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Online Scratch Cards


Play Online Scratch Cards at Betiton™

Last Updated: 25-07-2022 16:14

Our online casino, has a wide range of different online scratch cards and scratch games with different themes, mysteries, and cash prizes to be won. The prizes available to players from playing instant win games vary from scratch card to scratch card, but you can play from as little as 20p for instant win cash prizes going up to £1 million from the UK’s National Lottery. 

Betiton™ has the best scratch card games in the UK, and you are just one click away from revealing winners!

What Is an Online Scratch Card?

Scratch card games have been around for a long time and are one of the more popular forms of luck-based games around. Also known as “instant win games”, scratch card games are played by finding the lucky symbol hidden beneath a layer that you must scratch off. When playing with physical scratch cards this is a layer of foil. When playing online scratch cards, it is an animated virtual layer that you can click on.

Typically, online scratch cards are set on a 3 x 3 grid, and all you have to do is match the winning symbols in a line. In that respect online scratch card games are quite similar to online slots.

Scratchcard Prizes to Be Won

You can find physical paper scratch cards at over 40,000 shops across the UK. Online scratch cards are available from Tesco.com, Asda.com and Morrisons.com. You can also get them here. At Betiton™, you can pick and play your favorite online scratch card games instantly.

It is important to note that scratchcards have a validity period. Depending on when you purchased them, there will be an expiry date. This means that you can play it whenever you like, as long as you’re within that set time period. What this means is that if you are lucky enough to score a win, don’t wait too long! There is usually a very specific time frame in which you can claim your prize. Often, this is between five to six months in the case of physical paper scratch cards, but it could be a lot shorter when it comes to the online version. For the most part, though, playing a scratch card online is easier as you don’t need to claim your winnings; they will be added automatically to your account for you.

Playing Scratch Cards

Scratchcard games are perhaps the easiest of all casino games online. Their simplicity and their potential make them hugely popular games. In the online world, what you win is determined by how much you purchase a scratch game for. The higher you pay in, the greater the jackpot becomes. 

The real luxury of playing online scratchies, is that the prize money is always there. With scratchers from the UK National Lottery, they will continue to sell the scratchcards long after the big prize money has been won. Now, while you can go on their website to see what prizes are left, it’s an inconvenience to have to research if a game is of worth. With online scratch cards, the jackpot, and all the other big prize money is always going to be available to win. 

While the rules of purchasing a scratch game make it legal for 16-year-olds in the UK, you still must be 18 years or older to join any UK online casino to play these games. 

How to Play Scratch Card Games?

Playing an online scratchcard is really no different than how you’d play a real physical one. The process of playing is the same. There is a scratch off panel that underneath has the symbols of the game. Typically, you need to match 3 symbols to be rewarded a prize. Every game has a paytable to help you understand what symbols come with what prize money and which will give you the jackpot. 

All scratch games play the same way, though they may appear different by design. Load the game, set the wager amount of the ticket (remember, the more you pay in, the higher the jackpot becomes), then press the scratch button to perform the reveal. 

Engaging with scratch cards is very easy, especially here at Betiton™ because we give our members access to demo scratch games to practice on. You can access risk-free; no-cost demo games, 24/7, right here at Betiton™. 

See for yourself and test out the following demo features:

X & O Scratchcard

The X & O scratch card demo is created by NeoGames and presents a scratch game that is based on the game noughts and crosses. Cost of play if wanting to bet with real money starts at £0.50. You can bet up to £10 per game, which returns a jackpot of £100,000. The game also comes with varying multipliers to boost your wins, from x1 up to x100 your wager. 

Power Cash Scratchcard

The Power Cash scratch card demo comes developed by NeoGames as well. This is a classic fruit and bells themed scratch card, that comes with a minimum bet cost of £0.02 and a maximum of £10. The game allows you to buy between 1 and 7 lines, the more lines purchased on this scratch game, the higher the prize. The max jackpot paid out can be £100,000.

Wild Win Doubler Scratchcard

The Wild Win Doubler scratch card demo by NeoGames is more of your classic scratch game. The ticket cost starts at £0.50 and maxes out at £10. If you play the higher value, you can win a jackpot of $150,000. Plus, land the 2x symbol and you’ll double your prize money.

Hit the Bank Scratchcard

Hit the Bank scratch card demo is another grandiose game that allows you to buy tickets in bulk. You can select up to 20 tickets at a cost between £0.02 and £10. The scratchcard comes with a bonus game to help you earn more winnings, and the jackpot stands at £100,000 if you play at the max wager setting. 

Slapshot! Scratchcard

The Slapshot! scratch card demo comes developed by NeoGames as well. This is a classic fruit and bells themed scratch card, that comes with a minimum bet cost of £0.05 and a maximum of £60. The game allows you to buy between 1 and 7 lines, the more lines purchased on this scratch game, the higher the prize. The max jackpot paid out can be £60,000.

Scratch Card Rules

The rules of a scratch card game are very minimal, given the simplicity of play—something you can experience within our free demo games. To win, you must match symbols or numbers used by the game that refers to a cash prize. To play with real money, you must have first deposited funds that can support your game time. The option of Autoplay is available if you would like to just relax and watch the games play out automatically. If you wish to boost your chances of winning, then selecting more tickets does help the odds. 

Scratch Cards Winning Symbols

The symbols of a scratch card game will vary given the relation of the game’s design. Power Cash is in complete contrast to Slapshot! Though both scratch games, their styles are worlds apart, and not just in design. As with many scratchcards, you will be looking to match 3 symbols. This is the case for Power Cash, but with Slapshot! you are looking to match the same 5 numbers, which works more like a standard lottery game. All scratchies come with an information tab that will reveal more information about the game.

Scratch Cards Odds

Online scratch cards are built with the same algorithms as slot machines. The programming is known as RTP or Return to Player. The programming is scored based on the payout rate, so all scratch cards, like slot machines have a percentage-based score that will roughly be between 94% and 97%. Odds and payout rates are not exact, but they are a good indicator of what a game’s potential is. 

Scratch Cards Payouts

Payouts from scratch games are all relative to the amounts you pay to play the game. The more money you buy a scratch ticket for, the greater the jackpot will be. All of the scratchies you can play at Betiton™ have a cash prize value of £100,000 or more. Some of the games offered by use like Wild Win Doubler and X & O come with multipliers. These can help to boost your profits from, say 2 times the value of the prize up to 100 times.

As you adjust the price settings before you make your final selection, you will see the prize money to be returned increase and decrease as you go through the minimum and maximum values.

New Scratch Card Games

At Betiton™, we look to add to our collection of games all the time. Once our partnered developers have produced new scratch card games they immediately get added to the collection. We look to stock the best casino games online, and that can mean forming new partnerships with software companies. We make sure that all gaming categories are covered, and we will have an eye open for the latest great scratch card games that will provide great entertainment for you. 

Play Real Money Scratch Cards Online

If you want fast and simple entertainment that has the potential to pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds, then scratch card gameplay is one of many great options here at Betiton™. Each game is uniquely different, with various costs, prizes, and designs. 

You can play all of our scratchies without cost in their demo mode before you decide to play them for real money. If you find the game satisfactory, then you can deposit cash into your account and begin playing for the potential of winning real money. 

Here’s how to get started. 

  1. Log into your Betiton™ account
  2. Make a deposit 
  3. Select your scratch card game
  4. Set your cost to play the game/number of tickets
  5. Press the Scratch button to reveal the outcome

Fair and Secure Scratch Games

Is it safe to play scratch cards online?

Betiton™ is a safe and reputable casino that is licenced and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. All games are supplied to us by independent software companies that are also licenced and regulated by the same authorities. Before any casino game goes online, they are tested by the regulators to make sure they meet the fair gaming standards. Once on board with our platform, these games and our casino go through another independent testing process by iTech Labs.

As a member of Betiton™, you can experience scratch card games and a host of other casino blockbusters with confidence and peace of mind. The games are safe to play and with this, Betiton™ provides a secure environment that keeps your personal data secured behind a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) firewall. The SSL tool is the most trusted encryption program to date and is used by your online banking firm. 

When it comes to the question of fairness, many of the games that are supplied by us to you come from reputable and award-winning UK software companies. These games are frequently tested and use Random Number Generator algorithms that determine the outcomes of play. These algorithms are regularly tested to comply with industry codes of conduct.

Winnings with scratch games are ultimately luck-based. The nature of the game is to have symbols hidden and then revealed to determine who wins and who loses. To help you remain in control of your costs, Betiton™ provides our members with Responsible Gambling tools that can be self-imposed on any member’s account. These can set limits on the amount of money that can be deposited and spent. This is just one of the ways our service puts our customers first. Fair, safe, and responsible gameplay.

Types of Online Scratch Cards

There are a couple of different types of scratch cards that you can play. Each is unique and similar to play, with loads of winning potential.

Jackpot Scratch Cards

Jackpot scratchcards are those that have a big prize waiting for you at the end. These can vary in size, but generally tend to be very lucrative. Be aware, though, that these games tend to cost a little more per card, so you will have to budget that in when you play. If you’re playing a physical jackpot scratch card, you do need to check whether that jackpot has actually been won already; online jackpots will simply be removed when they’re won.

Bonus Scratch Cards

Bonus scratch cards will win you prizes that can be used within the casino. When you scratch off the top layer, you’ll reveal deposit bonuses, extra spins or other types of bonuses that can then be used elsewhere on the casino site.

Big win scratch cards

You got to be in it to win it. If you play big, you can potentially win big, and this is how it is online, you get out what you put in. We have high-quality scratch cards, and they have super varying prize money to be won. Check out further games like Happy Scratch by Hacksaw Gaming, for just 10p a game, you have the potential of winnings a £1,000 jackpot. You then have games like Scratch Bronze by Hacksaw Gaming again, which has a max £100,000 jackpot when played at a higher cost per play. 

Enjoy Playing Online Scratchcards on Your Mobile

With almost everyone owning a mobile these days, it was an important step for us to ensure that our casino site was be made available to mobile users. To that end, we have made sure that our site is fully mobile-optimised. This means that if you open our casino site on your mobile device, you will be able to access all the same functions and features as the desktop version.

And yes, this means access to all our scratch cards too. These days, most game providers have switched the formatting they use for creating games to the mobile-friendly HTML5 coding language. This means that any game using this software will work on a mobile device. Not only that, it will be fully scalable and will fit to a number of different screen sizes for an optimum gaming experience.

Top Real Money Scratch cards

We have several remarkable scratch card games that you can play here at Betiton™. These are three of the best that we recommend you try playing once you’ve deposited into your account. 


This ice hockey game plays like the lottery. You have 5 winning numbers to match, and you can buy either 10, 20, or 30 tickets to help you win the main prize. 

  • Theme: Sport
  • Jackpot: £60,000
  • Cost: £0.05 to £60
  • Bonus Game: Yes

Power Cash

The Power Cash game is like a slot machine converted into a scratch card. You have up to 7 lines that you can select to play and thus better your chances of a win.

  • Theme: Fruit
  • Jackpot: £100,000
  • Cost: £0.02 to £10
  • Bonus Game: No

Wild Win Doubler

A more classic scratch game by design. You have two winning numbers that need to be matched within the eight hidden panels. Plus, this game comes with a 2x multiplier feature.

  • Theme: Celebration
  • Jackpot: £150,000
  • Cost: £0.50 to £10
  • Bonus Game: No

Why Play Online Scratchcards at Betiton™?

By joining Betiton™, you will become eligible to play many great games on our trusted and secure site. We are more than just a platform of games, we are your home of entertainment. Through us, you can enjoy many great scratchcards. These games are fast, entertaining, and provide real money opportunities if you are lucky enough to win. You can play these games in their demo mode before you register, or before you even play with real money. We are completely open to you, so all we ask is that you give us a go. 

Other Games to Play:

  • There’s hardly anything that the majority of players at an online casino love doing more than playing online slot machines! We completely understand the love for slots, which is why we’ve done all we can to provide thousands of titles!
  • On the other hand, if you prefer online slots with a little bit extra on the top, then you might want to give playing jackpot slots a try! These are online slots with a jackpot bonus that players can win!
  • If we’re talking classic casino games, there’s hardly anything more classic than roulette. In fact, playing online roulette is extremely popular in the world of online casinos.
  • Speaking of classic casino games, blackjack is another ones that takes the top spot. If you’d like play online blackjack real money you can rest assured that our casino is full of great online blackjack variants!

Additional Information:

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Scratch Cards in the UK

Is it safe to play scratch cards?

Yes, playing scratchcards is safe on our site, as in addition to playing for money you can try out the demo version of the game, without registration. One of Betiton™’s main goals is to protect players in the UK from illegal games, which is why you’ll only find safe games on our site.

How long do scratch games last?

Scratchcards are some of the fastest online cash games for users. The game lasts for some seconds, you just need to scratch off some cells of the cards.

Does Betiton™ offer online scratch card games?

100% is the answer, and you can see for yourself on this page that you can access and experience the wonderment that scratch games provide. We host real money scratch games and demo features that you can enjoy via any mobile device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is it possible to play scratch cards for free?

You most certainly can play these scratch games without a cost. Two options allow this to happen. The first is to play the demo games, there is absolutely no cost in playing them. Secondly, you can access promotional offers from our service that can allow you to play scratch cards and win real money. These offers can come in the form of loyalty rewards.

What are instant win games?

It is as it sounds. You play, you win, hey presto, the money is yours to withdraw and spend in an instant. The gaming of scratch cards is so fast, that it got the nickname Instant Win Games. Why not see for yourself just how quick and easy they are to play?

What are the differences between real and online scratch cards?

The gaming dynamics have the same principles to them, both online and real cards require you to remove a hidden panel to reveal the symbols of the game, and if they match up to a prize value, you win. So, the rules of play are matching, however, the dynamics of design and what can be won do vary. Scratch cards online will always have a jackpot to be won, this is not the case with the UK National Lottery scratch cards that will continue to sell stock even long after the big prizes have been won. Online, it’s fair, always available, and can pay out prize money up to £100,000.