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Place Your Next Rugby Union Bet at Betiton, the UK’s New Online Sportsbook

Whether you are a Rugby Union or a Rugby League fan, if you are looking for a rugby betting site with the widest choice and the best odds, you’ve come to the right place.

At Betiton, we’ve got all your online sports betting needs sorted. But what exactly is all the hubbub about rugby? And from where does the sport even originate?

Well, it all began in 1823, when William Webb Ellis picked up the ball during a game of football and ran down the pitch with it, setting in motion the development of a new game.

By 1863 a set of rules had been formulated and the official Rugby Football Union was formed in 1871, with the first international match being played between Scotland and England.

The result is that there are now many local and national club competitions as well as international tournaments, meaning that keen rugby fans have plenty of choice for rugby union betting throughout the year, and you’ll find some of the best betting odds right here at Betiton.

Although it seems that the majority bet on a game of football, rugby is still considered a National Sport in most of the UK, especially Wales and England.

Naturally, then, bettors from these countries will be absolutely delighted to find so many fantastic markets for rugby on Betiton!

What Are Rugby Union Betting Odds? an Explanation

If you’re thinking about making a wager on rugby, there is one top tip to bear in mind. Unlike Eurovision betting, where it’s anyone’s guess who might win, doing your research beforehand can help you when betting on rugby.

Whether you’re a Rugby Union or a Rugby League fan there are plenty of odds available. But what are odds? They are the probability of an event occurring and are usually presented in one of three ways: fractional, decimal and American.

In Britain, you’ll most commonly see fractional odds, which are listed in the format 3/1 or 6/4, for example. These easily tell you the amount of profit that you can expect to make from a winning bet for a particular stake; for example, the first fraction tells you that for every £1 you bet, you’ll get £3 in return.

Decimal odds, such as 2.10 or 3.75, tell you your total potential return including your original wager. American odds, on the other hand, work on a system of positive and negative integers; the more a number is negative, the likelier the event is to happen, and vice versa.

So, odds of say 4/7 for England to beat Wales in the Six Nations tell you for every £7 bet, you’d get £4 (plus your initial £7 stake) back were England to win. This tells you that the bookmakers clearly feel that England are the favourites and that this is the most likely outcome.

On the other hand, if the odds for Wales to win were 7/3, you’d get the lovely payout of £7 for every £3 you bet! But such high odds also tell you that the bookmakers really don’t think this is a likely outcome.

This is similar to betting on The Grand National: if you were to bet on a horse that offers odds of 1/2, it would be a rather safe bet to make, despite being unprofitable.

5 Popular UK Rugby Markets You Can Bet on at Betiton

As with every other sport that you can bet on at Betiton, there are many markets available for players to place bets on and several market varieties.

As is the case with horse racing betting where you can place several sorts of bets, like place bets—where the horse needs to arrive in the top positions—or win bets—where the horse needs to be the outright winner of the competition—the same can be said of rugby, whether union or league.

Whatever matches you’re watching, and wherever in the world you are, we offer plenty of rugby markets to all of our international bettors. So, if you want to start betting on rugby, the following are the 5 most popular rugby markets available on Betiton’s sportsbook:

  • 1X2 Full Time
  • Highest 1st Half
  • Try scorers
  • Double Result
  • First to Score

Where Can I Find the Best Rugby Betting Tips?

As we already said before, doing your research before placing any bets on a rugby game is generally a good idea, and that’s so you can understand which teams are the strongest, and so on.

All in all, research is the key to playing smart bets, and maybe actually winning some of them! This advice applies to all bets you’re thinking of making on rugby, whether it’s Rugby League or Rugby Union, or it’s betting on games live, keeping this advice in mind will generally do you well.

You can easily find all sorts of tips from a simple Google search; just be sure to take everything you read with a pinch of salt. The best tips we can give you is to keep it fun and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose!

  • Sports News
  • Blogs
  • Specialist Websites

Don’t Miss Out on the Top 3 Rugby Leagues

Every sport has those leagues and tournaments that fans most look forward to, especially fans that will be placing bets on these leagues!

Of course, rugby is no different from these other sports: the most exciting tournaments for rugby fans are definitely the Six Nations Championship, the European Rugby Champions Cup, and the Rugby World Cup.

These are all international tournaments but whereas the first two are played between six countries—which are France, England, Italy, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland—the Rugby World Cup is contested by several teams from around the world.

  • Guinness Six Nations Championship
  • European Rugby Champions Cup
  • Rugby World Cup

Guinness Six Nations Championship

What betting on Wimbledon is to tennis, the Guinness Six Nations Championship is for the Rugby Union. First played back in 1883 between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the Home Nations championship became the Five Nations Championship when France joined the tournament in 1910.

With Italy joining the fray in 2000, the Six Nations Championship was born. Running from February to March each year, the six teams battle it out, creating an extremely exciting and highly competitive league.

But if you want to make it even more exciting, you can place bets on this thrilling tournament; at Betiton, there are bets available on who will be the overall winner, and whether that winner will Grand Slam, that is, beat every other team.

You’ll also find odds for the winner of each game, the number of tries scored, the margin between the two teams, player of the match, and more. Can’t wait, huh? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to place your Rugby 6 Nations wager on the 6th of Febraury 2021.

Previous Winners


European Rugby Champions Cup

While international competitions like the annual Six Nations and the 4-yearly Rugby World Cup showcase the top talents in rugby union, the bread-and-butter games for fans are the club competitions.

In the Northern hemisphere, the European Rugby Champions Cup is the most prestigious club tournament. Launched as the Heineken Cup in 1995, it’s been revised and expanded. Today it’s contested by 20 teams from the Six Nations’ countries.

Nineteen teams automatically qualify based on position in their home leagues, with the last place awarded following strict criteria. The pool stage consists of 5 groups of 4 teams.

Each team plays a home and away match against every other team in their pool, with the top 8 progressing to the knock-out stage. The finals venue is preselected, just like the Darts World Cup.

This championship is rather exciting on its own but adding a handful of bets in the mix could make it even more exhilarating! If betting on heart-pumping rugby matches sounds like something you’d enjoy, have a look at our betting markets on Betiton; you’ll find plenty of markets to place bets on!

Previous Winners


Rugby World Cup

The final championship on our list, and it’s none other than the Rugby World Cup. The big question on your mind must be: but what makes this tournament so exciting?

That’s an easy one: the Rugby World Cup is truly international, meaning that teams from all over the world compete intensely to prove themselves the best in the world.

Teams from countries as diverse as South Africa, and New Zealand, as well as UK members Wales, England, and Scotland play in this tournament.

Whilst global tournaments are practised in other sports as well, something about the Rugby World Cup is so exhilarating, especially when bets are involved!

If you’d like to place a bet on the Rugby World Cup, we have plenty of markets available at Betiton; be sure to do your research first, by reading up on the teams, the players, previous team performances, current team strengths, etc.

However, the next chance you’ll get to place your stake on the Rugby World Cup matches is in 2023, so you’ll just have to play the waiting game for now! 

Previous Winners

2019South Africa32-12England
2015New Zealand34-17Australia
2011New Zealand8-7France

Check Out Betiton’s Rugby Betting Bonus and Other Offers

To welcome new players and help you get a feel for how things work on our sportsbook, we have a welcome offer in place. This welcome bonus gives players a £10 extra bet on top of their wager; this extra bet can be used on all of our sports.

To redeem the bonus, follow these steps:

  1. Simply sign up to Betiton and create your account;
  2. Deposit to your bankroll using one of our trustworthy payment methods;
  3. Take a look at the rugby fixtures that you can take a punt on;
  4. Pick a market that offers odds of at least 1/1;
  5. Adjust your stake, making sure you bet at least £15, and place your wager;
  6. Enjoy your £10 extra bet!

Of course, there are some terms and conditions attached to this bonus, so be sure to read them first. You can find them, as well as our bonus policy, at the bottom of this page, and all our other pages as well.

Deposit and Withdraw Your Funds Safely and Securely at Betiton

When you are thinking of joining a new casino or sportsbook site, the safety and security of your financial transactions and personal data are important issues.

That’s why, here at Betiton, we only use payment providers with a proven track record. In fact, we offer our players a vast choice of methods that are safe, secure, and efficient.

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

All deposits are subject to a £10 minimum limit and a £5000 maximum per transaction. For most methods, deposits are instantaneous.

Withdrawals take a little longer as there is a 48-hour pending period before requests are processed. Again, there is a £10 minimum withdrawal limit and a maximum limit of £7000 per month.

Bet on Rugby Anywhere in the UK on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Thanks to the great advances in technology more and more people are using their mobiles to get online for both business and pleasure.

With that in mind, here at Betiton, we have ensured that our site is fully mobile optimised so that all our players from Britain will have access to our top-quality sportsbook whenever and wherever you are.

While we don’t have a dedicated app, you can easily get access using your mobile browser. For the sportsbook itself, we’re using industry-leading SBtech sports betting software, to bring a huge array of rugby betting markets right to your fingertips.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest odds no matter where you are. All you will need is a good Wi-Fi connection.

Never Get Caught Out—Customer Support

While navigating around our site is straightforward and easy, players will sometimes have questions. We’ve also built our site from the ground up to be as robust as possible, but sometimes things do go awry.

At times like these, it’s important to get help quickly. That’s why we have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on hand via live chat every day from 8 am to 1 am CET.

Always Game on Rugby Responsibly

Licensed by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission), we make sure that our UK players are gamble aware and can play responsibly.

Gambling should be fun, but if you feel it is becoming a problem then we have provided links to various gambling helplines in the UK as well as a number of on-site tools including the ability to self-exclude from our site.

Moreover, are staunchly against underage gambling (that is, gambling by anyone under the age of 18) and thus have forbidden gambling by minors on our site; our responsible gaming section also has instructions and measures on how to prevent underage gambling from happening on your computer.

Rugby Betting FAQs

What is a handicap in Rugby Union betting?

A handicap in betting means that you’re levelling the playing field between two teams; this is usually done when there is a clear favourite amongst the two teams.

To give an advantage to the underdog, a handicap is placed on the favourite, giving them a chance to bet on. This way your bet can win even if the underdog loses in the actual game.

How do Rugby Union odds work?

Rugby Union odds work the same as they would in every other sport. Odds are basically numerical representations of probability; in other words, they show how likely or unlikely something is to happen.

At the same time, betting odds show you how much money you stand to gain if your bet manages to be a successful one. Odds are available in 3 different formats: fractional, decimal, and American, with fractional, generally being used in the UK.

How does online rugby betting work?

The same as any other online betting markets would work: all you need to do is choose the market you’d like to bet on, whether it’s which team will be the outright winner of a tournament, or which team will score, and then select on the odds.

That’s all there is to it; the next step is to just enjoy the game and hope your team wins! What’s good about online betting is that it can be done anywhere, so long as you have a working internet connection.

This is largely thanks to our efforts to optimise our entire platform to support mobile play across several mobile devices. This means that betting on the go is totally possible and you need not worry about the compatibility of your device.

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