Football Predictions in Ireland

James Smith
August 17, 2020
Modified: June 28, 2023

Football betting is very popular in Ireland. Punters bet at both land-based and online casinos. If you are a beginner at sports betting, you’ll want to find all the information that can help to make the most out of your investment.

It can be very frustrating to put your money somewhere in the hope of winning, only to end up losing everything. It’s true that sports betting isn’t just for earning, as there is a lot of fun associated with it.

But who wouldn’t appreciate earning some good money out of their hobby? That’s why we at Betiton in Ireland are bringing you this guide about football betting in Ireland to help you get started on the right foot. There are different terms that you will come across in football betting.

These include tips and tipsters, handicap, accumulator, half time/full time, stakes: how do you make sense of them? Keep reading this betting tips guide and you’ll find out the basics about football predictions and tips.

What are Football Predictions?

This is a mathematical method used in betting to predict the results of football matches. The method uses statistical tools and probability calculations. Football predictions help punters to be a step ahead of the bookmakers, thus increasing their chances of winning a bet.

The common mathematical method used in match predictions is called ranking. This involves a system that assigns a rank to different teams according to their past performances. The strongest team gets the highest rank and the system compares the ranks of opponents to predict an outcome.

Match outcomes can also be predicted using a rating system. There are also several categories of football prediction methods used today. These include tournament, regression algorithm, and time-dependence types of match prediction methods.

As a punter in Ireland, your challenge is going to be finding the right football predictions website. Many websites online promise to offer you match forecasting with higher chances of winning, but can they all meet their promise?

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To get a reliable provider of football predictions, you can look at three things: past reviews, market dominance, and the site’s interface. Remember, you may use similar tips when reviewing predictions for any other sport, for instance, horse racing predictions, to tell if a website is genuine.

So, consider your friends and family who may love sports betting. Find out if they have used a match prediction site before and their experience with it. You can also check what other online punters are saying about a website. Many punters will leave some feedback on the website’s review section.

Look around the website to find out how long they have been providing match predictions and the kinds of games they have been following – are those tournaments popular in Ireland? While searching for the information, try to determine how easy it is to navigate the website. It should be easy to find the match highlights, updates, and live scores.

What are football tips?

A tip is used in sports betting to signify a bet that has been suggested to you by a third party. In this case, the third party is supposed to have greater experience in the specific sports betting area. Their knowledge could also help beat the systems that a bookmaker has put in place, thus giving the punter a better chance of winning a bet.

Tips are provided by tipsters for a small fee or commission on the bet’s win. You will find various websites offering sports gambling tips that you can use whether betting online or in land-based casinos. You may also find these tips on some television programs, newspapers, and radio shows that air sports events.

Some tipsters are insiders of specific games, while others use analysis to provide expert advice to punters. Since you want to make some cash out of your bets, you should do some background checks on the tipster you choose to avoid scams.

Just like any other service that involves money, Irish punters should beware of any callers or websites and other platforms that pose as tipsters yet have nothing to show for it. Any premium tipping service should have a record of past tips and outcomes, among other sport betting activities that new clients can use to assess their authenticity.

This information will come in handy in determining the chances of winning a bet using the tipster’s predictions. You may also find information about tipping services from internet forums and reputable Sportsbooks like Betiton. Many punters share a lot about their experience with a tipster, or sports betting in general, that both new and experienced punters will find useful.

These tips aren’t limited to football but may cover a wide range of sports betting, including horse racing and rugby tips. Just make sure you verify any information you find through online forums before applying it.

What are the different tips in Football?

The football tipping service industry is growing. This can be attributed to the fact that football is a popular sport enjoyed by many people around the globe. The bookies have found an opportunity and added football to their collection of sports betting offers.

Since punters cannot always go through all matches and predict outcomes with a fair chance, they resort to tipsters for ideas on profitable sports betting. Consequently, tipsters are becoming creative and coming up with various football tips including accumulators, Correct Score, Mega Odds Accumulators, Anytime Goalscorer, and Daily Double, among others.

In fact, the variety of tips you find is only limited by the casino you choose. Before using a football tip, you may want to check its details as highlighted by the provider. This is because tipsters have different specifics about their tips. It’s also helpful to note that each provider may have a collection of tips that they offer on a particular day.

For instance, what a provider offers on a Saturday may not be available on a Monday or any other day of the week. However, there are basic and common ground rules applied in these tips. For instance, in-play tips involve bets on an ongoing match. So, you’ll be getting live stats, tips and updates streamed on the tipster’s website in real-time.

This way, you can use the updates to make a quick decision when betting on an ongoing match. With the Daily Double, the tipster offers two bets each day that are to be selected at once. Combining the odds in this manner increases the bet value and many punters prefer them.

In most cases, these two bets are those that the experts are very confident in and are sometimes offered for free. In this case, you will find them being referred to as gold predictions and silver predictions.

  • Accumulators – All selections must give a true outcome for the bet to win. They are fun and fascinating, with the potential of huge winnings.
  • Mega Odds Accumulators – a long selection of odds can produce a thrilling experience. You are betting on different games running simultaneously.
  • Daily Double – the two bets have to turn out positive for the bet to win.
  • In-play tips – Betting options include cashouts and final results.

Accumulator tips are very popular among the tipsters and punters, since they have the potential of very high winnings. They involve multiple bet selections and multiplication of the stake with the odds and players can take multiple sets of odds.

The potential of wins with accumulator bets is limitless because the system adds to your wins every time your selection comes out positive. It is, however, important for punters to understand other basics about football betting that have an impact on the outcomes. These may include the different types of bets, sportsbook rules and game selections.

In football, the common and most popular bets include point spreads and totals. Point spreads involve a handicap that creates a 50 by 50 wagering position. Totals involve betting on the total scores of each game that’s playing. Other bets to note are money lines, props, and futures. Remember that all tips only work when appropriately applied to the bet you choose.

Who are the favorite for Football Predictions?

There are numerous football predictions providers of Irish games. Some will cover Ireland Premier League and worldwide matches. What you need to do is to use the tips here to find one that really meets your needs. When searching, don’t limit yourself to sportsbooks that provide bets on Irish football only.

You may enjoy sports betting for games all over the world, thanks to the internet. So, find out the matches the tipsters follow and the outcomes. It is important to check their portfolio and comments by other punters. You may also sign up with a website for a trial period just to see how their predictions work.

The most important thing is to compare different websites and come up with one that best matches your needs. Make sure you stay abreast of football betting information by following genuine websites like Betiton, and you’ll find out which websites other punters are using to find reliable tips.

Betting on football can be fun and exciting when you know what you are doing. The fun isn’t just in winning the bet, but also the process of waiting to see the outcomes. But, you will also want to win some money and recover any amount you put in as a bet. Unfortunately, you can rarely rely on your ability to follow a few matches here and there to place bets with higher odds of winning.

This is why using predictions is a good idea. However, it is vital to understand how these predictions work. You also need to choose the best Irish football prediction services that have registered consistent gains for their clients. This way, you can rest assured that your bet stands a good chance.

Always remember, you can learn more about the different tips by betting on each for free. This involves finding tipsters and casinos that provide punters with opportunities to test a tip for free.


It is an interesting game that is played between two sides and there are several outcomes you can bet on.

Choose the league of the sports event, find the particular football match and click on the specific odd of the outcome in the football picks.

The biggest win on football betting is NZ$1,000,000 by Mick Gibbs in 2001, after betting on over a million accumulated odds.

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