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What are the No Deposit Casino Bonuses and Bonus Codes for 2022 in Canada?

julio 2, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Different online casinos are offering no casino deposit bonus offers to players in Canada. What this means is that you are offered a casino bonus that allows you to enjoy casino games and slots without having to deposit money.

You only need to register with these casinos and you can then redeem available bonus offers. As Betiton advises new casino players, you could use the free spins or free cash offered to learn about the casino and prepare yourself for gaming with real money.

Also, note that each casino offers different terms for bonuses, so you should also read about this. For example, you may be required to be a new player in some cases to redeem no deposit bonuses, but you will also find casinos that offer bonuses through their loyalty program where already registered players who have been using their platform are rewarded with bonuses.

There are several types of no deposit offers including No Deposit Free Spins, Free Cash, Free Play, and so on.

What’s is a no deposit bonus?

Betiton in Canada describes no deposit bonuses as free bonuses issued by online casinos without the requirement to make a deposit, usually to new players. The bonuses are also offered to loyal players, but in both cases, you don’t need to make a deposit to enjoy the offer.

You can use your bonus to play real money games, so the only requirement is that you must register an account with the online casino. You will find different forms of no deposit bonuses such as free spin offers, free cash, and free play.

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Generally, when issued to new players, bonuses are meant to encourage them to practice and understand the casino environment before they commit real money.

The benefit is that players are able to practice in a real money situation, so when they migrate to playing with real money nothing will change. No deposit promotions are worth trying as you lose nothing since they are free anyway.

Of course, read terms and conditions to know what to expect on withdrawals and wagering because each casino offers its own terms.

What type of no deposit bonuses there are?

With a basic understanding of what no deposit bonuses are, you can now further learn how each type of no deposit bonus on Betiton works.

As a player, you can choose from a variety of bonus offers. The four most common are: no deposit free spins bonuses, cash backs, free play, and free spins. Note that each type of no deposit bonus comes with specific terms, so read the terms to know the privileges you enjoy. This will help you to choose the most suitable offer if offered options.

  • Free spins
  • Free cash

First, a free cash no deposit bonus gives you an amount of cash that you can use to play slots and games, mostly if you are a new player. This type of bonus is meant to help you explore different casino games, and you can win real money in the process.

Second, you can receive a no deposit free spins bonus, which basically gives you free spins without wagering requirements. In most cases, this type of offer specifies the online slots that it can be applied to.

How to claim a no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses give you a perfect way to explore an online casino to understand its features without risking money. If you are wondering how you can claim a no deposit offer, the process is quite easy.

There are three ways you can claim a no deposit bonus. First, you can claim a bonus by entering a unique coupon code at the online casino cashier. Most casinos have an offers section where you can preview available bonuses. Simply copy the code to this offer and input during registration if asked.

Second, some casinos advise players to request bonuses through live chat. Note that you are only eligible if you have an account or you are in the process of signing up and there is an option to input a bonus code.

Lastly, the offer can be applied to your account upon registration so you simply click to claim it. This type of bonus is mostly available to new players, but could also be open to existing players. You simply go to the offers section and click ‘claim offer’ if there’s any.

What is a bonus code?

A bonus code consists of letters or numbers that players can enter into a promotional box to claim bonuses on a casino. The code offers you an exclusive bonus and is mostly available during sign up.

However, through programs, existing players can also redeem casino bonuses in the form of free spins or games. On the internet, you will find all kinds of bonus codes for different casino games. Just ensure the code is accepted at your chosen casino before you use it.

Most casinos offer a section for you to input the bonus code. Note that some codes are account specific, so only you can use it. Additionally, bonus codes offered in your account have an expiry period, so it’s good to claim the offer as soon as you are awarded.

Browse your casino’s coupons and promotions section to see available offers that you can redeem to enjoy free games and spins. You can also search online with keywords pointing to a specific casino to see if there are bonus codes out there.

Who offers this bonus?

Casino no deposit bonuses are offered by the house and they have to be valid to apply. You cannot just go online and create an offer of your choice. Bonuses are generated through an algorithmic process and to get one you have to satisfy certain conditions.

Most casinos have a tab where you can view current offers and choose the ones you would like to redeem depending on your eligibility. If this is not displayed, you can chat support to know if there are no deposit bonuses for new or existing players.

An offer with no wagering requirements is the most ideal as you are not offered withdrawal and wagering restrictions. You can use this as an opportunity to exercise and also explore the different features offered by the casino.

As a player, depending on how long you have been using the casino, the house can also reward you with no deposit offers which you can redeem to enjoy free spins and casino games. So, there is no universal rule for how each casino should reward customers.

What is a wagering requirement?

Some bonus offers come with wagering requirements that have to be meet before you can withdraw winnings. Basically, wagering requirements are multipliers that represent how many times a player needs to play using a bonus before they can be allowed to withdraw any money they win.

Therefore, all winnings made before the conditions are met will be placed in your pending balance until when you meet all conditions. Confirm before you claim offers to understand what you have to do to withdraw winnings.

To explain this further, here is an example that may be reflected in a real-world experience. Say you are given a $10 casino bonus with a wagering requirement of 10x. This means that overall, you will need to spend $100 on games or slots for you to be eligible to withdraw your winnings.

Note that you do not need to make any deposits for such an arrangement to stand as you can continue playing and winning games using the bonus you were offered.

Are there any limits on no deposit bonuses?

Limits may be applied in certain circumstances. Wagering requirements as explained above are one such instance where limits are applied until you hit a certain target. Other limits you have to be aware of are time limits.

Some bonus offers will expire if not redeemed within a specified period of time. Additionally, you are only allowed to withdraw winnings resulting from the offer, so the bonus in itself cannot be withdrawn. And certain games may be restricted from the offer, so take note of these requirements.

Understanding the different no deposit limits before you opt-in is important. It will save you from surprises and frustrations. For example, some games may be available but only offering a certain percentage, say only 20%.

Some casinos may also put limits on bets to prevent you from placing too large bets. Even so, placing huge bets is not always recommended especially if you want to bet the entire amount as this could drive you to losses faster. Use your bonus to learn bankroll management instead.

Can I play any game with this bonus?

You can use a no deposit bonus to play different games available at Betiton casino. Note that you are only able to use the bonus on eligible games. Check the promotions game to learn about eligible games and always read terms and conditions attached to a promotion as this will help you understand what to do with the bonus.

The availability of games to play with a bonus depends on the terms offered by the casino. You can only choose from a pool of eligible games to use the no deposit bonus.

For clarity and to avoid common mistakes players make while using casino no deposit bonuses, contact support to get full information. If the terms are not clear, ask for clarification in a language you can understand.

This way, you will avoid surprises as all bonuses come with restrictions and conditions that you have to meet. With everything considered, you can greatly benefit from free deposit bonuses. Just make sure you use the bonus as an opportunity to build your portfolio while also learning.


It’s a bonus at an online casino that will work without the need for you to deposit money into your account.

They are codes that give you access to bonuses without having to deposit money in your account.

Sometimes they are automatic, sometimes they will come to you via chat or email.

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