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How to practice with Blackjack Trainer in Ireland

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 24, 2022

New players who look forward to excelling at blackjack can boost their skills by using a blackjack trainer. Before you can make wagers, it’s advisable to first learn actions you should make while playing the game. The reason is that blackjack is based around specific rules and procedures that have to be adhered to.

A blackjack trainer helps to teach you the important rules and procedures of the game. You could view this blackjack guide as a launching pad that shields you from losses as you don’t need to spend money to learn how the game is played. Additionally, the trainer is free and accessible around the clock on the Betiton platform.

It is one way to avoid mistakes and errors in your game as you are also trained on how to quickly and accurately respond to situations. With different strategies out there, you want to first master the basic strategy. This is what many prolific players may term as the winning formula.

What is a blackjack trainer?

Simply explained, a blackjack trainer is a program designed to mimic a blackjack online casino game. It is a platform on which players can learn how to play blackjack, test new ideas, and also play for fun without digging into their pockets. Using a blackjack trainer, you could learn the rules around the game that you are required to obey in order to boost your chances of winning. Before you start playing for money, you are encouraged to first learn the basic strategy.

This is especially necessary if you are new to the game and would like to hone your skills and avoid costly mistakes in future. Even experienced players will occasionally use a trainer for purposes of either exploring new strategies, or for the fun. The best part is that it includes strategy drills to gauge how well you know blackjack and also to show you where you need to improve.

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Why use a Blackjack Trainer?

Why do you really need to use a blackjack trainer? The simple answer is to learn how to play blackjack. While you may have the confidence after reading a few online tutorials, until you actually get your hands on the real experience you cannot know if you are ready for the casino game.

What you should not do is to try to learn while you play the blackjack casino game as this could be costly in the end. With the blackjack trainer, you are shielded from any costs and the program prepares you to finally transition into playing for money.

You don’t need to spend any money while using the blackjack trainer, and it helps you to learn important skills like how to use the basic strategy and card counting. You also gain speed and accuracy in your decisions for better results while playing the blackjack casino game.

Free to use

One mistake you don’t want to commit when you are new to the blackjack casino game is to play for money right away. It exposes you to great risk and losing is almost guaranteed. To avoid this, you are advised to apprentice with a trainer program, which you can find on Betiton free of charge.

The beauty of the program is that you are not required to deposit anything to get started with training. This allows you to comfortably learn the basic strategy and make mistakes before you are ushered into the world of playing with real money. And being free does not mean there will be missing features.

The program accurately replicates a blackjack casino game with all features, rules, and procedures included. It is a good way to save you money that could have otherwise been lost while trying to find your way with the real game.

The Best Way to Practice

What better way to learn the basic blackjack strategy than through playing on a trainer program. Unlike in the past where you had to rely on theoretical lessons, the blackjack trainer offers you the chance to embrace a real casino experience.

It helps you to put theoretical knowledge into practice so you can understand how things work in reality. The hands-on approach helps you with decision making and tests your ability to respond to situations abruptly. Basic strategy drills and drills for counting cards offer the most effective method to learn the basics of blackjack.

Being actively involved in executing the different steps and procedures comes with a lasting impact. Drills in this case mostly help you to improve your speed and accuracy, which are crucial in the game. You can use the program for as long as you want until you are confident you can beat the casino.

Learn the blackjack strategy

Without the blackjack strategy, you would be sailing without radar. The blackjack strategy is the blueprint that informs your decisions and helps you to avoid costly mistakes. One of the benefits of using the blackjack trainer is that it takes you through this strategy and helps you to understand each step.

The program is able to identify areas where you are having difficulties so you can focus on those. Through strategy drills, you can demonstrate your strongest skills and also in the process learn new ideas that would be applicable in the game. It is a comprehensive exercise that uses a hands-on approach to impart important skills.

Additionally, the blackjack strategy would not be complete without tips on counting cards, so that as well is included as a vital lesson. There is also a timed drill for card counting that helps you to gain useful knowledge in the blackjack casino game.

How to use the blackjack trainer

There are different reasons you might want to use the Betiton blackjack trainer. The most common is where one is a blackjack novice and is looking to learn and master the basic strategy and rules of the game so as to improve their odds against the casino.

In this case, you take a learning approach that exposes you to the intricacies that surround blackjack. Using the program offers the easiest solution for learners as you are able to actively be involved, which imparts better understanding. However, sometimes you could be an already experienced player looking to hone your skills further.

Or you might just be looking to play to have fun. In this case, the fact that the program is free is also a big motivation. But this is not to say an experienced player cannot learn. A blackjack trainer offers you a perfect platform for testing new ideas, and you could also explore new methods that you had not tried before.

Blackjack trainer rules

To rate your abilities and understanding of the game, the blackjack trainer uses different rules in its algorithm. Generally, the trainer picks all player decisions and then runs a comparison with the blackjack strategy. This process returns results showing how well you have been able to follow the rules.

Additionally, the program awards penalties when your decisions are delayed, say for more than 12 seconds. What you are required is to respond accurately and quickly for you to qualify as a successful student. It benefits you to learn these basic strategy tips and rules then apply them while ensuring your responses are accurate and timely.

These skills if replicated in the real casino game give you an edge over the casino, which raises your odds of beating the system. It could take a while to get used, but once you master how to play by the rules you will enjoy playing for money.

Practice blackjack strategy

Overall, the most important skill you want to pick from using the blackjack trainer is the basic blackjack strategy. This is an important part of the game as it could as well be considered as the masterstroke if you can accurately apply it.

The trainer program lays emphasis on understanding every detail about the strategy and applying the skills appropriately. From counting cards to knowing which move to make, it helps you to become a smarter player. Your brain should be ahead of the casino if you look to beat the software.

Part of the practice focuses on speed and accuracy. You need to be able to make the right decision and execute it before time lapses. These are things you cannot learn theoretically or while playing with real money. Only the blackjack simulator will allow you to fail many times at no cost until you perfect your skills.

Learn how to count cards

To finally succeed as a blackjack player, you have to know how to count cards. Card counting is a primary strategy in blackjack casino that is used by both the dealer and the player, so to beat the system you have to know how everything works.

This process uses a mathematical formula to track the number of both low and high cards in the dealer’s deck. This skillset is vital in normal gameplay. The free blackjack trainer assists players in learning fast how to count cards. First, you are guided on how to recognize and memorize values assigned to different cards in the game.

Then you learn how to find the value of all these cards. All calculations are timed to help you gain speed and enhance accuracy. A good card counting strategy will impressively raise your chances of beating the system when you play the blackjack casino game.


You can play blackjack for free by visiting Betiton casino as we offer free blackjack games or using a blackjack trainer.

You can practice blackjack my studying strategy cards with you play free blackjack games or when learning on a blackjack trainer.

You can play blackjack for beginners by setting the level to ‘easy’ when you play on a online blackjack trainer at an online casino such as Betiton.

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