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Enjoy Playing Great Online Roulette Games & Variants at Betiton™ UK

Last Updated: 25-05-2022 12:33

Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games ever invented and it’s still one of the most popular found today. There are many reasons why both new and experienced players are drawn to the game and one of them is simply that the rules are so easy to understand. 

The appeal really lies in its simplicity, as there are no complex rules or strategies that you need to memorise here. In a nutshell, the basic premise of roulette involves nothing more than the wheel and a white ball. Any round begins with the betting, where players put their chips on the bets they want to wager on. Once betting time is closed, the dealer takes the ball and spins it in the wheel, waiting for it to come to a stop naturally. When the ball lands in a pocket, the dealer announces the number and the colour of the pocket where the ball landed and any winnings for that round are paid. 

The way the game works is very simple, but once you start exploring all the different types of wagering, things get a little more complicated simply because there are so many of them. If you’re not familiar with this sort of gambling, then you’ve landed in the right place! On this page, we’ll go into detail about how to get involved with Betiton™ Casino for British punters, including how the game is played step by step, the different selections you can make, and the most popular variants that you can explore.  

The Benefits You Receive as a Member of Betiton™ UK

Joining Betiton™ UK not only gives you access to some of the arguably best games on the market, but you’ll also be able to enjoy several benefits when you sign up. The following list provides just some of the benefits of choosing Betiton™. 

  • A huge selection of UK roulette games to choose from. 
  • Hundreds of other casino games in demo mode or for real money. 
  • You also have the option of our live casino, with real-life dealers
  • When you sign up at Betiton™, you’ll be able to grab our generous Welcome Offer to earn bonus funds and Extra Spins on your first deposit. 
  • Enjoy your favourite games on your mobile device. Betiton™ is 100% mobile-friendly and compatible with multiple mobile and tablet devices
  • Safety and security are guaranteed on our site because we use the latest encryption software to protect your data, plus we’re licensed by both the MGA (licence number MGA/CRP/148/2007) and the UKGC (licence number 039483-R-319409-016), so you can rest assured that our site is completely safe and fair. 

What Is Online Roulette?

Let’s start off this section by saying that the rules of UK roulette don’t vary all that much from the rules of traditional roulette in a land-based casino. Of course, the biggest difference is that there is no live dealer and the game is played virtually, but the rules remain the same.  

When you first look at the wheel and the table, you might get the impression that the game is quite complex, but on the contrary, there are only a few rules you need to understand before you can start. Keep reading as we explain in detail the few rules of the game

What Are the Rules of Online Roulette? 

Although there are several variants available, every roulette round follows the same structure. Below, we’ve outlined what a typical game looks like, step by step. 

  1. To start the game, you’ll need to place your chips on the betting area. You can place one or multiple selections, all of which we’ll describe in detail later. It’s up to you to decide how many choices you want to place, as long as they don’t conflict with each other. For example, it would make no sense to bet that the winning number will be both even and odd. 
  2. When you place your bet, you also need to decide how much you want to wager on each bet.  
  3. Once your wagers are placed, the ball is spun in the wheel
  4. When it comes to a stop, the winning number and the colour of the pocket are announced. 
  5. Depending on the wager or wagers you placed, you’ll get a payout for that round. If any of your predictions were correct, you get a payout for the one(s) you guessed correctly. If none of your selections were correct, then there is no payout. 
  6. The next round begins after any winnings are paid out. 

How Do You Play Roulette Online at Betiton™ Casino in the UK? 

Playing at Betiton™ is very simple and straightforward thanks to our user-friendly site. First, you’ll need to create a Betiton™ account to access all our real money games. The registration process takes no more than a few minutes to complete. 

Click the ‘Join’ button at the top of the page which will direct you to the registration form. Fill in your basic information and details and verify your email address to complete your account. Once you’re done, hit the ‘Open Account’ button and you’ll be all set. Now, all you need to do is make your first deposit using any of our secure payment methods and you’ll be ready to start playing. While you’re at it, don’t forget to redeem your Welcome Offer

Now that you have funds in your casino account, you can head to the roulette section on our site and browse through several titles to find the version for you. Next, follow the step-by-step guide below to get started. 

  1. Choose your preferred title and decide how much you want to wager on each game round. It’s important to keep a set budget in mind and split this amount over several wagers so that you’ll be able to stay within a responsible budget. 
  2. Place your wagers by placing chips on the relevant areas on the table
  3. Once you are in place, you can click the ‘Spin’ button to get started. Keep in mind that once you hit ‘Spin’, you won’t be able to place any more selections until the next round. 
  4. The roulette wheel will spin and the winning number will be announced and shown on the screen. 
  5. If the ball landed on any pocket or section of the wheel where you’ve placed a wager, you’ll win a payout according to which bet you won with.  
  6. Your winnings, if any, are paid out and the round is over. You can now repeat the same steps outlined above. You can place the exact same wagers as you placed on the previous round or place different wagers altogether – it’s totally up to you. 

What Bets Can You Play on Roulette? And What Are Their Values?

Speaking of placing wagers, it’s time to talk about what these wagers are. As we mentioned before, the only ‘complex’ part is learning about the different types of gambling available. As you’ll soon see, these are very easy to understand but there are quite a lot of them.  

One of the most important things to understand about roulette gambling is that each bet carries different odds of winning and a different payout. This is also how you will decide which bets you want to place, by weighing the probability of winning compared to the potential payout you’ll get if you win on that bet

There are three main types of wagers available: the inside, outside, and special. The first of the three carry the biggest payouts, but the odds of winning are also the lowest. This is because inside bets are placed on a specific number or numbers, making them harder to predict correctly.  

On the other hand, outside bets cover a much larger group of numbers, for example, all the black numbers on the wheel. The outside offers better odds of winning but naturally, the payouts are also lower. Finally, there are special bets which are also referred to as announced or called bets sometimes. These are a little more advanced and more suited for experienced roulette players

Below, we’ve compiled a useful outline for both inside and outside bets which will explain the different gambling that can take place, the associated payout for each one, and the odds of winning as well. If you’re not a very experienced player, we highly suggest keeping information like this handy so that you can make calculated decisions by comparing the payouts with the odds of winning.

Inside Bets

Bet Description Payout
Straight Up/Single Number Betting on one specific number. 35:1
Split Betting on two adjacent numbers by placing the chip on the line between them. 17:1
Trio A bet on two numbers and the 0 (or 00 if you’re playing American roulette) 11:1
Street Three numbers adjacent to each other (same row). 11:1
Corner Betting on four numbers by placing your chips on the point where all four corners of the numbers meet. This bet can be referred to as a square bet because the four numbers are adjacent in the shape of a square. 8:1
First Four This is a bet on the first four numbers on the roulette table, that is, 0–1–2–3. 8:1
Top Line/Basket This bet is only available on American roulette and it’s a wager on the first 5 numbers of the tables, that is, 3–2–1–0–00. 6:1
Line/Double Street Betting on two rows of three numbers, i.e, two streets. 5:1

Outside Bets

Bet Description Payout
Red or Black Betting on whether the ball will land in a red or a black pocket. 1:1
Odd or Even Betting that the winning number will be either odd or even. 1:1
Low numbers Betting on any of the low numbers which are from one to 18. 1:1
High numbers Betting on the high numbers instead which range from 19 to 36. 1:1
Dozens Bets Betting on any of the three dozens. These are the 1st dozen or 1st 12, the 2nd dozen, and the 3rd dozen. 2:1
Columns Bets Betting on any of the three columns which are made up of 12 numbers each. 2:1

Special Bets 

Finally, it’s time to talk about special bets which are available in certain roulette variants. Once you get some experience with the standard bets described above, it’s good to experiment with more advanced bets which you can learn more about below. The most common special or announced bets are the following: 

  • Les Voisins du Zero – This is the most well-known of the special bets and translates to ‘neighbours of zero’. As the name suggests, this is a wager on the neighbours of zero which are the 17 numbers between the 22 and 25 pockets.
  • Le Tiers du Cylindre – Betting on a third of the wheel is the Le Tiers du Cylindre bet. This wager covers the numbers between 33 and 27 which make up one third of the wheel. 
  • Les Orphelins – French for ‘The Orphans’, this covers the other two thirds of the roulette wheel. 
  • Les Finales – There actually two types of the Les Finales bet, the Finales en Plein or the Finales a Cheval. The first is an interesting bet where you choose all the numbers that end with the same number, for example, all the numbers that end with a six. You can also wager on numbers ending with either one of two numbers, which would be the Finales a Cheval bet. 

Everything There Is to Know About the Roulette Wheel

Now that you’ve read all about the different roulette wagers, from the standard bets to more advanced ones, let’s take a look at the most important element of any roulette game: the roulette wheel

The roulette wheel varies according to which variant of the game you’re playing, and although the differences between wheels are usually very small, they’re very significant when it comes to the odds of winning. The most common roulette wheel that you’ve probably already come across is the European roulette wheel which contains 37 pockets. These are numbered from zero to 36 and coloured red and black in an alternate pattern. The only exception is the zero pocket which is always green. This is the same for every roulette wheel; the zero pocket is always green and the rest of the numbers are red and black. In the American variant, the wheel has an additional green pocket which is the double zero.  

The roulette table is where the bets are placed. This is where all the numbers are presented, along with the different sections like odd, even, red, black, dozens, and columns. The inside bets and the outside bets are divided into different sections, simply to make the betting process more straightforward. 

Can You Find Plenty of Roulette Variants at Betiton™ Casino for British Players?

Here at Betiton™ Casino, we want all our members to explore different roulette variants to find the one that suits them the most and to have the opportunity to try out different games rather than being limited to the same titles over and over. To do so, we’ve partnered with the leading software providers in the industry to bring you a variety of roulette variants, styles, and themes.  

The most popular variants you can find at Betiton™ UK include the standard European, American, and French roulette variants, but there are also several variations on these well-known roulette games which you can explore. Below, you can learn more about these popular variants to get an idea of what we offer. Alternatively, you can also try out as many roulette variations as you like by trying out the demo versions of these games.

Play the Best Roulette Games at Betiton™ UK

Below you can learn more about the most popular roulette games available for all our Betiton™ Casino UK members and as we mentioned above, all of these can be played in demo mode to experience the game without risking your funds, until you’re ready to play for real money

Sapphire Roulette 

Sapphire Roulette is created by Microgaming. This is a version of European Roulette which offers all the standard bets with a refreshing new look. Other useful features included in this variants are the Auto Rebet which allows you to place the same bets you placed in the previous round with the click of a button, the Autoplay option, and Turbo Spin mode for players who prefer a faster-paced game

Vertical Roulette 

Vertical Roulette is a very interesting take on this classic game where the roulette table is displayed in vertical mode rather than the standard horizontal format, making it more suitable for mobile gaming if that’s what you prefer. This version also uses the standard European wheel that many players are familiar with along with all the usual bets we described above. If you’re playing on your mobile, you also have the option to flip the roulette layout around depending on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed. 

Roulette Pro 

Created by Playtech, this is a great roulette variant that offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the minimum and maximum bets you can make. The limits here depend on the type of wager you make, as each one has different limits. For example, if you’re placing a Straight Up bet, the maximum wager is £20 per round, but if you place an even money bet like Odd or Even, the limit goes up to £200 per game. Roulette Pro is ideal for players with all kinds of budgets since it allows you to place very small bets or much higher wagers. 

European Roulette 

Betiton™ Casino offers several European roulette games with the standard 37-pocket wheel we’ve described above. The advanced bets like Voisins du Zero, Les Orphelins, and so on, are also available here, so you really have the biggest variety of betting options. Some of the most popular titles of this variant are European Roulette from iSoftBet and our very own Betiton™ Roulette game which you can play exclusively on our site. 

American Roulette 

American roulette is just like European roulette except for one major difference in the wheel: the double zero pocket in the American version. This is the only difference but it’s a lot more significant than you might initially think, because this extra zero pocket actually gives you different odds of winning.

French Roulette 

French Roulette is another very popular version. The odds of winning are the same as the European version because the same wheel is used. However, French roulette offers an extra advantage due to the La Partage and En Prison rules which can only be found in this variant. 

Essentially, with these two rules, you get a second chance to win on any even-money bets if you’ve lost the first time. The first is the La Partage rule, where any losing even money bet (such as, for example, a bet on red or black) gives you back half of your bet if the ball lands in the zero pocket. In any other Roulette variant, if you’ve placed an even money bet and the ball lands on the zero, you simply lose your bet. If you play on the French roulette wheel, you get half of it back! 

There is also the En Prison rule which also applies to even-money bets. If you lose on this type of bet, half of your bet is put ‘in prison’ until the next round, hence the name En Prison. This gives you a second chance to win on that bet when the wheel is spun again. If you win on this spin, you get your bet back but if not, you lose the bet at this point. 

Mini Roulette 

As the name suggests, Mini Roulette is a smaller version of the classic. The wheel used in this game is much smaller with just 13 pockets, numbered from zero to 12. There is only one zero pocket, making it more similar to European roulette but with just a third of the numbers, the gameplay feels quite different. Since there are fewer numbers, the payouts in Mini roulette are also mini, so to speak. For example, a Straight Up bet usually pays 35:1 if you guess the number, but in Mini roulette, the payout is 11:1

Multiball Roulette 

Multiball roulette takes the excitement up a notch or two with more than one ball in play. This variant uses two or more balls which spin at the same time in the roulette wheel which is usually the 37-pocket wheel. With more balls in play, there are more winning numbers every round, which means more chances for you to win on at least one bet. However, do keep in mind that since there are more winning numbers, the payouts are also lower than using a single ball. 

Multi Wheel Roulette 

Multi Wheel takes the excitement of an already popular game to a whole new level with multiple wheels in play. With this variant, you’ll have the chance to spin up to eight wheels at a time, increasing your odds of getting at least one correct prediction. The only thing you need to keep in mind here is that the more wheels you activate, the higher your total wager will be.  

The gameplay is just like any other, except that at the start of each round, you can select how many wheels you want to activate for that round. Any bets you place on the racetrack will be applied to all the active wheels. 

Find New & Unique Roulette Games at Betiton™ for UK Punters

We mentioned further up this page that part of what makes Betiton™ Casino unique is that we offer an experience that you won’t find at any other casino. Part of the way by which we do this is through our exclusive games which you can only find on our site

Our roulette is the perfect example of this. Betiton™ Roulette is our very own version, created in partnership with iSoftBet. Our take on a classic uses the popular European layout and allows you to place any of the standard inside and outside bets, plus the special bets we explained in this guide as well, so you really have all the betting options possible included in this game

Another great feature about the Betiton™ roulette variant is that you can view the results for the previous eight rounds. This is a great feature for players who like to take into consideration previous results when deciding which wagers to place on the next round. There is also the ‘Hot Numbers’ feature which lists the numbers that have come up more often than others. 

What Differences Are There Between Demo & Real Money Roulette at Betiton™ UK? 

At Betiton™ Casino, all of our UK players have the option to select whether they want to play in demo mode or for real money. There are several differences between these two playing modes, and rather than one being better than the other, it really depends on what you’re looking for. In the table below, we’ve listed the main features of both playing modes to help you understand the differences between the two and which is most suitable for you.

Demo mode Real money
A great way to practise without using any real funds. Access to a larger variety of games, including live roulette titles too.
No risk of losing money but there’s also no chance of winning real money. The game experience is much more realistic if you wager real money.
Playing in demo mode means you won’t be eligible to use any of our bonus offers. You have a chance to win real money if you wager real money.
You can play as many variants and game rounds as you want without having to pay. You can claim any of our bonuses and earn bonus funds too.

Other Games to Play: 

Once you become a member at Betiton™ Casino, we’re sure you’ll want to explore other casino games besides roulette. Luckily, we offers hundreds of top-rated games like blackjack, scratchcards, and of course, a massive selection of slot machines and jackpots for you to try out. 

Additional information: 


Can you play real roulette online?

Of course! You can play several games for real money at Betiton™ Casino, including European and American roulette, Mini Roulette, and Roulette Pro.

What do you need to play online roulette?

The first thing you need to do is to create your own account at Betiton™ Casino. Once you’ve opened your account, log in and make your first deposit. Afterwards, it’s simply a matter of browsing through all our titles to find the one you want to play.

Is online roulette fixed?

Definitely not. Our platform uses Random Number Generators (RNG), which ensures that every time the wheel spins, the results generated are completely random. Our RNG software is also independently tested by iTechLabs, so you can rest assured that the results are 100% random and fair.

Can I play roulette for free?

Yes, you always have the option to play in demo mode at Betiton™ Casino. You can use the demo mode to practice the game before you start playing for real money or simply to test out different versions, to find your favourite one.

Is roulette all luck?

Yes, roulette is a game of chance and the chances of winning simply depend on luck. There are no strategies or skills you can use to influence where the ball will land, as it’s all random.

What is the min bet in roulette?

The minimum bet depends on the particular variant you choose. Members at Betiton™ Casino can easily find a table that suits their bankroll because we offer a variety of betting limits. For example, the lowest minimum bet you can place starts at £0.10.

Do players really win real money playing online roulette?

Of course. Anybody whenever any of our members play roulette for real money, they have the opportunity to win actual money.

How do you find a good online roulette table?

You can find a good table simply by browsing through our collection of titles created by different software providers. Once you find a roulette game that appeals to you and offers the right betting limits for you, you can also test it out by playing the demo version first.