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Understanding Roulette Payouts in Ireland

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Casino games offer the best opportunities to have fun.

However, it’s good to understand the games before you start placing your bets. It’s therefore, advisable, as a irish roulette player, to understand the roulette game, especially, the roulette payouts.

There is no big difference between the physical and online casino roulette games. In this roulette guide, you will learn more about the roulette games, specifically in the payouts.

What are the roulette payouts?

There are several roulette rules that you should understand and follow when playing the game. Otherwise, you will a tough time to understand the game. How does roulette payout work? The game odds are labelled X to 1, X is a player’s potential winning.

For example, if you bet on a single number and the casino offers you 37 to 1, you may win 37 times your initial bet amount.

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What do you need to know about roulette payouts?

It feels good to know how to play roulette, but outside learning the strategy of the game and how to play it, it’s also essential to know about the game payouts.

Having such knowledge equips you in your mannerisms of playing the game as well as how to place your bets for better outcomes. In this part of the guide, we will discuss the three things you need to know about roulette payouts.

  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets
  • Odds

Before you place roulette bets, first understand the above roulette payouts because they are vital when developing your betting strategy. If you’re the kind of player that loves big wins, inside bets are definitely for you, but you’d know that it’s risky.

If you would like slow but consistent outcomes then you should try the outside bets. More on the outside and inside bets as we move on.

Payouts on inside bets

Roulette has classes of numbers for you to choose from. You have the option to either wager on the inside or on the outside numbers. The bets placed on the inside numbers within the game table layout are referred to as inside bets.

The inside bets have a lower chance of winner outcomes, meaning it’s riskier than the outside bets. The numbers you’ll bet on will depend on your roulette strategy.

Straight-up inside bets

Are you still confused about what the meaning of straight-up bet in roulette is? Here’s is a simpler way of defining it: straight-up bet means wagering a bet on a single number during a roulette game.

The roulette wheels payouts and pay off offered by straight-up inside bets is usually 36 to 1, depending on the variation and the casino you’re playing at. The odds in straight-up is very high.

Split-bet inside bets

A split inside bet, on the other hand, offers you an opportunity to bet on two adjacent numbers on the roulette table. To carry out a split bet, you need to place the chip between the numbers of your choice. The payout odds for this bet are usually 17 to 1.

You don’t need more tips to play roulette, understanding what we’re discussing here will make you a good roulette player.

Street Bet

Not every player likes little outcomes. In case you would like to try your luck with big numbers and odds, then the street bet is for you. Big odds means you may get big outcomes as well. This bet’s payout odds are 11 to 1.

The player has the option to place his bet on the line bordering the three numbers of the player choice. Ensure to practice this with Betiton roulette simulator.

Corner bet

Corner bet, also known as a square bet or quarter bet is a type of bet that is placed at the corner on the roulette table layout. The bet comprises four numbers, so it can resemble the shape of a square. The game payout odd is 8:1, that means the odd is pretty attractive and satisfying.

You can also use Betiton free roulette to improve your gameplay strategy.

Five-number bet

During a game of roulette, players have the opportunity to wager a five-number bet in every game. The five-number is pretty different from the rest of the inside bets. The bet is wagered on the following numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.

The payout odds for this bet is 6 to 1. In this game, the chip is placed between the numbers 1 and 0.

Six-number bet

Six-number bet is also known as a line bet. In this bet, players have the option to wager the side bet and also add two rows of numbers with a bet payout odds of 5 to 1.

The payout odds of this game is great, so if you’re looking to bank in more money you may want to try your luck with inside bets that we have discussed just now.

Payouts on outside bets

As mentioned earlier in this article, the roulette table has different category numbers within its layout, inside or outside. Players have the option to bet on either the inside or the outside numbers. Outside bets refer to bets wagered on groups of numbers.

While the payouts may be smaller, the chances of winning are bigger than with inside bets, so a lot of people prefer those.

Red or black payout

In roulette outside bet, the red or black payout offers roulette players an odd of 1 to 1. This is valid only if the ball falls the colour the player chose before he wagered the bet. It’s important to note that this type of bet does not promise roulette players high payouts.

It’s for players who would wish to win constantly no matter how little the payout is.

Odd or even bets

In this type of roulette game, the player is allowed to predict whether the ball will fall on an even number or odd number. The payout odds for these outside bets is 1 to 1. Like we stated above, his type of bet is for players who would wish to record more wins.

However, the payouts here are lower compared to any of the inside bets in roulette.

Low or high outside bets

In low or high outside bets, players may decide to bet on either number up to 18, this is known as the low bet. The players also have the option to select bets for numbers between 19-36, known as higher payouts. This game offers roulette players odds of 1 to 1.

You should also note that the payout odds 19-36 and 1-18 are the same: 1 to 1.

Dozens bets

Let us now discuss dozen bets in the outside bets. What does that type of bet mean?

As the name implies, in a dozen bet roulette players have the option to wager bet in 12 numbers. Remember that the roulette game has a total of 36 numbers which means a player can place between on the first 12, second 12, and the third 12 which totals up to 36.

Columns Bet

When you look at the roulette table, you will observe that there are three columns on the table layouts. Each of these columns comprises 12 numbers each.

For you to win here, you must select a particular number from the column, if the ball falls there, you win the bet with an odd of 2 to 1. On the hand, when the ball doesn’t fall in the selected number, you lose the bet.

Payouts on called bets

In payouts on called bets, players have the option to announce the bets they wagered on the table. Some players use the trick of announcing a bet that they do not wager on the table.

Players who do not have money to play can cheetah using the payout called bet so it is considered illegal. But the question still remains ‘how does called bet work for roulette? We will explain that later on.

Neighbour bets

Neighbour bets are used by the players as a sector to increase their odds against the house. Roulette masters use this type of bet in European variants in the form of a race track method. But in the long run, it is not always favourable to the players because it attracts attention to the players.

All the same, you have to try out different types of bet to see which is okay for you.

Zero game

In zero type of outside bets, players have the option to wager bets four times on 0 and the six numbers around the 0.

The Zero bets give players winning opportunities of up to 18.92%. As a player, here you have a chance of applying a split between in this type of game on the 3 pairs of numbers on the wheel. With the right strategy you can win big in Outside bet.

The orphans

The orphans are the last type of outside bets we will discuss in this guide. You may be wondering what the term really means in a roulette game. When we talk about orphans in a roulette game, we are referring to those 8 numbers that are not added in the wheel combinations.

The numbers are as follows: 1, 20, 14, 34, 6, 31, 9, and 17. They’re played with 5 or 8 chips.

Whats is the casino edge in roulette?

The casino edge, otherwise known as casino advantage or casino take makes a whole lot of money for the casino. In fact, a lot of casinos have already determined payouts for every table game, this is to help them make a profit from each bet wagered by their visitors.

Though in some situations the casino edge is insignificant. But, it doesn’t remove the fact that it has the potential to consume the player’s bankroll.


In roulette, payouts vary depending on bets.

Roulette payouts are caluclated by different odds.

There is no best bet, it all depends on the game and overall your luck!

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