Tennis Predictions in Canada

James Smith
August 13, 2020
Modified: June 27, 2023

The game of tennis has become very popular around the world. Not only with the players themselves but also with fans looking at getting in on the action by placing wagers on players. The popularity of Tennis betting in Canada has increased in the last few years for Canadian bookmakers.

For example, in 2017, the Rogers Cup in Montreal set a world attendance record for a one-week tennis tournament. Canadian tennis professionals such as Milos Raonic, Denis Shapovalov, Bianca Andreescu, and Eugenie Bouchard shows that there is great depth and popularity in the game of tennis.

As the popularity increases, it is obvious that more people would want to bet on tennis matches and players. In this tennis betting tips guide, we will look at an overview of tennis, some important terms, some tennis betting tips and tennis betting markets to prepare you for when you are ready to place bets on tennis in your favourite online sportsbook.

What is tennis?

Tennis had its origins in France around the 11th century when it evolved from a form of handball called ‘le jeu de paume’. Also referred to as ‘court tennis’ or ‘real tennis’, it was initially played indoors, typically in courts inside monasteries, with a ball. By the 1500s a racquet was brought into the game. ‘Tennis’ was most likely a derivative of the French word ‘tenez’ which means to take heed – maybe a word used before a serve.

The use of ‘serve’ or ‘service’ could be that the ball was set in motion by a servant to start a rally. Tennis features a unique scoring system. The term for zero or ‘love’ is derived from the French word for egg which is ‘l’oeuf’. The term for deuce comes from the French term ‘a deux’ which tells the player that 2 consecutive winning points are needed to win the game.

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By the mid 19th century, tennis evolved into an outdoor game referred to as ‘lawn tennis’ played on grass in England. An early version of the court was in an hourglass shape with a 1.5m net in the middle. With the first Wimbledon championship held in 1887, the rectangular court as we know it today was in use and the server started the game from the baseline.

Tennis soon spread to Canada and the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club was believed to be founded in 1875. Three years later the first tournament was held at the Montreal Cricket Club and in 1881 Ottawa hosted the first indoor tournament. From there tennis spread like wildfire throughout Canada and clubs opened up in some Canadian provinces and territories. The Canadian Lawn Tennis Association was established in 1890 and the first all Canadian championships were held in Toronto. We will now look at some tennis betting tips for the Betiton sportsbook which also features MLB tips.

What is a tennis tips?

There are many sportsbooks to place bets on tennis at. Each sportsbook will have different rules when it comes to betting on tennis. Sometimes a tennis bet is in play after the first ball is served. Some might even require the match to end before bets are considered. Still, others might require the completion of one or two sets before bets are considered in play.

When you place bets on tennis at Betiton, it is imperative for you to understand the betting rules before you place your bets. We also recommend that you have a basic understanding of the tennis language, the scoring system and basic tennis rules before you attempt to follow tennis tips and predictions. Once you are confident that you understand the basics of tennis, then you can start to understand the bet types and markets available and develop a tennis betting strategy to minimize your losses.

The match winner bet is the easiest and most straight forward bet to make in tennis and an ideal place to start your tennis betting career. All that you are doing is to consider which singles player or duo in doubles will win a match.

If you play at Betiton, you will be presented with a pair of odds – expressed in decimals for Canada. If you are faced with 2 players and odds, Bianca Andreescu (1.40) and Eugenie Bouchard (2.75) you will see that the former is seen as a favourite for the matchup. If you want to calculate the profit for a $100 bet on Andreescu then your calculation will be multiplying the wager amount by the odds given and then minus your original bet amount – ($100 * 1.40) – $100. So the $100 bet on Andreescu will yield you a profit of $40. Visit the Betiton site for tennis and NHL predictions.

What are the different tips in tennis?

Once you have mastered the odds and match betting you will see that the game of tennis offers many other betting markets that you can choose from. We will discuss some of the more popular ones going forward. We will recommend that some research is first done on the players and courts that you are interested in.

Sites like those run by the WTA and ATP are packed with lots of data that you can look at before deciding on a player to back in a certain tournament. You can read up on and study head to head player data along with the recent history and form of players. These sites will show you how players perform on various tennis surfaces such as grass, clay or hard courts so you can see their overall records and winning percentages. This research should be your starting point for betting on any tennis tournament.

Part of your research before a tournament should also be to get to know the players. Tennis players have varied and contrasting styles, abilities and even court-side personalities (think of John McEnroe in the 80s).

To learn the strengths and weaknesses of the players in a tournament should be your foundation in tennis betting. If you follow tennis tournaments through the season you will build a good understanding of player form. Another market to consider is that of ‘Serving Aces’. Knowing who the big servers are will help you to make the most of these bets. Generally, taller players have power serves and are most likely to serve up aces. However, power servers are typically not as strong in the ground shot game so your betting strategy needs to adapt if you are betting on other markets. Handicap betting is good for when you are betting on players that are known to start tournaments strong. Visit Betiton for tennis and NBA tips.

  • Research player history and statistics
  • Follow tournaments to gauge player form
  • Know the big servers from the ground shot kings

If we consider that the last 50 major ATP tournaments have only been won by seven different players, then we see that this negatively impacts the betting odds when the market of match winners is considered. This caused a rise in popularity for in-play betting in tennis. The rise of this form of betting allows bettors the opportunity to place bets on markets such as the next point, the next set, the number of foot faults, total games to name but a few in this endless list.

This type of betting makes the bettor experience more fun and immerses him in the game more than someone merely waiting for a tournament or match outcome. This has also become a highly profitable form of betting and punters can capitalize on these markets quicker. If you are tennis savvy and know your players, your chances of profiting from these markets increase substantially. Visit Betiton for tennis and MMA tips.

Who are the favorites for tennis?

When we consider favourites for the upcoming Canadian Open tennis tournament, at this stage scheduled to be played in August 2020, then a good place to start is to look at the results of the Canadian Open played in 2019. Because of a lack of tournaments played thus far in 2020 due to COVID-19 it is more difficult to gauge player form to make informed betting decisions. The ATP Canadian open in 2020 will feature the 16 seeded players (with the seeds being based on their current world rankings).

The current champion is Rafael Nadal which seems like the logical favourite for the upcoming tournament. However, it is known that he has publicly stated that he will be focusing his training efforts on tournaments in 2021 instead. Other favourites to consider are Austria’s Dominic Thiem and Germany’s Alexander Zverev, both who made the quarterfinals in the previous Canadian Open. It pays to monitor the tennis press when choosing your favourites for any tournament.

When we look at the WTA players for the Canadian Open, we will also see that the same ranking principle pertains to women. Although Serena Williams is not seeded for the upcoming Canadian Open, her best playing days are certainly not behind her and if she is invited to the tournament, she could shake things up. Australia’s Ashleigh Barty who only made the second round in 2019 has certainly upped her tennis game and is currently ranked number 1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Although Japan’s Naomi Osaka is currently ranked 10 in the world, she is known as the giant killer. She made the quarterfinals in 2019 and is a factor to be reckoned with. Czech Karolína Plíšková is another former number 1 ranked player that made the quarterfinals in 2019. Although she is now ranked at number 3, her performance at the Brisbane Singles tournament this year makes her a contender. Visit Betiton for tennis and soccer predictions.


It is one of the oldest sports, having originated in France around the 11th century.

Visit Betiton for a full selection of tennis betting markets.

Currently, John Isner holds the official record for the fastest serve at 157.2 mph (253 km/h).

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