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Last Updated: 09-01-2024 10:17

Online scratch cards—also known by many other names, including scratch off, scratcher, scratchie, scratch ticket, and so on—are a form of instant-win lottery games. Whilst the originals are literal cards, nowadays you can find them as online games.

In these games, you’ll have a number of hidden tickets that you can purchase before playing the game. When you’ve decided on how many tickets you’d like to play with, then you’ll need to uncover them in order to find matching symbols.

That’s essentially the basic premise of the game. All in all, this translates to a very easy and quick style of gameplay, perfect for players in a rush or anyone who prefers to have instant results when playing internet casino games online. However, there’s more to scratchers than that.

So, if you’re new to scratchcards or you happen to be a new player on our online casino for players online, then there’s a handful of things that you should know. The following page has been written precisely to provide with this information. Thus, we highly suggest that you read it.

What Are Online Scratch Cards?

A scratchcard is a popular form of casino or lottery game that requires players to “scratch off” or remove panels that in order reveal the hidden symbols or numbers beneath them. These panels are presented in a grid on your chosen game.

Firstly, you should decide on how much you’d like to wager before playing. You can do this by adjusting your bet and how many tickets you’d like to play with. The more tickets you “purchase”, the more panels you can uncover, which increases your chances of winning.

Once you’ve decided on your stake and number of tickets, you have the option to either remove these panels one by one or all at once. This, of course, depends on your preference. If you wish to uncover the panels one by one, you simply have to click on them.

However, if you find this too tedious for your tastes, then you click on the “REVEAL ALL” button to uncover all of them at once. Once, you’ve revealed what’s beneath the panels, you’ll be awarded for any matching symbols you uncover.

There are a number of reasons as to why scratch cards happen to be as popular as they are. The first of which is that they’re quite straightforward to play. Thus, there’s not much to learn before you can enjoy playing them, making them a perfect option for new players.

Moreover, scratch cards are games that can accommodate various budgets; in other words, players of vastly varying budgets can enjoy these games. Therefore, no matter if you like to bet big or prefer staking small, you can find a scratchcard for you!

At the same time, scratchcards differ in prizes. Some games actually offer massive cash prizes, for example, whilst others offer standard prizes. Finally, there are various themes that these games make use of, meaning that you’ll have plenty of variety to choose from.

Why Should You Consider Playing Scratch Cards Online?

However, why should you consider playing scratchers instead of or on top any of the other games at our casino? Well, there’s quite a good handful of reasons as to why players should consider playing these games, or at least trying them out. You can find a list of reasons below:

  • There are no actual rules for playing scratch cards, making them an easy option to enjoy
  • Not only are they straightforward to play but they’re quite quick, making them perfect for when you’re in a rush
  • Scratchers are games designed for players with differing budgets, thus you can find titles with low as well as high limits
  • A number of online scratchcards also offer a jackpot, meaning that you have the chance of winning big
  • Online scratch games are available 24/7 on our site
  • There’s a wide variety of themes that these games are available in

How Do You Play Scratch Cards Online?

Before you can enjoy any of our available scratchcards, you’re going to need to know how to play them, of course. Thankfully, there’s not much that you need to know before you can play our scratchcard titles. So, without further ado, here’s how to play these games:

  1. Go to the scratchcard section of our site;
  2. Feel free to browse through our available titles until you find the one you like;
  3. Once you’ve decided on the game that you’d like to play, click on it;
  4. However, don’t forget that you can try out the game for free by using its demo version before playing with real funds;
  5. Once the game has loaded, adjust how much you’d like bet and how many tickets you’d like to play with;
  6. After deciding on your stake, click on the “PLAY” button;
  7. Next, you’ll need to reveal the hidden symbols by uncovering the panels;
  8. You can do this either by uncovering the panels one by one or clicking on the “REVEAL ALL” button which uncovers all of them at once for you;
  9. If you’ve revealed any symbols or numbers that match, you win!
  10. Finally, simply repeat the above steps and be sure to enjoy your chosen scratchcard game!

If you’re unsure about how all of this works, you can make use of the demo versions of our games

Are There Different Kinds of Scratch Cards? What Are They & What Are the Differences?

Not only can you enjoy plenty of variety when it comes to the wide range of available themes but you can also enjoy different forms of scratchcards! This is great because you can change it up every so often in order to make sure that your time on our casino never gets dull. You can find the following forms of scratch card games on our site:

  • Online Scratch Cards
  • Download Scratch Cards
  • Jackpot Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards

This is by far the most popular form of scratch cards that you can find on our casino. These are the scratchers that you can play on the internet. Although they share a lot of similarities with physical scratchcard games, there are a lot of notable differences. These include the much faster gameplay and the fact that you can instantly receive your cash prize.

Download Scratch Cards

This is another form of scratch cards that you can find on the internet. The difference with these forms of scratchers is that you first need to download their software before you can play them. However, once you’ve downloaded them, you’ll quickly realise that they’re not all that different from online scratchers.

Jackpot Scratch Cards

Finally, these are scratch card games that offer a jackpot, which is a massive cash prize. The jackpots can also be progressive jackpots, which are cash prizes that accumulate with players’ bets. Other than that, these games work much in the same way that the regular online scratchers do.

Choosing Your Scratch Cards: How Can You Do It?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the large variety of scratch card games that you can find on our online gambling site, then we’re here to help you out. There are a couple of things that you should look out for when choosing which titles to enjoy.

First of all, you should pay attention to the wagering limits of your chosen card. In other words, check how much you’re allowed to bet. Understanding the max and min wagering amounts helps you understand what prizes the game could award and at what amount they’re capped.

This is because the prizes increase when you also increase your wagers. Due to this, it’s best to browse through our selection as much as possible. When you’re browsing through our scratch card library, be sure to take advantage of our games‘ demo versions.

Why You Should Consider Playing Online Scratchcard Games With Real Money

Whilst you have the option to play for free by using the demo versions of our scratchcards, playing with actual cash is the best way to enjoy these games. That’s because these games were designed to be enjoyed with real funds.

Moreover, gambling with real funds grants you a number of benefits that aren’t available to you if you choose to keep playing demo versions. If you wish to know what benefits you can receive when playing with real money, you should consult the following list:

  • You’ll be able to win real cash prizes.
  • As a player on our site, you may redeem our bonuses when playing with real funds.
  • When playing with actual cash on our site, you’ll be eligible to join our exclusive player loyalty club.
  • You’ll be playing our scratch card games as they were meant to be played.
  • When playing with actual cash, you’ll enjoy a wider range of available titles.

Is There Anything That You Should Know Before Playing Scratch Cards With Real Money? Betiton™’s Tips

Yes, there are actually a few tips that we’d like to give you before going to play any of our scratch card games. These should help you out when you’re playing on our online gambling site. So, here’s a list of tips that every player on our casino should follow:

  • Set aside an amount of funds that you can afford to lose; this will be your gambling budget.
  • On a related note, adjust how much you’d like to bet to an amount that’s comfortable for you and your budget.
  • Be sure to try out the demo versions of our games to find the card that you like best.
  • Make sure that you keep your gambling responsible; remember that you should stop when the fun stops.
  • Never chase your losses; if you’ve lost too much, stop playing.
  • At the same time, bear in mind that gambling is not meant to be a profitable endeavour but only entertainment with money.
  • Consider setting limits on how much you deposit and how much time you spend on our site.

What Bonuses Do You Enjoy When Playing Scratch Cards With Real Funds?

If you wish to start playing scratch with actual cash, you should know that you can enjoy a number of promotional offers that we offer to our players. The first of which is our welcome bonus that’s reserved for new players on our site.

Thus, if you’re a new player on our site, you’ll receive your welcome bonus after you’ve created your account and made your deposit. Creating your account is quite straightforward: all you need to do is click on the blue “JOIN” button.

This will cause a window to pop up. On this window, fill in the empty fields with the required details. Once you’ve filled everything in, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” and you’re done! Afterwards, you’ll need to make a deposit using one of our many deposit methods.

All of our supported payment methods are secure and reliable, meaning that all your transactions are 100% safe. You’ll then be able to redeem our new player welcome offer. This offer gives you the following bonuses:

  • a match bonus of 100% (up to €150)
  • 150 extra spins

However, bear in mind that there are terms & conditions that apply to this offer. We highly suggest reading our terms & conditions by visiting our T&C page. At the same time, you should also read our bonus policy. That way, you’ll understand all of the associated conditions of this offer.

How Do You Claim Your Scratch Card Prize at Betiton™?

So, you’ve won on one of our scratch cards and you wish to withdraw your prize, huh? Well, first things first, you should know that scratchers are instant-win games, which means that you don’t need to wait in order to receive your prize.

Any prizes and cash that you receive from our scratchcard titles are immediately credited to your account. Then, you simply need to withdraw them as you would any other winnings that you receive. To do so, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the grey “CASHOUT” button;
  2. Then select which payment method you’d like to use for your withdrawal;
  3. Fill in the necessary information;
  4. Once you’ve filled everything in, click on the “CASHOUT REQUEST” button;
  5. Our finance team will then start working on your withdrawal request.

If you’d like more information about our payment methods, how we process your winnings, etc., then we suggest reading our banking section. At the same time, it’s also a good idea to read the terms & conditions that are found on our T&C page.

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Additional information:


Is Betiton™ casino legit?

Yes, absolutely! Our casino is licenced and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as the UK Gambling Commission, amongst other regulatory bodies. This means that our operations are absolutely legitimate and our site is 100% authentic.

How long does a game last?

Scratch card games are quite short, lasting only mere seconds if you use the “REVEAL ALL” button. However, the games can last as long as you want them too if you prefer uncovering the panels manually instead.

What are the best scratch cards to win?

The best scratchers are simply the ones that you enjoy playing the most. We provide a wide array of available scratchers, each with their own theme, betting limits, gameplay, etc. We suggest trying them out for free before playing them with actual cash.

Are online scratch cards rigged?

Absolutely not. All of our scratchers produce random results thanks to our use of a random number generator (RNG). This is a software that produces random results through the use of complex mathematical algorithms.

How can I check scratch cards online?

You don’t need to check any of our scratchers online as they pay out immediately. This is different to physical scratchers which require you to claim your prize in person.

Are online scratch cards safe to play?

Yes, absolutely! Not only are our scratchers completely random thanks to our RNG but our site totally secure. This is thanks to the fact that our casino has been completely encrypted through our use of 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.