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Live Roulette


What is Live Roulette?

Live roulette is an exciting game that takes virtual roulette to a whole new level. Instead of having to go to a land-based casino to experience the thrill of the wheel and rubbing shoulders with other players, live roulette enables you to play the same thrilling game from home. When settling into a game of roulette live, all you need is good Wi-Fi, a seat and a bankroll that you can manage well throughout your gaming.

Playing live roulette is the same as playing it in virtual form. The rules and setup are the same depending on the roulette type, but more on that later on. You will see all the different bets that are available to you, usually inside or outside bets. Playing at a casino live like this means the dealer will tell you when to place your bets, which you do on your virtual screen at home.

All of the action is then videoed and streamed live directly to you at home. The table and wheel are covered by various cameras in order to capture all the angles of the action making casino games of this kind. With live roulette, you also get to play a number of different roulette versions including European roulette, a popular variant commonly found in the UK. But we also offer other variants as well.

Type of roulette

  • European
  • American
  • French

European Roulette

European roulette is probably the most popular game for players from the UK. It has 37 pockets going from zero to 36 giving. European roulette has a number of different bets available to you, but not quite as many as French roulette. The game works like a standard roulette game, whereby you will place your bets, the ball will spin and you have to predict where the ball will land.

American Roulette

American roulette was the only option for American players for many years. In fact, the game was solely found on that continent for a long time, until the advent of internet gaming where it has now become more accessible to British casino players. However, this game has the highest house edge of the three variants as there is an extra pocket thanks to the introduction of an additional, double zero, pocket. This makes the game even harder to predict.

French Roulette

French roulette offers players two additional bets similar to some live blackjack games. The first of these is La Partage which means that after a spin, if the ball lands on the green zero, you will get half your bet back. The En Prison rule is similar – it happens on an even bet with the ball landing on green zero, except the bet is kept and played again for the next round.

Different types of bets

  1. Inside bets
  2. Outside bets
  3. Neighbor bets

Inside bets are all found on the inside of the table on the roulette game. These bets are the ones that, if landed, will pay out the largest amount, but they are the most high risk. They include much more specific bets such as placing your bet on just one single number. Other inside bets include placing bets as splits, street bets, corner or even five bets. Each of these can be a big bonus to your bankroll if you succeed.

Outside bets pay out a lot less than inside bets. However, these bets have a greater probability of landing. This means that you are more likely to get paid out little and often when playing these options. Unlike blackjack, live roulette gives you a lot of different choices. Popular outside bets include betting on odd/even or red/black. These payout the lowest. You can also place column, dozen or low/high bets and keep your bankroll ticking over.

Neighbour bets are the last betting option available to you. In this type of bet, when betting on online roulette games, you can choose a number and the four numbers that are right next door to it. This will be the two to the right of the number and two to the left of the number as it appears on the roulette wheel, not on the paytable board. You should check the wheel to see the neighbouring numbers before placing this bet.

Live roulette on Mobile now!

With technology progressing at the rate that it is, mobile devices are now hugely important to most of us. A large number of players now actually access their games and favourite casino sites via mobile devices. To accommodate this, we have made sure that all of our games are available via mobile devices. Our casino site is fully optimised to ensure you of smooth and seamless gameplay. You can log on to our mobile browser and get the same gaming experience.

Not only that, but the majority of game providers are also making sure that their games are playable on smaller screens. Most games including live roulette, have been created using HTML5 formatting so that they are customisable to small screens of different shapes. When you play you lose nothing of the original game, plus it is scalable so that any device you are using will give you the game in its optimal format giving you a great gaming experience.

Support and Loyalty program

Everything generally works incredibly well at betiton. However, we are aware that occasionally, players in Britain may have a question to ask, or an unexpected issue might arise. In those instances, we have our stellar support system in place. We offer a wide variety of methods you can use to get in contact with us and all of these methods are manned by our knowledgeable, friendly and efficient staff who will get you back on track as soon as possible.

We don’t just make it easy for you to play on our site through the support system, but also via the fun extras we make available to you. This is particularly through our Loyalty program that we offer players from the UK. By joining our Loyalty program, you are able to get your hands on bigger and better rewards and bonuses. These bonuses come in many forms and can help you to get ahead when playing online with us.

Deposit and withdrawal

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals at betiton Casino we have made it as easy as we can. There are a number of different payment methods that you can use and these include options such as card payments, eWallets and other instant pay options. All of the methods that we offer on our site are all secure and reliable, coming from trusted providers ensuring that your money is safe. There are also no fees attached to these payment options.

Deposits generally have a larger selection for UK players. All of these methods generally transfer instantly which means that you can get playing your favourite game right away. Withdrawals utilise most of the same payments, but not all of them so check out the list carefully before making your final selection. In addition, withdrawals will undergo a processing time, which effects how fast the money shows up in your account. Transaction times will also vary depending on the withdrawal method you have chosen.

Play Responsibly

At betiton Casino we pride ourselves on offering a fun and safe gaming platform. To be able to offer this type of gaming experience, we take responsible gaming very seriously. This means that we offer you many opportunities to get in touch with someone that can help you through our various different gaming hotlines. We also give you the option to self exclude if you feel that your gaming is becoming a bit too much or is overwhelming your daily life.


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