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Blackjack Real Money

Blackjack Real Money for UK players

Last Updated: 08-07-2022 15:18

Betiton provides UK players the greatest blackjack real money features offered online. From virtual games that play similar to online slots, simple to play and with fast result, through to live dealer games where you will get to face the dealers one on one, this is your complete online blackjack guide !

What is Blackjack Real Money?

In short, blackjack is a card game that forms its wins based on who at the table can accumulate card values to a total as close to 21 as possible, without going over. It is you versus the dealer and it offers up some moves in the game that can help you to achieve the required result. The success of this game and why it is so appealing, as with all card games, is because there is an overwhelming sense that you have control. If you look at jackpot slots, these games are won by pure luck, while blackjack is indeed a game that has a better house edge, giving players an almost a 50/50 chance of winning. But blackjack online is not something that can be fully explained in short. It is a game that has adapted and changed throughout time and has brought to the world of gambling many variants that tweak the original format. Betiton online casino brings all players in the UK the entire blackjack gaming experience in all of its majesty.

What Are the Rules of Blackjack Real Money?

For UK Betiton members that are new to the game of blackjack, here are the basic rules for the game. You will discover that the principal actions are very simple to learn and you can begin playing in no time at all.

  • To begin a game, whether it’s in the Live Casino or general casino as a virtual game, you must select the game you wish to play and select the value of the chip you wish to bet with.
  • By pressing Deal, you confirm your bet and the dealer will reciprocate by dealing you two cards from the shoe. The dealer will also deal themself two cards with one face up for you to see.
  • At this point, there are a number of decisions that can be made. Remember the object is to be as close to a total of 21 without going over. If your hand is good, then you can ‘Stand’. If you feel your total is far too low, you can ask the dealer for a ‘Hit’. You can choose to ‘Double Down’ which is a request for one additional card and an increase of your original bet. Lastly, you can opt to ‘Split’ your hand; this allows you to effectively play with two hands against the dealer’s single hand. Double the chance of winning.
  • Once you have confirmed your action of either ‘Hit’, ‘Stand’, ‘Double Down’, or ‘Split’, the dealer will assess their cards, turning the hidden card to see if they have a better total than you.
  • Rules state that a dealer must ‘Hit’ if their total is below 16. Meaning they must ‘Hit’ to reach 17+.
  • Once the dealer has declared they ‘Stand’, both player and dealer can assess the cards and to determine the winner. The one closest to 21, is the winner. If player or dealer goes over 21, which is called Bust, then their opponent wins.
  • Should the game tie in a draw, then the players’ bet is returned and a new game can be played.

Those steps are the basics of blackjack rules. These rules are the same for both the live and virtual games. It is a far simpler way of playing than other casino games such as poker, craps, or baccarat. There is no requirement for skill, and it is still a game that allows you, in part, to have some control over the result of the game.

All you need to know about Blackjack Real Money Games

Blackjack, along with online roulette, is the most popular classic traditional casino games attributed to casinos; they are iconic. The spin of the roulette wheel and the green plush-felt tabletops… they are both very special. Here at Betiton, you will discover the best qualities of these games. With blackjack, we are able to serve you with all the adapted and evolved variants of the blackjack game that has been presented throughout time. These variants are twists on the original format of blackjack, providing new ways to play and possibly win. The titles in both the game’s live format and virtual gameplay will enable you to explore over 10 different variations of the traditional game.

Find the Best Online Casino Blackjack Games for UK Players

Inside our online casino, we are able to help you to find the best blackjack games for you. We now players are different and whether you have a particular budget, prefer a particular style of gaming, we can provide across the whole board to give you the right game for you to enjoy. How? Simple, all games inside of Betiton come with a demo counterpart, every virtual machine inside our general casino will allow you to test and play in demo mode with no cost. This allows you to play with no financial expense and discover which of the many different blackjack games you prefer to play. The demo games are there, of course, should you just wish to play for fun, but use the demo games as a way of discovering more about the game and the developer behind the table you sit at.

Discover which Online Blackjack Games are popular with UK players

So now you are aware of the general rules and aware that the game comes in multiple variations, what exactly can you look forward to and play here at Betiton casino? Here is a brief look at the top 5 variants that are popular amongst our Betiton members.

Blackjack Multi-Hand:

Developed by iSoftBet, this 8-deck variant of the game will allow players to Split once per game. You can claim an insurance payout at 2 to 1. You cannot action a Surrender move, and getting a Blackjack hand will pay at 3 to 2. The RTP is 99.40%,

Vegas Downtown Blackjack:

A variant developed by the software company Microgaming that allows you to Split using any value of cards. You can only Double Down on the first hand and after you action a Split.

Atlantic City Blackjack:

Another development by Microgaming, this time using 8 decks. You can Split up to three times per game. The dealer has to Stand on hard 17 and soft 17. You can Double Down after you Split and you also have the ability to Surrender. The RTP is 99.68%

Blackjack European:

Red Rake has produced this variant that plays using 6-decks. The dealer must ‘Stand’ on 17. Splitting can only happen once per hand. Blackjack pays at 3:2. Doubling down after splitting is allowed, whilst you can ‘Double Down’ only with a 9,10 or 11 value.

Developed by Red Rake, this game uses 6 decks. The dealer has to Stand on 17. You can only Split once per game. Blackjack hands pay at 3 to 2. You can Double Down after Splitting. Doubling can only occur with cards in pairs of 9, 10 or Ace. The RTP is 99.34%

Blackjack Royal Pairs:

Developed by iSoftBet and played with 8 decks, this variant allows one Split per game. You can summon Insurance that pays at 2 to 1. A Blackjack hand is paid at 3 to 2. The variant holds a side bet option called Royal Pairs, with the winning outcome decided by the first two cards dealt. The RTP is 99.40% and the Royal Pairs is 93.72%

These five alone show how diverse the game of Blackjack is. Another factor is the RTP scoring. The game comes with incredible odds across all titles. These scores and the factor of the house edge in blackjack which is just 0.40%, makes this one of the fairest games you will play online. In contexts, online scratch cards hold a house edge of 4-35%. Games like Keno at 1-25%. Poker holds an edge of 2-6% and Baccarat at 1.5%.

What about Live Blackjack?

Upon stepping into our Betiton Casino, the UK player will discover the additional platform ‘Live Casino’. Here, you will be able to play live dealer games that are streamed in real-time. We offer up to 59 blackjack tables covering the delights of blackjack’s traditional game and its variants. Our live casino selection is a fully immersive experience, allowing you to play the tables host one on one. Within the 59 tables, you can find these options to play:

  • Blackjack Party
  • Speed Blackjack Live
  • Blackjack Diamond
  • Platinum Blackjack
  • The Strip Blackjack

In addition, look out for any Live Casino bonus offers via our Betiton Promotions page. These bonus offers could allow you to experience Live Blackjack with some extra credit. The option of playing live is wholly different from the experience you get from virtual machines. This is live streaming that uses real tables, cards and hosts playing against you in real-time. It is the most realistic experience of gaming on the Internet. The live blackjack experience is further enhanced with the chat option, where you are able to communicate with the dealer and with other players if you select a multi-player table.

How to Play Blackjack Real Money

We know UK players find card games off-putting because they think things will become too complicated. Totally not the case when playing blackjack, so let us look in more detail with regards to the rules and the moves that can take place during a game of blackjack. It is also worth noting that the virtual blackjack machines are automated, so they will easily guide you from gaming move to gaming move after your hand has been dealt.

  • Hard / Soft: With an Ace card, its value can either be scored as a 1 or as an 11. The value of an Ace as a 1 value by choice makes the hand soft. This is because having a value of 1 in a hand makes the cards more flexible, hence being soft. If you have a hand that already consists of a score of 11, say from a 9 and a 2, should you Hit and produce an Ace, there is no option but to score the Ace as a 1 making it a hard hand because you have no option but to keep hitting.
  • Push: The Push term is used to indicate that the game is tied, with both player and dealer having the same total from their hands. If you have a tie situation, the player is handed their wager back, to replay.
  • Hit / Stand: Perhaps the most known and used phrases in the game. Hit is to ask for another card from the dealer and the Stand indicates to the dealer that you will stay with the hand dealt.
  • Double Down: The action of Doubling Down allows you to gain one card from the dealer whilst at the same time, doubling the original value of your wager.
  • Insurance: Insurance is there to help players make a side bet, should the dealers face card shows an Ace or any other card valued at 10. This side bet allows you to break even should you win the bet and lose the game.
  • Split: A Split move allows you to separate your hand to form two new hands. Now some variants have rules on what cards are allowed to perform this move, some have to be certain matching pairs, whereas others allow any cards. When you split your hand, you then hit on each one to build towards 21. This effectively gives you two hands against the dealer’s one hand.
  • Surrender: If you wish to pull out of a game in fear the dealer holds a better hand, then the surrender move allows you to exit the game, with half your wager sacrificed in the move. Blackjack 21: This is scoring the perfect blackjack that will payout at 3 to 2. To land this, you need an Ace and any card valued at 10.

What Are the Card Values in Blackjack Real Money?

There is one remaining rule within the game of blackjack, no matter the variant or if you play virtual machine or live dealer games. This is the value of the cards. They are scored on face value, with only the Ace card being able to register two different values. Here are how the card values rank:

  • Number cards from 2 up to 10 are played at face value.
  • Cards Kings, Jacks, and Queens are valued as 10.
  • Aces are either 1 or 11

Online Casino Blackjack Basics for Beginners

We know that new players stepping into our Betiton UK casino will be nervous about playing new games. So, to help you feel comfortable, a simple basic tip on playing would be to practice using our demo games first. Start to reduce the risks by learning to play with no cost first.

What is a Blackjack insurance?

Blackjack Insurance is a side bet move that allows you to hedge your original bet on the dealer having a blackjack hand. If the dealer is holding a card value of Ace or 10+, then this side bet is an option to cover your original bet. Most players say it has no real value as a move, but if the preservation of funds is important, then breaking even is going to have its benefits.

What about split cards?

Splitting cards is a very advantageous move because it allows you to play two hands against the dealer’s one. The move requires the original bet to be double, so for some players, it may be a case of sticking with what you have, to look after your funds. Rules on splitting vary across blackjack variants. Standard rules state that a split can only be performed with matching card values forming a pair. The tactical rules state that splitting with Aces is advantageous because it’s then easier to hit blackjack. You should also split on 8s because leaving to 8s gives a total of 16 and this is a weak hand.

Play Blackjack Real Money at Betiton

Here at Betiton, we provide award-winning blackjack streaming services, that allow you to engage with live table dealers and also gives you the option to play solitary on our virtual machines. These features should be given serious consideration, as a blackjack player you must recognize that playing blackjack for real money comes with risk. Let us now look at some key elements surrounding real money gameplay.

Blackjack bet

So, when you play blackjack online, there are three types of bet that can happen: Ante: This is the starting bet, so this must always be equal to or higher than the minimum wager. Double Down: By selecting this bet, you will be doubling your original stake and receiving one additional card from the dealer. Split: Splitting your hand will allow you to bet on two separate hands against the dealer’s one. Performing this move means doubling your wager and being able to Double Down in some variants. The Insurance bet is the alternative which we have already discussed, that helps you to break even on a standard game loss.

Play Blackjack Real Money with Your Mobile

Betiton was built with HTML5 software. This programming allows for it to be accessed and used by all players wishing to play from their mobile smartphone. Our casino is fully compatible with mobile devices built using Android, iOS and Windows systems. No downloading of additional software is necessary, so you can just head to our site using the Internet browser and commence playing. Integrating into the security of service is the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which you can see working right now in the top left corner of the URL search bar.

Additional Information:


Can you play real online blackjack?

Yes! Live online blackjack is as close as it gets using the Internet. Live blackjack games are streamed live online and are hosted by the table’s dealer. The games are played using real equipment and playing in real-time. You will be able to chat with the dealer, adding to the games already immersive experience.

Is playing online blackjack safe?

Playing blackjack at Betiton UK is completely safe and secure. The games we have available are tried and tested by independent regulators. Betiton works in partnership with iTech Labs, who verify and certify the developer’s gaming credentials prior to being released on our site. They well deem that games are fair and safe to use. The certificate of which can be accessed below by selecting the iTech Labs icon. Adding to this, you have the 128-Bit SSL software that offers an additional firewall around your account and gaming details.

How do you play blackjack for beginners?

The best advice for beginners entering Betiton casino to play blackjack is to first test our demo games before playing for real money. By selecting the demo option on the gaming title, you can learn at no cost to help find your favourite variant of the blackjack game. Take your time playing and pick up the knowledge first which will come in handy when deciding to play any of the live dealer games.