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How to play Blackjack Online in Canada?

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Betiton blackjack is a tricky but fun-filled online casino game. You can play it with either one, two, four, six or even eight decks of cards. Usually, your goal is to beat the dealer who shuffles the cards. Most casinos in Canada today, however, rely on continuous shuffling machines for shuffling the cards. In this blackjack guide, you will learn some of the tricks that will increase your odds of beating the dealer. You’ll also learn some of the special situations you can expect in a game of casino blackjack.

Playing the blackjack casino game in 6 steps

Knowing blackjack rules is the key to beating the house and having fun on the casino table. If you’re new to casino table games, it can be a bit confusing when you join a blackjack table for the first time. Usually, it seems like all the players are masters of the art and things move pretty fast, making the game a bit intimidating. Don’t fret, though because, playing this casino game is relatively easy. Follow these steps to know everything that will be on the table in front of you.

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Step one: Buy chips

Most casinos do not accept ‘cash plays’ these days so you will need the casino chips to go ahead with the game. The basic strategy in buying the chips is to place money on the felt of the table. The dealer will then spread the money out on the table so the cameras can confirm the exact amount you’ve paid. The pit boss will then verify this amount. After the verification, the dealer will push chip denominations matching the value of your money towards you to place wagers.

Step two: Player places a wager

You should place your wager in the betting circle when each round begins to proceed with the game. Depending on the table, the spot where you place your bet can also be represented by the casino logo or a square. According to the blackjack strategy, the table will indicate for you the betting limits either on the far left side or far right corner of that table. Most tables in Canada will require that you place a minimum wager of at least CAD$5 for each hand.

Step three: Dealer deals cards to players

After placing bets, the dealer will deal cards clockwise to the players so that he gets one card and each player receives a card too. He will repeat the process to introduce a second card for each player. He will then flip one of the cards over to show the players its value. In counting cards‘ values, aces count as 1 or 11 while Jack, 10, king and queen count as 10. The other which cards range from 2 to 9 count according to the face value on them.

Step four: Decide how to play hand

In playing hands, the dealer will let a ‘first base,’ which is the player on his left hand to play his hand. You will have two cards that are facing up in front of the bet you placed. You add the card values or odds to get the hand total but not touch any card. Instead, you can make the decisions you want to be known using hand signals. This is to help avoid possible verbal confusion and keep the game flowing. Here is a breakdown of the signs you’ll use:

  • Stand
  • Hit
  • Double down
  • Split
  • Surrender

If you are contented with the value of your cards, you will need to let the dealer know that you don’t want to get more cards, thus ‘stand’. You can do this by waving your hand or place an open palm on the felt. If the dealer accepts tips from players, you may tip him from your generosity and those of your fellow players. You can do this with the casino chips instead of giving him real cash thus placing a bet for him.

Hit in blackjack hand signals imply that you need more cards for boosting the hand total that you already have. If you’re still new to the blackjack casino games in Canada, it’s recommendable that you use a blackjack trainer so you can learn and master how to count the cards, etc. If you signal a ‘Hit’ you will be ‘dealt’ extra cards until you either decide to ‘Stand’ or if you go past 21(bust). To signal this option to the dealer, you will use your finger to tap the felt.

In ‘doubling down,’ you double the first wager after being ‘dealt’ the two first cards. The dealer will hand you one extra card. Most casinos in Canada will let you double down on random two cards (DOA) though some may limit this to hands with a total of either 10 or 11. You can use the blackjack simulator to learn the right decisions to make when playing hands like this. Signal ‘double down’ by placing another bet equal to the first one but on the left side of the initial bet.

When you’re dealt a pair, which is two cards with the same value, you can place another bet. The dealer will split the pair so that each of those cards becomes a new one on two different hands. You can then place a free blackjack bet with the same value as the first bet. Signal for ‘split’ in blackjack by placing a new bet next to the first one in a betting circle. Follow that with a peace sign to tell the dealer that you’re splitting and not doubling down.

Surrender in Betiton blackjack casino game may work to your advantage if it’s used well. The only drawback is that when casinos allow it, most players surrender ‘excess’ hands which makes it challenging to earn the advantage that comes with this option. ‘Surrender’ works by letting you give up the first bet, so you get half of it back. Signal it by saying “surrender” then act as if you’re cutting a slit in the felt using an imaginary knife as you draw a line behind your wager.

Step five: Dealer plays hand

The dealer’s ‘up-card’ determines the best choice when he ‘plays hand’. Based on the ‘up-card’ number and the numbers you’re having, you can decide to play for each of the dealer up-card and available player combinations so that you are left with either ‘standing immediately’, ‘make a hand’, or your ‘hand gets out of play’. If your ‘hand gets out of play’, you can ‘surrender’ or ‘bust.’ If you didn’t surrender or bust, the dealer would be free to play their hand. The dealer can, however, not double, split, or surrender.

Step six: The payouts

After playing hands, if the dealer busts, he pays ‘even money’ to those hands that are still in play. If he makes a hand, but yours is still in play, you’ll have to determine with him who has the higher hand. If you have a higher hand, the dealer will pay you ‘even money’. If he has the higher hand’ he sweeps your bet. If you both have an equal hand total, a ‘push’, you both retain your money but get no compensation on the wager.

Special situations

In as much as the Betiton blackjack online casino can be entertaining, games of blackjack may not be the same all the time. Some games may be different from the steps you’ve seen above. That means that you should expect these special situations so that when they happen, they don’t affect your user experience during gameplay. To make it easier for you, we have expounded on some of the situations that are common with the blackjack casino games in Canada. Find them below.

The insurance/even money

This is a side bet which you get if your dealer’s ‘up-card’ turns out to be an ace. Before playing, the dealer will give you insurance. If you had a blackjack, however, the dealer may offer you ‘even money.’ The insurance lets you place a bet that’s half your first wager, or even less, and earn 2:1 if the dealer is having a 10 underneath. Here, you lose your first bet but still win the insurance. The dealer takes all the insurance bets if he lacks a 10 in his hole.

Non-insurable dealer blackjack

The dealer may also have a blackjack but decide not to give out even money or insurance to the players. If he doesn’t show an ace but shows a 10 up, he has a blackjack, meaning that they will take all the bets that are on the table at that time. The only bets that will be spared are those for players with blackjacks. These bets would still be only a ‘push’. So, the insurance is only available if the dealer shows an ace.

Dead hand

It’s also possible for all the active players on a table to ‘bust’ before the dealer plays a hand. This is known as the ‘dead hand’ and when it happens, the dealer will only have to flip over the hole cards he has for the cameras, then take all the cards on the table and deposit them in a discard tray. The simplest explanation for this scenario is that it doesn’t make any sense playing the dealer’s hands, thus waste the cards since all the players have lost already.

Side bets

The insurance side bet is the most popular and universally recognized blackjack side bet today, but you could still come across new ones on the felts. Usually, they’ll require that each time you place the primary wager, you also place a bet concurrently. Depending on your preference, you can bet on options like a bet for the dealer’s card to match yours, a bet on whether the dealer will bust or not, and even a bet on being dealt a pair as the first two cards.

Betiton Blackjack Casino Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To win, you need to have a hand better than that of the dealer but less than 22.

This depends on the variation of blackjack. In standard blackjack rules, you can hit as many times as you like, as long as the total hand value is not more than 20.

Since a king and queen are considered the same value of 10, you can split them in a blackjack game.

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