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Online Blackjack


What is blackjack?

Blackjack is an exciting card game that rivals the thrill of online slots by actually offering a slightly more strategy-based game. It’s one of the more popular table games because it’s relatively easy to learn. This game can be played in many formats – virtual games or live dealer games. Whichever type of playing style you choose, the options aren’t over for blackjack has a number of different variants available as well. However, across all of these different options, the main aim remains the same – reach the value of 21 in your hand.

Basic Blackjack rules

  • How to beat the dealer
  • How do you lose to the dealer
  • How to play your hand

In order to beat the dealer in blackjack you need to have the higher hand. However, this hand cannot exceed the value of 21. Getting 21 in your hand is the best a player can do and should beat the dealer unless they have a score of 21 too, in which case the round is a tie. Unlike jackpot slots, when you play blackjack, you actually have a chance to influence the outcome through your card-playing decisions. It can, therefore, be very helpful to take a look at the different blackjack strategies that are available online.

Losing to the dealer is significantly easier than it is to win. After all, the house edge in blackjack does favour the dealer. There are a few ways you can lose to the dealer, the main one being exceeding the value of 21 in your hand. If this happens, this is a bust and the dealer has won. You can also surrender in blackjack if you think the next card is going to tip you over 21. In this instance the dealer will also win by default. Similar to other strategy casino games, you really need to know the rules to succeed.

When it comes to playing your blackjack hand at an online casino, knowing some strategies will be helpful. Having a strategy in place before you even begin play is important. It’s also a good idea to set betting limits and then stick to them. When playing the cards you’ve been dealt, you need to look carefully at the face-up card of the dealer, as this will influence the way you play. For instance if they have a 6, you should always double down if you have an Ace as one of your cards.

There are a number of reasons why playing blackjack games online is a great pastime. For one thing, it makes the games easily accessible. At Betiton players from New Zealand now have all our blackjack (and roulette) options at their fingertips and don’t need to even step outside. What’s even better is that there are an exciting array of gaming options open to you online, so you’ll have more choice than if you were to play at a land-based casino. You can choose the style of blackjack, play games with a specific number of decks and choose your preferred betting limit.

Different types of blackjack games

  1. Double Deck Blackjack
  2. Multi-Deck Blackjack
  3. American Blackjack
  4. Live Blackjack

Double deck blackjack is also known as European Blackjack and uses only two decks in the game. Many players like this less commonly found version, as it is believed that the fewer decks in a round, the better. What’s fun about this version of the game is the ease with which you can double down – that is double your initial bet as long as you stand after you’ve been given the next card by the dealer. This makes things a little more exciting compared to other games, particularly when comparing it against something such as online scratch cards.

As you might have guessed, multi-deck blackjack uses more decks in the game. This can be anything from four to eight decks so it’s a good idea to check the rules of a game like this before jumping right in. It’s particularly important at a casino live game as it will mean you’ll need to implement different strategies during the game and adjust your gameplay to accommodate the greater number of cards in play. There are a number of different online strategy tables that you can learn to help you do just that though.

American Blackjack is a sort of mix between the European and multi-deck games. This game usually uses 6 to 8 decks. But there are other differences that set this version apart. For instance, the dealer is dealt both their cards together in this game, one face-up and one face-down. In European blackjack, the downward facing card is dealt to the dealer later once the player has made all of their decisions. What’s even more interesting is that the dealer can peek at their hole card if their first card is an Ace, which cannot happen in European roulette.

Live casinos are an exciting way to play blackjack. Live games can have any of the variants mentioned above, the difference is that they are not virtual or run by software alone. Instead you are playing against a real person who is the dealer. The game provider sets up a studio area with the blackjack tables and these are filmed. The video feeds are then streamed live to you at home so that you can watch the action unfold, chat to the other players and tell the dealer what bets you wish to make in a more immersive blackjack experience.

Blackjack basic strategy

  • Pair Splitting
  • Hit and Stand
  • Doubling Down
  • Insurance and Even Money

Although card counting is generally frowned upon, there are several techniques you can use to get ahead in blackjack. Splitting is when you divide the two cards you have in your hand into separate hands. You effectively double your bet by making a new bet on each. Doubling down is something you can do when you think your hand will beat the dealer’s. You can then double the initial bet you placed on that hand. Check the game you’re playing as in American you can double down on any hand, but European only allows it if the hand is worth 9 to 11.

You can also place an insurance bet when playing any blackjack variant. This type of bet is made when the dealer’s visible face-up card is an Ace. If you have placed this bet, when the dealer looks at his hole card and gets a blackjack (a score of 21 using just the first 2 cards), you’ll lose the initial bet you made to play the round, but you’ll win this second indemnity bet you placed. While this may sound like a good idea, it’s not always the best option to play, so don’t just jump to take this bet when it’s offered.

Casino offers and bonuses at Betiton

At Betiton we really want you to be able to get ahead so we’ve got an exciting and lucrative welcome bonus in place. When you sign up and make a first deposit you’ll be eligible for our 100% match bonus up to $150 plus 150 spins. The spins are awaeded at a rate of 50 per day over 3 days but you’ll need to make a qualifying deposit on each of those days in order to receive them. There are wagering requirements in place and a time frame to use up those spins. Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

Deposits and withdrawals

Knowing what deposit and withdrawal options are available at Betiton is a must if you’re going to play with us. For our Kiwi players we have a whole range of options open to you from card payments through to eWallets and instant pay options. All of the providers we use are secure and speedy in their transactions, with all deposits happening instantly. Withdrawals have a two day pending period followed by 24 hours processing. After this time the money will turn up in your account. To make the withdrawal process faster, please make sure you’ve verified your account before requesting a withdrawal.

Play blackjack with your mobile

Being able to access all our games via a mobile device is an absolute must in this day and age. To that end, our site is available for New Zealanders via our carefully optimised mobile browser site. While we don’t have a mobile app at this time, the mobile browser works perfectly to enable you to get online. All our blackjack games are also mobile compatible so that you won’t have any problems playing them, no matter what your screen size. This is thanks to the HTML5 software that creates these instant play games.

Customer support and Loyalty Club

Customer support is vital for providing you with a good service. Our support is available from 8am to 1am CET every day. We offer a number of different ways for you to get in touch with our helpful and enthusiastic staff ensuring that whatever issue you have is dealt with swiftly. We also have an exciting Loyalty Club that you can join. This is a seven-tiered club where you gain points by placing real money bets on our casino games. The more points you earn, the higher up the Loyalty ladder you go and the better your bonuses are.

Responsible Gaming

At Betiton we aim to make our site a safe and secure one for our NZ players. We started this process by ensuring that we are licensed with two of the top jurisdictions in the industry – the MGA and the UKGC. These gaming authorities have strict rules and requirements in place that must be followed. These help to assure players that we are a trusted site. We also want your gaming experience to be pleasurable, so we have implemented a number of responsible gaming options into our site. These include helplines and the ability to self exclude.


What’s an ace’s value in Blackjack?

Highest value

What’s the difference between online and live blackjack?

Live blackjack has a live dealer.

Is it safe to play online blackjack in New Zealand?


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