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Our comprehensive Guide to European Roulette in Canada

julio 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Are you a Canadian newbie in the gaming industry wondering how European roulette is played? Betiton got you covered as it gives you a comprehensive guide and basic strategy to maneuver into the game. The roulette guide by Betiton gives you an acumen on the basic bet types and strategies. It comes in handy for the players who are planning to play for the real money.

Before they get a knack on this, they need to perfect their skills and in the long run, might get new strategies that would increase their chances of becoming successful. But it’s not just the old players who benefit from the guide, new gamers use it too to get an acquaintance of the game.

The history of European roulette

European roulette is an enchanting kind of roulette game in Canada. What brings source to this game is its fascinating history that draws its origins back in the 1600s. The renowned philosopher and French scientist Braise Pascal, in his bid to come up with a perpetual motion machine, ended up creating roulette which in French means “small wheels”. Francois and Loius Blanc, later on, opened the first casinos in Germany scrapping off the roulette double zero pocket.

However, gambling games became illegal in Germany, thus the two moved to Monte Carlo which became the European gambling center. The game grew from strength to strength putting in place the roulette rules that aid in playing the game as explained below.

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What are the rules of European roulette?

The rules governing the game are quite a snap, easy and straightforward to comprehend. They are all included in our Betiton guide on how to play roulette. The game calls for a player to place their chips on the desired spot at the table, thus placing a bet.

After the betting round is over, the player decides whether to place another bet or leave the game. With the dealer being in charge of the game, the bets can be placed before the session comes to a halt.

The winner taking the Canadian dollars home is paid by the dealer, who also declares the players who lost the game by touching their chips. Lastly, you are forbidden from touching the winning number marker during the session.

How to play European roulette?

Interested in playing the best casino game of all times? Try out European roulette with its magnificent spinning wheel and rounding tables. If you’re wondering how to play, it is as easy as rolling off a log.

You have to know the rules of the game first to avoid mistakes. A greater chance of winning is accompanied by you placing a bet on more than one number at a go. There are different kinds of roulette bets as explained later in the article. Trying out diverse roulette strategies also increases your winning odds.

Understanding the European wheel is also a vital key in playing the game as it has 37 numbers since the double zero is not included, unlike other versions that have 38 pockets.

  1. Step 1. Determine the numbers you want to bet on.
  2. Step 2. According to the amount of money you have, choose a bet amount.
  3. Step 3. Place your bets in line with your chosen numbers.
  4. Step 4. Await for the dealer to round the table and spin the ball to declare the winning number.
  5. Step 5. Place another bet if interested.

“Think before you leap” applies in the roulette game whereby you first study the game before taking action, however, that mostly applies to a land-based casino setting.

Online gaming is relatively friendly as it’s a matter of pressing buttons which are Spin, Re-bet and Clear bet. As sited earlier, the European roulette has 37 numbers, unlike American roulette which contains 38 numbered pockets. This is because the American one has two zero pockets that are (0) and (00).

This tends to be the main distinct difference among the two leading versions of the game, but there are also a few changes to the rules which differentiate the two, making the European roulette the most preferred variation as it gives a player high winning chances.

Learn the European roulette strategy

In the bid to win a European roulette game, you need to plan and lay your gaming facts right by strategizing. The En prison European roulette strategy counts as the best one.

It decreases the house edge in that the player can recover his/her money placed as a bet. If the dealer spins the ball and it lands on zero, half of your losing stake is not given back to you. Instead, it is carried over to the following spin.

Once your original bet becomes successful on the next spin, you get back your full wager. The French roulette La Partage dictates otherwise. You only get back half of your stake on losing an outside bet once the ball lands on zero.

What are the payouts for European roulette?

The European roulette game comes with various payouts that are quite easy to bank home. Following the roulette strategy, they do differ according to the type of bets which are the inside bets and outside bets.

Based on the inside bets, the payout for one number is 35:1, two numbers 17:1, three numbers is 11:1, four numbers 8:1, and for six numbers, the payout is 5:1. Under the outside bets, odd and even numbers, and red or black numbers are at 1:1, dozens and column of 12 numbers at 2:1, while 1-18 and 19-36 reward 1:1.

The inside bets, however, are quite difficult to occur though they have large payouts. Outside bets, on the other hand, are easier to achieve but with smaller payouts.

  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets

Not only do you need to understand the rules of the game but also have a knack of the various bets of the game which have different payouts. Inside bets are those on one number, or several numbers, and are in the inner section of the field while outside bets are those placed on a group of numbers and are outside the number field. An outside bet pro is that you can take advantage of the En prison European roulette strategy.

With the inside bet higher rewards, those players with a big bankroll can take risks in placing their bets. Knowing this, you can walk into any Canadian casino and place a bet of your own preference.

What are odds and what to know

European roulette in Canada is the one dealer game you should try jiggling your hands on, whether for fun or for the money. Betiton has made it quite a top-notch game in the industry. Its odds are greatly influenced by the type of wheels that call for a lower house edge in the European roulette.

The type of bet also contributes to the payout’s likelihood. Live European roulette is quite different from free online European roulette in that the live one has a real dealer while the free one is machine-generated and just for fun. It is also important to note that the game differs in terms of betting limits, location and design in different casinos.

Some tips to play European roulette

With the outside bets promising a higher chance of winning, a player would place his/her bets on the numbers in the outer field. Depending on the game, tips come in different ways. Those of online European roulette differ from those of a land-based casino. Here at Betiton casino, you can try the game for free first.

Try to spin the wheel several times for free before placing your bet to ensure equity in the game. Also, be vigilant in placing your bets as they dictate your fate in the game. Once the dealer rounds the wheel and spins the ball, you are not allowed to place any bet. Be on the lookout of every session and use them as a guide in your upcoming games.

  • Tip 1. Play free online European roulette for practice.
  • Tip 2. The amount of money to be bet upon depends on your bankroll.
  • Tip 3. Make use of the European roulette strategy.

When you go for a tour, you need a tour guide to assist you in getting your wat through the adventure. This is no different in European roulette. The Betiton roulette simulator is always at your beck and call whenever you need assistance.

The best part is, you are in full control of the game making every decision whether to press the spin button or re-bet button. Your gaming skills are also sharpened and the more you are subjected to many tutorials, the wider knowledge of the game you get, thus increasing your chances of becoming a great European roulette player and winning some money. Test yourself before you taste the waters of the real game.

Play free online European roulette games

Unless you play for fun at home, it’s near impossible to find a real-life free roulette in a brick and mortar casino in Canada. You can only play for free online, with no dollar required for deposit. A wise player would consider playing free online roulette games before venturing out to play a real money game.

It is helpful for learning rules and strategies. Using the Betiton European roulette guide is the perfect way into creating a stronghold in familiarising yourself with the game. The newbies can use this as a training platform without worrying about losing their money while the old players can play for fun or use it to develop new strategies and try new bets. It never hurts to try something out.

Mobile European roulette

Betiton being an illustrious betting site caters to its customers a great deal. In an endeavour to reach out to a greater market, we also supply the mobile version of European roulette. Both the novice and experienced players can enjoy the game at the comfort of their houses along with the feeling of being at a land-based or online casino with a live dealer.

The mobile version of the game works in most operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows. It is of high quality and not so different from the classic casino one. However, the mobile European roulette is not in a position to be downloaded as a regular application. You have to visit the casino website and access it from the browser.


You place the chosen chip against the number of your choice and press the spin button.

Place your betting budgeted betting stake. Select your number and place a bet on it. You can then press the spin button or wait for the dealer to do so.

European Roulette is a thrilling and fun game to play in an online casino like Betiton.

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