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Last Updated: 09-01-2024 10:38

Tennis is one of the most popular sports for spectators to enjoy watching, and even for sports betting online! With games starting at all times of the day and night, you can enjoy tennis betting online whenever you like. On top of that, Betiton makes betting on sport easier than ever.

Betting on Tennis Online at Betiton™ Sportsbook

For instance, you simply need to click on the tennis tournament you are interested in betting on, check the form, compare the odds, and place your bet. You can also monitor your bets against the live action, allowing you to make side bets to increase your chances of winning your wager.

Prestigious tournaments are held annually worldwide, so there’s plenty for fans to see and bet on at Betiton. With tennis being more of an individual sport, wagering on match outcomes is straightforward—however, betting odds can change drastically.

If a player is suffering poor form or picks up a slight injury before an important game, it can have a huge impact on the odds. This is less likely in team sports. So, if you were football betting and a similar thing happened to one player from your team, its impact would be much less.

What’s more is that tennis matches can often last for several hours, and thus in-game betting is fairly popular. This can add spice when you’re betting online on tennis match outcomes.

Moreover, the popularity of the sport will always bring the supporters in to watch live events. The top events are followed by millions of people globally every year and each event is popular for its own reasons.

Whilst there are innumerable tennis tournaments around the world, the most prestigious of them all are definitely the so-called Grand Slam tournaments. These are 4 major tournaments in tennis that are considered the greatest and most illustrious.

All of these tournaments have been held for over a century, and thus have accumulated their prestige over time. Moreover, the players the regularly play these tournaments are the very greatest tennis players that the world has ever seen.

It’s a combination of these factors—alongside other factors, including prize money, ranking points, and media attention—that makes these competitions as important as they are. Of all the Grand Slams, Wimbledon is definitely the most illustrious.

Finally, the Grand Slam tournaments have the same basic format, meaning that they consist of 5 primary championships: men’s and women’s singles, mixed doubles, and men’s and women’s doubles. However, other competitions are also contested.

Event Country Started
Wimbledon London United Kingdom
US Open New York USA
French Open (Roland Garros) Paris France
Australian Open Melbourne Australia

Wimbledon Betting

When you are thinking of tennis tournaments, the first one that springs to mind is Wimbledon. It is the longest running tennis tournament and has been going for over 140 years.

Known as the home of tennis, you can speak to previous players, current champions, coaches, and fans alike, and they will all tell you that Wimbledon has that extra special feel to it.

It’s the only one of the four major tournaments to still be played on grass, which makes for a more exciting game as the ball is said to travel a lot faster on that surface.

However, it’s also known for the unpredictable weather that the UK has! You can be watching tennis one minute and singing along with Cliff Richard the next, waiting for the rain to stop.

Moreover, the Wimbledon is known to be a bit of a quirky tournament, especially because of its very strict dress code: all of the competitors have to wear an all-white getup.

This dress code also extends to spectators who are royalty. Finally, the tournament only accepts 2 sponsorshipsRolex and Robinsons—and the traditional snacks are strawberries and cream.

Australian Open Betting

The Australian Open is also a very popular tournament. It is the first of the four major tournaments to be held each year as it is held every January. It is also the youngest of all the Grand Slams, as it was first held in 1905.

What’s more, it is the richest in terms of prize money with AUS$2.4 million (roughly EUR 1.4 million) up for grabs. Up until 1988, like Wimbledon, the tournament was always played on a grass surface.

In 1988, this was switched out to a hard court surface. 3 different surfaces have been used between then and now, with the newest surface being introduced at the most recent 2020 tournament.

The Australian Open is also known as the “Happy Slam,” an affectionate epithet that was coined by none other than Roger Federer. There are many reasons behind this loving nickname.

However, the main reasons are that the atmosphere in the Australian Open is generally very friendly and positive, and the tournament officials are always highly attentive to players’ concerns.

French Open Betting

Running since 1891, the French Open is the only Open to be played on a clay court. Experts state that the clay court is the most physically demanding as it produces a slower playing surface and with 7 rounds leading to the final, it truly is a gruelling challenge.

Before the clay court, interestingly enough, the French Open was played on sand from 1891 to 1907. In 1908, however, the French Open was moved between various courts, all of which had clay courts.

In 1928, 20 years after moving out of the sandy court, the French Open finally settled on its current court: the Stade Roland Garros, named after World War I hero pilot Roland Garros; which also happens to be another name for the French Open.

Due to the weather, there have been plans since 2004 to either move the venue, or reconstruct it, offering more shelter to the courts and fewer weather delays.

Unfortunately, this has been a long time coming due to opposing legal cases but it is under way now, which should make for a more exciting tournament and a more comfortable spectator area.

A retractable roof over the central court was finally installed, and it was in place in the 2020 edition of the tournament, which ran between 27th September to 11th October.

US Open Betting

The final Grand Slam that we’ll be talking about is the US Open. Coincidentally, the US Open is also the final Grand Slam that occurs in the year, taking place on the last Monday of August.

Like the Australian Open, the US Open is played on a hard court. However, this wasn’t always the case as the US Open cycled between 3 different sorts of court surfaces.

Funnily enough, it started out being played on a grass court, much like the Australian Open. The grass court was used between 1881-1974, where it was changed to a clay court due to player complaints.

However, the clay court was short-lived, being used from 1975-1977. In 1978, the tournament was moved to a larger court, which also came with the switch from a clay to hard court.

The US Open was the first of the Grand Slam tournaments to use a tiebreaker to resolve sets that reached a score of 6–6. The tiebreaker was first used in 1970.

Between 1970 and 1974, the tiebreaker was a best-of-nine sudden-death round. Eventually, they settled for a best-of-twelve system after 1974.

Finally, the US Open was the first of the Grand Slams to award men and women with equal prize money. In fact, in 1973, the singles champions, John Newcome and Margaret Court, won $25,000 each.

How Does Tennis Scoring Work? 

The tennis scoring system is a rather complex system that will definitely confuse first-time watchers and bettors. However, once spectators understand how it works, it’s not all that complicated.

The tennis scoring system can be likened to Russian dolls, in that, it’s composed of multiple “levels,” each one containing the other, so to speak. These “levels” are the following:

  • matches
  • sets
  • games
  • points

Matches are the highest levels that contain the rest of the levels. To win a match, tennis players need to win a number of sets. The usual formats are best-of-three and best-of-five.

The next level is the set, which contains a number of games, the minimum of which is always 6. Therefore, for players to win sets, they will need at least 6 games, but more is possible.

Games are then composed of points, of which there are 4. The points always start from 0, also known as “love.” Players must therefore win 4 points in order to win a game.

So, to summarise: players play games and win them by getting 4 points. When players win enough games, they win sets, and when they win enough sets, they win the match!

Odds and Tips for Betting on Tennis Online

Every tennis player has their own strengths. The Grand Slams in tennis are played between 3 different surfaceshard courts, clay, and grass.

When checking the odds for a player or set of doubles, it’s also important to check their form and the surface they are playing on in that form guide.

If they have lost 4 of their last 5 games but they have all been on grass and their next match is on clay, which is a surface they excel on, then the previous form isn’t truly accurate to base your bet on.

Understanding Tennis Betting Online Odds

When betting on any sport, the action is one of the main things that you need to take into account. The chances of any event happening define the bet and that chance is reflected in the odds—the higher they are, the less likely it is that the event will take place.

They also come in 3 formats: decimal, fractional and American. At Betiton you can choose how you wish to see the odds displayed. Of course, every player placing a bet is hoping to receive the maximum amount of winnings possible, so using a format you are familiar with or prefer can be helpful.

It’s easy to set your preferences, but should you require assistance at any time, just contact our customer care team and they’ll be happy to help. Knowing how the odds affect your bet is something that you need to understand to ensure you are placing your funds on the correct bet for the returns that you are expecting.

For example, an event showing decimal odds of 2.5 simply means you will receive back 2.5 times what you wagered if you win. However, that does include the amount you wagered. So a €10 bet will return €25, which will consist of your initial outlay of €10 plus €15 in winnings.

In the fractional format, you will see the bets laid out as say 2/1. Here, if you bet €10, you’ll receive a total of €30 back: €20 in winnings and €10 as your initial outlay returned. That’s because the right number shows your bet, whilst the left shows the payout; so 2/1 means that for every €1 bet, you’ll receive €2.

Finally, American odds will show you a series of postive and negative numbers. Depending on whether the odds are positive or negative, they will show you either one of two things: positive odds show you how much you’ll receive if you bet €100, and negative odds show you much you need to bet to get €100.

So, to give you an example of American odds: odds of -300 show you that you need to bet €300 to get a return of €100 on top of your bet. Odds of 300, on the other hand, show you that you could win €300 if your bet of €100 is successful.

At the same time, it’s good to keep in mind that all of these odds formats show the probability of something happening in their own ways. Extrapolating the chances of success from these odds requires some mathematics.

However, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the less a wager pays, then the likelier it is that the event will happen. Conversely, the more a bet pays, then the less likely it is that the event will happen. Basically, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Any tennis betting online tips that you pick up can improve your chances of winning. If you have no idea what tips are, what they tell you, and where you can find them, don’t worry as we will be explaining everything in the next section.

Tips and Tipsters for Tennis Betting Online

There are many tipsters online who all claim to offer the most accurate betting tips but it can be difficult to establish which tips are genuine and which are people trying to make a name for themselves.

A good tipster will be someone who does all the leg work, delves into form, how different players are performing on different surfaces and if there are any niggling injuries you should be aware of.

An excellent tipster will also take into consideration what the weather is likely to be and how different players perform in these conditions. There are also some players who perform worse on the main stage, such as Centre Court at Wimbledon, compared to other courts and they’ll explain this in the tips that they provide.

Something that all gamblers need to pay attention to is that tips aren’t a foregone conclusion. Sporting tips are there to give you an added chance of your bet coming in a winner. But there is still a chance that your bet will lose, even using the best of the tipsters on the market.

So you should also use whatever knowledge you have regarding a particular tennis player, along with the tips that are made available to you, to make the most educated bet possible.

However, do bear in mind that a tip that is given today, may not be as accurate tomorrow. So, although tips will remain a handy tool in betting, they should never be used as the only reason for placing your bet.

Finding Tips: A Simple Guide

It is actually quite a simple process to find tips online: simply by looking up betting tips on the internet, you’ll actually find more tips that you’ll even know what to do with! Of course, every tipster has their own understanding of what will happen in a match.

This is why you should do your own research to understand what might happen in a game on your own terms. Our best tips are to keep your gaming responsible, stay healthy, and to make time for important things in your life, like family and friends.

Tennis Betting Online Markets: What Are They?

Betting markets, to keep it simple, are nothing other than the available wagers that can be made on a particular sport. These are the bets that bettors can make on tennis matches, football games, boxing rounds, dart legs, etc.

Betting markets are offered by bookmakers, who also calculate the odds associated with each market. Each betting market will have its own set of conditions that need to be fulfilled for the bet to be successful and pay off.

There are numerous betting markets that you can find on our sportsbook; we encourage our players to feel free and browse our available markets. At the same time, they should understand what each market needs for their bets to win.

Top 5 Tennis Betting Online Markets

  • Games Handicap: some tennis players simply dominate the court, which creates a weird situation where the favourite has really low odds and the underdog has really high odds. Handicaps seek to level this out by giving the underdog an advantage, whilst giving the favourite a handicap. That way, the odds are much more balanced. A games handicap gives the underdog a game advantage, whilst the favourite gets a game deficit.
  • Set Betting (Correct Score): this is a rather tricky bet to make as it requires punters to correctly guess how many games were won by both players when the set is won.
  • Sets Handicap: similar to the first market we explained, this handicap insteads gives the underdog an advantage in sets, whilst the favourite receives a deficit in sets.
  • Winner Full Time: there’s not much to this bet as it depends on players to correctly figure out who the winner of the match will be.
  • Over/Under Games: an over/under bet is when the bookmaker gives you a certain number of points, goals, etc., that will be scored in a game, and you need to challenge what they think by betting on the total being over or under. In this case, the bookmaker will give you a certain number of games that they think will be the total number of games played in a match, and you have to guess whether the total will be over or under what the bookmaker says.

Understanding the Competition: The Best Players in Tennis

Whilst we’ve been rambling on doing your own research and so on, we understand that there’s so much information out there that sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. A good point of departure is knowing who the best of the best are.

This is helpful for a variety of reasons, including because you’ll have a good idea which players will have an edge in a match. Moreover, it helps you understand what truly great players are made of, helping you know what to look for in players.

The Top 3 Male Tennis Players

Player Nationality Points
Novak Djokovic Serbian 11
Rafael Nadal Spanish 9
Dominic Thiem Austrian 9

The Top 3 Female Tennis Players

Player Nationality Points
Ashleigh Barty Australian 8
Simona Halep Romanian 7
Naomi Osaka Japanese 5

What Bonuses Are on Offer at Betiton?

One of the most popular bonuses here at Betiton at present is our Bet 15 Get 10 offer for new players who sign up to our sports book. The way this promotion works is that you make a minimum bet of €15. You’ll then receive an additional €10 bet for any event.

However this bonus €10 bet can not be split and must be used as a single bet. You have 14 days in which to use your extra bet so do ensure that it is used within that time so as not to lose it. You do not have to opt in for this bonus, it will automatically be credited to you.

Of course, our welcome bonus, as well as all of our other promotions, have associated terms and conditions. We highly encourage all of our players to read full terms and conditions as well as our bonus policy, both of which can be found in the footer of each one of our pages.

Learn About What Deposit & Withdrawal Methods We Support

Your privacy and protection are the most important aspect of your gaming. Having easy-to-use, safe, and secure deposit and withdrawal methods are therefore a must for any successful online casino and Betiton is no exception.

Payment Method Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
ecoPayz Instant Up to 4 business days
AstroPay Instant Up to 3 business days
MasterCard Instant Up to 6 business days
Neteller Instant Up to 2 business days
Visa Instant Up to 6 business days
Skrill Instant Up to 2 business days

Deposits are instantaneous for all methods used. Withdrawals, once the obligatory 48-hour pending period has passed, can take several days, depending on which payment method you chose. Consult our payment methods section for more information.

It’s important to note that you will need to complete the KYC verification process for your account before being able to withdraw. There are also minimum limits of €10 for both deposits and withdrawals, with maximums of €5000 per deposit and €7000 per month for withdrawals.

Betting From Mobile Devices at Betiton

In an ideal world, the events that we wish to bet on would all happen when we are not working, the kids are in bed, or we just have enough time on our hands. However, it doesn’t normally work this way.

Instead, mobile betting has become the most common form of betting over the last few years. Whilst Betiton does not currently have a mobile app, you can still log on through your mobile browser and place your bets at any time as our site is fully mobile optimised.

Having the freedom to do this opens up a lot of benefits, especially if you are making in-play bets, which are happening real time when you may need to adjust bets or cash out before the end of the event.

Customer Support and Loyalty Programme: What Do We Offer?

Being able to get in touch if something goes wrong or you just have a question is what sets a good site apart from the rest. At Betiton, our customer support is available via email and live chat 8:00-0:00 7 days a week, for anything that you may need.

We also boast an excellent Loyalty Club in 7 tiers. You can build up loyalty points from any wagers that you place on the huge variety of casino games on offer at Betiton.

The more points you build up, the higher up the tiers you’ll move and the more generous rewards you will receive. Our rewards include benefits like monthly cashbacks, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, and birthday bonuses.

Have Fun Betting but Gamble Responsibly

Whilst gambling is supposed to be exciting, fun, and adventurous, we are also aware that it can pose problems to certain players. We strongly encourage responsible gambling at all times, which is why we have a page dedicated to responsible gaming.

There are self-exclusions that can be applied if you need a break, maximum deposit restrictions, maximum bet restrictions, and many other tools that can help you, should you think that you are no longer in control of the way that you bet.

Tennis Betting Online FAQs

Is there a draw in tennis?

There are no draws or ties in tennis. Whilst it’s very unlikely that players will get an equal score in a set, it does happen. In those situations, a tiebreaker is played. The format of tiebreakers differs according to the tournament in which it happens.

What is a set in tennis?

A set is a number of “games” (a minimum of 6 games), which are plays in tennis. Therefore, tennis players play games in order to win sets, and they need to win sets in order to win a match. Winning a game, on the other hand, requires tennis players to win points. Points are counted from 0, and there are 4 points to be won in order to win a game.

What is over and under in tennis betting online?

An over/under bet is a bet where the bookmaker sets a number of points, goals, games, etc. that the bookmaker thinks will be won in a game of whichever sport, and you have to bet on whether you think there will be more (over) or less (under). In tennis betting online, bookmakers will usually gives over/under markets on either the total number of sets played or the total number of games played. This bet, therefore, requires bettors to bet on whether the number of sets or games will be under or over what the bookmaker thinks.

How do you bet on tennis at Betiton™ sportsbook?

Oh, that’s an easy one: access our sportsbook and go to our tennis section. Feel free to have a look through the available markets. See which market or markets appeal most to you, and click on them. Adjust your bet in the betting slip, and then simply place your bet. And that’s it.