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Last Updated: 09-01-2024 10:36

Whilst watching a game of football is rather exciting in itself, there are a handful of ways the experience can be taken up a notch. One of these ways is betting online on football, which is a rather popular activity which you can enjoy at our sportsbook.

Sports betting online is an enjoyable experience, especially if you love football, but it can apply to a myriad of other sports as well. Moreover, you can also place bets on football as the match progresses thanks to our live betting options.

Football is hugely popular around the world. It’s easy to follow as the rules are simple, and the players are flamboyant and dramatic. Because of this, the game of football has millions of people tuning in to watch it every year.

In fact, the sport is so popular that the FIFA World Cup is actually the most watched event of all, beating out even the Olympics in popularity. The same can be said of World Cup betting, which is arguably the most popular . With so many big events occurring each year, football is constantly in the public eye.

This year there are plenty of options for those that follow the football betting scene, including Euro betting, which is betting on the UEFA European Championship. Football odds are already in place for this tournament, whose next edition is in 2024, giving you an idea of some of the excitement that is to come.

  1. FIFA World Cup
  2. UEFA Champions League
  3. UEFA European Championship
  4. Premier League

The most popular football event is easily the World Cup. Unlike Champions League betting, which is a yearly event, the World Cup is held just once every four years—which is a possible reason why the event is so popular. There is a huge amount of hype in the run-up to the event as all the teams have to go through continental qualifying games in order to see who will actually make it to the final event.

The teams that manage to qualify for the World Cup would truly be amongst the greatest football teams in the world. The next World Cup is to be held in 2022 and is, for the first time, held completely in Qatar, which will bring a whole new dimension to the game. It’s also been shifted back in the year, to the cooler November and December months due to Qatar’s hot climate. With Qatar’s reputation for enjoying ceremonies and big displays, this is likely to be an exciting event.

The Euros, or, as they are officially known, the UEFA European Championship is the biggest football event in Europe. Like the World Cup, this is held every four years but takes place in the years in between the World Cup so as not to clash. The event is all about finding out who the top European men’s football team really is.

Each country puts in their very best in order to score the top spot. Similar to the World Cup, there is a series of qualifying games in order to get here; that is followed by the group stages and then the quarter finals, semi finals, and then the finals. With so many games going on, it’s hard not to get caught up in the action.

The final main event is the UK-based Premier League. This is all about club football and is one of the most viewed leagues in the world, even though it’s so country-specific. The event lasts for months with only the top 20 clubs in the country competing. The competition is an important one though, as failure can see clubs relegated to lower leagues in future years.

The system operates in a round-robin format where every team plays each other both home and away so that each team can reap the potential benefit of a home game. Currently, Liverpool remains unbeaten this year and looks to be trying to hold onto their UEFA Champions League as well, making it a busy year for them.

The Importance of Football Betting Odds

Odds are important to understand if you plan on getting into sports betting. That’s because odds show you how much you could gain as a return on your bet, as well as showing you the likelihood of winning your bet. If you are new to sports betting then it would serve you well to read the following. 

What Do the Numbers Mean? An Explanation of Football Betting Odds

Odds are the numbers that give you an indication of how likely or improbable it is that an event will occur. Odds can be written in a number of formats, such as decimal, fractional, and American. We offer the ability to use all of these options at Betiton, so it’s up to you to pick the one that you’re more comfortable with.

Betting odds at the greater end of the scale are the ones that indicate that an event is less likely to occur. However, you’ll get a decent win if you get the wager right. Lower betting odds show that the event is more probable but that you will get a smaller payout. You have to weigh these two factors before choosing your bets.

In football betting, one of the most commonly found odds and betting options will be on which team is likely to win out of a one-on-one game. The trick here is understanding what the odds mean as they don’t just show you the likelihood of a win, but how much you can win too.

For instance, a 9/1 fractional bet means that for every €1 you spend you can win €9 back. In decimals, the same bet would be written as 10.00. This means that if you place €10 you can win €80 in total. However, this bet is also rather difficult to pull off. 

Odds of 9/1 translate to a probability of 10%, which is hardly likely. On the other hand, if we look at odds of 4/9, or 1.44 in decimal, the probability for this bet to be successful is 69.2%, which is quite decent. However, the payout is rather low as it gives you €4 for every €9 you wager. 

It’s for these reasons that knowing what the odds mean in sports and football betting is important. Moreover, knowing these little tips and tricks about odds will make your football betting a little more enjoyable.

Tips and Tipsters in Football: What Are They?

Tipsters can be helpful when getting started in football betting. These people will offer a range of football tips, which include their predictions of how games will go. This can be very helpful for newcomers as they will often explain their reasons with regards to players’ forms and teams’ dynamics.

In this way you can learn the type of information you should be looking for and how to utilise it later on in your own bets. Tipsters are also handy in that they will search the internet to find the best bets, those with the best value for money. When they find these bets, they will tell their readers where to find them so that you can make use of them and potentially get a big win.

When it comes to taking on board betting tips from tipsters, you need to take everything they say with a pinch of salt. It’s not advisable to take everything they say at face value. Instead, it is recommended that you also do your own research to see if you agree with their predictions.

In fact, research is key to your success, so you should be checking out both players’ and teams’ forms whenever you prepare to make a bet. Outside of this, you should also be disciplined, making sure that you budget a bankroll and stick with it. Shop around yourself and see if you can find the best odds on the football market and make use of them when you do.

Where Can You Find Football Betting Tips?

Here at Betiton™, we’re providing exclusive football predictions thanks to our inhouse football expert, Djibril Cissé. Cissé—whose exclusive predictions on football matches can be used by any of our members—is a world-renowned footballer, particularly known for being the ex-striker for Liverpool. However, Djibril has also played for Olympique de Marseilles and Panathinaikos as well as for a number of other clubs.

What Betting Markets Can Players Bet On? 5 Examples of Football Markets

What are Betting Markets?

Betting markets, in simple terms, are the wagers that are available to make in a particular sport. These are offered by bookmakers alongside their odds, which are also calculated by bookmakers according to previous peformances, etc. 

So, for instance, a popular betting market on football is betting on which player will score a goal. That’s all there is to it, really. Of course, each market will have its associated odds, which we already explained in the above section.

Now that you know what markets are, you can feel free to browse whichever markets we have on offer at Betiton sportsbook. Moreover, it’s also good to know that you can place bets on these markets live. 

A Taster of Football Betting Markets:

  • 1X2 Bets: these are the odds that the bookmaker will give you to back a team in a particular match; so, if you will be playing this bet, you will be wagering on a team to win, either the home team (1) or the away team (2). You can also bet on the possibility of a draw, which is represented by the X.
  • Draw No Bet: this bet removes the possibility of a draw from the outcome of the bet. Therefore, you will be only betting on teams to win as draw aren’t available, which gives you better odds.
  • Exact Score: this is a rather difficult bet and it essentially depends on players to correctly guess what the score will be at particular instances of the match. So, you can wager on the correct score at the end of the game, the half-time, or other points in time.
  • Over/Under: in over/under betting, the bookmaker will give you a prediction of the total number of goals that will be scored in the match. You, on the other hand, will be betting on whether or not you think the total number of goals will be over or under what the bookmaker predicts.
  • Both Teams to Score: this bet does what it says on the tin, that is, if both teams score in the game, your bet is a winner.

The 7 Greatest Football Clubs in the World

If you’re going to be betting on football, part of the research that you should be doing is finding out who the strongest teams in the world are. That way, you will get a solid understanding of which teams stand the best chance of winning a match.

With such information at the ready, you will be making smarter bets when wagering on which league these clubs happen to play in. To help you get started with football betting, we provided the below table that shows you who the current 7 best football clubs in the world are:

Club Country Points
Bayern Munich Germany 2085
Paris Saint-German France 1938
Liverpool England 1938
Real Madrid Spain 1901
Barcelona Spain 1898
Manchester City England 1895
Atlético Madrid Spain 1878

Our table is far from exhaustive but serves to only give you a headstart in your football betting journey. We highly suggest doing your own research to get a much more refined and complete understanding of football and of which football clubs around the world are the best.

N.B. this table has last been updated on 26th October, 2020.

10 of the Most Formidable Footballers in the World

Similarly, knowing who the best footballers are will really give you an edge when it comes to betting on football. Of course, there is no real quantifiable way of confirming who the greatest living footballers are. 

However, it is clear that certain players outperform many others, and we will be giving you a short list of these players. So, in no particular order, here are 10 of the current top footballers in the world:

Footballer Nationality Team Position
Lionel Messi Argentina Barcelona Forward
Kevin de Bruyne Belgium Manchester City Midfielder
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Juventus Forward
Virgil van Dijk Netherlands Liverpool Defender
Neymar Brazil Paris Saint-German Forward
Mohamed Salah Egypt Liverpool Forward
Kylian Mbappé France Paris Saint-German Forward
Sadio Mané Senegal Liverpool Forward
Robert Lewandowski Poland Bayern Munich Forward
Jan Oblak Slovenia Atlético Madrid Goalkeeper

Same as what we said in the previous section, the information provided here is far from complete and serves to only give you a basic understanding of the world of football and who some of the current greatest players are. Whilst you’re free to use the information we provided, we encourage you to do your own research.

N.B. this table has last been updated on 26th October, 2020.

Bonuses and Promotions at Betiton

To give you the best experience possible, we are offering you an exciting betting bonus. If you make a bet of €15 (or more), then you will be rewarded with a great extra €10 bet. This can be used on a range of different sports or sporting events at Betiton sportsbook enabling you to test out some of the other options available to you on our site.

However, it should be noted that the extra bet cannot be split and must be used in full for one bet. There are additional requirements in place for this bonus as well in the form of wagering requirements and so on. For the full details, check out our terms and conditions which can be found at the footer of the page.

Feel Appreciated With Betiton’s Loyalty Club

There is also an exciting Loyalty Club available for those of you who plan on betting for longer. As you make real money bets you can climb through this seven-tier programme getting bigger and better bonuses as you do so. These include cashback, higher withdrawal limits and even in-chat bonuses to use.

What We Offer in Terms of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

We have a number of country-specific deposit and withdrawal methods available to our players. These methods are all from top providers and ensure that your funds are safe and secure during any transactions. We have options ranging from card payments right through to eWallets. A taster of the payment methods we offer can be found below:

Payment Method Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
ecoPayz Instant Up to 4 business days
AstroPay Instant Up to 3 business days
MasterCard Instant Up to 6 business days
Neteller Instant Up to 2 business days
Visa Instant Up to 6 business days
Skrill Instant Up to 2 business days

There are minimum and maximum limits in place for any transaction though. These minimums are at €10 with maximums of €5000 and €7000 depending on whether you are performing a deposit or a withdrawal. Our maximum deposit is capped every day, whilst our maximum withdrawal is capped monthly.

Make sure that you’ve verified your account before all requests for funds as this can help to speed up the process, which can take up to 48 hours for pending and processing purposes, which are in addition to the transaction times. Deposits are instant so you can bet right away.

Bet on Football With Your Mobile

Being able to use your mobile device is very important when it comes to accessing on-the-go gaming options. At Betiton sportsbook we have made it as easy as possible for you by ensuring that our browser site is fully mobile optimised.

This means that if you open our site on your mobile browser you will be able to access all the same sports betting options, markets and bonuses that you would when using our desktop site.

The mobile browser site keeps things uncluttered so that you can navigate easily, utilising the betting slips to make any football bets with ease. It’s also scalable so that you don’t miss out on any features from the site fitting to a smaller screen.

This ensures that you won’t miss betting on your favourite team that’s playing in the Champions League, especially because you can place all of your bets live! 

How We Care for Our Players

Customer support is a very necessary part of gaming online. While the Betiton sportsbook is generally working well, there are times when you will simply need to get in touch with a query.

In these instances, we have our support services available from 8:00 am to 0:00 am CET every day. We also offer it in eight different languages so we’re sure you can get all the information you need.

Playing Within Your Limits

At Betiton, we firmly believe that responsible gaming is of the utmost importance, and as such we have provided a responsible gaming page for players to use to help keep their gaming responsible.

In order to ensure you have a responsible gaming platform, we have self-exclusion options and helplines available. Moreover, we provide a list of problem gaming symptoms and tips on how to keep your gaming responsible. 

Football Betting FAQs

What are betting odds in football?

Betting odds are chances of success offered by bookmakers on football games. Odds show you how likely—or unlikely—something is to happen; moreover, the odds show you how much you could win if your bet is successful. These two indicators should tell you how worthwhile a bet is to make.

How do you predict a football match?

It is impossible to correctly predict the outcome of a football match—there are simply way too many factors! However, if you spend some time to research the teams that are playing and find out how they’ve been performing as of late, who their players are, etc., you stand a good chance of making a more successful prediction.

What is under and over in football betting?

Under and over is a betting market where you have to bet whether the total amount of goals scored in a football match will be under or over the amount that a bookmaker thinks it will be. So, for example, if the bookmaker thinks that the total goals will be 3, you can choose to bet under 3 or over 3.