Top 5 Tips for Online Slots in Canada

James Smith
julio 13, 2020
Modified: June 28, 2023

Online slots are great in that you can play them anywhere, anytime. Unlike most casino games, slots are simple, which makes them ideal for beginners and seasoned players alike. Further to this, they constitute the largest percentage of all the games found in online casinos. New titles come out every month.

For this reason, players get a variety of titles that they can try their hand at Betiton casino. With so many games available, to some extent, it can be difficult to develop tips and tricks that work for every game. Having basic knowledge about slots and tricks to use when playing not only increases your chances of winning, but also makes your gaming experience fun and memorable. There are several tips that you can use. Some of the best tips are explained in detail in this slot guide. Check them out!

1. Understand How to Play Online Slots

Online slots are irresistible casino games with exciting gameplay, fun themes, cool soundtracks, fast-paced, and massive jackpots. Like any other casino game, slot players want to enhance their winning potential at all costs. With basic information about slots, you can improve your gaming skills when it comes to playing online slots. Before you bet on slots, you should take time to understand the functionality of online slots. For starters, hone your skills by playing free versions of the real money slots available at Betiton.

Take time to learn a slot’s basics such as its symbols, paytable, paylines as well as how to set coin value and bet amount. You should also keep in mind that slots are games of chance, so winning and losing are the two possible outcomes. Usually, Random Number Generators are used to determine the winner.

The RNG software ensures winning in a slot is random, which is crucial in making sure the casino observes fairness. Further to this, once you have understood how the RNG works, you can try to set your bet range. Usually, there is a sliding bar in each slot where you can adjust the amount and value you wish to bet. If you want to bet the maximum amount, slide the bar to the right. For other slots, there is + sign in place of the sliding bar. Online slots come with paylines in which, for some slots, they are fixed, and for others, they are adjustable. In essence, paylines are the lines where symbols land to determine during gameplay. They are used to determine if a player has won or not depending on how symbols appear.

2. Check the Slots Bonuses

Bonuses are no doubt the lifelines of most casino games. Usually, prior to choosing a certain game, it is essential to consider its bonuses. They are a vital part of gameplay since they make gaming more fun as players try their best to activate the various bonus rounds. Online slots have diverse bonus rounds, which you can activate by landing on a set of special symbols during the main game. Common bonus rounds in slots are extra spins, win multipliers and expanding, cascading and sticky wilds.

These bonus features are mainly activated when you land special symbols such as the scatter and the wild. Some slots have a specific formula in which the symbols should appear, while for others, it can be anywhere on the reels. For win multipliers, they are activated after a win in which the amount you win is multiplied by a predetermined figure.

Furthermore, apart from the in-game bonuses, Betiton offers a variety of bonuses on different slots. This can either be in the form of extra spins, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, and match deposit bonus among others. When a bonus is tied to a specific slot, it means that you can only redeem the bonus funds or additional spins on that particular game. For instance, if you are given 20 extra spins on Starburst, it means that you can only use these spins on Starburst and not any other slots.

When offered bonuses, you should keep in mind that most of them have an expiration date. That is, there is a specific period with which you should have exhausted the offer. In case the period elapses and you haven’t done so, the bonus is nullified together with any winnings made from it.

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3. What are Extra spins?

Betiton casino bonuses come in various forms and types. Among the most popular perks here are extra spins. These are the bonuses given to you to enable you to spin your favourite spot for extra spins at no additional costs. For example, if you are offered 10 extra spins on a free slot like Riche Wilde and the Book of Dead, it means that you get to spin the slot for 10 extra times without spending the money on your bankroll.

Extra spins are offered to you when you join the casino as a welcome offer. In other instances, you can be given extra spins as an existing player to thank you for remaining a loyal customer and to also give you the morale to continue playing at the casino. Betiton, in most cases, specifies the slot which you can play with the extra spins.

You can get the extra spins either after depositing some money into your account or before. In most cases, however, you have to fund your account to be awarded the bonus. This is known as the deposit bonus extra spins. If no deposit is required, the bonus is known as no deposit extra spins. Apart from the extra spins offered by Betiton, some slots come with in-game bonus spins feature.

Games with this feature give you the chance to have additional spins since nothing is deducted from your account. You will have to activate the bonus by landing 3 or more scatter symbols as is the case with most slots. Activating the bonus is not that challenging, but is a matter of luck. Once activated, you get to play the slot for longer at no additional costs!

4. What Is a Payout for Online Slots?

When you play online slots at Betiton and make some winnings, the likelihood is that you will withdraw this money. Even if not immediately, after some time, you will make a withdrawal maybe when the money has accumulated to a certain amount. The money you get into your bank account after withdrawing your winnings is what is referred to as a payout. While playing a slot, you may come across the term payout percentage.

This refers to the total amount that a slot will take over time, which is then paid out to players as winnings. The amount is usually shared among all players who may have won in a particular slot within a given period. Notably, slots have varying payout percentages. For some, the percentage is a bit high, usually between 95-99 percent, and for others, it can be as low as 75 percent.

It is important to understand the payout of the slot you wish to play before you bet on it. With this, you get to know how much you expect to be paid out whenever you make some winnings from a certain slot. You can also check out the minimum and maximum payable amount for every slot you play. Slots payout differently, with some having a higher payout than others. Some slots come with a progressive jackpot.

Usually, these slots have the largest payout since the payout amount is not fixed. Instead, it increases with every bet. With time, this amount can accumulate into millions and after it is won, it is reset to a certain price. Another thing to keep in mind about payout is how often a slot pays. If looking for those with a regular payout, then go for slots that offer exactly that!

5. Take Your Time

Whether you are new to online gaming or an experienced one, taking time before you wager on a certain slot is important. You need to first know how the slot works by taking the time to understand things such as coin per line, coin size, bet button, and paytable. Understanding each of the terminology used will make the game interesting and will also save you the time of having to look up at the meaning of any term during gameplay.

Video slots appear easy enough for you to play. You choose your wager, the number of paylines and the hit the spin button manually or automatically. You relax watching the reels spin and wish luck will be on your side! Nevertheless, as simple as this may sound there is more to online slots than you may think, which is why you should take time to understand them before you play.

The more you understand slots, the more excitement you will have when playing them. It also becomes easier to strategise when you understand a slot. To get the most out of your online slots experience, take time to learn everything about these casino games. Overall, slots are fun games that you can play for demo or for real money at Betiton. The casino has an assortment of slots, comprising classic and video slots.

You can play as many games as you want either on your handheld device or PC. Whichever device you choose to play on, you will enjoy a seamless experience since the games are highly responsive across all devices. You also do not need to install apps or software to play the casino’s slots. You can access them instantly from their website through your web browser.


It is a deposit that Betiton Casino offers you without requiring you to fund your bankroll. It can be awarded when you first join the casino as a welcome offer or as a special gift for being a loyal customer.

This is the amount paid out to players in the form of winnings over a period of time.

When choosing a slot, you can consider its variance, return to player percentage and bonus features. You can also consider its jackpot, whether it’s fixed or progressive. But most of all, consider if you like the design, theme of the online slots!

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