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Last Updated: 09-01-2024 10:37

There are several fantastic tournaments in the world of football betting: from the biggest tournament in the world, that is, the FIFA World Cup, to famous domestic leagues like the English Premier League, to other tournaments that often escape our notice. However, one tournament whose importance can never be understated is the Euros, or, as they’re officially known, the UEFA European Championships. EURO betting is actually extremely popular due to how important the tournament is.

As bad luck would have it, the 2021 Euro has been postponed due to the pandemic, and the championship will be played during the following dates:

  • Qualifying Matches: 21st March 2019 – 12th November 2020
  • Actual Championship: 11th June – 11th July 2021

It’s a good thing that the championship was postponed and not cancelled, huh? What’s even better is that you can find several betting markets for the Euro 2021 available at Betiton’s sportsbook! Moreover, we also offer betting markets on other prestigious tournaments, like the World Cup, and Champions League betting!

What Are EURO Betting Odds?

Odds are important when you will be sports betting online, whether it’s betting on football, on rugby, or on horse racing, or whether you’ll be betting on the FIFA World Cup, the Six Nations, or the Grand National. In short, odds are important no matter what because odds show you two things which will be extremely important in your sports betting journey:

  • the probability of the event happening
  • the payout of the wager, if successful

These are important for obvious reasons: firstly, you need to know how likely a bet is before placing it, or otherwise you could be placing long shots without even realising. Secondly, is the bet even worth making if you won’t receive a decent return?

Odds show you both of these aspect through 3 different numerical formats, which are: decimal, fractional, and American. The only difference between these formats is how they present the odds, so it’s largely a matter of preference for how users want their odds represented.

How Do EURO Betting Odds Work?

This largely depends on the odds format that players decide on. However, it’s good to know that decimal odds are generally used in Europe, Canada, and Australia; fractional odds are mainly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland; and American odds are unsurprisingly used in the U.S. Basically, the odds work like this:

  • Decimal odds work via a series of decimal figures, the lowest of which is 1, which indicates a 100% chance of success. Anything above 1 indicates a lower chance of success.
  • Fractional odds work using fractions, like 3/5, and the relations between the two numbers in the fractions. The higher the left number, the higher the odds; the higher the left number, the lower the odds.
  • American odds use positive and negative numbers which tell bettors how much they need to bet to receive a payout of €100. Negative numbers show low odds, whilst postive numbers show high odds.

Each odds format works somewhat different to the other but they all fundamentally show the same things: high odds mean higher payouts but lower chances of success.

On the other hand, low odds mean higher chances of success but lower returns on bets. Feel free to try out all the odds format we offer to see which one suits you best.

Getting a Little Help for Betting on the Euro 2021

What Are EURO Betting Tips?

Tips are suggestions given by tipsters on which team to bet on, what odds to take, at which sportsbook, etc. Tipsters generally spend a lot of their team analysing team dynamics, player performances, previous performances of teams, etc., and are very knowledgeable in sports, which is why they give their advice.

Moreover, tipsters give their reasoning for how they come to their conclusions which is excellent for novice sports bettors which want to understand what makes betting on one team better than betting on another. Overall, tips are great tools for the starting sports bettor, however they shouldn’t be considered as an end-all.

Punters should also be doing their own research at the same time to reach their own conclusions about the matter. This ensures that they won’t have to depend on others to be making smart bets, and they can enjoy betting on their own terms.

Where Can I Find Them?

The internet is replete with all kinds of sports betting tips which can be discovered with a simple Google search, or whichever search engine you prefer. Our best tips are to keep your betting responsible, stick to a gambling budget, and make time for other things in life, like your friends and family.

What Wagers Can I Play on the Euro 2021?

Betiton Explains: EURO Betting Markets

Betting markets, in simple terms, are wagers available to make on a particular game. Bookmakers will offer betting markets according to specific conditions that must happen for the bet to be successful as well as the odds associated with those conditions.

Odds are calculated by the bookmakers according to previous performances by the teams and their current compositions. Thus, when you look through our available markets, you will see the odds written next to the available bets.

So, What I Can I Play? 4 EURO Betting Market Examples

Markets can be about anything that happens in a match, from who the winner will be, how many goals will be scored, and even which player will score. You can find all of our markets on our sportsbook. However, 4 of our most popular markets are the following:

  • Outright Winner: this is likely the most popular bet on the list and it depends on bettors to correctly guess who the winner of the entire championship will be. It’s not as easy as it sounds and definitely requires prior research.
  • Top 4 to Finish: related to the previous market, this bet needs players to correctly predict who the top 4 teams in the championship will be. The odds to do so are very high, but so is the payout.
  • To Qualify Past Group Stage: do you think you can successfully figure out which teams will make it to the knockout stage? Then this bet is definitely for you.
  • Top Goal Scorer: this bet requires punters to successfully predict which team will score the most goals in the championship. Another significantly difficult bet that also requries significant research.

Historical Background of the European Championship

The European Championship was the brainchild of Henri Delauney, who proposed it in 1927 when he was the secretary-general of the FFF (French Football Federation). However, the tournament was officially launched in 1958, 3 years after Delauney’s death.

As homage to Delauney, the trophy that is awarded to the winners of the European Championship has been named after him. However, despite the official inauguration in 1958, the championship was officially played in 1960, and has been played every 4 years since then.

The reason for that is so as to not clash with the FIFA World Cup and World Cup betting, and so the European Championship is played in between the years between successive World Cups. Similar to what happened with the UEFA Champions League, the European Championship used to have a different name.

In fact, the original title of the European Championship was the European Nation’s Cup; it was retitled not too long after in 1968, where UEFA chose the current name for the tournament. However, the “Euro” nickname only appeared in 1996 but became so popular that it never left and was even applied to tournaments prior to the one of 1996.

Other than the name changes, the European Championship underwent a number of modifications, including an increase in the number of teams in the championship (from 4 to 8 to 16 to the current 24); as well as the automatic qualification granted to host countries.

How Does the European Championship Work?

The European Championship usually works via a system of qualifying matches, where teams have to finish as top of their group or win play-offs, whilst the host team automatically qualifies for the knockout phase.

However, the format of the Euro 2021 qualification stage has been changed as part of the changes implemented to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Euro. In the next section, we’ll be explained how the qualification process for the Euro 2021 works.

The Euro 2021 Championship Format Explained

All of the UEFA member states, of which there are now 55, are allowed to apply for the UEFA European Championship. In fact, the qualifications for Euro 2021 were contested by all 55 of the official member associations, marking Kosovo’s first appearance in the tournament.

Out of these 55 member teams, only 24 will make it to the championship. How the 24 teams will be decided is a complex process, which we will be describing in this section. Firstly, 20 teams are decided out of the 24 through the European Qualifiers, which took place between 21st March and 19th November, 2019.

Unlike other European Championships, there were no automatic qualifications in the Euro 2020, meaning that even host countries had to play to be able to qualify. The European Qualifiers involves the 55 teams being distributed into 10 groups of 5 or 6 teams each.

The teams within the groups play against each other, and the two teams with the best performances are then chosen to compete in the European Championship knockout phase. The remaining 4 teams are chosen through the European Qualifiers Playoffs, which comprises 16 teams playing against each other.

These 16 teams are decided according to their performance in the UEFA Nation’s League. The teams are divided into 4 paths, each with 4 teams, and will be playing single-leg semi-finals, which took place 8th October, 2020, and single-leg finals against predetermined opponents, which will take place 12th November, 2020.

The matches were determined by a series of draws at the Play-off Draws on the 22nd of November, 2019. The winners of the European Qualifiers Playoffs will then join the 20 teams that qualified through the European Qualifiers. The resultant 24 teams are then divided into 6 groups of 4 teams.

The top 2 teams from each group will move to the next phase, alongside 4 other teams which are the next best teams after the top 12, which consists of the knockout games. These are a knockout round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final of the Euro 2020.

Where Will the 2021 Euro Be Hosted?

For the first time in the championship’s history, the tournament will not be hosted in a single host country but will be hosted all over Europe. This, according to UEFA president Michel Platini, has been done to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Championship.

Several countries made their bids to be hosts of the tournament, with England’s Wembley Stadium earning the prestige of hosting the semi-finals and finals of the championship. A table with all the stadiums that have been chosen to host the tournament has been provided below:

Country City Stadium
Romania Bucharest National Arena
Italy Rome Stadio Olympico
Hungary Budapest Puskas Arena
Azerbaijan Baku Baku Olympic Stadium
Russia Saint Petersburg St Petersburg Stadium
Scotland Glasgow Hampden Park
England London Wembley
Ireland Dublin Dublin Arena
Spain Bilbao San Mames Stadium
The Netherlands Amsterdam Johan Cruijff Arena
Germany Munich Football Arena Munich

Who Will be Playing in the Euro 2021?

Since the qualification matches are still happening, this list is still not finalised and a few other teams still need to be placed in the list of qualified teams. However, the teams that qualified so far can be found in the following list:

Group A

  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Wales
  • Switzerland

Group B

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Russia

Group C

  • Netherlands
  • Ukraine
  • Austria
  • Playoff Path D or A* Winner

Group D

  • England
  • Croatia
  • Play-off Path C Winner
  • Czech Republic

Group E

  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Poland
  • Play-off Path B Winner

Group F

  • Play-off Path A or D* Winner
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Germany

The European Championship: Favourites & Previous Winners

As we said before, bettors should ideally be doing their own research before they decide to place whatever bets on whichever tournament. Of course, the Euro is no exception to this rule; so, to help out starting bettors, we’re providing them with some useful information, which bettors can freely use.

4 Current Teams With the Most Euro Wins

Team Wins Winning Dates Runners-up Runners-up Dates
Germany 3 1972 1980 1996
Spain 3 1964 2008 2012
France 2 1984 2000 1
Italy 1 1968 2 2000

5 Previous Winners of the Euros

Year Winner Final Score Runner-up Venue
2016 Portugal 1 – 0 France Stade de France
2012 Spain 4 – 0 Italy Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex
2008 Spain 1 – 0 Germany Ernst-Happel-Stadion
2004 Greece 1 – 0 Portugal Estádio da Luz
2000 France 2 – 1 Italy De Kuip

N.B. These tables were last updated on 28th October, 2021.

Boost Your EURO Betting Buzz With Betiton’s Bonuses

Whilst sports betting is great fun on its own, getting that extra boost in the form of a welcome bonus always helps to take the enjoyment up a notch. Moreover, we can’t expect our punters to fall in love with our platform if we didn’t provide them with a sweet sign-up bonus!

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We provide all of our players with a range of payment methods, all of which are secure, trustworthy, and known for their efficiency and safety. We offer a substantial number of such methods, a small sample of which can be found in the following table:

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On the Go? Mobile EURO Betting

If you happen to be away from your computer when the Euro is in full swing, you don’t have to worry about missing placing a bet or two on the illustrious tournament. That’s because we did whatever we could to provide our players with a fully optimised website.

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Keeping Your Gaming Responsible With Betiton

At Betiton, we truly believe that responsible gaming is extremely important and should be the only to enjoy one’s gaming. We highly encourage all of our players to enjoy their gaming responsibly, and to read our responsible gaming page.

On our page, players can find numerous responsible gaming tips, programmes that prevent underage gaming, symptoms of problem gaming, responsible gaming measures, and contact details of associations that help problem gamers.

EURO Betting FAQs

Has the Euro 2020 been postponed?

Unfortunately, yes, the Euro 2020 has been postponed due to the pandemic. However, it’s far from cancelled, as the qualification games will finished in November 2020 and the tournament itself will take place in 2021!

How many countries are in the 2021 Euro?

A total of 55 countries entered the qualification stage, with Kosovo entering for the first time. However, only 24 teams will be making it to the tournament proper. Consult our list in the “Who Will Be Playing in the Euro 2020” section to know who these teams are.

On which dates will the Euro 2021 now take place?

The Euro 2021 is currently under way, with the qualification matches set to finish on the 12th of November, 2020. The knockout stages, which is the actual championship, will take place between 11th June – 11th July 2021.