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Understanding the Roulette Odds in Ireland

July 1, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Known as a game of chance, Roulette is a table game that has gained popularity in the casino industry. This fascinating yet simple to play casino game is available in both online casinos and land-based casinos licensed to operate in Ireland. For high rollers, you must have noticed that Roulette is a top-ranked table game worth playing.

For newbies, you need to understand the basics, which are betting rules, minimum age requirement, betting odds, house edge, and the probability of pocketing wins after the game. In this Roulette guide, you’ll understand the essential tips and the house edges of different Roulette variants. Just like other slots and casino games in Ireland, Roulette has different variations. The rules, betting odds, house edge, and game approaches differ from one variant to the other.

The most featured types of Roulettes in Ireland include, but are not limited to, European Roulette, American Roulette, and French Roulette. French Roulette has a 2.70% house edge, the same as the European variant. However, the house advantage can change to 1.35% when the ‘En prison’ and ‘La partage’ rules apply to your bet. The American variant has a 5.26% house edge because of the double zeros on the wheel. The good thing is, all the variants are designed using 3D imaging – hence they come with quality graphics and external appeal.

Whether you fancy the American, European, or French options, online casinos have got your back, as you can bet wherever you are. As a gambler, you’re allowed to choose from a variety of real money Roulette table games with high payouts. Here, the progressive jackpot is the highest paying type.

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What you need to know about roulette odds

How do you select the best Roulette odds for enticing payouts? First of all, you need to understand the set Roulette rules by reading the complete Betiton guide that helps both average gamblers and beginners understand the game.

Additionally, players should know that the odds differ depending on the specific bet type selected. What are the highest Roulette odds that are used by both online and land-based casinos? In the casino industry, 36:1 is ranked as the highest odd this table game features, where 1:1 is offered as the lowest odd. The highest odds (36:1) are for a single bet, whereas the weakest odds (1:1) are for outside bets, which are Red/Black or Odd/Even.

There have been discussions in private forums and review sites regarding which Roulette type is better in terms of payouts. Here, the European variant is deemed the best option to consider when compared to other variants. Additionally, the French variant, which comes with ‘en prison’ and ‘la partage’ rules, comprises a lower house edge as compared to those without these rules.

If you want to have a thrilling adventure, enjoy the play, and pocket winnings at the same time, you need to understand the probabilities and odds first. Where do you play this table game? Well, with a Roulette simulator, you can enjoy Roulette wherever you may be. The simulator offers these games for free and is compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The simulator has a collection of games that help you have fun and carry out research at the same time.

How to calculate Roulette odds

In Roulette, odds are expressed as the ultimate chances of winning. In terms of security and fairness, Roulette has been proven to be a fair table game. Before you get started, it’s recommended you read guides on how to play Roulette first.

Once you are familiar with the basics, you can figure out how to calculate the odds and probabilities. Is calculating the Roulette odds significant? Well, this helps you to analyze and contemplate all the possible variations before you place your bet. This table game comprises 36 numbers, which are subdivided into equal sets during the game. If you place a bet and win, you pocket double the initial amount you staked.

The good thing is, you can use an odds calculator and get the facts straight. A betting odds calculator puts you in a better position to pocket winnings, as you’re able to bet with confidence. The bottom line is, calculating payouts and odds is a case of multiplication, as each bet pays gamers at specific odds. Here, the payout is done on a rate basis, a fact that applies to other table games. The most recognized rate basis is 1:1 and 36:1.

Once you are done with calculating the odds, you can decide whether to play this casino game for real money or for free. If you’re looking forward to familiarizing yourself with the table game, you can play free Roulette online by creating an account with top-rated online casinos such as Betiton. The free version is also known as the demo version.

Odds by bet type

Players who place bets on the Roulette table game are paid out using odds. Just like other casino games, Roulette features various types of bets that include, but are not limited to, inside bets and outside bets. Betiton offers a guide on the list of bets you can make when playing Roulette, and how much you get in the long run. Here, the outside bets pay much more often, though smaller amounts, and are outside the betting surface.

Outside bets cover the columns, low/high bets, odd/even bets, red/black bets, and the dozens. The dozens and the column bets pay you in 2:1 rate if you get the chance right. When playing Roulette, the outside bet you can’t afford to land on is the green bet, which counts as a loss. The green bet stands for the 0 and 00 counts. On the other hand, the inside bets are on the inside of the used betting surface. Some of the inside Roulette bets you can make include the split, street, straight up, 5-number bet, line, and the corners.

The 5-number bet pays off at 6:1, where players can only bet on numbers 00, 1, 2, and 3. Unlike the other bets, which have a 5.26% house edge, the 5-number bet features a 7.89% house edge. The corners pay off at 8:1, whereas the line pays off at 5:1. Once you decide it’s time to go home after a thrilling, fun game, multiply your bet by the payout odds to know your total payouts.

How to know your Roulette odds

Whether you fancy playing Roulette at a land-based casino or online, the betting odds and immersive experience is the same. But how well do you know how to play Roulette? Do you have what it takes to calculate the odds and the winning probabilities? The rules and approaches to playing this table game are simple and easy to contemplate. However, it depends on whether you play the American variant or the European version of Roulette.

The bottom line is, both variations come with a green zero slot, and black and red slots carrying the numbers 1 to 36, although the American version also has another green 00 slot. The game starts after you place the bet, then the dealer spins the wheel and throws a ball on to the table.

If the ball lands on your number, you emerge as the winner. To elongate your playing time, you can use a proven Roulette strategy and beat your opponents. In the casino industry, the Double-O-Seven and the Martingale, D’Alembert, James Bond, and Fibonacci strategies are the key ones you’ll hear about most often when playing a Roulette table game.

The Fibonacci strategy involves adding the last two placed bets together. D’Alambert is termed as the safest strategy, as it revolves around adding, decreasing or increasing a chance by one. The Martingale strategy is used by high rollers who double bets after making a loss. If your gameplay involves increasing your bets when you pocket a win and decreasing bets when you encounter a loss, Reverse Martingale is the strategy to use. Here, the odds of different placed bets vary massively.

  • Step 1: Choose the Roulette variation to play
  • Step 2: Decide whether to place an outside bet, inside bet, or a call bet
  • Step 3: Make use of the betting odds calculator and place a bet on the Roulette variation that suits you best. Play the wheel to your gaming advantage.

Are you new to gambling? Well, Roulette is well-known as an engaging table game, yet it’s one of the trickiest when it comes to winning. If you want to be a successful player, knowledge of Roulette payouts and odds is of the utmost importance. Additionally, learn how getting to grips with inside bets, outside bets, and call bets impact your gameplay.

As a gambler, you’re in a position to understand the likelihood of winning a stake through the odds. From the single number bets to the even number bets, this table game can build you a lucrative bankroll if played right. Before a spin starts, gamers can place a maximum number of chances around the Roulette table. However, the payout is always decided by the game variant and the house edge.

How do you make the most promising bet every time you choose to place a wager? Even money bets, straight bets, ‘En Prison’, and ‘La Partage’ stakes are the secret to making an impact on your winnings. European and especially French Roulette have the lowest house edges. With the right strategy, you can manage your results using the pro tips and procedures, which are proven by betting experts.

In a nutshell, Roulette has gained so much popularity across the entire gaming world. The game has focal features that aim at improving the gamer’s lifetime value. The magical mix and external background appeal used to design Roulette is out of this world. To maximize your gaming experience, you can opt for playing the free/demo version available online at Betiton, and play for real money when your strategising capabilities are strong enough.


The payout odds vary depending on the type of bet placed on a game.

The odds of of hitting 0 in roulette is low.

Yes, there is some strategies for Roulette. You can learn more about it in our Guide.

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