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Guide to American Roulette in Canada

July 1, 2020
Modified: August 21, 2022

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This roulette guide will explain the rules to understand when playing roulette at Betiton. It will also give you some of the history of the game of roulette and its different forms and variants. For any player, amateur or professional, long-time player to just started for the first time, knowledge of the rules of roulette is essential. Knowing the rules and history of the game can give you an edge in understanding your odds at the table.

One of the most accessible games available in almost all casinos, roulette is an easy game to learn, but a difficult one to master. With enough time, perception and patience, even the beginner player can make a winning game. Above all, this is the charm of roulette.

The history of American roulette

The first form of roulette was probably played in France, in the eighteenth century. Some people believe that the renowned philosopher Blaise Pascal introduced the gaming wheel by accident when trying to develop a perpetual motion machine. Early American roulette wheels sometimes featured an American eagle, the symbol of liberty, as well as numbers on the wheel, but over time, this was phased out and is no longer used.

The French wheel made its way up through the United States from New Orleans, travelling along the Mississippi river before going West and appearing in the new casino towns of the nineteenth century, such as Las Vegas. Roulette rules have remained largely the same for all these years of its travel and growing popularity.

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What are the rules of American Roulette?

Although roulette can seem straightforward to play at first, any new player should make sure they know the ins and outs of how to play roulette before starting a game at Betiton. The American roulette wheel consists of 38 numbers, including ‘0’ and ’00’. The numbers are divided into red and black. Zero and double zero numbers are coloured differently in green. Each number has a pocket on the wheel.

The player can bet on a specific number the ball will land on, a colour, or more. Once the wheel is spun and the ball is dropped onto the wheel, the game is in play. Players can place bets as soon as they come to the table, even while the wheel is in motion, but not if the dealer has already called ‘no more bets’.

How to play American roulette

Roulette bets can be placed on a specific number, such as 38, 23, or double zero, or any other number on the wheel. This is called a straight-up bet and has odds 37:1. Alternatively, bets can be placed on two neighbouring numbers on the table. This is called a split bet and has odds 18:1. A player can bet on a colour – red or black – or on odd or even.

There are many other options on which to place a bet on the table. It is possible to place more than one bet, so a player can place their bets on numerous numbers on the table. If any bet is successful and the ball lands on the corresponding number, colour or grouping, the player will receive a payout for that specific bet, even if others fail.

  1. Step 1 – Approach the table and size up the game
  2. Step 2 – Choose a number, colour, or variant on the table
  3. Step 3 – Place one or more bets, but stop when the dealer calls
  4. Step 4 – Wait for the result and collect your winning chips

European roulette is different than American roulette in one key way: the number double zero is not present on the European wheel, which only has 37 numbers. Therefore, the ball has fewer pockets to fall into. This change in the amount of numbers on the wheel also alters the odds of the game slightly.

Generally speaking, American roulette, with the 38-number wheel, is widely popular in the United Kingdom and in parts of Asia. However, the American style wheel has not caught on to the same extent in mainland Europe, where most casinos continue to use the 37-number roulette wheel that is native to Europe. Players travelling abroad would do well to bear this in mind when playing roulette at a European casino.

Learn the American roulette strategy

At first glance, whether French roulette or American, the game can appear to be a matter of chance. However, there are a number of strategy systems for American roulette that can be applied to your game at Betiton. Certain strategies, such as the Martingale system, suggest that the player should double their bet after every loss. This is a great strategy for progressive betting, where the player stands to regain their losses as they move forwards, but it is also risky, for obvious reasons.

Non-progressive strategies also exist. One such strategy, sometimes referred to as the James Bond system, involves layering the table with multiple bets in an attempt to turn the odds away from the house. More simply, players may choose to bet on neighbouring numbers, therefore increasing their odds.

What are the payouts for American roulette?

The payouts for American roulette reflect the odds of the ball landing on a specific number or category, such as red or black, or odd or even. For example, for a straight-up bet of a single number, the payout is 35:1. For a split bet, the payout is 17:1. For red or black, or odd or even, the payout is 1:1. Naturally, the odds of the game change depending on which areas or numbers the player bets on, and how many bets the player makes.

Using a roulette strategy can help the player to take advantage of a high payout for a certain bet, or regain the money from a lost bet using a more advantageous bet with a higher payout. Knowing which bets give which payout is essential for a winning game.

  • Inside bets are placed on the central columns, using these numbers
  • Outside bets are placed away from the numbers, such as on a column, red or black, odd or even

The payouts for inside bets are much higher proportionally to the amount the player puts on the table, but they have a much lower chance of being a winning bet. This is because there are more numbers in play in an inside bet, meaning the odds are not as favourable for an exact result. For outside bets, on the other hand, the amount paid out is much smaller than that of an inside bet, but the player has a much higher chance of making a winning bet.

This is because the catchments of a winning bet are broader, including more numbers in their category, such as odd or even, or red or black. This means the chance is more favourable to achieve this result.

What are odds and what to know about them

Odds, often expressed as a pair of numbers separated with a slash (/), a hyphen (-), or a colon (:), are a numerical expression used in gambling. They tell the player what the chance is of a certain event occurring, such as the likelihood of the ball landing on the number 14 in a game of standard American roulette. This is also known as probability.

There is an entire field of mathematics dedicated to the theory of probabilities. When playing a game of roulette at Betiton, the player should remember that the chance of a certain result on the wheel is determined by how general or specific the result that they have bet on is. To bet on 16 has a likelihood of 37:1. Because it is more specific, it is less likely to happen.

Some tips to play American roulette

  • Tip 1 – Take your time when coming to the table. Observe a few spins to see how the results are turning out and prepare yourself for your first bet
  • Tip 2 – Pay attention, and make sure that you place your bets carefully where you intend to place them
  • Tip 3 – Stay hydrated. If you are thirsty, hungry, or tired, your concentration and your judgement will suffer
  • Tip 4 – Enjoy the game. Above all, the game of roulette, with its unpredictable victories, can be one of the most suspenseful and exciting games at the casino

There are many useful tips that can be applied to a winning game of roulette at Betiton. The most useful ones are often practical and can seem obvious. Nonetheless, they are essential, and should not be ignored even by experienced players. Many frequent players of roulette report that it is the thrill of the game that keeps them playing, and that encourages them to come back and play again.

Casinos are places where players should have fun and let loose in the games that they play, engaging in the excitement of the twists of chance. Remember to stay calm and keep your cool, as this will give you an edge when the time comes to focus and make the winning decision in placing your bets.

Play free online American roulette games

Many players at all levels of experience choose to practice their game using a roulette simulator. Many of these can be found for free online and are easy and fun to use. In this setting, the player can still enjoy the suspense and excitement of a game of roulette, without having to place bets with actual money.

Although this may not be quite as thrilling as a game for cash, this is a great way for a new player to become accustomed to the game before playing in a casino setting, or for a more experienced player to relax and hone their knowledge of the odds and the relevant skills. Consider practising the game of roulette using a free online simulator if this is needed.

Mobile American roulette

Some app providers currently offer the game of American roulette to be played on a smartphone or Android device. This means that the player can take their game with them wherever they go and be able to play whenever they want, as long as they bring their device with them and have the appropriate connectivity.

This on-the-go playing can make for a more dynamic experience. Many of these mobile games are also available to play for cash. However, it is also possible to find apps which offer games of free roulette, which can be downloaded and played anywhere the player brings their device, giving the player a chance to practice their abilities and familiarise themselves with the game without the pressure of playing for cash.


American roulette is easy to play and uses a series of numbers on a spinning wheel to determine bets.

By choosing one or more numbers or categories, such as odd or even, red or black, and placing chips on that number.

American Roulette is a thrilling and fun game, and though the odds can be challenging, the payout can be well worth the trouble.

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