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Scratch Cards


Play Online Scratch Cards at Betiton™

What’s the Definition of a Scratch Card?

Last Updated: 14-06-2022 14:41

Scratch cards are commonly considered to be one of the more popular forms of luck-based games both on- and offline. Also known as instant games, scratch card games are all about finding the lucky symbol hidden beneath a layer of foil (in the case of physical scratch cards), or hidden under a virtual layer if they’re being played online.

Typically, these scratchcards are set on a 3×3 grid, and all you have to do is match the winning symbols. In fact, these games are a little similar to slot games in that respect. At Betiton™ Casino, we have a wide range of different scratch cards, all with different themes, mysteries and prizes to be won. We even have some exciting branded scratch card games from the likes of the UK National Lottery, which are perfect for our British players.


Why Are They So Popular?

Scratchcards, also known as instant win games, do actually have a validity period. Depending on when you purchased them (either online, at an online casino, or from a shop), there will be an expiry date. This means that you can play it whenever you like, as long as you’re within that set time period. What this means is that if you are lucky enough to score a win, don’t hang around.

There’s usually a very specific time frame in which you can claim your prize. Often, this is between five to six months in the case of physical cards, but it could be a lot shorter when it comes to the online version. For the most part, though, playing a scratch card online is easier as you don’t need to claim your winnings; they will be added automatically to your account for you.

What Are the Rules for Playing Scratch Cards?

Scratch card games are hugely popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, these games are very easy to play. There are no complicated rules, there are no different bet types that you need to use. Instead, all you need is to be lucky to have some instant fun. Another reason these games are so popular is that they are often very cheap to purchase.

Buying them in groups of tickets can also be a good idea, as this can give players additional discounts depending on how many they buy. What’s great about this is that some of these games offer a bigger jackpot online than physical cards, so players don’t have to shell out much for a potentially big return. They’re easy to play in between playing more complex games like blackjack too, giving your brain a little break.

When it comes to buying scratch cards, there are a few rules that must be adhered to. For instance, you must be over the age of 16 to purchase one, which is slightly different to the age limit of 18 years applied to playing other casino games, lottery games or slots in UK. All scratch cards must be paid for in full before playing them, as well.

Some rules don’t apply in the same way as they do to physical scratch cards, since online cards cannot be tampered with in any way (i.e. have parts scratched off already). When playing the scratch card, it’s important to follow the rules as to how many parts you should be scratching off, and which areas of the scratch card you should be doing it on. Failure to follow these rules can cause your scratch card to become void.

How to Play Scratch Card Games?

Scratchcards are luck-based instant games. You have no clue what symbols are hiding beneath the protective covering layer. For instance, you should always set a scratch card budget. Keep to that limit and don’t go over by only choosing games that you can afford to play. By limiting yourself, you maintain a bankroll and won’t overspend or lose excess money. As we touched on earlier, buying in bulk can also save you money, as most online sites will give you a discount when you purchase more than one card.

How to Choose Your Online Scratchcards?

When it comes to choosing your scratch cards, there are a couple of things to think about before you select which scratchcards to choose. These days, most online scratch cards will list the probability or the payout rate of that scratch card for your information.

Types of Online Scratch Cards

  • Jackpot scratch cards
  • Bonus scratch cards

Jackpot Scratch Cards

There are a couple of different types of scratch cards that you can play. Jackpot scratchcards are those that have a big prize waiting for you at the end. These can vary in size, but generally tend to be very lucrative. Be aware, though, that these games tend to cost a little more per card, so you will have to budget that in when you play. If you’re playing a physical jackpot scratch card, you do need to check whether that jackpot has actually been won already; online jackpots will simply be removed when they’re won.

Bonus Scratch Cards

Bonus scratch cards will win you prizes that can be used within the casino. When you scratch off the top layer, you’ll reveal deposit bonuses, extra spins or other types of bonuses that can then be used elsewhere on the casino site.

Enjoy Playing Online Scratchcards on Your Mobile

With almost everyone owning a mobile these days, it was an important step for us to ensure that our casino site was be made available to mobile users. To that end, we have made sure that our site is fully mobile-optimised. This means that if you open our casino site on your mobile device, you will be able to access all the same functions and features as the desktop version.

And yes, this means access to all our scratch cards too. These days, most game providers have switched the formatting they use for creating games to the mobile-friendly HTML5 coding language. This means that any game using this software will work on a mobile device. Not only that, it will be fully scalable and will fit to a number of different screen sizes for an optimum gaming experience.

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Additional Information:

FAQs: Knowledge Base of Online Scratch Cards in the UK

Is it safe to play scratch cards?

Yes, playing scratchcards is safe on our site, as in addition to playing for money you can try out the demo version of the game, without registration. One of Betiton™’s main goals is to protect players in the UK from illegal games, which is why you’ll only find safe games on our site.

How long do scratch games last?

Scratchcards are some of the fastest online cash games for users. The game lasts for some seconds, you just need to scratch off some cells of the cards.

Is Betiton™ offering online scratch card games?

Betiton™ contains the most popular scratch cards, which are available online and without registration. Demo games are certainly an important component of our site, all you need to do is to choose the desired game and try it out online.

Is it possible to play scratch cards for free?

Yes, you can play scratchcards for free on Betiton™!