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How to Play Roulette in Canada?

julio 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Online gambling in Canada in recent years has gradually gained popularity. In this roulette guide, we’ll discuss the basics and steps players need to know to play roulette effectively with Betiton Casino in Canada, although the rules of the game are almost the same all around the world.

Roulette can be played in a few steps: select the number, or groups of numbers, that you wish to bet on. Choose the bet amount that you wish to place. Stake your bet on the number that you have selected in step one.

Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel and the ball. Take your winnings if your bet was successful – then simply start all over again! You can practice your strategy with free roulette games at Betiton Casino. Read on to find out more!

  • Place bet: this is the step where you send your money on an errand in hopes that it will return with profit.
  • Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel: the dealer will play his own role here, which is to spin the wheel so the ball can fall on a number.
  • Wait for an outcome: in this particular step you wait to see the outcome of the wheel spin.
  • Collect winnings: if you win, this is the step in which you get your prize.

It’s essential to note that there are several versions of roulette. What we will be doing in this part of the post is to explain in detail what their pros and cons are and the slight variations between them. There is really not much of a difference in the way the game is coordinated. Bets are wagered the same way in all versions.

All three variants also allow bet combinations. The only identifiable difference between the versions is the number of pockets the wheel has. The order of the French and European roulette numbers and colours of pockets is the same. American roulette distinguished itself with one additional green pocket named double zero. You won’t master any of the roulette rules overnight; you need a little practice to be able to master it, so keep reading and we’ll help you out.

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How to apply Roulette in rule variations

If you have never played Mini Roulette, it may surprise you upon loading the game to see how small the table is. This is the simplified version of classic roulette, but it is played the same way as the standard version – though it has some slight variants.

Mini Roulette is made up of 13 colours, which represent 12 numbers and a single zero. All the basic rules are still the same, so you should not expect to see too much difference in the game. You still have the chance to place split, corner, and straight-up roulette bets, but in Mini Roulette, the odds are better due to the smaller size of the table.

Again due to its small size, there are limited wager options in Mini Roulette, compared to the American and European versions.

American Roulette Variation

When talking about the table games that have enjoyed popularity all throughout America, American Roulette cannot be forgotten. The game is popular at casinos in the United Kingdom and Asia, but it is not overly common in Europe because

European players tend to focus on European roulette, which they seem to prefer. There is not actually that much difference between the American version of roulette and the other variations. The only significant difference between them is the added number on the wheel and table referred to as double zero – which is why the American type has 38 pockets. In total, numbers from 1-38, 0 and 00 can be seen.

Numbers between 1-36 are coloured black and red, while the 0 and 00 are marked green. In all its variations, roulette is an exciting game.

European Roulette Variation

European Roulette has actually been said to be the best by a lot of players. This roulette type has 37 numbers and one zero. The numbers from 1-38 are coloured black and red, while the single zero is marked green.

The house edge of European variations happens to be lower than other roulette variations by 2.7%; this is because the European wheel only has one single zero. When playing this roulette game online at Betiton, you will find the betting process easy. Simply place your chip on your desired bet and spin.

When the round is up, you will have to choose whether to wager another bet by clicking on the ‘rebet button’, or leave the game by pressing the ‘bets clear button’. In this type of game, players can take advantage of two categories: inside bets and outside bets.

French Roulette Variation

As the name indicates, French Roulette first began in France. The game became popular during the French Revolution. As mentioned before, there’s very little difference in rules between this game and the other variations, especially the European version.

The game is played on a standard European wheel with 36 sections, with numbers from 1 to 37 and a single zero. The French variation’s rules are almost the same as the European Roulette rules.

The few differences between the American and European variants are as follows: there are a few tricks that are made for the French variation; the numbers on the French and American variants are not on the same side; American variants show both a single and a double zero while the French and European variants only have one single zero. Those are just a few differences we can point out.

French Rule Variations

These rules can actually be classified into three: the en prison rule, the la partage rule, and bets. The first two rules are applicable only to even bets. The player can decide to ask for the half bet or lose the other half if the ball lands on zero.

There’s a notable difference between the en prison rule and the la partage rule. The difference is that with the en prison rule, if zero wins, the player will lose half of the bet. As for the bet rule, every casino sets the minimum and maximum stake that they can accept. It varies from casino to casino.

At Betiton, we set a minimum stake that can accommodate almost everyone. The only thing you need to do is learn the necessary roulette strategy that will help you to increase your chances of winning. You can practice with Betiton’s free roulette.

What’s the difference between inside and outside bets?

Players should know that roulette bets are divided into three categories – outside bets, inside bets, and announced bets. The first two, inside and outside, are the basic ones that every roulette player should know about, while the announced bets are a little bit more advanced. In this Betiton guide, we will not be talking about the announced bets.

We are only going to discuss the difference between the inside bets and the outside bets, as they are the most common types of bets you will come into contact with. Once you have been able to master the two basic types of roulette bets, you can begin to explore more about the third category.

Before we proceed, please bear in mind that while your chances of winning increase the more you bet on more numbers, the payouts also become very low.

Inside bets

Okay, let’s discuss the roulette term inside bets. We know that those two terms may be a bit confusing to the beginners in this game. What are inside bets? An inside bet is every bet a roulette player wagers on the field of numbers in the middle part of the betting layout.

These types of bets can be wagered on a single number, or in a line between numbers. There are six different types of inside bets: straight-up, street, corner, five, line, and split. Straight-up is the inside bet with the longest shot of winning.

Inside bets have lower winning odds than outside bets, but their payouts are better than those of the outside bets. Those are the most important things that you need to know about inside bets. In the next paragraph, we’ll talk about outside bets.

Outside bets

Now that we have successfully discussed what inside bets are, it’s time to talk about outside bets. What do these outside bets mean, you may ask? Well, outside bets are bets wagered outside of the main field layout.

Players who love to play safe and win consistently prefer outside bets because they have better odds of winning than the inside bets. There are different types of these bets, and they are bets on dozens, column bets, and bets on colour. Keep in mind, and use, the tips that we’re sharing with you in this post. Strategies don’t always work, so make sure you know when to stop.

Knowing when to stop is one of the best strategies that you could possibly use, because it has the ability to save your bankroll – and also save you from frustration.

Learn roulette

In order to minimize losses and maximize profits, it’s vital to learn how to play roulette. But you won’t learn to play the game overnight. Mastering the game requires practice because the more you practice, the more you become familiar with the rules and strategy of the game.

Do you have to spend your hard-earned cash practicing roulette? Absolutely not! You can practice with Betiton’s free roulette simulator. Free games are definitely the best way to learn because you are playing at no risk. You can play and lose as many times as you wish without thinking of going bankrupt because you are not wagering money.

You will also get all the fun and excitement the game brings – that way the strategy and rules of the game become easy to remember. Anything done out of excitement can easily be remembered.


Almost all casinos show this information on their sites, just like we’ve ours displayed on our site. The percentage is almost the same thing as RTP for the house edge and slots on table games.

Definitely not! We first offer you free play before allowing you to risk your money.

Every casino sets its own betting limit. But you can actually find a wide range that accommodates your bankroll in our online casino.

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