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Champions League Betting at Betiton™

Last Updated: 26-06-2023 13:45

Of all the leagues that happen in football, there is hardly a league that is as popular and as prestigious as the Champions League. The reason for that is because the greatest teams and footballers in the entirety of Europe participate in the league, vying tooth and nail to be the champions. This is why Champions League betting is one of the most popular forms of football betting.

Which is exactly why so many spectators flock to their favourite bookmakers every year to wager on this championship. Betting on the Champions League is one of the most exhilarating ways punters can bet on football. If you’re looking to place some wagers on the Champions League, you can follow the competition during the following dates:

  • Qualifying Rounds: 8th of August 2020 – 30th September 2020
  • Actual Competition: 20th October 2020 – 29th May 2021

Our punters at Betiton will be very happy to know that we offer tonnes of markets on the Champions League. Moreover, we also offer numerous markets on other illustrious tournaments in the football world, like the World Cup, the European Championship, and the Europa League.

UEFA Champions League Betting Odds—What Are They?

If you want to begin sports betting online then the first thing you need to know are what odds are, what they mean, and how they can help you to succeed. The Champions League is one of the top football tournaments in Europe, so if you’re planning on trying your luck here, you’ll need to know these things.

In simple terms, odds are the numbers that tell you how likely it is that an event will occur. Odds can be found in various formats including decimal, fractional, and American so pick one that you understand and stick with that. This is because the next part of understanding odds is knowing which odds are good, and which should be avoided.

This is especially important when you’re betting on big football events such as the FIFA World Cup, where World Cup betting is super popular. If you will be wagering on events like the Champions League, the Champions League Final, and the World Cup, we suggest browsing through the odds and markets. Feel free to also have a look at everything else we offer on Betiton at the same time.

Decimal, Fractional, American—How Do They Work and How to Understand Them

If you’re new to sports betting, you will probably be overwhelmed by the numbers that are presented to you when you enter a sportsbook. Those numbers are the odds offered on particular wagers. Odds show you the probability of whether or not something will happen as well how much you’ll win if your bet is successful.

The concept of odds, as you can tell, is rather simple but understanding the different kinds of odds can be somewhat tricky. However, all odds function fundamentally the same: the higher they are, the less likely something is to happen, but the higher your payout, and vice versa for low odds. Let us go through them briefly.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are mainly used in the UK and Ireland, these are represented in fractions. If the number in front is greater then the odds are high, and vice versa. For example: odds of 3/1, which indicate a 25% of success, are much higher than odds of 1/3, which show a 75% chance of success.

To calcuate your payout, consider the rightmost number to be your wager, whilst the leftmost number is the payout. So, to use the previous examples, 3/1 show you that for every €1 you bet, you receive €3 in return. On the other hand, 1/3 show you that for every €3 you bet, your return is only €1.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are used predominantly in Europe and everywhere else in the world, these odds are represented in decimals, where the lowest possible odds are 1, which shows a 100% chance of success. Anything higher than that indicates higher odds. For example: odds of 1.67 show a 59.9% chance of success.

To find out how much you will be getting paid for a successful bet, simply multiply your bet by the decimal odds that you’re given. Let us use the previous example: if you bet €5 on odds of 1.67, you can calculate your payout by multiplying 5 by 1.67 for a total payout of 8.35.

Then, if you want to know what the winnings were, subtract your bet from the total payout to understand how much you’ve win: €8.35 – €5 = €3.35.

American Odds

American odds are used in the US; these odds work on a system of positive and negative numbers. These odds are intended to show you how much you need to wager to win €100, or how much you can win for every €100 you risk. 

So, for example, odds of -200 show you that you need to wager €200 to win €100 on top of your wager; they’re also relatively low since they indicate a 66.7% chance of success.

On the other hand, odds of 250 indicate that for every €100 you wager, you’ll receive €250 on top of it. However, the odds are rather high as they only show a 28.6% chance of success.

What Are Champions League Betting Markets?

Betting markets are the available wagers on a sport, and can apply to any sport, whether it’s football, tennis, rugby, or darts; and any tournaments that happen in a particular sport, like the Champions League in football. These are offered by bookmakers, and each one has odds associated with it.

The odds are calculated according to previous performances by the teams. We offer dozens of different markets, all of which are available for betting. A sample of what we offer in terms of betting markets can be found in the list below:

  • Total Goals: a bet that seeks to correctly guess the total number of goals scored in the entire game. This includes goals scored by both teams.
  • 1X2 1st Half: to win this bet, you will need to correctly guess which team is winning by the first half, or if they’ll be at a draw. The “1” and “2” indicate the home and away teams respectively, whilst the X indicates a draw
  • Total Goals 1st Half: similar to the first bet we mentioned, however you will need to correctly guess the total number of goals that will be scored by the first half of the game. 
  • Both Teams to Score: also known as BTTS, this bet wins when you successfully predict that both teams will score at some point in the game. 
  • First to Score: this bet depends on correctly guessing which team will be the first to score. 

Betting Tips on the Champions League

What Are Champions League Betting Tips and Tipsters?

Betting can be rather difficult to get into, especially if you want to make successful bets, which is where tips come in; tips are “pieces of advice” that suggest which bets to make, on which team, in which tournament, etc. They’re essentially suggestions on who to bet on.

Tips are given by tipsters, which are sports experts that spend a lot of time analysing teams, their performances, compositions, player stats, etc. They usually explain their reasoning, which is great for new players to begin understanding what they need to look out for when trying to make successful bets.

Where Can I Find Them?

Surprisingly, tips are all over the internet, so a simple Google search will give you all the tips you’ll ever need. However, whilst tips are great for beginners, bettors that wish to be successful would do well to do their own research.

That way, they can come to their own conclusions on which teams and tournaments to bet on. Our best tips are for bettors to stick to a budget for betting, to keep their gambling responsible at all costs, and to make time for other things in life. 

A Short History of the Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the main event for Europe’s top football clubs. It’s played by the top clubs from a number of countries, all of whom have to qualify each year in order to take part.

The event is a relatively long-running one, having been established back in 1955. It underwent a small rebrand in 1992 which turned it into the event that most of us know today. Similar to EURO betting and watching the World Cup live, you will need to understand how the league works in order to make meaningful bets.

For instance, the tournament has a round-robin stage where each of the clubs will play all of the others, both home and away. Only one team, usually the strongest club, is allowed to enter from most of the participating countries’ leagues. However, the strongest European leagues can enter up to five teams in the event.

Why the Champions League is a Special Tournament

  • Yearly Play-Offs
  • 32 of the Best Teams in Europe
  • Fantastic Displays of Football
  • 22 Clubs in Total Won the League
  • Real Madrid Won 13 Times

The Champions League runs every year, unlike the FIFA World Cup which only takes place every four years. The Champions League generally starts at the end of June every year and this is when the preliminary round takes place.

This was changed, however, in the 2020-2021 Champions League due to the pandemic. This happens at the same time as three qualifying rounds and a play-off round, and results in 6 teams qualifying.

At this point the league then moves into the group stages where there are already 26 qualified teams ready and waiting. These 32 teams are then split into 8 groups of 4 teams, and the round-robin stage begins.

The group winners and the runners-up then proceed to the knockout phase, which determines who will be making it to the final and be crowned the winner of the Champions League. It’s here that understanding the odds regarding which teams are likely to win comes in very handy.

It’s interesting to note that the Champions League used to be known as the European Cup. That was before its rebranding in 1992, where the Union of European Football Associations (that is, UEFA) opted for the name “Champions League.”

Each year the contest is a thrilling one—22 clubs have won the event so far, with Real Madrid topping the scoreboard with a very respectable 13 wins. Thanks to Real Madrid’s impressive track record, Spanish clubs hold the highest number of total wins. England, on the other hand, has the highest number of clubs that won the Champions League.

Who is Hosting the Champions League? Host City and Dates

Unlike other tournaments, there is no one host for this event. Instead the event takes place across the whole of Europe, in the countries of the clubs that have all qualified to participate.

The round-robin segment of the tournament illustrates this as each team gets to play a home game, and an away game against each of their opponents.

In this manner, all of the countries, clubs, and stadiums play host for a short while. It’s also important to be able to have this round-robin segment as the home advantage is a massive one and can really make a difference.

When it comes to looking at football tips, you will often find that this home advantage is what pushes one team to be the favourite over the other in a specific game, so make sure you keep an eye on the venue, not just who is playing who.

This is, of course, especially important if you are going to be betting on the Champions League finals, where the competition is at its most intense.

So, be sure to your research, look up as much information as possible, and feel free to have a look through our offered markets and odds. Finally, below players can consult our table of the determined matches and their dates:

Date Team 1 Team 1 UEFA Ranking Team 2 Team 2 UEFA Ranking
16th Feb 2021 Leipzig 21 Liverpool 10
17th Feb 2021 Porto 15 Juventus 3
23rd Feb 2021 Lazio 36 Bayern 1
24th Feb 2021 Borussia Mönchengladbach 53 Manchester City 6
9th Mar 2021 Sevilla 9 Borussia Dortmund 13
10th Mar 2021 Barcelona 2 Paris 7
16th Mar 2021 Atalanta 29 Real Madrid 4
17th Mar 2021 Atlético de Madrid 5 Chelsea 14

Champions League: Favourites in the Tournament

Last year the Champions League saw an almighty clash between two of Europe’s top tier teams—Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. In the end, it was Bayern Munich who went home victorious.

If you’re going to be betting on the Champions League, your best strategy is doing the appropriate research into which clubs won the most times, which clubs are currently the strongest, team compositions, etc. Yes, there’s quite a bit of research that needs to be done but it is essential and will help you make smarter bets!

To get you started on your Champions League research journey, we will be providing a short list of the clubs that won the league the most times. Below, you can find a table with the 7 clubs with the most Champions League wins as well as the seasons they won.

Country Club Titles Seasons Won
Spain Real Madrid 13 1956
Italy Milan 7 1963
Germany Bayern Munich 6 1974
England Liverpool 6 1977
Spain Barcelona 5 1992
Netherlands Ajax 4 1971
England Manchester United 3 1968

N.B. the table was last updated on the 27th of October, 2020

Betting Offers and Bonuses With Betiton

One of the best ways for getting ahead when playing or betting at any online sports book, is to take advantage of any bonus offers. This is because these bonuses can help to push your betting that little bit further: they can help you to manage your bankroll and give you an additional boost so that you can make your funds stretch a little further.

At Betiton we offer you an exciting bonus, which you can get your hands on when you make a qualifying bet. This bet must be to the value of 15 EUR or more. Once you’ve placed this bet we will award you with an extra 10 EUR bet that can be spent on any sports bet you like. Why not place it on the Champions League? However, do note that when you place this bet, it can’t be split. You can read all the terms and conditions here.

Deposits and Withdrawals Available at Betiton

We offer a wide choice of different payment options at Betiton sportsbook. These options not only cater to players around the world, but are also all from top, reliable, and trustworthy monetary providers.

All our options are known for their speedy transaction times and high levels of security so no matter what type of transaction you are making, you know it will be safe. We have different options such as card payments, eWallets, offline transfers, and much more. It’s just up to you to head on over to the cashier section of the site and see which option suits you.

Payment Method Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
ecoPayz Instant Up to 4 business days
AstroPay Instant Up to 3 business days
MasterCard Instant Up to 6 business days
Neteller Instant Up to 2 business days
Visa Instant Up to 6 business days
Skrill Instant Up to 2 business days

For all options there is a minimum deposit and withdrawal of 10 EUR. Maximums vary according to the type of transaction with deposits being 5000 EUR per transaction and withdrawals being 7000 EUR per month. However, you can get higher withdrawal limits if you’re one of our top-level Loyalty Club players.

Bet With Your Mobile Device in the Champions League

Being able to access a website via your mobile device is a must these days. There’s virtually no one without a smartphone, with all of us guilty of using it to surf online or to play games. With this in mind it was very important for us at Betiton to ensure that our desktop site also worked well on mobile browsers.

We have, therefore, created a completely compatible, mobile-optimised mobile browser site so that you can access all your football betting needs while out and about. The mobile site is set up in the same way as the desktop one, but offers a simpler interface due to the neat drop-down menus we have created to ensure a more uncluttered interface.

All of the betting features are available for you to use. So that you can easily get your Champions League betting slip on your mobile, make your betting choices and place a wager.

Learn About Our Customer Support and Loyalty Club

While we do pride ourselves on running a smoothly operating sportsbook, there are times where you might run into technical problems here at Betiton. Of course you might also just have a question you need to ask.

Whatever the reason, if you need to get in touch with us, we’ve made it as easy as possible. We offer a range of different contact options and these are open every day from 8:00 to 0:00 CET. We even offer our support in eight different languages.

On top of all this, we offer a Loyalty Club for those players who want to stick around with us. This Loyalty Club is set up as seven tiers. Each tier offers a range of different bonuses such as monthly cashback or higher withdrawal limits. As you move up through the tiers, the amounts you get for each bonus will increase giving you better options.

Gaming Responsibly at Betiton Sportsbook

Betiton sportsbook is all about offering players a safe and secure place to make their sports bets. In order to do this we’re fully licensed with a number of different gaming jurisdictions. These include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Both of these authorities are known as being the strictest in the game, which means that we are obliged to offer you nothing but the best in terms of service and safety.

In this way you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you play with us. One of the key things we have put in place to ensure this, is our responsible gaming options. This is always a priority for us as gaming should always be fun.

Once you find that your betting is not fun any more, you should stop. To assist you, we have a self exclusion option, which you can implement to prevent yourself from accessing any betting options on our site.

Champions League FAQs

Who has won the Champions League 5 times?

There are a number of clubs that won the Champions League 5 times, with a good number of these clubs having won it more times as well. These clubs are as follows: Barcelona, Milan, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid.

Is the UEFA Champions League cancelled?

No, the league is not cancelled, but it was postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic. The Champions League is currently happening and is set to finish in May of 2021.

What date is the Champions League final in 2021?

The Champions League final is scheduled to take place on 29th May in 2021. These fixtures may be subject to change, especially considering the fact that the Champions League was already postponed in 2020.