, soccer action is showcased by the Canadian premier league and the MLS. The MLS comprises of 26 teams, that is, 23 in the US and 3 in Canada. The Canadian Premier League on the other hand usually opens with seven teams with five provinces being represented. Alberta and Ontario each have two teams while Manitoba, British Columbia and Nova Scotia each have single entries. The CPL’s regular-season matches normally start in October with approximately five matches being played per week.

The league has become a household soccer name in Canada just like the MLB is in the US. This simply means that you need to integrate strong soccer tips to bet on games in Canada just like you may need good MLB tips to bet on baseball in the US. With a number of contests throughout the week, the Canadian Premier League offers rich diverse betting markets where you can place a wager.

What are football tips?

A football tip is a strategy in the making of an informed opinion regarding the outcome of a specified game of soccer. To up your game through football tips and predictions, it’s integral that you have a concrete understanding of betting odds plus the factors that influence these odds. Fractional and decimal odds are the most common formats of representation and you can find many odds in this format.

Decimal odds are more popular because they are easy to understand since they constitute the amount you can win in relation to your wager. For example, if Juventus is at 1.5 to win the game and you place a stake of $10 for them to win and it becomes so, you will make 1.5*10 which amounts to $15, getting a profit of $5. Fractional odds are much harder to understand but are not infinite by any means. For example, if odds are 5/1, then for each $1 you stake, you would get $5 in return.

If you are a new entrant in Canadian soccer betting, then bonuses should be a great welcome gift. The choice of available soccer markets and the quality of betting odds for soccer must be crucial considerations. For Canadians searching for favourable soccer odds, Betiton may be a great place to start.

The site not only provides soccer tips but also NHL predictions to fans of ice hockey who would love to bet on their favourite game. Many other online betting forums also focus on offering their users favourable odds and soccer betting lines while others allow customers to submit invitations for unique odds. For individuals aspiring to bet in Canada, it is advisable to visit soccer-trusted and high-quality options that offer diverse content on Canadian soccer. One last thing to consider when looking for a betting website is the availability of bonuses and also the convenience of a mobile site where you can place your soccer bets.

What are the different tips in football?

The football betting industry is big and could prove to be daunting to some. Keeping this in mind, knowledge of the different betting markets and the different type of bets that can be placed is important. The two common types of bets you can put in football betting are singles and accumulators. Placing a single bet simply means that if you make one selection and that single bet wins, your winnings shall amount to that one bet.

Single bets are easy to understand and are risk-free. Accumulators, on the other hand, are very popular since they yield large profits because all selections accumulate into one bet. There are different betting markets available and some of the popular ones are full-time results, correct score, half time score, over/under goals, total bets and football goalscorer. Other betting markets include Tournament Top scorer and Scorecast where you can bet on both the final result and the first scorer of the game.

Before you bet on soccer, research is imperative. For example, when betting on totals in basketball games, one of the most helpful NBA tips is that you should strive to check out the head-to-head record, the team’s news and the relevant stats. Likewise in soccer, you must be very aware of the historical match-up data, betting trends and team reports that will all go into establishing a well-informed wager. The problem, however, is finding all the information which may be time-consuming.

To wager, you start by picking any soccer betting options, in this case, it may be pre-match odds or live betting. You then place the amount you desire and click on your bet card. In the event of a win, you can withdraw your money as long as it satisfies the requirements of withdrawal. You should also know that bets won by an initial deposit bonus may be subjected to a rollover requirement.

  • Accumulators
  • Mega Odds Accumulators
  • Daily Double

In football betting, there are common types of bets you can put and some of these include singles, mega odd accumulators, accumulators and daily doubles. In placing a single bet, the selection that you can make will only amount to that one bet in case that single bet wins. Single bets are easy to understand and are risk-free. This signifies that all your winnings from placing your bets will accrue with the result from that one bet.

Accumulators and mega odds accumulators are a little bit risky but are popular with bettors because they accrue large profits since all selections of bets placed will accumulate into that one bet. In addition to NBA tips, MLB tips and NHL tips, there are MMA tips that you can learn to up your game in betting. However, you shouldn’t forget that all these tips need to be coupled with good knowledge of the specific game that you are interested in placing your bets.

Who are the favorites in soccer?

In soccer, the favourite to win the match is usually the team with the likelihood of being victorious judging on their previous performance and putting into consideration a host of other factors. For the most experienced bettor, ascertaining whether the match’s favourite will win the game and beat the spread might be very challenging.

Considering that the spread of the match may be carefully marked and measured to inform the preferred choice like a coin flip, people do not have a lot to continue believing that besides their basic intuition. And because this might suggest strongly that the favourite might win, due to the lack of any contrary information, it may also assure them that the spread will be beaten by the favourite. In a match between slightly equal teams, the people’s intuition of the favourite to win is reduced, and they are less likely to bet on the favourite to win the game.

In an effort to equalize money on opposite sides of a wager, the operator will shift the point spread to draw money on the side that bettors are not betting on. The odds for a point spread may change before the substantive point spread. Furthermore, points spread usually focus on a margin of victory between the two teams in soccer or rather the individual players, especially in tennis predictions.

When analyzing the soccer odds, a minus sign next to a team suggests that they are the favourites and have to win and if there is a positive sign that should tell you that they are the underdogs. The point spread usually gives a reason for people to risk their money on both teams hence the favourite has to win according to the point spread offered. The bettor finally wins if this favoured team wins the match outright or loses by a number that is less than the point spread.


It is an interesting game that is played between two sides and there are several outcomes you can bet on.

Choose the league of the sports event, find the particular football match and click on the specific odd of the outcome in the soccer picks.

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