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Scratch Cards


What are scratch cards?

  • Definition – what is a scratch card?
  • How long are scratch cards valid for?
  • Why are they so popular?
  • Rules of play

Scratch cards are a very close cousin of online slots. This is because they operate using a very similar format. To win on a scratch card, all you need to do is match up three of the same symbols, which is the same basic method that is used to win on slot games. Unlike slot games though, most scratch cards have fewer options and often have smaller grids. There are also generally no bonus games available on a scratch card, although some will have additional prizes available to be won by scratching different areas, and there are a few more complex cards out there. To make sure that you’re doing it all correctly, you will need to read the rules for each card. Scratch cards are purely luck-based games, which does set them apart from many of the other online card games that are available at Betiton Casino. This doesn’t mean though that you won’t win, quite the contrary in fact. Many of these scratch cards have regular small payouts as well as jackpot prizes to be won. Some cards will have bigger prizes than others so it’s a good idea to shop around.

Scratch cards can be bought online or in a real land-based shop. If you buy one of these instant win games in a shop, then you definitely need to be aware of the fact that cards like these can have an expiration date. While the card may look fine, it’s also important to check whether the top prize has been won or not. That way you won’t purchase a card where the top prize is no longer available. It is also important to check when you have to claim any prize by. Land-based scratch cards often have a limited time period in which you can request your prize. If you miss this window (one that’s usually around six months), then your card is void and you won’t get the prize. Happily for players at Betiton, this is not the case when you play a scratch card online. Similar to jackpot slots, if you get a win on the scratch card, this will be paid out to your casino account instantly – you can even buy more scratch cards with the winnings!

Scratch cards are extremely popular for a number of reasons. One is that they are easy to play. Scratch card games do not require any type of skill or strategy to play them; they are purely based on luck. This does mean that it can be a fun, relaxing, pastime to play some of these games, especially if you are using them as a break between some of the rather more stress-filled casino games that require a bit of strategy to play. These games are also very popular because they can payout very well. Depending on the scratch card you choose, these games can really give you some decent wins, or even actual physical prizes such as holidays or electronic items. Scratch cards also tend to be cheap. They won’t break the bank when you splash out and buy one, which means that you can actually buy a few. Often the price for one of these cards is a lot less than the amount you would pay for a single spin on a slot game, which makes them very budget friendly.

There aren’t so many rules with regards to scratch cards, not in comparison to playing blackjack at least! For the most part, when playing a scratch card you are required to simply reveal the symbols under the surface of the card and hope they match up. However, if you are buying a card in a shop, you will need to make sure that it has not been tampered with or that any of the surface cover has already been scratched off. You will also need to pay attention to how many symbols you must reveal. On some cards, you’re only allowed to scratch off a certain number of squares or symbols. Revealing more can void your card and you won’t be able to collect the prize even if you have won. This isn’t generally the same for online scratch cards or lottery games. Usually, online you can reveal all the symbols with a tap of a button. Nevertheless, it’s still worth checking out the rules found in the game details. Unlike other games, you can be 16 to play a scratch card, but at Betiton our player limit is still 18.

How to play at scratch card games

You can’t help yourself to win scratch cards as they are games of luck. It’s the same thing when it comes to playing roulette. However, there are options you can use to try and give yourself a better chance of winning on a scratch card, these mostly come through the choice of games you play. For instance, you can often bulk buy scratch cards online. Bulk buying will give you a discounted price on each card, which is well worth making the most of, for if you do win, you’ll have gained a little profit. You should also check out the payout rates and probability for each scratch card. These are usually displayed clearly next to the card along with how much it costs. Having one with a higher probability of landing a win is the best option. You should look at any jackpot prize and any other wins that are possible and compare this to the price of the card. It might not be worth spending 10 or 20 EUR per card to win a 50,000 EUR prize when you can spend a few cents and potentially win a couple of thousand instead.

How to choose your scratch cards

At any online casino you will need to choose which scratch card games to buy. There are a number of factors you can take into account when making your choice. If you feel the luck of the Irish is with you, you might want to take a punt on a big jackpot play or if not, stick with a game offering smaller but more frequent prizes. Scratch cards come in a variety of themes as well, so you can simply choose one that you like the look of for a bit of fun.

Types of scratch cards

  • Jackpot scratch cards
  • Bonus scratch cards

Jackpot scratch cards will reward you with a massive cash prize. Bonus scratch cards are available as part of casino live games and will give you additional bonus cash or spins to use in the casino.

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