How to Play Roulette in Ireland?

James Smith
July 13, 2020
Modified: June 28, 2023

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Whether you are a beginner at playing roulette or you are working on your approach, online roulette tends to be a great place to begin, since it provides you with the chance to test out a variety of roulette variations. This roulette guide introduces the steps to play roulette. You can use the skills you learn here to either play online (whether for real money or on a free roulette table) or in a real-life casino.

You can also have the best of both worlds and indulge in a game of live roulette online, where you can watch a real live dealer spin the ball on a real roulette wheel on your screen, and communicate with them over a live chat without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

  • Place your bet – Pick a number you want to bet on and place your wagers.
  • The dealer spins the wheel – After placing the bets, click the spin button. The wheel is rotated in one direction, while the ball is spun in the opposite direction.
  • The outcome – The wheel stops and the ball settles in a slot.
  • Collect your winnings – When the ball goes into a slot, winners get paid.

In roulette, one of the first things you should try to understand is the types of bets and the different odds which lay at the foundation of the roulette rules. You can decide to engage in low-risk bets, which offer you a higher likelihood of winning but provide a lower payout, or the high-risk stakes, which offer you a lower likelihood of winning with a bigger prize.

They are divided into the two main betting categories, which are outside and inside bets. The inside bet applies to a group of numbers or a single number. Besides, these bets tend to be the toughest to win, yet they are most rewarding in case you do. Outside bet refers to a bet concerning a big group of numbers, for instance, red or black, odd or even, and 1–18 or 19–36.

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How to Play Roulette in Four Easy Steps

When making roulette bets at Betiton, the first step is to know the basics of the game. The game’s basic rules are relatively simple to comprehend and the objective tends to be predicting which slot the ball will land on. Whichever slot the ball stops on will win. The second step is to realize your odds.

The winning odds in American roulette are 1 in 38 while the house edge is 5.26%, and this is higher than that of European roulette that utilizes just a single zero. Besides, European roulette has winning odds of 1 in 37, plus a house edge of 2.7%. Thirdly, you have to choose between outside and inside bets before putting in any wagers. Lastly, place your bets on the chosen number or the set of numbers and wait for the outcome.

Factors to Consider When Playing American Roulette

Once the American roulette game has started, you should choose your bets and put your virtual chips, which represent the amount you want to wager, on a betting layout. It doesn’t matter if another player’s betting on the same number – you can still go ahead and place the same bet.

During the spin, the players are permitted to go on placing their bets. As the virtual ball starts to decelerate, the dealer notifies players that the bets should not be placed. Roulette bets should get placed before the betting session is closed, since the bets made after the announcement may not get considered. Bet placement following the stoppage of the ball into a slot is termed as “past posting”. Once all the betting session is closed, all that’s left now is to wait for the outcome.

Differences Between the American and European Roulette Wheel

The first thing individuals think about once they think of playing roulette is the wheel – the primary portion of the game. There are two major variations concerning the roulette wheel: the European roulette and the American roulette wheel.

On the American roulette wheel, there are two green slots that are added to the usual 36 black and red ones. The green slots tend to be numbered zero plus double zero and this gives the American roulette wheel a total of 38 slots. On the other hand, the European wheel contains only one green slot labelled 0 and there are 37 slots on the wheel. The wheel gets spun clockwise and then counterclockwise. In real live roulette, in case the dealer happens to spin the wheel in one direction twice consecutively, or if the ball gets spun in the same direction as the roulette wheel, the outcomes are invalidated.

Table Layout and French Roulette

The roulette table’s betting layout has two sections – i.e. bets on groups and individual numbers. In roulette, the players can take advantage of and gain from the two major categories of bets – outside and inside bets. The majority of bets provide distinct winning odds and, respectively, distinct payouts.

The odds of winning and payouts are normally not recorded on the board, with the exception of the payout of the column bet. Thus, before entering the game, all players ought to understand and become aware of the odds and payouts concerning each bet they can place. When playing French roulette, the table layout is easy to differentiate since the labels that are in the gaming boxes and all other wording tends to be written in French. Therefore, even/odd bets are written as pair/impair, high/low bets are named passé/manqué.

Understanding the Roulette House Edge

The house edge is the primary source of casino income. Chiefly, the house edge gets computed founded on the zeroes in the roulette wheel, and this is why the house edge varies relying on the roulette version that you are using. It is simple to attain the hypothetical house of edge.

First, all you have to do is to take slots with zero and divide them with the number of entire roulette slots. Because the slots’ number will vary for European and American roulette, the house edge may be different for each game. Because of two additional rules in French roulette, even though the wheel is the same as the one in the European roulette, the house edge is also different. Understanding the house edge will help you improve on your roulette strategy at Betiton.

Differences between inside and outside bets

The distinction between roulette outside and inside bets is that the latter offers you with a small likelihood of winning, but high roulette payouts in case you happen to win. A straight happens once you place your bet on one number, even though you will only win a reward in case the ball gets into that very slot or pocket.

Then, the former is the exact opposite, where the winning odds are significantly improved, even though you will win less every time you get lucky. In outside bets, you place your bet on red or black, odd or even, plus any of the given column bets. In case you put your money on an outside bet that has been marked “evens,” you will win if an even number, such as a 10 or a 16, occurs on the spin.

How to apply rules on all roulette variations

The distinctions between the three major variations, i.e., European, French, and American roulette are so slight that the central principles of the roulette game practically stay the same. This means that, in theory, if you know how to play one of the roulette variations, you pretty much know how to play them all. The seemingly slight differences regarding the rules nonetheless do impact the roulette odds and therefore also naturally, the house edge in the roulette variations.

While the players can safely apply all the rules of roulette to the various versions of the game, they should remember that some of the rules that sway the game in their favour, like the additional rules applicable in the French roulette, are not acceptable in other variants. This means that while the rules are the same, some players may choose to approach the game differently depending on the version they are playing.

Payouts and Odds for Outside Bets

Individuals who prefer to be secure or play it safer use the roulette tips of playing outside bets, since they have much better winning odds. The most recognized of them are termed as ‘even money’ stakes since they cover pretty well half of the probable results – with the exception of zero (plus the double 0 in the American roulette).

The entire even bets in the roulette game are black or red, odd or even, 1-8 or 19-36. These bets tend to have a winning chance of close to 50%. Besides, due to the elevated likelihood of these bets, their payout is 1:1. Column and dozen are the other outside bets, and they both cover 12 numbers. This is approximately a third of the entire probable outcomes. You may bet on the third, second, or first dozens of numbers (25-36, 13-24, 1-12) or the third, second, or the first column.

Roulette Simulator

Before placing bets on the roulette table, you should obtain a basic comprehension of bet categories, odds, chances, and payouts. The best way to do so is to practice your skills and your understanding of the game on one of our Betiton free roulette simulators. You can do so without even registering on the website.

It allows you to have all the fun of a real roulette game in the comfort of your home and without risking any money whatsoever. A lot of newbies use the roulette simulator to get a hang of the gameplay, but the simulator is rather popular with the experienced players as well. They like to use it to practice strategies or simply to continue playing just for fun when they have reached their financial limits and no longer wish to wager real money.

  • European Roulette Rules – in the European roulette game, there are 37 divisions or sections in the wheel.
  • American Roulette Rules – in American roulette, there are 38 divisions.
  • French Roulette Rules – French roulette and European roulette share similar rules but the French roulette tends to have a lower house edge since it has only one zero pocket.
  • Mini Roulette Rules – These are the rules followed in the single-zero European mode roulette game.
  • Multi-Ball Rules – A version of roulette played with several balls.
  • Multi Wheel Rules – These are similar rules to those of the European roulette but has a distinction of multiple wheels.
  • Live Roulette Rules – The rules vary based on the variation of the game plus bet type but the gameplay tends to be the same, however, with a live dealer instead of a simulator.


How do you play the game of roulette?

The game is played by picking a number, row, or colour, placing your bet, and waiting in anticipation that your stakes win.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

In roulette, there is no sefest bet however. You have the possibilty to bet on the outside bet providing 1:1 odds

What is the best method to play roulette?

As you can see on our Guide, all betting strategies carry some risks and are connected to the size of your bankroll.

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