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online scratch cards

Last Updated: 19-01-2024 14:28

🎁 Our Casino Bonus100% up to €150 + 150 Free Spins
🤩 Best Scratch Card GameHit The Bank
🌟 Best Scratch Card SuppliersNeogames, Hacksaw Gaming
🃏 Total Scratch Card Games10+

Online scratch cards have become popular at online casinos in Ireland due to their easy yet fun gameplay. Scratch cards are even easier to play than online slots, and they’re perfect for players looking for a quick, fast-paced game with instant results.

Instant win games, like scratch cards, are often overshadowed by online slots, but you’ll probably agree that they can be fun to play once you try them.

You can find the best online scratch cards at our Irish online casino, many of which are powered by one of the leading suppliers of scratch cards, Neogames. Keep reading to discover how you might scratch and win at Betiton Ireland!

What Is an Online Scratch Card?

An online scratch card is the virtual version of the classic scratch off cards or scratchers that most of us are familiar with. The traditional scratch card requires you to scratch off the foil using a coin or sharp object to reveal the symbols on the card.

If you’ve won a prize, you would return to the cashier where the card was purchased to get your payout.

When you play online scratch cards, the whole process is much quicker and easier. You can buy scratch cards online instantly, and you also have a larger selection of scratch card online casino games available. If you reveal a prize, it will be added to your casino balance immediately.

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The Best Online Scratch Card Providers

Betiton has partnered with one of the biggest suppliers of instant win scratch cards in the iGaming industry.

This is Neogames, a software provider with more than 17 years of experience, particularly within the virtual lottery market.

Today, they boast an incredible portfolio of scratch cards online games with vibrant graphics, easy gameplay, and a range of fun themes to explore.

We’ve also partnered with another online scratch card market leader, Hacksaw Gaming.

This provider has become famous for the most colourful scratch cards with the potential for large prizes and a huge variety of themes to choose from.

Types of Scratch Cards Online

online scratch card types

A few different types of Irish scratch cards are available at Betiton Online Casino, although the way they’re played is always the same.

You buy one or more cards, choose your stake for each, and reveal the symbols to see if you’ve won a prize.

Below, you can learn a little more about the different types of scratch games that exist:

🔵 Match Three Scratch Cards

This type of scratch card format is a game where you win a prize if you reveal three matching symbols anywhere on the card. Different symbols might be worth various prizes.

Bonus Scratch Cards

It’s not often that you can play scratch cards online and trigger a bonus round because these games tend to have very basic gameplay. However, we offer several virtual scratch cards where a bonus round can be triggered if certain symbols are revealed.

🔵 Jackpot Scratch Cards

Some online scratch games might also allow you to win a jackpot prize, which will be significantly higher than the regular payouts possible in these games. The jackpot can be won through a specific symbol combination on the card or completely random.

Online Scratch Card Odds & Payouts

Although scratch cards in Ireland are very similar in terms of the rules and how they are played, they offer different odds and payouts, just like any other casino game.

Like online slots, each scratch card offers various prizes or payouts. Each symbol on the card is worth a different prize, meaning your payout depends on which symbols you match.

As for the odds of winning, these are represented by the game’s RTP rate. This refers to the estimated return to player, which indicates how likely the game is to trigger a payout.

online scratch cards gameplay

The RTP rate is calculated over millions of games, so it shouldn’t be taken literally.

For example, the RTP rate of our Slapshot! scratch card is 95%, which means that in the long run, the game returns €0.95 for every €1 bet on it, but it doesn’t mean that if you buy a card for €1, you will win €0.95.

Finally, remember that the RTP varies from one scratch card to another, so we recommend checking this before purchasing your card.

The Best Online Scratch Card Games

Our portfolio of scratch cards games online is consistently growing with new titles, but a few of them seem to have made more of an impression than others on our Irish players.

Whether it’s because of their attractive theme, visually pleasing graphics, or huge potential prizes, the following scratch cards are very popular at Betiton Casino Ireland.

🃏 Game Title💻 Provider📅 Year of Release
💎 Queen of DiamondsNeogames2016
🎯 X & ONeogames2009
💰 Cash Rumble x10Neogames2015
🥉 Scratch! BronzeHacksaw Gaming2018
✨ Happy ScratchHacksaw Gaming2018

How to Play Online Scratch Cards at Betiton Ireland?

If you want to play scratch cards online at Betiton Casino, you might be happy to know it’s very simple to do so on our platform.

scratch and win

We’ve compiled a quick, step-by-step guide you can follow to start playing your favourite online scratch cards.

1️⃣    Log in your Betiton account or sign up if you’re not a member yet.

2️⃣    Check that you have enough funds in your account to play for real money.

3️⃣    Pick a scratch card game of your choice.

4️⃣    Choose your stake and buy your card.

5️⃣    Click ‘Reveal’ to play the game and get the results.

Free Online Scratch Cards vs Real Money Online Scratch Cards

Free Online Scratch CardsReal Money Online Scratch Cards
✅ No real money is required to play demo scratch games✅ Real money can be won
✅ You can play without worrying about your budget✅ It’s more fun to play when there’s a chance to win a prize
✅ The best way to understand how they work and find one you like✅ Access to potential casino bonuses and promotions that can be used
❌ No real money can be won❌ Losing real money is always possible
❌ No access to casino bonuses❌ –
The differences between free & real money scratchies

Why Play Scratch Cards Online at Betiton Ireland?

As a Betiton member, you won’t only have access to a great portfolio of virtual scratch cards and other top Irish casino games. You’ll also benefit from a high-quality casino experience where safety, security, and responsible play are the priorities.

You can also get your hands on a fantastic welcome offer and other bonuses. Please keep in mind that terms and conditions always apply, so be sure to read through them carefully first.

Finally, you can play all your favourite scratchers and casino games, knowing that your funds and personal information are always kept safe and protected.

Traditional Scratch Cards vs Online Scratch Cards

🃏 Scratch Cards🃏 Online Scratch Cards
Must be purchased in person and scratched off physicallyEasy and quick to buy online at an online casino like Betiton
Any prizes won must be cashed in in personAny wins are automatically added to your casino balance
No fun themes to explore; limited range of scratchersWide range of fun themes and formats to explore
Traditional scratch cards don’t offer any bonusesOnline scratch cards can offer bonus rounds and even jackpots
Limited range of costs for which cards can be purchasedOnline scratchers can be played with a wide range of bets
The differences between traditional & online scratchers

Online Scratch Card Bonuses at Betiton Ireland

We’ve already mentioned that one of the top reasons Betiton has become a favourite choice amongst Irish punters is the quality of bonuses found on our platform.

New members are welcomed with a great Sign-Up Offer that offers a 100% match bonus of up to €150 plus 150 Free Spins. After that, you’ll find additional casino bonuses you might be interested in.

Once again, please remember to read the applicable terms and conditions first. Regular members will also be pleased to hear that a great Loyalty Programme is available for all Betiton players.

Claim an exclusive bonus when you register with Betiton!

Register as a new player, receive a bonus of 100% up to €150 and 150 free spins!

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Other Casino Games You Can Play at Betiton Ireland

Scratch cards are just a small part of the game portfolio available at Betiton, so if you’re interested in exploring other game genres or perhaps scratch cards aren’t your type, there are so many different games you can find!

Most of our members enjoy playing online slot machines and jackpot slot games, for example. Others who might want something more challenging can explore games like online blackjack or live dealer tables.

For fans of table games and card games, we also offer online roulette games, baccarat, and even video poker.

Responsible Gambling

online scratch cards bonus

Responsible gambling is our priority at Betiton Casino – we want our members to enjoy playing their favourite casino games without getting carried away.

Our responsible gambling tips, such as setting deposit and wager limits, time restrictions, and sticking to a budget, apply to any casino game you like to play, not only scratch cards.

We strongly suggest visiting our Responsible Gambling page to get more tips and learn more about the tools available for your account, which can help you stay safe while gambling.

You’ll also find helpful resources for help with gambling addiction should you be concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Scratch Cards

How Do Digital Scratch Cards Work?

Digital scratch cards work much like physical or traditional scratch cards, except that everything is virtual. Instead of purchasing a card in person, you can buy it online at Betiton Casino, choose your stake, and reveal the symbols to get the result.

How to Check Scratch Cards Online?

You can easily check scratch cards online in Ireland by clicking the ‘reveal’ or ‘reveal all’ buttons on the game panel, the same way you would click the ‘spin’ button to play an online slot. In some games, you get a virtual coin which you can drag over the card to scratch off the card piece by piece.

How Long Does a Scratch Card Game Last?

If you buy just one card and reveal all the symbols at once, the game will last around five seconds at most. These casino games are very quick and fast-paced, which is why they’re referred to as instant win games. If you buy multiple cards, the game will last a little longer.

How Are Scratch Card Numbers Generated?

The numbers on a scratch card are also generated by an RNG, the same algorithm used in online slot machines. This is why these games are entirely random; each card offers the same chance of winning.

What Are the Best Scratch Cards in Ireland?

One of the best scratch cards available at our online casino is Queen of Diamonds from Neogames, but we’re also big fans of the Happy Scratch game by Hacksaw Gaming.