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How to play Blackjack Online in Ireland?

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Blackjack is a card game popular among Irish players. The game is typically played between 2 and 7 players against a dealer. The objective of the blackjack game is for Irish players to get a hand that is higher than that of the dealer and less than 22.

There are different types of blackjack variants available and also players have access to different variants blackjack game. In this blackjack guide, we will take you through all you need to know about the game.

Playing Blackjack in 6 steps

To get started playing blackjack games, you need to get acquainted with the rules. In Ireland, the gameplay of blackjack is very simple that it can be broken down into just six steps. The first step is to buy chips and locate a blackjack table. The next step is to place a bet to show your interest in the round.

Then, you should get your cards from the dealer. The cards must be face down. After this, wait your turn before playing your hand.

Buy chips

All casino games use chips, therefore, if you want to get in on the action, you will need to first convert your cash into chips. The chip is the currency of the casino. As for blackjack, you can buy chips at the table.

You can do this by placing your cash at the designated spot and tell the dealer the denomination of chip you want. This is important in order to give you liberty in choosing your bet. Then, you can put the basic strategy you have learnt to use.

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Places a wager

After getting your chips, the next step is to place your wager. However, you need to first check out the minimum and maximum bet allowed for the table. In most cases, it is often displayed openly for everyone to see.

Regardless of the blackjack strategy, you are hoping to use, it is always advisable to start with the lowest bet. However, this is not compulsory as you can place any amount as your bet as far as it is within the allowed range.

Dealer deals cards to players

After all the bets are confirmed, the dealer deals the cards to the players which involve two face-down cards. If you have mastered the art of counting cards, this is the time you start counting your numbers.

The dealer also gets two cards, however, it can be two face down or one up and one down cards depending on the variant of blackjack you are playing. As soon as the dealer distributes the cards, you are not permitted to touch your chips anymore.

Decide how to play hand

As soon as you get your cards, you should immediately decide what action you will take even before it gets to your turn. Nothing hurts the game more than slow players and you definitely do not want to be the one.

The action you take should be based on the odds your hand provide for you. However, before you make your final decision you should note if the table allows the dealer to hit on a soft 17 or not. Below are some of the actions you can take:

  • Stand
  • Hit
  • Double down
  • Split
  • Surrender

One of the actions you can take is ‘Stand’. When you stand, you imply that you are confident that your current hand can beat the dealer and you do not wish to add another card. One of the important tips you should keep in mind is the impact of each card to the probability of you busting.

It is always advisable to stand when you have a hard 18 or more especially if these cards are made up of small number cards.

The opposite of ‘stand’ is ‘Hit’. If after getting your cards, you feel your hand is not high enough to beat the dealer, you can decide to Hit. In this case, you are given an additional card. One of the best ways to know when to truly hit is by practising with the blackjack trainer.

This is a software that presents you with different blackjack event giving you different actions to take. The software then determines if you made the right decision or not.

Another action you can take is double down. This gives you the opportunity to double your bet during the game. This usually is useful when your hand is 21 or close to 21. If after a double down, you win the round, you get double the bet, however, you lose all bet when the dealer wins.

If you want to test out your skill to see how the double down works before going to a blackjack table, you can make use of our blackjack simulator at Betiton.

There are also more sophisticated moves and one of those is the split. You can only split when you have two identical cards in the initial cards you are dealt. When the split is accepted, you will have to continue the game with two hands.

The two hands are treated different which implies that you place similar bets on both hands separately. Before you try out this move, you should practice it using the free blackjack game version we provide at Betiton.

Another move you can make is the Surrender move. This move is more of a defensive move. If you have a hand you are not sure of, you can take the surrender move. It is useful in cases whereby you feel hitting will make you go over 21 and standing will make you lose.

When you surrender, you only lose half of the bet you place and the other half is preserved for the next round. However, this move is not available for all blackjack variants.

Dealer plays hand

The blackjack rounds start with the dealer distributing cards to all the players including himself. However, all players must have played their hands before the dealer makes the first move. When it gets to the dealer’s turn, he simply reveals his hidden card(s).

This is where the dealer plays hand comes in. The dealer plays hand is a strategy that involves you making a decision based on the up card of the dealer and the cards in your hand by using the basic strategy rules.

Payouts in Blackjack.

Payouts in blackjack vary based on the type of bet you place. For Irish players, blackjack pays 3 to 2 and you get a blackjack when your first two cards include an ace and a 10 card. However, this also differs based on the variant you are playing.

Some variants pay even for blackjack. Also, when you have a tie, the payout is even. Just like the blackjack, this also varies with variants. In some variants, a tie is considered a loss for the player.

Special situations

Special situations are when there are little digressions from the basic concept behind blackjack.

There are some cases whereby unusual situations arise for players in Ireland, these special situations are usually used to handle them. Imagine a situation where the dealers first two cards is a blackjack. In this case, you literally cannot do anything and according to the blackjack procedures discussed, you have lost the round even before it started.

There are several other peculiar cases like the one mentioned above. Knowing this, some tables offer you way out.

Insurance/even money

One of the special situations is when the dealer’s hand up card is showing an ace. This is an indication that the dealer might have a blackjack. You can take insurance to protect bet. The insurance is more like a side bet.

If you take the insurance, you are to place an additional bet on the down card being a 10 card. However, this bet cannot be more than half of your initial bet and you get paid 2 to 1 if the dealer has a blackjack.

Non-insurable dealer blackjack

There are some cases whereby a dealer who has a blackjack will not offer insurance bet. In the insurance bet, the dealer’s up card has to be an ace before insurance is offered. However, in a case whereby the up card is a 10, the dealer automatically checks the second card to confirm if its an ace.

In this case, the dealer immediately collects all the bets on the table except the bets of the player that have blackjack also, in which case results to a push/tie.

Dead hand

In addition to the special situations discussed about, the Dead hand is also a peculiar situation. This occurs when all players at the table go over 21 before it gets to the dealer’s turn to play their hand. In this case, the dealer simply flips over his hole card and discards the card in the tray.

The reason for the flip over is for the camera to see. The dealer will no longer need to play his hand for that round since he has beaten all the players.

Side bets

Casinos in Ireland offer side bets and these bets are simply additional bets placed at the beginning of a round. This helps to supplement the main bets but pay lesser. Some of the common side bets available include 21+3 and Perfect Pairs.

The 21+3 is based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card. in itself is also classified into different types which includes flush, straight and three of a kind to name a few. The Perfect on the other hand compares colours and card types.


To win, you need to have a hand better than that of the dealer but less than 22.

This depends on the variation of blackjack. In standard blackjack rules, you can hit as many times as you like, as long as the total hand value is not more than 20.

Since a king and queen are considered the same value of 10, you can split them in a blackjack game.

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