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Live Roulette


Last Updated: 26-08-2022 13:15

No gambling platform can ever truly be complete without a game of roulette. There is no greater table feature, there is no more iconic look to a game, and there is no more entertaining format of play in any online casino than that of roulette. Here at Betiton, we provide you with a leading live roulette Ireland platform, from which you can experience multiple formats and variants of live casino roulette.

Throughout this game guide and review, we will be discussing every aspect of roulette that features within our live casino. We will be looking at the games made available, sharing how roulette live is played, what bets can be placed, as well as looking at the pros and cons of different formats and features.

For decades, roulette has long entertained the gambling circuit, and the very best of its more modern design and development is presented to you here at Betiton. Roulette is a fantastically engaging game that is very easy to pick up and learn. Playing is both exhilarating and tense, and the game comes presented in a different range of styles but retains the simplistic rules of play. Come discover the game of live dealer roulette at Betiton, we have your seat at the table reserved.

Live Roulette Games at Betiton

At Betiton, you will find yourself in a unique position of being able to access and play a wide variety of online live roulette. We present the extraordinary and multi-award-winning developments of Evolution Gaming, the software developer that created the live streaming service for the industry.

a dealer about to place a ball in a roulette wheel

Before the introduction of live gameplay, all there was available to players were virtual table games, similar to slot machines in their performance and automation of play. This all changed when Evolution created a streaming service that broadcasts real roulette games being played in their studios by live roulette dealers and beamed directly into hundreds of casinos online. With live roulette, Evolution Gaming opened the door to the next generation of gameplay on the internet. This literal evolution of play has continued since they developed game show features.

When you play live roulette online, you enter a world that provides an immersive experience and service. It is as real as real gaming in the online world gets. You will get to watch live dealers host various types of roulette, all in real-time. You can bet with multiple other players as you share the table with fellow Betiton members. You are able to engage and share chats with the host and players via the live chat tool.

By using Betiton as your platform for accessing roulette, you give yourself the best opportunity to not only experience the best roulette games of today, but you will also be in line to see the brand-new games of tomorrow. Here’s a look at some of the live games we host on our site, with a brief overview of the differences in how they perform.

American Roulette

American Roulette is one of the more classical variants of the roulette game. This variant, however, stands out for one very simple difference, and that is down to having more available numbers than any other roulette game. With the American game, an additional betting option is provided in the form of a double zero, which looks like this 00 on the table and wheel. This not only enhances the betting options you have as a player engaging with the variant, but it has an impact on the odds of play which return a house edge that becomes 5.25%. This is the highest risk game of all the variants in the roulette catalogue.

French Roulette

The French roulette live variant is again, one of the more classical variants available, and this is due to it being available from as early as the 18th century. Not only does live French roulette have time on its side, but the game has a special feature that could be considered and seen as exclusive side bets or advanced bets. These are seen in a separate mini table that allows you to bet on sections of the wheel’s layout. We discuss these options in greater detail later in the review.

The game also introduces players to two new rules, 1) En Prison Rule and 2) Le Partage Rule. With La Partage, those that lose on even-money bets because the roulette ball landed on a zero will be allowed half of their bet returned. With the En Prison Rule, if you lose on an even-money bet after the ball landed on a zero, your wager remains on the table for the next go. Because of this dynamic ruling, the house edge from the French variant comes in low at 1.35%. By not playing these even-money bets, the edge remains at 2.70% in favour of the casino.

European Roulette

What is considered as the variant that is the true first roulette game is perhaps the most classical style of all the roulette that you can play. The properties of this game help to lay the foundations of many roulette variants. The European game comes with a very basic look when compared to the other “classic”. The numbers range from 0 to 36 and has no special feature. The French game uses the same wheel along with 99% of all other variants found within roulette. The house edge for this remains at a constant 2.70%.

Lightning Roulette

The live casino Lightning Roulette variant is one of many great recent examples of how the roulette game can form new styles of play and ways of winning without having to construct new rules on how to play. What this variant does is introduce lightning numbers. This means that throughout play, at random points, special numbers are selected, and these instantly come with added multipliers. These multipliers can range from x50 to x500, which is a huge boost to the odds and what you can potentially win. The multipliers can be generated for one to five numbers. So, as an example, while the wheel spins, lightning will appear on the digital screen in the background of the game to reveal the special number and its multiplier value. If you land that number and placed a bet on it, you will receive that multiplier return. This innovative design won the Product of the Year at the GGA awards and the EGR Game of the Year 2018.

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette

This is a first on the live circuit because it is a sequel. Yes, this is the follow-up to the original Lightning Roulette. This variant comes with the same multiplier features that can return up to 500x your bet. But it also incorporates a new Chain Lightning feature that can produce up to 9 Chain Lightning Numbers, each with their own multipliers. There are also Double Strike Multipliers that can trigger up to 2000x the bet value. This is the newest of the live roulette variants to drop and was launched by Evolution Gaming in 2022.

Immersive Roulette

The Immersive Roulette variant was the first to introduce multicamera angles that could be selected by players for them to choose how they view the game. Shot in HD Video at 200 frames-per-second, every bit of action can be viewed in detailed precision. Once the ball lands, there is a slow-motion replay of the action. This variant was released back in 2014 and won the EGR Game of the Year award. Away from how the game is viewed, the table itself is a standard European Roulette variant.

Double Ball Roulette

Yes, you guessed it, double the balls, and double the chances of winnings. With this variant, players can land a potential 1300 to 1 payout, which makes this one of the most lucrative live roulette variants to be created by Evolution Gaming. No other live software provider has made a counter to this game, so it is unique and completely at your disposal through Betiton.

Salon Privé

This roulette variant is all about offering Betiton members a VIP experience. The design for this feature is all about elegance and providing one-to-one private games between you and the live dealer. The Salon Privé experience allows you to enjoy a VIP service that allows you to control the choice of dealer and how the game speed is played out. This is a high-stakes variant, one suited for those that might consider themselves to be high rollers.

Speed Roulette

This is not only gaming done differently, but the design for this meant building custom wheels. This is super-fast gameplay for those wanting fast-action entertainment. Speed Roulette is a variant that has game rounds lasting just 25 seconds, which is half the time of a ‘normal’ game. This means you can pack in twice as much action in the time you have, and while the wheel spins the outcome, you will be busy setting up your next bet.

Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is the one and only live roulette variant that comes without a live dealer host. In charge of the game is the AI programming that is capable of producing 60 to 80 games within an hour. This is also one of the live roulette games that are available 24 hours a day. This variant also offers players half-currency betting units. The type of variant table it is played on can be a choice of European, French, and American.

Instant Roulette

If you want to go big, then Instant Roulette is perhaps the biggest that a roulette variant goes. Here the game syncs up with 12 roulette wheels. This is fast multi-gaming on a whole new level. This variant also comes with a “Rebet” button so you can start the next round of play immediately.

Dual Play Roulette

How about mixing your live online roulette with action inside of a real-world live roulette casino? At Betiton, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you are transported into real-world casinos and can play their casino games live with their members and dealers. You not only get the visual experience of watching live roulette within a real-world casino, but you also get the sounds. Absorb this incredible gambling environment and experience play from various corners of the world. Venues include the Portomaso Casino in Malta and the Hippodrome Casino in London, England.

Min & Max Bets for Live Roulette

With live online roulette and the many variants that are available to you at Betiton, the cost of play will be something that varies between the options presented. Minimum and maximum betting values are never consistently the same with all roulette games. For example, the Salon Privé option is designed to be a high-stakes table. 

Low Stakes Roulette

While there is no set rule in the industry for how low a live game can be, typically, low bet tables start as €0.50 bets. You will find those perhaps offering €0.10 per spin, and they may be more suited for you if you have a budget to play to. Low stake tables play the same and come with the same odds, they are just an opportunity for players to play with a lower risk level if they do not have expendable cash.

High Stakes Roulette

High Stakes betting is better suited for players that can afford the greater risks at higher costs. Some of these tables will come with a minimum bet of €1.00, but max bets can reach the thousands. This is an area of serious play built for serious players, with serious wealth.

What Is Live Roulette?

a dealer about to place a roulette win marker on the number 26

Your search for top live dealer roulette Ireland sites can now end. Here at Betiton, we provide live roulette IE games that players can trust and fully immerse themselves in. We aren’t ashamed to say that we think we are the best online live roulette casino there is in Ireland. So, what is it you get? Well, live roulette is a live streaming experience. A multi-media selection of real casino games that stream via the studios of their developer and into our live casino hub.

Access to the games is made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All roulette tables are hosted by a professional live dealer. They are friendly and able to provide useful customer support. This dynamic development in online gaming has been in full swing for over a decade. The games that are played are authentic casino machines, so there is no programming or algorithmic software that controls the outcome of the game. Live roulette is as real as gameplay can be in the online domain.

What’s So Special About Live Roulette?

What makes it so special is that you will be playing the game as it was intended to be. Where luck is the only factor that decides if you win or lose. At Betiton, we host the best live roulette on the Irish market. And from time to time, you might be able to claim a special casino bonus that will help you play the best live roulette online.

It is also special because immersive roulette live casino software can adapt to Virtual Reality gaming. It is only a matter of time before players will be able to enter a live casino, play with avatars, and be able to have a sense of sitting at a VR roulette table and feel the VR betting chips.

Right now, it’s another opportunity for players like yourself to win real money from a highly entertaining game. It is a game that can be appreciated through several variants and is literally brought to life by having hosts present the games, day and night. Another perk of the feature is that you can get to play variants of roulette that are not available in any virtual format. High Stakes games for example are typically confined to the live gaming experience.

How Does Live Roulette Work?

The rules of how to play when it comes to live roulette online is no different than playing in a real-world casino or as a virtual roulette game online. With roulette live online, the game is open to multiple players sharing the Betiton platform, so having a sense of the rules before you play live would be ideal. You don’t want to be taking part in live roulette and learning as you go. Once you know how to play live roulette with one variant, then the rest of the games are very much the same.

Once you select the table you wish to play, the live stream will begin, and you will have a digital control panel, from which you will select your bets. This panel lets the dealer know what you have bet. Once all bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel, and the drama begins.

Why Play Live Roulette for Real Money?

Live roulette online real money games are another opportunity for players to get some sweet winnings if luck is on their side. Roulette, as a game, is a fair gambling feature across many of the variants it has produced. With a house edge averagely sitting at 2.70%, it’s a sensible game to play with your money than most other casino games. Roulette also carries one of the biggest single odds of any casino game, with a single “straight up” bet at odds of 35 to 1.

When asked to compare the live format against the virtual option, then there are many qualities to the live game that cannot be replicated by the game that is purely 100% digital. Live roulette offers players that substance of being real, being the very thing the game is meant to be. And with live roulette, there is a far greater immersive nature to the game than standard online roulette. 

Live Roulette VS Online Roulette

Here’s a look at the pros and cons between the option of playing live roulette games and those that are digital online roulette features. How is your experience of these two formats elevated and hampered, which option are you more likely to commit to when playing inside of the Betiton IE casino?

Live Pros Live Cons Virtual Pros Virtual Cons
Evolution Gaming software Technical faults RNG Software Algorithmic programming
Special live variants No Autoplay feature Special digital variants Solo gaming experience
Live dealer engagement Automated gaming Lacking atmosphere
Camera and sound options Lower betting limits Lower amounts are won
Live roulette bonuses Casino bonuses
Higher betting limits Mobile accessibility
Mobile access Autoplay feature

How to Play Live Roulette?

Playing online casino roulette live is very exciting, dramatic, tense, and 100% entertaining. So, the question is, how do you play roulette live? Well, the process of betting and potentially winning is very simple. The premise of the game is to make a prediction and the live casino roulette wheel is the determining factor. Let’s take you through each of the stages of play when it comes to experiencing roulette online live.

How to Bet on Live Roulette?

So, the process of betting is something that allows you to make as many choices as you like, to help aid your chances of winnings. So, with the game of roulette, you ultimately have to predict what the result will be after the roulette ball is spun within the wheel.

How there are many possible outcomes, not least the ball landing in one of 37 numbered pockets on the wheel. To make your betting move, the roulette game uses chips. These carry different values, and each chip can represent one or more different bets. If you wish to bet on a specific number, then you will place the betting chip over the number on the table. The chip can be used to cover grouped bets, and then there are alternative options that are known as Inside and Outside Bets.

The control of your betting will be carried out on a virtual control panel. Once played, the dealer will check all laid bets have ended and begins the spin of the wheel.

Live Roulette Wheel

The live roulette wheel has one sole function, and that is to help produce the outcome of the betting round. The wheel is logged with the same amount of numbers that are represented on the table. The numbers on the wheel are colour-coded and alternate between black and red. This is with the exception of the green zero pocket.

roulette table and roulette wheel

The roulette wheel is only spun when all bets have been placed by you and the other live players that are sharing the same live table. The dealer will call the spin. The wheel is rotated clockwise and a small ball is placed on the lip of the rim and flicked anticlockwise within the wheel. Once the wheel slows, the ball will further drop into the wheel and will come to rest within a numbered pocket. This will be the result of the game, determining if your predicted bet was correct or incorrect. 

Live Roulette Table

The table of the roulette game can be sectioned into two parts, and these are often referred to as the Inside and Outside. The inner part of the table is where the numbers are contained. The outer parts are additional betting options, for example, the boxes for odd and even, and 1-18 and 19-36. With some roulette live variants, the table may also feature what looks like a miniature wheel layout. This is a betting feature typically associated with French Roulette variants. 

Types of Live Roulette Bets

There are many, many, many different types of bets that can be placed upon the roulette table. This is one of the appealing features of the game. You can hedge your bets as many times and in as many different ways as you like. Now, each bet obviously has a cost factor, but the reality is, is that roulette is an open game that gives you many ways of predicting the result of a round.

Inside Bets

The Inside Bets are placed within the areas that are sectioned by the numbers. Within this area of play, there are six different types of bet, of which you can choose as many types within one round of betting. This allows you to cover your bet and improve your chances of landing a matching win.

Bet Name Description Odds
Straight Up Bet This is a single number bet that can be placed once or multiple times across individual numbers. 35/1
Split Bet The split bet allows you to cover two adjacent numbers. Example: 1 and 2, or 1 and 4. 17/1
Street Bet This bet allows you to cover three numbers that appear in the vertical rows, like 1, 2, and 3. Place your chip along the bottom line of any vertical row to cover the three numbers. 11/1
Corner Bet Have four numbers covered with one single chip. Put your chip central to any four touching numbers like 1, 2, 4, and 5. 8/1
Five Bet The American Roulette bet. Put your betting chip on the corner of 0 and 1, and to cover bets on number 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. 6/1
Line Bet This bet is like the street bet but covers six numbers. It works by picking two adjacent vertical rows, an example of this would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Put your chip at the bottom of the central line between the two rows. 5/1

Outside Bets

The Outside Bets are additional betting options, which due to their nature provide players with more even odds. There are a total of five different bets that can be placed. Again, you can pick as many as you want, and you can also select these and mix them with as many Inside Bets as you like.

Bet Name Description Odds
Column Bet Bet on columns of 12 numbers. There are a total of three horizontal columns to bet on: 1 to 34, 2 to 35, and 3 to 36. 2/1
Dozen Bet Cover 12 numbers with one bet. The option of three sectioned orderly numbers allows you to bet on the first 12 numbers (1-12), the second 12 numbers (13-24), and the third 12 numbers (25-36) 2/1
Colour Bet Place your chip or chips on either red or black. 1/1
Odd/Even Place your bets on whether the number to land will be odd or even. 1/1
Low/High Bet on whether the number will be high or low. The two sections are 1 to 18 for Low and 19 to 36 for high. 1/1

Special Bets

As mentioned earlier, the variant you play might feature an additional betting section, which is more commonly used in French Roulette. This section represents the layout of the wheel and rather than betting on the layout of the table, these special bets cover sections based on the layout of the wheel. There are four primary betting areas that can be used in conjunction with laid Inside and Outside bets.

Call Bet Name Description % Odds
Voisins du Zero Meaning Neighbours of Zero. The bet covers the immediate 17 numbers surrounding the zero pocket. This goes from black 22 to red 25. 45.9%
Jeu Zero The Zero Game bet. A smaller version of Voisins du Zero, it covers 7 numbers ranging from 12 red to 15 black. 18.9%
Tiers du Cylindre The Thirds of the Wheel bet. This covers a 3rd of the wheel from 33 black to 27 red. 32.4%
Orphelins Orphans Bet. Covering numbers 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 17, 34, and 6. 21.6%

Live Roulette Strategy Guide

roulette tips betiton

Is it at all possible for strategies to help you while engaged with live roulette? Well, yes and no, it all really depends on what the strategy is. Is there a guaranteed way to help you win 100% of the time? No. Are there ways to help you bet sensibly and to preserve money by making smarter bets? Yes. This strategy is mainly down to money management, how you approach gambling in general, and not just with roulette.

Now, there are many ‘roulette’ strategies out there on the internet and with a simple search of “roulette strategies“, you will find varying systems and ideas. We’re going to explain them, so you can make your own mind up as to whether or not you will implement them into your own style of play.

Martingale Strategy

Perhaps the most popular or well-known strategy for the roulette game. The process is very simple and works by doubling your bet after every loss. Once you make a win, you then reduce your wagering amount by half and begin again. This idea has its logic because a win must surely come, and when it does, the doubling method will create a profit. The issue with this system is that you need to have the financial clout to support the loss of bets.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The basis of this system was formed on the principle idea that wins and losses are collective and come in streaks of one or the other. So, when you win bets, keep increasing your wager each time till you lose. When you lose, decrease your wager each time. The flaw to this system is that randomness has no order, and this leads to a lot of chaotic betting behaviour.

D’Alembert Strategy

This system is to only be used when placing bets on even-money odds. These are within the Outside bets as earlier discussed, such as odds/evens, red or black, and high and low. The pattern of play involved adding a unit on your stake when a loss lands and then decreasing by a single unit after each win.

Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

The reverse strategy cannot be too hard to imagine. With this system, you increase your units after a win is made, and then you reduce your betting units when you land a failed bet on the wheel. So, what this is telling us, is that the original system is open to change, which is why strategies shouldn’t be fully relied upon.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci system is a famous one that looks at patterns when added together. When it comes to roulette, the system works on the amounts you are betting. When you lose a spin, increase your bet based on the last two values on the table. When you win, make a decrease of your wager by moving your unit value down to places.

Reverse Fibonacci Strategy

The reverse process is to increase your wager by two values when you make a winning bet and to lower it by two values when you fail to win a bet. This is another example of why no strategy is 100% if it contradicts the original idea.

Paroli Strategy

The system aims to work on positive progression and is to be ideally used on even-money odds. The Paroli has a system that stops players from over-escalating their costs. The rule of three is implemented so that if you win three in a row, you retreat back to a safer betting amount of one unit and you do this process over again. This is a method that can also be used in games of live craps and live baccarat.

Parlay Strategy

Perhaps the simplest system of all and riskiest. The process is that you keep doubling your stake after every win and revert back to your starting unit when you make a loss. The risk lies within the fact that you could make significant losses upon continuous doubling.

666 Strategy

This is seen by many roulette players as an aggressive system but carries very low risks. The rules are simple, bet on as many single numbers as you can afford, potentially covering the table. Winning is more likely, the more numbers are covered. What this results in is small profit growth over a long game. Again, with this bet, you need financial support in the first place to be able to make so many straight-up bets.  

Benefits of Playing Live Roulette at Betiton Ireland

a roulette wheel with a ball in the zero pocket

Our live roulette online casino gives you access to the best live software in the industry. You can experience online casino roulette live via your mobile device and you can claim incredible promotions and rewards to help you play. We consider Betiton to be among the best live roulette casinos that you will find on the Irish market. Our commitment to quality is all for the benefit of the player joining us, and we aim to develop and grow upon our already high set of standards.

Live Roulette Bonus at Betiton

From time to time we like to reward our loyal members for their commitment to our cause. As we look to provide the very best online gambling service in Ireland, which live roulette is part of, we will look to reward our members with live casino bonuses and loyalty offers that can be used when and if playing roulette live online.

As with all our Betiton bonuses, offers are subject to change, and terms and conditions (T&Cs) will apply. Please read all information thoroughly before you look to claim any of your special live bonuses and promotions.

Play Live Roulette in Total Security

When you play roulette live on our site, you can do so with the utmost confidence. Betiton uses the latest security software to protect your data. Our website is embedded within a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption program. This is military-grade software that your online bank uses. Our standards of safety have been approved by our regulators and our safety record is untarnished.

Our casino has also been independently verified by the games testing body iTech Labs. They have deemed Betiton IE to be a fair and safe platform for players online in Ireland. 

Play Live Roulette Responsibly

If you want to play the best selection of live roulette tables online but have some concerns about your self-management and falling into bad gambling habits, then don’t worry. When it comes to the concerns of gambling addiction, at Betiton, we recognise and understand the concerns. Whilst you may be of legal age to gamble, are you financially secure to do it?

We provide an abundance of helpful sources and tools that will aid you in experiencing our site with added gaming measures. We support our members with responsible gambling settings. Self-imposed restrictions can be placed on your account that can help you to limit your interaction with the casino and reduce your costs of play.

Limit restrictions can control how much you deposit into your account. It can also provide you with session limits, so you don’t overplay. Additional information on the subject of gambling addiction can also be sourced from our partners BeGamblingAware.org and GamStop.co.uk.

Live Roulette on Mobile: Play Wherever, Whenever!

You can play live roulette iPhone and Android games without any issue when signed into your Betiton account. Our platform is integrated with HTML 5 software, which allows games to stream directly from their webpage. This means there is no need for you to make additional downloads of software or tools.

If you wish to play using your mobile device, load Betiton via your smartphone web browser and play direct. All you have to concern yourself about is having a strong, safe network connection. But what if the internet disconnects? Don’t panic, our tech and management system have you covered. If you play roulette live online via Betiton and your connection is lost once you place a bet, you will still receive the winnings you made once you reconnect.

Other Live Casino Games at Betiton

While we provide numerous online live roulette games for your enjoyment across both live and virtual formats, we do not stop there. Betiton is a place where you can experience every other casino game created and live. If you wish to pause from roulette, your other options can include live blackjack, live baccarat, and we also host live online betting.

If you play live roulette online and enjoy the experience, you might be interested in trying the game in its digital format, that is, online roulette. These games are found within the main casino hub of Betiton. This is where you will also locate our online slots and online scratch cards. Just click into the option of Table Games and there you can find several virtual roulette games that can also be played in their demo mode for free!

Additional Information:

Learn more about the other services that are available at Betiton:

Live Roulette FAQs

What is live dealer roulette?

Casino online live roulette is a gaming feature that is played live inside of a developer’s studio and broadcast into Betiton. The game uses real casino equipment and is hosted by a live dealer who you will be playing the game with. This is a gaming format that is made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can chat with the live dealer and other members of the casino that are using the same live roulette table as you. Live roulette is a highly immersive gaming experience, and it is recommended to know the rules of how to play roulette before you engage.

How do you play live roulette?

The rules of roulette are wonderfully simple, and once you know how to play one variant of live roulette, you discover that all roulette carries the same process of betting. The game of roulette is about making predictions. Your aim is to correctly predict where the ball will land within the roulette wheel. The game offers plenty of betting options that allow you to make direct bets or bets that hedge your chances. So, first place your bet chips on the table, selecting numbers and/or options as to where you think the ball will land. Once your betting is done, the live dealer will spin the roulette wheel and ball to reveal the outcome.

Can the dealer hear me?

No. First, the communication between you and the live roulette dealer is one that is firstly optional. Secondly, communication takes place through a live chat service. You will be able to hear the dealer and the background noise of the studio. These games work in this manner because these tables are shared by multiple players. Everyone can communicate, but the best way to do this is just by using the live messenger tool.

Is live roulette real?

Yes. Live roulette is 100% real, using real, authentic, and approved casino equipment that is hosted and played by a live dealer. As you might expect, the game is so real that you can win real money if you are lucky with your bets. While being online, it is as real as gaming gets in an online environment. Live roulette offers an immersive gaming experience, and in the future, the technology will no doubt help the gaming format to be one that is played in the Virtual Reality realm.

What is the minimum betting limit?

The minimum bet limit is relative to the variant you are playing. Within the live roulette format, bets can be as low as €0.25 with some tables having a €1.00 minimum limit. You’ll find that it is also the same for maximum betting stakes. If you load a live roulette game and the minimum betting value is too high, you can close the game to then select another more suitable variant.

Can I play live roulette for real money?

Play live roulette online Ireland that players love. Here at Betiton, you get the best live roulette on the Irish market, and you can win real money in doing so. Winning is all about luck as gaming has no internal influence from any algorithmic programs, which is why Irish players love the live gaming format more than the virtual games. At Betiton IE, we can support Euro currency, but just make sure that you can use one or more of the banking services we approve of. These include EcoPayz, AstroPay, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill.

Can I win real money from live roulette?

Yes. All wins that land within a game of live roulette, no matter the variant you are playing, will be paid out in real money. Winning is, however, about luck, so there is no guarantee that it will happen, but you can’t win unless you try, so why not sign up and load up a variant of roulette to try your luck? Remember, the game of roulette comes with the highest single odds of any casino game that pays at 35 to 1.

How do I win on live roulette?

Winning in any game of roulette is based on currently predicting where the ball will land within the roulette wheel after it has been spun by the dealer. The roulette table has what are called Inside and Outside bets, and with the selection made available, you can pick as many betting options as you like. You can pick single numbers, numbers that are paired or grouped, and you can also pick the colour of the number or whether it will be odd or even. There are many ways to bet, which is one of the big appeals.

How does live roulette work?

The live games are not developed by us at Betiton, they are, in fact, independently created by licenced and regulated developers. All live gaming is played from within their studios by their employed dealers. Each live roulette table has a camera that streams all the action in real-time. This stream is transmitted into Betiton’s Live Casino, where you get to pick and choose which variant of roulette you would like to play. You will have a live display to watch the games and a digital control panel from which you place your bets.

Do I need special software to play live roulette?

No, in fact, the only things you need are an account with Betiton and a device that connects to the internet. Our site comes built with Google’s last HTML 5 software, which mitigates the need for any software. This means that if you wanted to play from your mobile phone, you can do so without the need of installing an app, something that’s not even provided because you get the same level of performance and service just by loading our website from your web browser. You will never need to download any form of software when playing at Betiton IE, no matter the type of device you wish to play from.

Is live roulette rigged?

No. Betiton Ireland live roulette is not rigged, nor is it fixed by those positioned as live dealers. The gaming providers that are behind the development of the live casino games are licenced and regulated. Their games are tested before they go online and long thereafter by the regulators to make sure the live games are compliant with the standards expected.

What is the best way to play live roulette?

Live roulette is a fantastic experience that can be enjoyed in several ways. You can play solo with the Salon Privé variant. Alternatively, if you and your friends access the same table, you can all play together and communicate via the live chat option. Ultimately, roulette and all other live casino games are about having fun, so play with the intention to be entertained and let winning be a secondary concern. There is nothing worse than going into a game with the expectation to win because not winning is not fun and the best way to play live roulette is with the expectation of enjoyment.

What does the live dealer do?

The live dealer of any roulette variant is there to offer assistance to players and to manage the game and table. The dealers are all professionally trained and provide a friendly service. They will indicate when bets can be placed, ask if all players at the table are ready, and will action the spin of the roulette wheel and the ball. If you opt to engage with the live dealer via the messenger service, they can reply to you and other members using the same table.

Can I trust live roulette?

Yes. The option of live dealer roulette online is 100% void of any digital programming. There is no influence by software algorithms like those found within the virtual games. Live roulette is by design, a game that is purely based on luck, which is why there is no strategy that can guarantee success.

Are live roulette games played in real time?

Yes. The live streaming service is 100% live and streamed in real-time 24/7. The live broadcasting of these games even allows you in some variants to chat live with the table’s live dealer and host.

Can I play live roulette for fun?

Playing for fun is generally the first rule of gambling, which is why you should stop when it no longer becomes fun. But if you are enquiring about live demo games that can be played for fun only, then this is not possible. There is no live demo feature because of how the service is. If you wanted this option, then you would have to play the virtual roulette formats where demo mode features exist. This is why Betiton encourages members to know the rules of roulette before they play live tables.

What is the best live roulette game?

From an odds perspective and looking at what variants favour the players better, then any game that isn’t the American Roulette table is among the best type of roulette to play. This is purely because the American Roulette game has a higher house edge than all other variants. However, if you want to twist our arm for an answer as to which is the best variant of roulette, then we would highly recommend that you play Lightning Roulette, which comes with additional multiplier features that could boost your winnings by 500x your stake.

Can you bet on 35 numbers in roulette?

Yes. There are several ways in which you can cover all numbers on the table, either by selecting them individually or by grouped options. Is it practical to do this? Well, while betting on 35 numbers gives you a greater chance to cover the live roulette wheel online, you will potentially be spending more than what you can make back of your bets. Plus, by only betting on numbers 1 to 35, you leave yourself open to not winning anything at all because of the zero pocket that has not been bet on.

Is roulette all luck or is there skill?

Luck. There is no skill because that would imply that there is some form of system that can be implemented or applied to enhance your chances of success. Sadly, you need luck to win and good self-management so that you know when to stop betting when you have won or lost enough.

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