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Online Roulette


How to play Online Roulette

Almost every online casino offers roulette in some form or another. A hugely popular game in land-based casinos, roulette online is now a staple at casinos the world over. One of the reasons for its popularity is the ease with which the game can be learnt and then played. In fact, there’s no skill needed here, just the ability to manage a bankroll and the money you are spending. What happens in roulette is that you’re presented with a large paytable that contains all the numbers available on the wheel and the various bet types you can do. You can place your bets on as many different betting options as you like, provided you have the money for it. When the ball is dropped, all bets are stopped while everyone waits to see which pocket the ball will end up in. If the ball lands in the pocket you have bet on, you will win. If not, then you just have to play again. Depending on the probability of your bet occurring, the odds and subsequent payout will differ.

Rules of Online Roulette

One of the main rules you need to be aware of in roulette is when to bet. This is the same across all roulette variants no matter if it is a live game run by a dealer or a virtual game operated by software. Whichever game type you are playing, you will always be told when the bets must be placed and when no more bets can be added. If you try and bet outside of these times, your bet won’t count. Essentially, you can still bet when the roulette wheel has already been spun, but once the ball is dropped, your time is up. When playing a roulette game you also have to follow the specific bet options that are allowed. This means abiding by the minimum bet value (something that is similar when you play online slots). If you don’t fit into the minimum or maximum bet categories, your bet will be disallowed and you will have to wait for the next round of play before you can place a bet on the outcome of the spin.

Different ways to bet

  1. Inside bets
  2. Outside bets
  3. Neighbour bets

There are a number of different betting options available when playing roulette. Each bet type will give you a different payout depending on the probability of that event occurring. Inside bets, for instance, cover the higher payout options and are found on the inside of the paytable – where all the numbers are. An inside bet can include a straight bet (picking just one number – this is the highest payout if you’re right), split (two adjacent numbers on the table), street and so on. Outside bets have lower returns, but are much more likely to occur. These can be found on the edge of the paytable and include things such as betting on odds/evens or red/black. It also covers betting on large sections of the paytable, including columns and dozen bets. You can also place neighbour bets, which means picking a single number and the four numbers that are around it. As you can see, there are many more betting options than there are for blackjack, for example, but unlike other casino games, you don’t get bonus spins unless you play French roulette where this sort of happens due to the betting options – read more on that later!

Different types of roulette

  • American
  • French
  • European

American Roulette is the game that is most commonly played in the US. Having moved across from Europe, the Americans put their own spin on the game by adding an extra pocket to the wheel. Instead of having a single zero, the American game has an additional double zero pocket as well. This tends to make it the least desirable of all the different roulette versions, purely because it is harder to win due to that extra pocket making it harder to predict where the ball will end up. However, this game has been hugely popular in the US for years, with US players unable to access the other game versions until the arrival of online casinos! Generally elsewhere throughout gameplay, this game offers the same rules and betting types as the other versions. You simply choose the bet you wish to play, place your bets and watch the wheel spin, hoping the ball will land on your pocket. It’s up to you, but we suggest players in Britain stick to the European game!

French roulette is a variant of the European wheel and has the same pockets and numbers as its close cousin. It also offers most of the same betting options, making it a perfectly great option. However, it does stand out from the other two versions, in that it does offer some extra betting rules. The French game offers both the La Partage and En Prison rules. The first of these means that after a bet, if the ball lands in the green zero, you only lose half your bet – the other half is returned back to you. The En Prison rule is similar in that it takes effect when the ball lands on the zero. However, you won’t get your bet back; it will remain on the paytable for a second spin on the wheel – which is essentially a bonus spin! It is important to note though, that both of these bets are only possible on even bets.

European roulette is probably the most popular version, which is one of the better online roulette games odds. Like the other roulette options available, it involves placing a bet and predicting into which pocket the ball will land. All of the betting options are available, including inside and outside bets. Players using the European roulette wheel will find themselves with the most varied options, as this game is found as both virtual and live versions. No matter which one of these game types you choose to play. Maintaining and managing your bankroll is also crucial to any success on the game. There are also variants on European roulette, in that you can play double ball games, auto options and even dual play games where the wheel and paytable is set in a real life casino! In this game, online players can play directly alongside players who are actually in the casino, thus enhancing the player experience for those joining the game from home.

Play your favourite roulette game on your mobile

Due to the high usage of mobile devices around the world, most providers are now creating their games using HTML5 format, which means they are scalable to any screen. At Betiton we also followed this trend and have ensured that our site is mobile optimised for complete access on any device.

Play Responsibly

We take responsible gambling very seriously. To aid any players from the UK who might be struggling, we have a number of gambling helplines listed as well as the option to self-exclude.

Customer Service and Loyalty program

We are always striving to ensure that everything works smoothly for our UK players. With that in mind, we have a wide range of support options available as well as a Loyalty program which offers additional bonuses to you when you join.

Deposits and withdrawals

At Betiton, we want to make it easy for British players to make a deposit or withdrawal on our site. In order to cater to this need, we have made sure that we offer a huge range of different payment options. These are generally the same for both withdrawals and deposits. The only main difference to make note of is that deposits occur instantly, whereas withdrawals have to undergo a processing period.


Is it safe to play online roulette?


Can I play roulette online for real money?

Yes, you can play demo and real money at Betiton

Is online roulette available at Betiton?

Yes, you can find online roulette on our casino section

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