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Understanding Roulette Payouts in Canada

julio 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Roulette offers a large number of betting options with various payout odds attached to them. Although there are multiple variants of the roulette game, there are two principle groups of betting options, namely Outside bets and Inside bets.

The odds are typically stated in the form of x:1, which means winning x dollars for every dollar bet. Learn more on payouts and odds in this roulette guide.

What are the Roulette Payouts?

Depending on the roulette variant, the roulette wheel has 37 numbers in European roulette and 38 in American roulette as there is also the 00 to contend with.

Roulette has many betting options and players need to understand the roulette rules for payouts in each scenario. Bets on a single number offers the odds of 18:1 to occur and the payouts on such a result is 35:1.

What you need to know about Roulette Payouts?

In the guide on how to play roulette, roulette bets can be classed in two categories, Outside bets and Inside bets. The names typically coincide with the location of the bet options around the roulette table. Your chances of winning are better on outside bets but the payouts will be lower. On the other hand, inside bets carry a bigger risk and therefore have a bigger payout.

  • Understand the odds
  • Choose your roulette game wisely
  • Focus on Outside bets

There are three basic things to remember before placing roulette bets. Firstly you need to understand the odds as the edge is substantially skewed towards the house. We will discuss the various odd further on.

Secondly, European roulette has a lower house edge than American roulette to rather focus on that option. Thirdly, betting on outside bets giver you better chances at winning although the payouts would be lower.

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Payouts on Inside Bets

Inside bets are typically for more adventurous players who like to take more risk. These type of bets typically offer a higher payout, but your chance of winning is lower.

On European and American roulette, inside bets are bets you can place on the inner section of the roulette table. all the possible ones you can make located on the inner section of the table. The different inside bet types are now discussed.

Straight-up bet

In American and European roulette, a straight up bet is when a wager is placed on a single number. This betting option offers a winning payout of 35:1.

It is the most simple bet you can place in roulette, but your winning chances are very difficult – 2.7% in the case of the European version and 2.6% for American roulette). This type of bet is also known as a single-number bet.

Split bet

Split bet

A split bet is essentially a double version of the straight up bet where the bets are placed on two adjacent roulette numbers and the chip is placed on the line between the two numbers.

The payout on this option is will be 17:1 and there is a 5.4% chance of hitting this in European or French roulette and a lower 5.3% chance in American roulette.

Street Bet

Street Betting occurs when bets are placed on three subsequent numbers in a row and the chips are placed on the line at the end of the row.

Placing a wager on this option provides you with a winning chance of 8.1% with European roulette and 7.9% as is the case in American roulette. According to roulette strategy, a winning payout on this specific combination is 11 to 1.

Corner bet

Similar to a street bet, a corner bet also involves betting on adjacent numbers but on four numbers instead of three. The wager is placed on the corner where the lines of the four number meet, hence the name.

The payout is 8:1 in case of a win. Also known as a square bet, the odds are 10.8% for hitting this in European roulette and 10.5% for American roulette.

Five-number bet

Also known as a basket bet, the five number bet is note possible on European Roulette. It only pertains to the American roulette version as you are betting on the numbers 1, 2, 3, 0 and 00.

The chip will be placed at the corner next to 0 and 1. Good tips to remember are that the winning payout is 6:1 and your chance of hitting this is 13.2%.

Six-number bet

The six number bet is also known as a line bet and this involves adjacent two rows each with 3 numbers. When using the roulette simulator, the chip is placed between the rows at the end of the rows. The winning payout here will be 5:1.

The chance of this result is 16.2% when you are playing European roulette and 15.8% when you take on American roulette.

Payouts on Outside Bets

Where Inside bets are for more risk tolerant Canadian players, outside bets cater for conservative or new players of the game. If you want to prolong your gaming session or practice with free roulette, this can be the strategy for you.

There are also the options to take advantage of the ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’ rules which allows you to earn some of your money back if the ball lands on 0.

Red or black payout

Betting on the red or black color options means that you are betting on either all of the black numbers on the table or all of the red numbers.

This is the most basic bet option and is good for new players to learn the game of roulette or to refresh their playing strategies. The winning payout is an even 1:1 also known as an even money bet.

Odd or even bets

Similar to the color options, betting on odds or even means that your bet is covering either all of the odd numbers or all the even numbers. The zero (0 and 00) slots are not covered by the odd or even bets.

The odds and evens options pay out 1:1 and the odds of a winning payout is 48.6% for European roulette and 47.4% for American roulette.

Low or high outside bets

Betting low or high involves you either selecting the low numbers on the board which are numbers 1 to 18 or the high numbers, where you place your chips on numbers 19 to 36.

The payout here is also at even odds (1 to 1) as you cover close the half the board each time. The odds of a winning payout is the same of those for the color options above.

Dozens bets

With dozen bets you are betting on the chance that the ball will drop on the first dozen numbers (1 to 12), the second dozen numbers (13 to 24) or the third dozen numbers (25 to 36).

The payout for a number in any of these options are 2:1 and the odds of a result with the betting option is 32.4% for European roulette and 31.6% for American roulette.

Column betting

The numbers on the roulette table are organised into 3 columns of 12 numbers. Column betting offers the same winning payout as dozen betting but it uses the 12 numbers in each these columns.

The numbers in each column nearly covers a third of the wheel and therefore the payout is 2:1. The odds of a payout on these combinations are 32.4% for European roulette and 31.6% for American roulette.

Payouts on Called bets

Also known as announced bets, called bets are exclusive to European roulette combines numbers based on their positions on the wheel. There are two types, fixed called bets and variable called bets.

Fixed called bets include Neighbors of Zero, covering 17 numbers around zero and the payout can be up to 24:1. Zero Game is similar, but covers 7 numbers around zero with payouts up to 26:1.

Neighbor bets

Neighbors of Zero (also known as ‘the grand series’) is a betting combination in European or French Roulette that covers 17 numbers on the wheel which lie on the either side but on close proximity to the green 0.

At least 9 chips are needed to cover these numbers and your odds of winning are 45,9%. Depending on which number wins, the payout can be as high as 24:1.

Zero game

The Zero Game called betting option is basically a lesser version of the Neighbors of Zero combination as it only covers 7 adjacent slots on the roulette wheel around the green 0 slot.

Depending on the winning slot where the ball lands, the payout is higher that its bigger sister option and can reach up to 26:1. This betting combination has much lower winning odds of 18.9%.

The orphans

Another fixed called bets is The Orphans. This is a roulette bet that covers the numbers not covered in any of the bets mentioned previously.

This combination of numbers comprise the two slices of the roulette wheel not covered by the Neighbors of Zero numbers or the third of the wheel tier numbers. There are 8 numbers covered here: 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.

Whats is the Casino Edge in Roulette?

The house edge is the casino’s advantage it has over the player due to the calculation of how much income the casino must get from each game. Roulette has varying house edges as it has two variants, European and American.

The difference between the two is the number of green zeros they have, 0 for European roulette and and added 00 for American roulette. The house edge for European roulette is 2.7%.


In roulette, payouts vary depending on bets.

Roulette payouts are caluclated by different odds.

There is no best bet, it all depends on the game and overall your luck!

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