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How to practice with Blackjack Trainer in Canada

julio 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Blackjack is one of the most exciting and profitable games Canadian players can play at Betiton casino online. But the game involves plenty of skills and rules. If you can play the game following the perfect strategy, you will have chances to win big. That’s why you need to follow a blackjack guide to teach yourself. You can learn the important blackjack strategy by using the blackjack trainer.

The platform will give you all types of tips and tricks to master the game. Blackjack trainer can help you to learn the basics of when to stand, when to hit or double-down and when to split pairs in any condition. By studying the basic rules you will be able to make the best decision to play successfully. You don’t need to pay anything. The trainer is completely free and helps to improve your skills before you start to play with real money.

What is a blackjack trainer?

One of the most exciting online games to play in Betiton casino is blackjack. But the game is not a very easy one, and the players need to learn some basic strategies to play the game properly. Blackjack trainer is an online tool through which new players can learn to apply the basic rules while playing the game in an online casino.

Once you start using this user-friendly platform, you will be quite confident in applying basic strategies in Blackjack. Blackjack trainer comes with different variables for Canadian blackjack gamers which they can arrange for themselves like the quality of gaming, volume and the game difficulty degree which are quite simple to expert. You will also find a stopwatch that you can keep off or on according to your requirements. For example, the stopwatch is on in the expert mode, and if you act very slowly then you will get a penalty.

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Why use a blackjacktrainer?

As a new player, you need to use a blackjack trainer to know how to play blackjack. The trainer helps you to execute a strategy to give a better feel of the basic rules included in playing blackjack. If you use the trainer, you will increase your chances of winning and entirely decrease the house advantage.

The trainer offers you tips to better your winning moves. If you make a mistake, you will see a prompt appeared on your screen. The prompt will advise you on the operation you should have done instead. Your main purpose will be to make perfect strategic decisions every time. The platform will provide an accuracy rating by tracking your moves for your session. You can also consult the blackjack chart to help you make the right moves. But after a time period, you will be able to play confidently without any help.

Free to use

The blackjack trainer is fully free of charge. At present, the players in Canada don’t need to register for any costly training platform. You will get free play money to bet while you learn about the basic strategy of blackjack. The trainer is a fun alternative to involve in a strategy book. By using the free platform, you will be able to improve your blackjack skills effectively.

The trainer will teach you the most popular card counting strategy, you will learn lots of gameplay statistics and eventually, you will be able to play without a hassle. The platform will train you to try the correct move every time you practice the blackjack trainer online. As a result, you will increase your odds of winning. And you will get all these without paying a fee. So, enjoy your free blackjack education before you start to play the famous game for real money at Betiton.

The best way to practice

The blackjack trainer will offer you three different play levels, such as easy, medium and hard. In order to move forward, you must select one of them. After choosing your level of play, you have to select your bet. After that, you will need to click the deal option. When you click the deal button, you will be able to see your cards facing up.

However, if you want to change your betting amount, don’t select the deal option. Instead, select the clear option to clear any previous bets. You will get the chance to click split, stand hit or double after you have seen your cards. Always check the strategy chart to improve your blackjack strategy. If you take a wrong move, do not worry. You will not lose any money, and the blackjack trainer will allow a prompt to appear on your screen. The prompt will tell you how you can better your strategy next time around.

Learn the Blackjack strategy

With the free blackjack trainer, you can train yourself for the real game in your own time. One of the greatest advantages of using the platform is the training comes absolutely free. Undoubtedly, learning basic blackjack rules with the blackjack trainer is very easy. You use the card counting skill when you keep traces of the number of low and high cards left in the dealers’ deck. You can win big If you can count the cards accurately and can increase your bet depending on the odds.

After each round, lower your bet if the count is positive. If the count is negative, increase your bet instead. The reason is, there will be more low-value cards left in the deck. Counting cards is not always for learning to win big at blackjack. It is a simple technique to give you an idea about the deck. As long as you are applying proper blackjack strategies, you will have the chance to win big.

How to use the blackjack trainer

Using the free blackjack trainer to increase your winning odds at Betiton is quite easy. You can press the Deal option to start instantly. You can also modify the options to practice the version of blackjack that you would like to play. You will find the blackjack chart under the Help section. The trainer updates the Help section depending on the game rules and options. There are seven variables to adjust.

They are, whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17, if you are allowed to double-down after splitting, if surrender is allowed, number of decks you are playing, the amount blackjack pays, re-split your hands and type of game you would like to practice. Once you have set up the table, the blackjack chart will upgrade itself to reveal the best blackjack strategy to play. Simply click the Help button to view the chart. You will find the right move for your last play.

Blackjack trainer rules

The bets and cash in the blackjack trainer are just like the blackjack game. But there is only one difference. You will be able to see the score at the bottom which will be based on your strategy but not on your wins or losses. While playing in the free blackjack trainer, don’t forget to watch the indicators that light up based on the moves you take. When you follow the correct strategy then the correct indicator lights up. If you apply the wrong strategy the corresponding indicator lights up.

Your count will increase if you use proper strategy and it will decrease if you use incorrect strategy. The easiest way to find the game tips and the strategy chart is to use the blackjack trainer. As a beginner, try to use the strategy chart which comes with the training platform. The extremely easy and math-based chart will help you to practice the game effectively.

Practice blackjack strategy

Many blackjack players in Canada like this game for the high winning odds. In addition to that, the players can also have the ability to make decisions, influence the outcome and control the whole process. Your success depends on the strategy you follow If you are new at blackjack, it is tough to follow a perfect strategy.

As a player, you need to make a lot of decisions like taking the decision to split, doing double, taking another card or waiting for the dealer to bust. Therefore, it is not wise to play the game for real money immediately. It is best to use the blackjack trainer for free to improve your strategy. After that, you can play for real. The blackjack simulator almost completely provides the same environment of playing in an online casino for real cash. The simulator will teach you all the basic and advanced rules you play to win blackjack online.

Learn how to count cards

While counting cards can increase your chances to win big at blackjack, the process needs a huge time commitment. It is tough to master and very time consuming to play. Undoubtedly, the best way to practice counting cards online is to use the free blackjack trainer platform. The Canadian players deal with three types of cards, such as low, mid and broadway. You will get positive points if you get rid of the low-value cards. The mid cards are unbiased, you have to keep track of them.

Try not to get rid of the broadway cards as you will lose points. As a beginner, you will have the chance to try a few hands to make sure you get the correct count on each hand one by one. As an intermediate player, you can take the help of the trainer and see if you are able to maintain the right running count. As an advanced player, you can bet based on the true count.


You can play blackjack for free by visiting Betiton casino as we offer free blackjack games or using a blackjack trainer.

You can practice blackjack my studying strategy cards with you play free blackjack games or when learning on a blackjack trainer.

You can play blackjack for beginners by setting the level to ‘easy’ when you play on a online blackjack trainer at an online casino such as Betiton.

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