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What Is Auto Roulette?

March 15, 2021
Modified: May 5, 2022

Auto Roulette is a variation of the conventional roulette games found both in physical and online casinos. We offer Auto Roulette games developed by Evolution Gaming and Real Dealer. There is a standard display system on most sites of how the game should appear to the player. It best suits players who seek a faster system that also favours the player. You can find it in our online roulette section, as well as a number of other variants.

The Experience

Auto Roulette offers players a live-wheel display on an immersive experience that looks great. Unlike most variations of Roulette, there is no live dealer present. In his place, there is a fully automated Roulette wheel system that can handle up to 80 spins per hour available all day and night. In the case of Speed Auto Roulette, the maximum number of spins gets recorded at 2,500 in 24 hours. There are American, European, and French versions of this game.

The rules to play Auto Roulette are like any other roulette table. You can place bets on numbers from 0 to 36, alternating between red and black pockets. There are two green pockets in American and French Roulette, whilst in European Auto Roulette there is only one green pocket. There will be a voice indicating betting times and rolling times. The only different version being speed roulette where you can only bet while the ball is rolling.

How the Game Works

A typical session of Auto Roulette begins by signing up for an account with a casino provider. Take for example, FastPay Casino that offers Evolution Gaming’s Auto Roulette. Signing up requires your credit or debit card information to facilitate easy transfer of funds for buying into tables and games. In this case, the Auto Roulette is available on the main screen with quick access and immediate selection of various tables. Though, they are all geared to cater to high rollers with a sweet tooth for quick betting.

To bet, you will have the option of chips in varying amounts, from $1 to $2, to $5, and so forth. Then you place your chips on the numbers where you think the ball will stop from 0-36. Or bet on if the number will be even or odd, whether it could stop on the first, second, or third 12 spots. It’s best to fully understand the roulette table before playing.

Safe and Secure Betting

Ensure that when betting you are playing within your means. The liability does not fall on the game provider or casino provider for any losses incurred. Always have a budget and keep tabs on bets, so you can keep track of streaks. You do not have to bet on every roll. Overall, Auto Roulette provides an interesting betting experience that isn’t all that different from your regular roulette games, so happy gaming.


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