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Blackjack Online

Last Updated: 08-11-2022 10:40

When you enter the blackjack online world, you are entering the world of one of the most popular card games ever created. Its popularity can be attributed to a variety of reasons, which we’ll be looking at further down below. Here at Betiton™ online casino we offer our Irish players a wide variety of fun blackjack games in an effort to become the main source of blackjack gambling experience in Ireland!

We’ll be going over the various games of blackjack online real money that you can find here on our online casino. At the same time, we’ll be explaining about these games so that you can get acquainted with them before deciding to play them. Here at our real money casino Ireland, we’ve pulled out all the stops in order to guarantee nothing short of a great experience for players on our online blackjack casino.

So, whether you prefer to play blackjack online for fun, play online blackjack games for real money, or whether you prefer playing live blackjack instead, our casino has you covered no matter what! We’ll also be explaining what benefits you enjoy when playing blackjack online for real money at Betiton.com, and why you should choose us over other online blackjack sites in Ireland.

If you happen to be new to blackjack, then we will guide you through the necessary details of this entertaining card game. We’ll be explaining the basics of the game by looking at the rules of blackjack, how to win at the game, and any different variations that exist. Moreover, we’ll also be explaining what bets you can make, including some interesting side bets you might come across.

We’ll also be going over the steps that you need to take in order to play blackjack online for real money here at Betiton™. Finally, we’ll be also explain about the possibility of playing live online blackjack here on our casino, and also what other casino games you can enjoy on our site just in case blackjack is not quite your ideal game.

Blackjack Online Games at Betiton™

Blackjack is a card game that has gone through generations and has adapted over time to create different variants that are now as popular as the traditional blackjack game. In fact, blackjack is in itself a rather old game, with its origins going as far back as the very early 17th century. Theories about its origin abound, but what we do know is that the game definitely existed by as early as 1611.

dealer shuffling Betiton branded cards on a blackjack online real money table

We know this for a fact thanks to an old Spanish dictionary which was published in 1611. This, however, implies that the game is actually older than the dictionary, since, as a rule, dictionaries are published much after a word has gained traction in a language. But anyway, that’s enough of a history lesson for today, let’s get down to business.

At Betiton™, we provide our Irish players access to a wide variety of online blackjack games, especially the best real money blackjack games on the market! This means that players can choose between different casino games of online real money blackjack to find whichever game tickles their fancy most. Otherwise, players can simply try out a new game if they’re bored of the one they’re currently playing.

Find the Best Online Casino Blackjack Real Money Games in Ireland

To help our members locate the best type of online blackjack game for them we allow you to try out our blackjack games for free in a demo mode. Therefore, instead of worrying about losing your own money, you can concentrate on learning the ins and outs of the game as well as practice any blackjack strategies that you would like to try out when you go back to playing real money blackjack.

If you’re new to the game of blackjack online, we’ll be explaining everything about it in later down this page. However, before we’ll be explaining the basic premise and rules of the game, as well as some other related information, such as what side bets you can place in online blackjack, we will first take a close look at the most popular online blackjack real money games that you can find at our blackjack online casino.

European Blackjack

The first online casino blackjack game that we’ll be looking at is European Blackjack. This 2-deck blackjack game has been developed by Microgaming’s Switch Studios and offers a sleek, light blue table in terms of graphics. With regards to the rules, the dealer is forced to stand on all 17s, whether hard or soft. Moreover, you can only double down on hard 9s, 10s, and 11s, and blackjacks pay out 3:2. There is also the option of putting down an insurance bet, which pays 2:1. The RTP of the game is calculated at 99.6%. Finally, the min bet is €1 whilst the max bet allowed is €200

Blackjack European

Whilst having a similar name to the above blackjack game, this 6-deck blackjack variant was produced by Red Rake Gaming. Splitting is only allowed once for each hand and the dealer has to stand if their hand has a value of 17. If you get a blackjack, there is a pay out of 3:2. You can double down after splitting, but only with a hand that a value of 9, 10, or 11. The RTP of this game is 99.34%.

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack

This is another blackjack game online that has been developed by Switch Studios, a subsidiary of Microgaming. It’s a 4-deck game where the dealer must stand on all 17s and the player has the option of playing an insurance bet, which pays 2:1. Furthermore, players also have the option of doubling down on any 2 cards they like.

Moreover, players can also double down after splitting their cards. At the same time, players can split 3 times to play with a total of 4 hands; however, this is with the exception of aces, that can only be split once. The RTP of this blackjack game is calculated at 99.65%. Finally, the min bet is €1 whilst the max bet is €200.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

This next title has also been produced by Switch Studios. As the name of this online blackjack game implies, this is a single deck game, as opposed to the others that use multiple decks. In this variant, the dealer must hit on a soft 17 (that is, ace + 6) whilst standing on a hard 17. Players can only double down on hard 9s, 10s, and 11s, and cannot double down after splitting their hand. However, players have the option to bet insurance, which pays out 2:1. Finally, the RTP of this game is calculated to be 99.69%, whilst its min bet is €1 and its max bet is €200.

Play Vegas Strip Single Deck Blackjack

Similar to the blackjack game online that we have described above, this title also uses a single deck. However, it’s been developed by Oryx Gaming instead. Dealers hit on a soft 17 but have to stand on a hard 17. Moreover, if the dealer has an up-card with a value of 10, he’ll peak to check for blackjack, which should help you with your online casino blackjack strategy.

Players are allowed to split once to play with a total of 2 hands, and can double down when receiving a 10 or 11. Doubling down isn’t permitted after splitting your hand, however. The surrender option is also available just in case you feel like you have a losing hand. Finally, the min bet is €1, whilst the max bet is €500, and the RTP of the game is calculated to be 98.76%.

Double Deck Blackjack

This is an online blackjack game that uses 2 decks, as opposed to the single deck blackjack games that we’ve seen above. This variant was developed by Urgent Games and offers your standard blackjack rules: players can split and double down as normal. Dealers must stand on all 17s, even soft ones. Moreover, the game offers the option to bet insurance with a payout of 2:1. Finally, the min bet is €0.20 whilst the max bet is €40.

Play Blackjack Switch

The next blackjack game online that we’re going to be looking at is an exciting variant that introduces a number of unique rules. In this 6-deck blackjack game developed by Red Rake Gaming, players are dealt 2 hands rather than one. Moreover, players are allowed to split up to 2 times to be able to play with 4 hands. Doubling down and doubling down after splitting your hands are both allowed. However, surrendering is not an option.

Dealers stand on hard 17s whilst having to hit on soft 17s. Moreover, the dealers won’t check for blackjack. A 22 is considered as a push rather than the dealer going bust and the player winning; however, this doesn’t apply if the player has a blackjack. At the same time, blackjacks pay 1:1 in this game. The lower payout of blackjacks is made up for with special bets available only in Blackjack Switch.

These side bets are known as “supermatch bets” and they win if the first 4 cards you receive form either a four of a kind, two pairs, a three of a kind, or a pair. Below you’ll find a table with the bets and their respective payouts:

Supermatch Bet Payout
Four of a kind 10:1
Two pairs 8:1
Three of a kind 5:1
One pair 1:1

If you’re wondering why the game is called “Blackjack Switch“, it’s because after being dealt your cards, the player has the option to switch the second card of each hand for the possibility of receiving a better combination. To close off, the RTP is theoretically calculated as being 99.2%. Finally, the min bet is €0.20 whilst the max bet is €50.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

This 8-deck variant was created by iSoftBet. You can “Split” once, and you can pay “Insurance” which pays out at 2:1. You cannot “Surrender” and if you get a blackjack then you will be paid out at 3:2. The RTP of this online real money blackjack variant stands at 64%. Finally, the min bet is €0.10 whilst the max bet allowed is €10.

Classic Blackjack

This next blackjack game was developed by Switch Studios and it presents another single deck blackjack game online. You could consider this to be the standard blackjack game because it offers the standard rules of real money online blackjack. The dealer is forced to stand on all 17s, regardless of their being soft or hard, and cannot peek for a blackjack.

Players are allowed to double down on hard 9s, 10s, and 11s, and are able to split only once to play with 2 hands. You have the option to take an insurance bet, which pays 2:1, and blackjacks pay their regular amount: 3:2. The RTP of this game is calculated to 99.91%. Finally, the min bet allowed is €1, whilst on the other end of the spectrum, players are allowed to bet up to €200.

Classic Blackjack Gold Series

The next online blackjack game that we’re going to be looking at has been developed by Microgaming and it’s also a single deck blackjack game. The dealer in this blackjack game has to stand on all 17s and is not allowed to peek for blackjack. Players can split only once to play with 2 hands, and are allowed to double down only on hard 9s, 10s, and 11s. The min bet is €1 whilst the max bet is €200. Finally, the RTP is calculated to be 99.9%.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

This blackjack variant was created by Switch Studios and uses 2 decks. Players are allowed to split on any value or pair, however aces can only be split once and 10-value cards that aren’t identical can’t be split. Moreover, a split ace and 10 doesn’t as blackjack but as 21 instead. You can only double down on your first two cards or after you have split. Players can split up to 3 times in order to play with a maximum of 4 hands.

There is an insurance bet option, which pays 2:1, but there is no surrender option. The dealer has no choice but to hit on a soft 17. Moreover, the dealer peeks for blackjack on aces and 10-value cards. This blackjack variant comes with an RTP of 99.65%. Finally, the min bet for this blackjack game is €1 whilst the max bet is €200.

Atlantic City Blackjack

a row of cards of the same suit and a dealer pushing 3 stacks of casino tokens towards the viewer

This is another blackjack variant that has been developed by Microgaming. There are 8 decks in use and players can split up to three times per round. The dealer has to stand on a hard and soft 17. You will have the option to double down once you have split your cards. There is no option to surrender. The RTP of this blackjack variant is 99.68%.

Blackjack Royal Pairs

This blackjack variant uses 8 decks and was created by iSoftBet. Players are allowed to split once per hand, and there is the option to bet insurance that pays out at 2:1. If you get a blackjack, you will be paid out at 3:2. If the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace or a card that has a value of ten, the dealer is not allowed to check for a blackjack.

There is also the Royal Pairs side bet that could potentially boost your winnings on this blackjack game online. The side wins if your 2 initial cards are either aces, kings, queens, or jacks. A full table with all the winning combinations as well as their respective payouts can be found here:

Combination Payout
Suited Ace Pair 150:1
Suited Ks, Qs, or Js 50:1
Unsuited Ace Pair 40:1
Unsuited Ks, Qs, or Js 10:1
Mixed Ks, Qs, or Js 5:1

The RTP of this game is 99.40%, while the RTP of the side bet stands at 93.72%. Finally, the min bet allowed is €0.10 whilst the max bet is €50.

Play Blackjack Double Exposure

This next blackjack online game has been developed by Red Rake Gaming. It offers a unique set of rules that sets it apart from other online blackjack games. It’s a 6-deck blackjack game that allows players to play with 4 hands at a time. Players are also allowed to split each hand to play with a maximum of 8 hands at one go. Moreover, players can double down on 9s, 10s, and 11s, but not after splitting.

The dealer has to stand on all 17s and cannot peek for blackjack. The catch, however, is that pushes are wins in favour of the house and blackjacks only pay 1:1. However, to make up for the lower payout of blackjacks, the game offers 2 special bets that players can place in addition to their regular bets. These are the 21+3 and pair bets.

The 21+3 bet is an interesting side bet that depends on the players initial cards and one of the dealer’s card. This side bet wins when the player’s cards and the dealer’s card form poker combinations, namely either a suited three of a kind, a straight flush, a three of a kind, straight, and a flush. A table with all the combinations and their respective payouts can be found below:

Combination Payout
Suited three of a Kind 100:1
Straight flush 40:1
Three of a kind 30:1
Straight 10:1
Flush 5:1

The pair bet is another interesting bet that’s far simpler than the more complicated 21+3 bet. To win this bet, you simply need to receive a pair. Depending on the pair you receive, you’ll receive a different payout. You can either receive a perfect pair (the same exact card), a coloured pair (2 cards of the same colour but different suits), and a mixed pair (different suits). A table with all the combinations and their payouts can be found here:

Combination Payout
Perfect pair 25:1
Coloured pair 12:1
Mixed pair 6:1

The surrender option is not available in this game. This blackjack game offers a theoretical RTP of 99.04%. Finally, the min bet allowed is €0.20 whilst the max bet is €50.

VIP Blackjack

The final blackjack game that we’re going to be looking at has also been developed by Red Rake Gaming and it offers similar rules to the Blackjack Double Exposure game that we looked at just above. It’s a 4-deck blackjack game online that offers players the potential of playing with up to 4 hands at one go. At the same time, players can split each one of their hands, meaning that they can end up playing with up to 8 hands.

Doubling down is possible on any card combination and is also possible after splitting your hands. Blackjack pays 3:2 and the insurance bet, which players can take, pays 2:1. The dealer has to stand on all 17s but can check for blackjack when their faceup card is either an ace or a 10. The player also has the possibility of placing down the 21+3 or Pair side bets, if they wish.

We’ve went over these side bets in the previous blackjack game, so please have a look at what we’ve said above to find out more about these side bets. The RTP of this game is calculated to be around 99.78%. Finally, the game offers a min bet of €1 and a max bet of €100.

Are There Any New Real Money Blackjack Games?

When it comes to online gaming, no matter what type it is, our aim is to give our members the greatest software and the newest game releases so that you can remain thoroughly entertained. Therefore, to achieve this aim, we constantly update our game lobby to increase your chances of having a tonne of fun when playing at our online casino. With regards to blackjack online real money, we have a handful of new games that you can enjoy.

The Blackjack

This is one of our newest online blackjack games that has been developed mostly for mobile gamers. Developed by Darwin Gaming, The Blackjack offers players the option of switching between the classic green theme or a dark theme, which is great for user experience. In this game, the dealer has to stand on all 17s.

The game also offers a special prize where players can win 3 times their bet if they get either three 7s or 6, 7, and 8 of the same suit. Moreover, players have the option to bet insurance, which pays the standard 2:1, and blackjacks also pay out the usual 3:2. The min bet is €0.50 whilst the max bet allowed is €50. Finally, it offers a theoretical RTP of 99.58%.

Blackjack Evolution 7 SP

This is another of our newest blackjack games which has also been developed by Darwin Gaming, specifically for mobile users. This time round, players have the option of choosing between 3 themes: a light theme, a dark theme, and the classic theme. What makes this online blackjack game so special is that players have the option of playing with 7 hands at the same time.

Players, however, are only allowed to split once per hand, and can only double down on 9s, 10s, and 11s. Moreover, players cannot stand if their hand has a value of 11 or less. When it comes to the dealer, the dealer has stand on all 17s. Furthermore, just like The Blackjack game, Blackjack Evolution 7 SP offers a 3:1 special prize when players get triple 7s or suited 6, 7, and 8.

The min bet of this game is €0.50 whilst the max bet allowed is €50 for each hand. If you use all 7 hands, the max bet comes up to €350. Finally, the RTP of this game is calculated to be 99.58%.

Unique Online Blackjack Cash Games at Betiton™

To present an online casino gaming package that players won’t be able to find at any other online blackjack casinos in Ireland, we’ve done all that we can to provide unique games on our casino. In fact, when it comes to blackjack online real money, we are happy to be able to say that we have partnered with iSoftbet to create two unique games that you cannot find anywhere else.

Betiton™ Casino Blackjack

In our very own blackjack online game, the dealer has to hit on a 16 and must stand on all 17s, whether soft or hard. We’ve especially created this game in order to cater for all of our players in Ireland: so whether you’re a high roller, or you prefer to stick to low stakes, or you’re looking for an online blackjack demo before playing for money, this online blackjack game is for you!

This is because the lowest wager that you can place on our Betiton blackjack game is €0.10, whilst the maximum bet stands at €100. At the same time, you can play this blackjack online game for free in order to try it out before playing it with real money. Our Betiton game comes with a number of features that ought to make your time playing blackjack online a blast!

Firstly, our game comes with the rebet and rebet & deal options; this means that you don’t have to manually play the same stake over and over again, since you can just click these buttons and the game does it for you. The game also offers the option of doubling down and splitting your hand on pairs. Finally, any blackjack you land pays out 3:2 whilst insurance bets pay out 2:1.

Betiton™ Casino Blackjack Multi-Hand

This is the second of our Betiton blackjack games, where this time you’ll be playing with 8 decks and you have the ability to play with up to 3 hands at a time! Moreover, just like our single-hand blackjack real money game, this game has been created with all of our players in mind: in fact, the minimum bet is €0.10, the maximum bet is €100, and the game is also available as a blackjack demo online version.

There are a handful of special rules for this game: firstly, whilst splitting is allowed in the game, you can only do so once per hand. This allows you to play with a total of 6 hands. Moreover, if the dealer deals himself a 10-value card or an ace, he’s not allowed to check for blackjack. Speaking of which, the dealer is forced to hit on a 16 and has to stand on all 17s, regardless of whether they’re soft or hard. Finally, blackjacks pay 3:2 whilst insurance bets pay 2:1.

What Is Blackjack Online?

Blackjack online is a classic casino game that has enjoyed popularity for centuries. Moreover, it’s quite unique in that it is one of few casino games where your destiny is somewhat decided by the actions that you take, unlike when you are playing jackpot slots—these are just games of pure luck which is why they often come with huge cash prizes.

Also known as “21 blackjack”, blackjack online real money is a very interesting game to learn to play. The aim of this game is quite straightforward, which is one of the many reasons why it has become so popular at casinos. The dealer will deal everyone at the table two cards each and then he will give himself two cards, with one of the cards face-up.

Your aim is to make a hand that is as close to 21 as possible and to have a hand that is of a better value than the dealer’s hand. However, if your hand has a value that exceeds 21 then that means that you’ve “gone bust” and you’ve lost the game instantly. On the bright side, even the dealer can go bust, which means that the player wins (unless he has also gone bust).

3 stacks of casino tokens on a blackjack online real money table next to 2 playing cards

Blackjack is a card game that has many different variants, so you might find that the rules vary slightly depending on the variant that you are playing. Therefore, before you start to play a new variant in Ireland, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the rules first. This is why we have taken the trouble to outline the rules of a number of variants above.

Why Should You Play Blackjack Online for Cash?

As we’ve already said, online blackjack is popular due to various reasons, including the fact that it’s not terribly complicated to get into. Another reason why blackjack online has become so popular is that it has the lowest house edge of any casino game. For example, the house edge of blackjack is a lot lower than the house edge for online scratch cards.

Moreover, it’s one of the few casino games where players actually have some form of control on the outcome of their games. This is due to the actions that the player can take during a game of internet blackjack, as we’ll be seeing in the upcoming section. At the same time, a player doesn’t need to have a massive bankroll in order to get into blackjack.

In fact, certain blackjack games allow players to play with as a little as €0.20 as we saw above! Finally, despite blackjack retaining its classic format and rules, nowadays you can find a whole host of blackjack casino games with slightly tweaked rules, giving you a unique experience every time. In fact, we’ve seen a number of examples of blackjack games that you can play at Betiton.com above!

How to Play Blackjack

At Betiton™, we want all of our members to be able to play blackjack online with confidence so that they can play the game with ease and not have to worry about messing up. That way they can enjoy the game to the full! Moreover, knowing what you’re doing when playing blackjack online real money can improve your chances of walking away a winner.

To help our players out with becoming confident blackjack players, we’re going to be explaining the rules of blackjack and the steps they need to take to play the game. In fact, you can find our explanation of the basic rules of blackjack below:

  1. When loading up any blackjack game, the first thing that you need to do is place a bet that is at least equal to the min bet limit of the game.
  2. Should you wish to bet higher, you can use the digital chips to increase your bet to however much you like. Bear in mind, however, that you can only increase the bet as much as the max bet allowed for the blackjack online game you’re playing.
  3. Furthermore, some blackjack games allow you to place side bets alongside your regular bet. You can go for these side bets if you’re feeling lucky or if you’d like to increase the blackjack online fun; however, always pay attention to your bankroll.
  4. You will then be dealt two faceup cards by the dealer. The dealer will then deal himself two cards, with one of those cards being placed faceup for everyone at the table to see. The other one is facedown.
  5. However, bear in mind that not all of our blackjack games follow this rule: in some variants, the dealer deals all cards faceup.
  6. After being dealt your cards, there are a number of things that you can do:
    • Firstly, you can hit which means that you will be given another card at no extra cost.
    • Or else you can stand instead, which means that you play on with the hand that you were originally given.
    • Otherwise, you can double down which gives you the opportunity to double your original bet and receive another card. Once you’ve doubled down, you cannot received any more cards.
    • Finally, in some variants, you will be able to split your hard and form two separate hands. Depending on the blackjack game you’re playing, the rules for splitting will differ. However, the general rule is that you can split pairs.
  7. Your actions will depend on the initial 2 cards you received as you need to base your decisions on those 2 cards in order to try and improve your chances of winning.
  8. Once you’ve taken your turn, it is now the dealer’s turn. The dealer will turn over his face-down card to show the table his full hand. If his hand adds up to a value that is less than 16, he has to hit until he reaches a value of at least 17 or more.
  9. After the dealer stands, he compares his hand with the player’s hands and anyone that has a better hand than him will be declared a winner. If the dealer goes bust, then all players still in the round will be winners.
  10. If your hand has the same value as the dealer’s, then that is known as a “push” (essentially, a draw), and you get your original stake returned to you.
    • It’s important to note that not all blackjack games online follow this. In some variants, a push is a win for the house.
  11. After all of that, repeat the above to play a new round. And that’s how you play blackjack online!

These are the basic rules of blackjack and they apply for both live and virtual blackjack games. It is these simple rules that make this card game one of the most popular casino games—even more popular than the likes of craps or baccarat. Make sure to memorise these rules before playing blackjack games online for money, or else review them if you haven’t played in a while!

Finally, bear in mind that these steps and basic blackjack rules can be used when playing all of the blackjack online games that you can find at our online casino. This is because all of the blackjack games on our casino have the same basic rules. The difference between the variants is in the special rules and side bets they offer.

How to Win at Online Blackjack

As we’ve already mentioned, the objective of blackjack online is to get a hand that has a value as close to 21 as possible. This is because the best combination of the game is 21; any hand that goes above that is said to “go bust” and thus instantly lose. There are a number of ways that you can win at online real money blackjack which we’ll be going over in the following sections. Moreover, we’ll also be looking at other ways you can end a game.


This is the most powerful way of winning a game of blackjack online. Receiving a blackjack (or a “natural” as it’s also known) is an instant win for either the player or the dealer. A blackjack is only possible when receiving an ace and another card with a value of 10. Blackjacks generally pay out 3:2, but this depends on the blackjack game you’re playing.

Regular Win

However, if you don’t manage to receive a hand with a value of 21, you can still win the game if either the dealer goes bust or your hand is better than the dealer’s. This is the regular way of winning the game and it pays out 1:1.


A push is not really a win—it’s more of a draw in reality. This is when both the dealer and the player have hands with the same exact value. When this happens, players are refunded their stake. However, be sure to read the rules of the online blackjack game you’re playing carefully as in some games, you’ll lose when a push happens.


Insurance is basically a side bet that you can place if the dealer has an ace as their face-up card. With this side bet you are basically betting that the dealer has a blackjack. This side bet generally pay outs 2:1. Many suggest not taking the insurance bet but if you feel up for it, you can take it.


If you feel as though your hand will fail against the dealer’s superior hand, certain games will allow you to surrender. What this means is that you “lose” on purpose and receive half your initial stake back. The other half of the stake goes to the house. Once you surrender, you will immediately start a new round.

Casino Blackjack Betting Rules

When it comes to betting in blackjack, there are three different main bet types that you might encounter:

  • Regular Bet: this is the normal bet that you’re expected to place when playing blackjack online for real money. Essentially, without this bet you won’t be able to play online blackjack. Depending on the game you’ve chosen, the minimum and maximum amounts that you can play are going to differ. Thus, be sure to read the rules and review of the blackjack game you’ve chosen carefully before placing any bets down.
  • Double Down: if you’re wondering about the meaning of double down, it’s when you put down an additional bet that is equal to your original stake. This essentially doubles your original bet, hence the name “double down”. At the same time, the dealer will then provide you with one more card that can be used to try and increase your winning chances. However, be warned, as you won’t be able to receive any more cards after doubling down and receiving your additional card.
  • Ante: if you’re going to play real money blackjack at a brick-and-mortar casino, you ought to look out for the ante bet—this is essentially an additional bet that some land-based casinos impose on players when playing at their blackjack tables. An ante bet is usually 50c on top of your regular bets, but can be higher depending on the casino.

Casino Blackjack Side Bets

Apart from the standard bet that you can place down, there are a number of blackjack side bets that you can place in order to increase the fun of your gameplay. As a rule, blackjack side bets have a far lower chance of success but actually have higher payouts than the regular bet that you’ll be placing when playing the game. However, these special bets should only be placed as a way of having more fun when playing blackjack online with real money. They shouldn’t be viewed as a way of making a profit.


Essentially, to win this blackjack side bet, your cards and one of the cards of the dealer need to form poker combinations. These can be either a suited three of a kind, a straight flush, a three of a kind, straight, or a flush. The payouts of these combinations differ depending on which blackjack game you’re playing.

Perfect Pairs

With this blackjack side bet, you’ll win if your initial cards form pairs. You can either receive a perfect pair (2 identical cards), a coloured pair (2 cards with the same colour but different suits), or a mixed pair (2 cards with different suits. Of course, for the cards to be a pair, they need to have the same number.

Pair Square

Similar to the above bet, the Pair Square also requires the players to land pairs. Also known as “Bet the Set” or “Any Pair”, this side bet wins whenever you receive a pair. However, if you receive a suited pair, you’ll receive a higher payout. A table with the possible combinations and their payouts has been compiled below:

Combination Payout
Suited Pair 15:1
Non-Suited Pair 10:1

Royal Match

This is a royal side bet that wins if the player receives suited cards, such as for example, 8♥–5♥. This is known as an “easy match”. However, if you receive a king and queen of the same suit (e.g. K–Q), you’ll receive a higher payout! This is known as a “royal match”, hence the name of the bet. The possible combinations with this side bet and their respective payouts can be found in the below table:

Combination Payout
Royal Match 25:1
Easy Match 5:2

Lucky Ladies

With this next side bet, you’re essentially wagering on the probability of receiving a 20 on your 2 initial cards. With the Lucky Ladies side bet, there are 5 winning combinations, which are:

  1. Lucky Ladies: the name of the bet comes from one of the best possible winning combinations. Essentially, the Lucky Ladies combination comes about when you receive a pair of Queen of Hearts.
  2. Lucky Ladies + Dealer Blackjack: this is the most powerful combination that you can receive. This is when you receive a pair of Queen of Hearts and the dealer also has a blackjack.
  3. Matched 20: with this combination, you’ll need to receive a pair of identical cards, such as J–J.
  4. Suited 20: if the cards are of the same suit but not the same value (e.g. Q–K) then you’ll have received this combination.
  5. Any 20: as you might easily be able to guess, this final combination doesn’t require any specific cards as long as the cards you received total a value of 20. Therefore, these can be any 2 cards, so long as they add up to 20 (e.g. 10–J).

The payouts of this side bet differ depending on the blackjack game you’ve chosen to play. However, we’re providing a table with the standard payouts associated with all the combinations here:

Combination Payout
Lucky Ladies + Dealer Blackjack 1000:1
Lucky Ladies 200:1
Matched 20 25:1
Suited 20 10:1
Any 20 4:1

Super Sevens

This blackjack side bet, which is also called “Lucky Sevens” or “Crazy Sevens”, revolves around the probability of the player receiving 7s. If the player receives a 7 as their first card, then they win this bet. They receive a higher payout if their second and third cards are also 7s, and also if the 7s are suited. For more information on the possible combinations and their payouts, please consult the below table:

Combination Payout
3 Suited Sevens 5000:1
3 Sevens 500:1
2 Suited Sevens 100:1
2 Sevens 50:1
1 Seven 3:1

Over/Under 13

This is a fairly simple blackjack side bet: with this bet, you’re betting on the probability of getting a hand with either a value of over 13 or under 13, depending on your bet. Generally, if you receive a 13 whilst making this bet you’ll lose. However, this depends on the blackjack game you’ve chosen to play, as some games allow you to bet on getting a 13.

5-Card Charlie

The 5-Card Charlie can be found as either a table rule or a side bet, depending on the blackjack game online you’ve chosen to play. If it’s a table rule then the rule will be automatically applied no matter what; if it’s a bet, then you’re going to need to place a stake yourself. In order to win the 5-Card Charlie, all you need to do is receive 5 cards without going bust.

This bet can also be found as either the 6-Card Charlie or the 7-Card Charlie. The difference between these and the 5-Card Charlie is how many cards you need to be dealt in order to win the bet and the payout you’ll receive. For more information about the payouts of each of the side bets, simply take a look at the below table:

Combination Payout
7-Card Charlie 30:1
6-Card Charlie 10:1
5-Card Charlie 5:1

Blackjack Odds

There are many variables that affect the odds and probabilities that can occur in blackjack, including how many decks are being used in the blackjack game online you’re playing. Moreover, certain rules, such as when you’re allowed to double down, can also affect your online blackjack odds. This is why it’s important to first read the rules of the blackjack games you’d like to play and understand them thoroughly.

However, if you are a gambler that cares about the stats that come with casino games, then it is safe to say that you won’t find a better game to play than online blackjack. This is because blackjack online can come with a house edge of about 0.5%—the lowest house edge that you’ll find at online casinos. Despite that, bear in mind that the house edge fluctuates depending on the blackjack game you’re playing.

Moreover, it also depends if you’re following blackjack basic strategy perfectly. In fact, the house edge in blackjack is about 2% when an inexperienced player is playing—and this house edge is lowered down to about 0.5% if you know what you’re doing. We’ll be explaining more about blackjack basic strategy further down below, so you ought to keep reading if you’d like to know more about how to bend the blackjack casino odds in your favour.

Odds of Winning Blackjack

If you’re playing a blackjack online game with favourable rules and you know what you’re doing, you can expect your odds of winning to be as high as 42%. However, this doesn’t mean that the house wins 58% of the time—there is still the possibility of the round ending in a push. In fact, about 8.5% of all blackjack games will end in a push which, if the rules don’t state otherwise, refunds your original stake. This means that your probability of losing in a blackjack game is about 49.5%. This might seem high but the house edge of blackjack is still one of the best in the casino.

Odds of Getting a Blackjack

Finally, let’s look at the probability of landing the best combination in the game: a blackjack. If you’re playing a single-deck blackjack online game the odds of receiving a blackjack are 32/663—or a probability of 4.83%. This translates to about 1 in 20 hands. If the deck isn’t shuffled after every hand then this probability changes—however, this oughtn’t worry you if you’re playing online blackjack for real money as the deck is always shuffled after every round of play!

This means that the probability of landing a blackjack remains the same throughout. However, if you’re playing a multi-deck blackjack game then expect the probability to shift, but not by much. In fact, in a blackjack game with 2 decks your probability of landing a blackjack is 4.78%, which is only a 0.05% decrease. If you bump up the number of decks to 4, the probability goes down to 4.76%. This decreases further to 4.75% if you’re playing with 6 decks. As you can see, the probability doesn’t vary much—in fact, even if you were to play with 100 decks, the probability only goes down to about 4.74%.

What Are the Online Blackjack Card Values?

Regardless of which online blackjack game you choose to play, the value of the cards will remain the same. Below we have quickly explained the values of the different cards that you will come across when playing on our blackjack casino:

  • The number cards have the same value as the numbers that appear on them; for example, a 5 card has a value of 5.
  • The face cards, that is, jacks, queens, and kings, are all worth 10.
  • Aces can be used as either a 1 or an 11, depending on what’s better for your hand.

With these in mind, it’s easy to keep track of the card values in blackjack online. However, as you might have noticed, the value of the ace varies. This depends on your hand and what’s better for your hand. In other words, if your hand doesn’t exceed a total value of 21, then the ace counts as an 11. This is known as a “soft hand”.

On the other hand, a “hard hand” is any hand that either a) doesn’t have an ace or b) has an ace but the value of the ace is a 1. The ace counts as 1 because if it were to count as 11 you would go bust. So, if you’ve wondered “what is a soft hand in blackjack?“, this ought to have answered your question. As a recap, a table with all the cards and their respective values can be found here below:

Card Value
Ace 1/11
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10
J 10
Q 10
K 10

Blackjack Online Terminology

Blackjack rules are easy enough for beginners to grasp quickly and to start playing with confidence. When it comes down to online blackjack, there will always be automatic guidance to help you out. These are basically instructions that you should consider when you have been dealt your first two cards. So, let us now have a look at the different terms that you can come across when you are playing a game of blackjack:

  • Bankroll: this is the amount of money that you’re playing blackjack with. Ideally, this should only be money that you can afford to lose.
  • Blackjack/Natural: blackjack is obviously the name of the game but it’s also the best combination that you can receive. A blackjack consists of an ace and a 10-value card, such as a king. If you receive a blackjack, you’ll get a 3:2 payout. This is also known as a natural.
  • Bust: if you receive a hand that has a higher value than 21, then you go bust and instantly lose the game.
  • Double Down: doubling down is when you double your original stake and receive another card at the same time. However, that would be your final card as you won’t be able to receive any other cards.
  • Hard/Soft: in a game of blackjack online, the ace can hold a value of 1 or 11. A hard hand is a hand where the ace can only be a 1 because if it is used as an 11, the hand will go bust. A soft hand, on the other hand, is the opposite—you can use the ace as an 11 without going bust.
  • Hit: when you decide to hit, you will be given one more card. This is one of the most basic actions of the game.
  • Insurance: if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, then you can bet that they will have a blackjack. An insurance bet is worth half of your original stake. If you are correct, there will be a payout of 2:1 and you will break even.
  • Multi-Deck: this is when the particular blackjack game online that you’re playing uses more than one deck.
  • Multi-Hand: if you’re playing a multi-hand blackjack game, it means that the game allows you to play with more than one hand at the same time.
  • Push: This is when you have the same value hand as the dealer. In most blackjack online games, your stake will be returned to you.
  • Single-Deck: single-deck blackjack games are games that only use one deck.
  • Single-Hand: this means that the particular blackjack game that you’re playing only allows you to play with one hand.
  • Split: this allows you to split your hand into two separate hands, which gives you double the chance of landing a blackjack. Some variants have different rules about what cards can be split, but the general rule is that cards have to have the same value in order for them to be split.
  • Stand: if you decide to stand, you will stick with the cards that you have been dealt already.
  • Surrender: If you feel that the dealer has a better hand than you, you can surrender half of your stake and pull out of the round.
  • Up Card: if you’re playing a blackjack online game where the dealer deals a faceup and facedown card to himself, the card that you can see is known as the “up card”.

Online Blackjack Strategies

Betiton branded playing cards thrown in the air, one of which has the words "blackjack tips"

Playing new games can be a daunting thing for players who are new to the world of casino online. We are more than aware of this fact which is why we at Betiton™ want to help our members become comfortable when playing games like blackjack online real money. This is why we give our players the chance to play free blackjack via our demo mode.

Moreover, we also want our players to understand the realities of playing blackjack online, and that includes talking about blackjack strategies. There are several blackjack strategy systems that players can come across, each one promising to improve your chances of winning at blackjack—or at least lower your chances of losing. A few of the most well-known blackjack strategy systems include:

  • Blackjack Basic Strategy
  • Martingale System
  • 1326 System
  • Fibonacci System
  • 2-1-2 Manhattan System
  • Card Counting
  • Oscar’s Grind

Other than systems, there are also some basic blackjack tips you can follow. Our best blackjack tips to follow are to always follow responsible gaming measures such as never betting more than you can afford to lose and never chasing your loses. Moreover, be sure to stay hydrated when playing blackjack online. Finally, always try out a blackjack game before playing it with real cash.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Blackjack basic strategy is, as the name implies, the most “basic” form of blackjack strategy that you can follow. This is because blackjack basic strategy simply informs you how to play blackjack as effectively as possible rather than providing you with an entirely “unique” way of playing, so to speak. In other words, basic strategy provides you with the best decision you should take depending on what cards you have and what the dealer’s up card is.

This means that blackjack basic strategy informs you on when to hit, when to stand, when to double down, when to split, and even when to surrender. This might sound like a fairy tale but blackjack basic strategy was actually the result of a computer simulation that ran millions and millions of blackjack games. The computer then figured out for itself what the best moves in blackjack are depending on the variables of the game: what cards you’re dealt and what the dealer’s up card is.

When we say “best moves”, we mean the decisions that lose you the least amount of money in the long run. However, despite the name, the strategy is far from easy to master as it entails memorising an extremely wide array of actions to take—or not take. In fact, there are almost 300 decisions that you need to memorise. But if you’d like to become a better blackjack player, blackjack basic strategy is a fundamental place to start.

What Is Card Counting?

Card counting is arguably the most well-known form of blackjack strategy, thanks in part to its presence in Hollywood movies. Card counting is a group of blackjack strategies (yes, there are multiple forms of card counting, each one known as a “system”) which are meant to determine whether the deck, or the remainder of the deck, bears an advantage to the player or else to the house. What do we mean by this?

Well, card counting is based off the premise that so-called “high cards” (cards with a pretty high value, like As, 10s, and 9s) are more beneficial to the players whilst the “low cards” (the rest of the deck) benefit the house more. Thus, blackjack card counting is done by keeping a mental tally of the number of high cards and low cards in a given deck. This, as you can expect, requires a great deal of concentration to pull off.

In fact, card counting can suck the enjoyment out of playing blackjack as you’ll be way too focused on mentally counting to actually enjoy the game. At the same time, it takes way too much time and effort to actually master it like a pro, and by then you’ll probably be kicked out of a number of casinos. Moreover, card counting doesn’t actually give you that much of an advantage.

In actual fact, the highest advantage over the casino that you’ll get from card counting is about 1.5%—and that’s being generous as the advantage fluctuates between 0.5%–1.5%. Finally, for any blackjack card counting system to work you need a big budget to burn through. For example, the infamous MIT card counting team has $89,000 to work with. That’s not a small sum to come across.

Play Online Blackjack Real Money Games at Betiton™

ace and jack Betiton branded blackjack online real money cards

Betiton™ offers blackjack players lots of opportunities. If you’d like to try any one of our online blackjack games, you can do so for free before playing them with real cash. This is because each one of our blackjack online games has a demo mode available.

Essentially, this allows you to play the game without so much as betting a cent. We’ll explaining the benefit of demo modes in the following section, so be sure to read that if you want to find out more! At the same time, we also provide players a number of other options that serve to diversify their online blackjack playing.

If you want to take your blackjack gaming to the next level, you can consider playing against some live dealers and with some fellow gamblers. Otherwise, you can stick to online blackjack games and play on your own. There’s no right or wrong, it’s perfectly up to you! Playing for real money is something that we also recommend considering seriously as this is the way blackjack was intended to be played!

How to Play Blackjack Online for Money at Betiton™

After everything we’ve said, you’re probably wondering how you can play blackjack online on our online casino. Playing on our blackjack online casino is actually quite easy! All you need to do is the following:

  1. Click on the blue “JOIN” button that’s found at the top left corner of our site (or at the top of the sidebar, just underneath our logo).
  2. This causes a window to pop up which prompts you to fill in the fields with details like your email address, a password, your name, surname, address, etc.
  3. Once you’ve filled in all of the required details, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT”.
  4. Welcome to Betiton™!

After creating your account, you’re going to need to place a deposit. Our minimum deposit is set at €10, so keep this in mind when setting aside an online blackjack gambling budget. At the same time, when placing your first deposit, you can claim our casino welcome offer, which gives you a 100% match bonus, up to €150, and 150 free spins.

Whether or not you claim our welcome bonus, after placing your deposit, you can play blackjack online for money on our casino. To do this, simply go to our online blackjack lobby and browse through the selection of games we have on offer. Once you’ve decided on a game on it, click on it, and you’ll be taken to the interface of that game. Then you just need to enjoy your chosen blackjack game!

Blackjack Demo vs Real Money Blackjack Online

We provide players the option of playing online blackjack for free by offering the possibility of trying our games out via our demo modes. Essentially, you’ll be playing the game without having to bet so much as a cent! There many advantages of playing demo modes before deciding to play blackjack online real money. The first of which is that you’ll be trying out the games and understanding what they offer.

By testing the games first, you’ll be seeing for yourself if they’re worth your time and money! Moreover, if you still don’t know how to play blackjack or you haven’t gotten used to it yet, you can practise playing the game by using our demo modes. Finally, you can also test out any blackjack strategies that you happen to come across and would like to put into practice by using our demo modes.

However, playing only demo modes also has its disadvantages. In fact, you won’t be able to win any real money when playing only demo games, which takes away part of the fun of online blackjack. At the same time, you won’t be able to make use of any of our online casino bonuses when sticking to only demo games. Therefore, whilst playing demo games can be helpful when learning to play blackjack, you ought to consider playing blackjack with real money!

🃏 Demo Blackjack 💸 Blackjack Online Real Money
You can test out the games for free You’ll have to play the games with real money
You won’t win any real money You can win real money
You won’t be able to claim our bonuses You’ll be able to claim our casino bonuses
You can practise the game You’ll be playing the game as it was intended to be played
You can test out blackjack strategies without having to pay You’ll need to lay down bets in order to try out any blackjack strategies

What About Live Blackjack?

At our casino at Betiton.com, you will also find a great live casino platform. You will be able to find a wide range live blackjack tables where you will be able to play against live dealers and alongside fellow blackjack enthusiasts. Live gambling is considered by many gamblers to be the pinnacle of online gambling because of how immersive it is. Live gaming gives you the chance to experience a variety of blackjack games in a different light. The live dealer blackjack games that you will find at Betiton™ include the likes of:

  • Speed Blackjack Live
  • Lightning Blackjack
  • Blackjack Party
  • Platinum Blackjack
  • Blackjack Diamond
  • The Strip Blackjack

Live games are totally different from virtual blackjack games. At a live streaming platform there are real tables, real cards, real players, real dealers, and everything is playing out in real time. Live gaming is something that allows you to have a realistic casino experience without you having to leave your sofa. You will also be able to talk to the dealer and your fellow players, which is a feature that helps to add to the realism. Thus, when playing live casino blackjack, you’ll be playing “real” online blackjack. Remember to keep a look out for live casino bonuses on our Betiton™ Promotions page. These bonuses will let you play live blackjack online using some free credit.

Play Blackjack Online on the Go

If you fancy yourself more of a mobile gamer, or you simply don’t have the luxury of lounging about on your computer playing online blackjack for money, then we have plenty of good news for you: our online casino has been fully optimised for our players to enjoy mobile gaming. This means that no matter what mobile device you use or whatever operating system your device uses, you can play mobile blackjack with ease just the same.

This is thanks to the scalability effect of our website. In effect, whenever you play on our online blackjack casino, the dimensions of the website will scale down to the dimensions of your mobile device’s screen. Of course, this also means that everything within the site scales down to your mobile device, including the games and any images you’ll find on our pages.

At the same time, our real money blackjack online games have also been optimised by the providers that we acquire them from. In other words, our blackjack games are mobile-optimised out of the box. All in all, we’ve done everything we possibly could so that our Irish players can receive the best possible experience when playing mobile blackjack, as they deserve.

Finally, for those of you that are wondering or maybe are accustomed to using blackjack apps, we don’t have a blackjack app for playing real money blackjack on our casino. Whilst the lack of an app may seem like a bad thing, not having to use a blackjack app is actually good because you don’t need to use up your device’s memory storage in order to play blackjack online!

What Benefits Do You Get When Playing Blackjack Online at Betiton™?

You might be wondering just why you ought to play blackjack online for money at Betiton™? Well, we provide our players with a whole range of fantastic benefits that are exclusive to our members, making us one of the best blackjack sites and online casinos in Ireland. Not only do you benefit from a broad selection of blackjack games but you’ll also be able to enjoy a tonne of other online casino games as well. At the same time, we also offer live casino games for those players that want a little bit extra from their playing, making Betiton blackjack Ireland an excellent choice for Irish blackjack players!

Moreover, if casino isn’t exactly your cup of tea, then maybe you’ll enjoy our sports betting section instead, which is packed with a myriad of betting markets on dozens of sports! Other than our vast range of available games and sports bets, new players on our casino get to claim our casino welcome bonus. Of course, sports bettors can instead claim our sports welcome bonus. Finally, casino lovers are also rewarded for doing what they enjoy: playing casino games! This is thanks to our loyalty programme that rewards our members.

For a full list of benefits that you can enjoy from simply signing up can be found here:

blackjack online real money chips being thrown in the air
  • Over 1000 high-quality real money games, including slot games, table games, and online bingo, for players to enjoy playing
  • An massive selection of virtual tables such as pokervideo pokerbaccarat, and real money blackjack
  • An equally sizeable live casino lobby that’s full to the brim with live dealer games, such as live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat
  • An Irish gaming lobby that’s updated with new casino games daily
  • sports betting section where you can bet on 100s of markets on sports like football, rugby, Gaelic games, golf, etc.
  • An impressive range of promotional offers and exclusive benefits for all our casino members
  • Mobile, desktop, and tablet website accessibility without the need to download an app
  • High-end safety and security measures
  • Good range of trustworthy payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bank transfer, Mastercard, and Visa
  • Customer support in several different languages, French and German included
  • Various customer service contact options including live chat and email
  • A licence from the Malta Gaming Authority (licence #MGA/CRP/148/2007)
  • A licence from the UK Gambling Commission (licence #039483-R-319409-016)
  • Holder of an Irish Remote Bookmaker’s Licence (licence #1014834)

Other Casino Games at Betiton™:

Other than playing blackjack online, our casino is packed with a variety of other games that you can enjoy! Our other casino game options include the following:

  • Arguably the most popular casino game of all time, online slots can be found at pretty much every online casino you come across. These straightforward casino games come in a variety of themes and offer exciting bonuses.
  • If you love playing online slots but would like a bit extra out of them, then you ought to consider playing jackpot slots. These are just like regular slots but they offer a jackpot, which is a form of large cash bonus!
  • When it comes to popular casino games, we’d be silly if we forgot about online roulette. Roulette is a classic casino game much like blackjack and you can find plenty of online roulette games on our casino.
  • Last but definitely not least, if you’re in a rush but would like to play some casino games, then online scratch cards might be the best option for you! These are lottery-based, instant-win games that you can enjoy in a matter of seconds!

Additional Information:

Blackjack Online FAQs

How does blackjack work?

Blackjack revolves around the important value of 21, which is the best and highest possible value achievable in the game. If you instantly receive a hand with a value of 21 you win the game! However, you also win if your hand is simply better than the dealer’s. The game begins by the dealer dealing 2 cards to you and 2 to himself. You can either keep your cards or ask for more. After you’ve finished your turn, the dealer will play his turn: depending on his hand he will either keep his cards or take more cards. The winner is chosen depending on whose hand is better!

Can you play real blackjack online?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. At this casino you can enjoy playing a whole host of online blackjack games. Each game will provide slightly different rules, giving you a different experience every time.

How can I win at online blackjack?

You can win at online blackjack by receiving a hand with a value of 21 on your first 2 cards! This is only possible by receiving an ace and a 10-value card (10, J, Q, or K). However, you can also win by having a better hand than the dealer’s.

How do you play blackjack online at home?

The best thing about having a Betiton™ account is that you can access all our games using any device that can connect to the Internet. You can play all our games from the comfort of your own living room without having to download a single thing.

What do I need to have in order to play online blackjack?

If you’d like to play blackjack online for real money, you’re going to need to create a Betiton™ account. To do this simply click the “JOIN” button, fill in your details, and you’re good to go! Once your account has been created, be sure to deposit some money into your account in order to play.

Is online blackjack safe?

The software of each game that you can find on our site is tested and verified by iTech Labs before we let anyone start playing them for real money. Furthermore, we make use of the best security technology to make sure that your personal information and bank details are safe.

How do you play blackjack online real money for beginners?

If you have not played blackjack before, then we suggest that you use our free demos before you wagering any real money. When you play for free you can teach yourself the rules as well as learn any blackjack strategies that you are thinking about using. You will be able to find some more valuable information over on our blackjack strategy page.

Can you play blackjack online for real money?

Absolutely! If you’ve created your Betiton™ account and placed a deposit, you can play online blackjack real money. Be careful how much you spend however! Our suggestion is stick to a bankroll of money that you can afford to lose!

What is the best online blackjack game for money?

The best blackjack game online that you can play is the one that appeals to you the most. There is no game that is better than another as it boils down to your enjoyment at the end of the day. This is very important to know when you decide to play blackjack for money as you should always prioritise your enjoyment first!

Is playing blackjack online illegal?

Playing blackjack online is perfectly legal at Betiton™! This is because we are licenced by a number of gaming authorities, including the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and we hold a Remote Bookmaker’s Licence provided by the Irish Office of the Revenue Commissioners. However, always be sure to check your local laws!

Do online casinos cheat in online blackjack?

Absolutely not. All of our online blackjack games are independently tested and verified as random by iTech Labs. This means that all of our games are fair and random.

Does card counting work in online blackjack?

Whilst card counting can potentially work in regular blackjack games, it has no effect in online blackjack games. This is because the results in online blackjack are completely random thanks to the RNG (Random Number Generator) technology that underpins them. Moreover, the decks are generally “shuffled” after each dealing.

Is blackjack all luck or is there skill involved?

Whilst online blackjack is mostly based on luck due to the randomised results, the fact that your actions can affect the outcome of the game means that there is some skill involved. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to win all the time even if you use blackjack strategy perfectly!

Does basic strategy work in online blackjack?

Basic strategy works in online blackjack because basic strategy essentially depends on the rules of blackjack. In other words, blackjack basic strategy simply instructs you on what actions to take depending on the dealer’s up card—which means that you can use it in online blackjack. However, using blackjack basic strategy doesn’t mean that you’ll always be winning!

How often does online blackjack shuffle?

The decks in blackjack games online are shuffled after each dealing. This means that you’ll be playing with a “fresh” deck after each hand.

Is blackjack hard to learn?

The rules of blackjack aren’t actually too difficult to grasp. Moreover, you won’t have to do many actions to play the game, which means that it’s actually not all that difficult to learn how to play.

Can I play blackjack online for free?

Of course! Here at Betiton™ we offer all of our players the option to try out blackjack online free. However, this is only so that players can test out games before wagering any real cash. If you don’t play blackjack for real money, you won’t be able to win real money! Moreover, playing blackjack online for real money gives you access to our bonuses!

Is it better to surrender early if I don’t have good cards?

Yes, it is! Surrendering when your hand isn’t looking too good actually gives you a slight advantage in the long run. However, don’t just surrender every hand you think is bad. You ought to base your decisions on the dealer’s up card and the cards you’ve received. Moreover, your decisions with regards to surrendering should also be based on a proper understanding of blackjack basic strategy.

Are the odds at winning at online blackjack the same as those playing land-based casino blackjack?

Yes, the odds are the same since you have the exact same rules for both land-based and online blackjack games. However, bear in mind that online blackjack games are shuffled after every hand, which offers a different experience to blackjack played in land-based casinos.

What is a soft hand in blackjack?

A soft hand in blackjack is when you have an ace in your hand that counts as an 11. If the ace in your hand counts as a 1 then that’s a hard hand.

Is card counting illegal?

Card counting is actually not illegal—not unless you’re using an electronic device that helps you count cards. However, card counting is not tolerated by casinos and there’s a chance you’ll be immediately banned from that land-based casino—and possibly every other casino in your area. Finally, card counting doesn’t work when playing online blackjack as this form of casino game is completely randomised!