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Scratch Cards


What are online scratch cards?

  • Definition – what is a scratchie?
  • How long are scratch cards valid for?
  • Why are scratchies so popular?
  • Rules of play for scratch cards

Scratch card games or scratchies are fun games that are very similar to online slots or pokies in that you need to match symbols in order to get a win. These games usually only require three symbols to be matched to win though. You’ll know how much you win because each of the symbols will have the value they are worth as part of the symbol. Similar to other online luck-based games, these games can come in a wide variety of themes and with top prizes of different amounts available to win. This means that you have a wide range of choices available to you when you decide to pick one to play. For the most part, scratchie prizes tend to be in the form of instant cash, but on some scratch cards you can actually win electronic items or even holidays, flights and tickets to special events. This makes scratch cards a whole lot of extra fun for players who are looking to play something a little bit different. Keep reading to find out more about scratchies for New Zealand players.

Scratchies and other instant win games are a lot of fun to play, but there are some things to bear in mind. Unlike winning big prizes on jackpot slots, there are sometimes time limits to scratch cards. This applies, in particular, to cards purchased in shops. So, it’s important that NZ players take a look at the terms and conditions to check if there is a time frame for collecting any prizes that have been won. In terms of physical scratchies, this can be as long as six months, but failure to claim your prize within this time will see you forfeit it. This generally isn’t such an issue for online scratchies, since when you win anything with one, your account is usually credited instantly with that win, with no need for you to take any action to claim it from your end. For land-based cards it’s also important to see if the main jackpot has already been won as it may not even be worth buying that card. This never happens online though, as the cards sold will always have the jackpot available.

Scratchies are very popular for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons these card games are popular is the simple fact that they are cheap to buy. You can often find scratchies available for just a few cents per card. There are more expensive ones though, where you can buy them for NZ$5 or even NZ$10 per card. These higher priced scratch cards will usually have much bigger wins available, but it doesn’t mean that there’s a higher probability of revealing the matching symbols. As well as the fact that they are budget-friendly, scratchies also offer a really easy, relatively stress-free way of playing online. All you need to do is reveal the symbols and the game is over, they take seconds to play. This can be a nice way to take a break from some of the more stressful casino games such as poker or blackjack, where you are required to actually put some thought into the game you are playing. These scratch cards are also just fun and friendly, and they usually have entertaining and engaging themes.

When it comes to online scratchies, the rules are relatively similar to any other lottery or casino game. Depending on the scratch card, you might have to check how many symbols you are allowed to scratch off or whether there are any rules as to which section of the scratchie you can reveal. For physical scratchies this can be particularly important as some games will only let you scratch off three symbols. If you scratch off more then you can actually void your scratch card so even if you did win a prize you may not be able to claim it. Generally, this is not the issue for online scratchies as you can either scratch off the symbols one by one, or simply reveal all of the card by clicking the ‘reveal all’ button. However, it’s always worth a quick check so that you don’t get caught out. Scratchies also have a lower player age limit when compared to games like blackjack. At just 16 years old you are allowed to purchase a physical scratch card, however online casinos still require you to be 18 or over to open an account.

How to win at scratch card games

Winning at scratch card games is a little harder than it is on other games. As it is with roulette, scratchies are all about luck, so there aren’t really any strategies you can implement in order to push things in your favour. It’s also not possible to implement betting strategies that you would otherwise do in other luck-based games. Instead, in order to succeed with these types of games, you need to carefully select the scratchie you want to play. As a starting point we suggest taking a look at your budget as this will determine which cards you can actually purchase and play. Look around as a lot of instant win scratchies can be bought with a discount when you bulk buy, which can increase your profits over time if you are lucky to get some wins. Other scratchies work a bit like pokies in that you can bet different amounts each time you play. It’s also worth checking the payout rates listed for each game. Some have better odds than others, so choose wisely to give yourself the best start. It’s not always smart to pick a scratchie just because it has a big prize.

How to choose your online scratch cards

Many of the top game developers now also produce scratchies. They come in a variety of formats and themes. These range from instant win games that resemble their physical counterparts to more sophisticated scratchies with extra in-game elements like bonus features and multipliers. New Zealand players can choose scratchies with themes based on popular sports like rugby, top TV shows and movies and even scratchies based on popular pokies. When choosing which scratchie to try at an online casino you should also look at the prizes on offer and whether jackpot play is available. Then it’s simply up to you to choose the scratchie that best suits your preferences and budget.

Types of online scratchies

  • Jackpot scratchies
  • Bonus scratchies

Jackpot scratchies will reward you with a big prize – sometimes as high as NZ$1 million – if you are lucky, and scratch off the right symbols. Most of these jackpot games are instant win – if you reveal the right symbols, that cash is yours. Bonus scratch cards can often be found as part of a casino live game. Scratch off the symbols on these cards and award to reveal a bonus cash award or additional spins to be used at the casino.

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