A Simple Guide for Free Roulette in Canada

James Smith
julio 13, 2020
Modified: June 27, 2023

Online roulette has players place their bets on numbers, number selections, colours, or odd-even wagers. All versions of roulette are available at online casinos for Canadian punters to try out for free. While some variants feature a wheel numbered 1 to 36 for alternating red and black pockets, there is a single or double Green Zero representing the house’s advantage.

Free roulette wheels on Canada’s online casinos feature the same wheel and ball spin combination and players will place bets on which pocket the ball lands in. Other than direct prize wins for matching your wager, several strategic plays target specific rewards but are accompanied by tougher odds. Improve your free roulette skills with the Betiton guide, instructing you on the basic rules and whether to place inside or outside bets.

An inside bet is made on a specific number or the selection of a small group of numbers. The outside bets in roulette involve a wide range of wheel number selections such as odd-even numbers.

How To Play Free Roulette?

The basic rules and tips for spinning the virtual or live casino wheels are the same as those within brick and mortar roulette tables. Tactics, strategies as well as understanding roulette rules can be utilized within your game to increase the probabilities of a windfall.

Intricate free roulette game animation is coupled with random number generator software for Canadian players at most online casinos. To play free roulette, place your bet by dragging the coloured chips across the virtual board to the wheel number or number selection you’re wagering on. Once bets are placed, Canadian punters will hold their anticipation as the wheel spins with real animated effects.

RNG software randomly determines the number and colour where the ball lands and the animated spinning slows down to let the ball land. Players check their bets using the interactive online free roulette interfaces and can either withdraw winnings or let the amount ride on the table. This move allows a punter to wager their winnings together with the initial bet amount on a new number or colour selection of choice.

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Why Play Free Roulette Games Online?

Online casinos in Canada feature crowded free roulette tables operating 24 hours, seven days a week. Free roulette games are readily available on Canada’s online Betiton casino software and all punters need to do is know how to play roulette. You can easily access free roulette casino games online through ready to play browser versions that play HTML5 compatible content or via the downloadable mobile app.

The versatility of free roulette games online is also advisable to play before betting real money, especially for novices and amateur gamblers. During this time, you’ll be learning the ropes of profitably playing roulette and discover the benefits of game variations all for free. On Betiton, apart from the online casino free roulette simulator, game variants include Multi-Ball, which involves playing multiple balls simultaneously on the same wheel.

Another free roulette game variation available for Canadian players is Multi-Table roulette, where punters can wager on up to eight simultaneous tables. Automated dealing and simplified click of button gameplay enable players to enjoy free roulette games online much faster as opposed to playing in physical casinos.

Free Roulette Strategy

A good concept when playing online free roulette games at online casinos is to have a bankroll set aside for real money play. After garnering experience with free roulette bets, take your bankroll out for a spin to enjoy great deposit bonuses while you play real stakes.

A betting system strategy for online roulette involves even-money bets such as red, black, or odd, even wagers. The Martingale and its reverse anti-Martingale systems are strategies that will affect your bet size either positively or negatively, depending on your correct or incorrect spins. Betting system strategies for online roulette games won’t change the odds, but make short term result differences that add to the play.

Progression is chosen within the Martingale system according to the punter’s wishes for frequent small wins or more substantial, positively progressing windfalls. Use the hedging strategy to maximize promotional or bonus chips you may come across once you’ve placed your roulette wagers. These strategies are a favourite for roulette players due to the percentage shifts and the negative edge of no-cash value-free plays.

Is Playability Similar In the European, American or French Top Roulette Variations?

Variations of the online game include the French original wheel, the European version, or the American modified roulette. Numbers on the European, French, and the American wheel tables are between one and thirty-six, alternated between the colours of black and red.

Wagers are either placed on the numbers, the colours or lows of 1 to 17, and highs of 18 to 36. The house’s number is a green colour allotted zero that provides the house with an edge of nearly 2.7%. Making the 37th pocket, the single green zero number is only on the European version of roulette. The American roulette wheel follows the same applications for play, but there is an added green slot with double zeros.

This technicality makes it harder for punters to beat the house, with its added advantage, making the European roulette more player-favourable. With playability similar to the European version, the French roulette wheels feature a variation of the rules known as the La Partage and the En Prison rules.

  1. American: The classic Vegas-styled American roulette gives the house a higher edge due to the double zeros slots present on the wheel.
  2. European
  3. French

American: This is the least popular online variant of roulette for Canadian players, but has an ironically widespread presence within casino platforms. The classic Vegas-styled American roulette gives the house a higher edge due to the double zeros slots present on the wheel. European roulette: The most ubiquitous of roulette wheels, the European version is played using standard rules and has only one house zero, as opposed to its American counterpart.

French roulette: This version has survived in the purest 19th-century form of the game and is rare to find within Canadian online casinos. The house number zero lowers the odds from the 50:50 a punter would enjoy if it weren’t there since the outcome would have always been a black or a red.

Roulette is the most played and favourite for casinos and their gamblers around the world, and more than just the three versions have been invented over the years. The question which is better for a Canadian punter to play on still lingers on with no clear preferences.

Roulette Terms You Need to Know

Various terms accompany your free roulette at an online casino in Canada, some that may not be familiar to you. Some of these terms will appear time and again when you read the rules and regulations of the games, so let’s take a closer look at a few main ones.

An inside bet involves betting in the numbers placed within the inside of the betting surface and is characteristic of when a punter places their chips there. Betting on odds, evens, red, black, or other extensive selection of numbers and combinations is called making an outside bet, and these are featured on the outer part of the wager placing board.

A Column bet happens when a player puts their wager on any of the three columns that are found inside the betting board. The La Partage rule allows punters to retain half of the bet-value when the ball lands on the house zero pockets. Within the French roulette variant, the en prison rule gives you the chance to win some of your wagers back if you lose an odd and even bet.

Free Roulette vs. Real Money Roulette

Though you may love the freebies, nothing beats playing real money roulette at an online casino in Canada. This game can be taken to whole new levels due to the versatility that betting strategies possible in real money roulette offer punters.

On top of that, once you deposit money into your Betiton online casino account, free deposit bonuses and other incentives enable you to play real money roulette flexibly. Free roulette games online have a fantastic array of game offers for Canadian players, including welcome bonuses when you register to play cash-free.

Both free and real money roulette games are available on a desktop computer as well as mobile for seamless gaming while on the move. After mastering the strengths and weaknesses of the RNG gaming software using free roulette spins, head to the real money table to apply your roulette strategy. The best approach, however, is always to keep an eye on your bankroll while placing your real money bets, or you can go with even money bet if it guarantees returns.

How to Get Started With Real Money Roulette?

By logging onto your favourite online casino, you will have access to free roulette games alongside real money tables. A welcome bonus ensures that your play experience is rewarded with incentives that appear even on the instant no-download browser versions.

Accrue some game-related bonus points as you play your strategies against the house within the comfort of your Canadian home. The best online roulette platform offers security for your personal details as well as financial transactions. Highly reviewed and recommenced, Betiton online casino for Canadian punters is independently audited and rigorously tested to ensure industry gaming standards are maintained.

When you join up for the first time, a welcome bonus ensures that your bankroll is robust enough to meet the tables’ minimum or maximum bet limits. Don’t pass up any incentives that regular promotions offer Canadian players looking to boost their bankrolls at online roulette games. Begin with the bets that have low wagers and payouts such as black-red, even-odd, or high-low, and the strategy of doubling the wager when making the next bet after a loss may work for you.


Roulette can be played for free in Demo mode at Betiton and in other casinos online.

Yes, free roulette is mobile friendly.

The free version offers player virtual money to bet with while the roulette online requires players to place a bet with real money.

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