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Real Money Online Blackjack


Real Money Online Blackjack for New Zealand Players

Last Updated: 14-07-2022 10:52

Blackjack, the 21 card game, the most dynamic and iconic card feature of any casino. Within the Betiton gaming menu, you can experience plenty of real money online blackjack action and our guide will introduce you to all aspects of the games, from betting to variations. Through our site, all New Zealand players will be able to enjoy blackjack in all its styles and forms, as we are able to present dozens of virtual blackjack machines that play just like online slots with easy and faster gameplay. Adding to this we house over 50 blackjack tables inside the Betiton Live Casino, where the dealers are waiting to take your bets and play you one on one. We’re here to hopefully turn you from known amateur to professional master of the game: welcome to Blackjack Online at Betiton Casino.

What Is Real Money Online Blackjack?

For those unaware of the game called blackjack, it is a classic traditional card game that has been around for centuries. Here at Betiton™ Online Casino, you can play the game in a number of variations and styles across two of our platforms. Inside our online casino, you can experience two forms of the game known as 21 blackjack. Both as a live gaming feature hosted by real-time dealers and as a standard virtual machine, you can enter the world of blackjack gaming and discover why this is a game loved by millions of players around the world. The game’s appeal stems from a number of gaming factors.

  1. It has the lowest house edge of any other casino game.
  2. Easy rules and simple to play.
  3. Player control over the outcome and not just won by luck alone.

Playing card games certainly gives New Zealand players a higher sense of control over what outcome may befall them whilst playing. If you take playing jackpot slots as an example, these machines have a high outcome factor that is solely determined by luck alone. No player control happens during a slot game other than continuously pressing ‘Spin’. Real money online blackjack is a game that also comes in many variations. As the card game has progressed through the ages, it has developed new alternatives to the ways of playing and winning. The blackjack variants will be accessible to you, should you wish to explore outside the more traditional forms of gameplay.

What Are the Rules of Real Money Online Blackjack?

The rules of blackjack are wonderfully simple and perhaps of all card games associated with casinos, the easiest to pick up. In the game’s most basic form, the rules of play are the same throughout all blackjack variants. When loading a game up, either virtual or live, you begin by selecting the wagering amount. These are indicated by the chips laid out on the table. You will place your bet first and this is followed by the dealer giving you two cards after pressing the Bet button. The dealer will give themselves two cards, one face up for you to see, the other face down, which the dealer will not know till later. Of the two cards you have, the object of winning is to form a total that is as close to the sum of 21 without going over (going bust). What follows this initial deal are certain gaming moves that if required, will help you achieve a successful hand and beat the dealer.

  1. If you do not need to add an additional card to your hand, then you will inform the dealer you wish to Stand and keep the cards you have already.
  2. If you do require more cards to build your total, you will select the option to Hit to receive cards.
  3. If you wish to double your bet and receive a one-off card, then players can request a Double Down move in the game.
  4. Splitting cards is an option that takes your one hand and divides it into two separate hands. From these, you individually build your hands by doubling your stake for each to beat the dealer’s one hand.
  5. Alternative options allow for players to make Insurance bets and to even Surrender the game if they feel their hand is too weak to beat the dealer.

After the point of settling your move, the dealer will show their full hand and, at that point, the winner is revealed. As you can see, it’s a simple case of reaching a score of 21 and instilling the possible option of 3 moves to help you arrive as close to this figure as possible. Other casino games such as poker and baccarat come with more complex approaches to their style of play. Another reason why blackjack is a hit for the casino at their players.

All You Need to Know About Real Money Online Blackjack Games

The excitement of a casino comes from the simple nature of being in a position to play games that provide real opportunity across many gaming options. Here at Betiton, we want our members to experience this through the games we present them with and really explore the potential there is amongst our menu of titles. The reason games like slot machines and online roulette do so well is because they provide more than just one style of play. These games contain many different themes as to how they are played, different ways of making bets and winning bets. This goes for the game of blackjack also. There are possibly 10 main different variants of the game, the most popular one is perhaps Pontoon. Across our live gaming platform at Betiton and throughout our general casino, blackjack is a gaming option that doesn’t dull the senses, and an important factor to note is the development of the games allows them to be presented entirely differently. With the world’s best developers supplying our casino, New Zealand players will have a rich choice of award-winning gaming products to fulfil your high expectations of gaming quality as a member of Betiton.

Find the Best NZ Real Money Online Casino Blackjack Games

Finding quality and choice is no issue for our New Zealand members, and our service doesn’t just start and stop with the provision of the world’s best online casino games. As a member of our site, you will be able to find the best games suited to your style of play, by accessing no cost demo games. Play every single virtual blackjack game online in its demo mode. By doing this, you can discover which variant of blackjack is best suited to you. Playing demo games is a perfect way to learn how to play and not have any risks to your financial pot. You can select your favourites and also learn of the developers that produce these games, should one or two have a particular style you like about their games. As they are in demo mode there is no cost and obviously no payouts. You can play these games from any device, as you can with any form of casino game at Betiton. You can play as many demo features as you like and as often as you want.

Discover the Popular NZ Real Money Online Blackjack Games

So, which of the games in the blackjack category is the most popular? Well, our top 5 most popular ones are not picked by us, instead, the following blackjack recommendations are the most popular based on what is being played by our members here at Betiton. The following variants of blackjack can be found inside of Betiton as a live gaming option or be played as a standard virtual game.

  • Blackjack Multi-Hand: iSoftBet have developed an 8-deck game that allows you to win blackjack at a 3 to 2 payout. In the game, you can only form a Split move once. You can claim the Insurance bet that pays out at 2 to 1. There is no Surrender move and the game’s RTP score is 99.40%
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack: Microgaming has developed this blackjack variant. It allows you to form a Split on any pair of cards at any value. You can perform a Double Down after a split but also can only produce this move with your first two original hands. As for the dealer, they must Hit on any Soft 17. Insurance is available with a 2 to 1 payout and the RTP score is 99.65%.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack: Another by Microgaming, this variant of blackjack is an 8-deck game that permits you to play up to three Splits per game. The dealer Stands on 17s and the game allows you to Double Down after Splitting and you have the option to play Surrender. The RTP of this blackjack game is 99.68%.
  • Blackjack European: This is a gaming product by Red Rake. A 6-deck variant, the dealer must make a Stand on both soft and hard 17. Splits by the player can only happen once per game and Doubling Down after is allowed but only on pairs of 9, 10, and Aces. Players with 21 blackjack get a 3 to 2 payout and the RTP score is 99.34%.
  • Blackjack Royal Pairs: Another from iSoftBet, this blackjack feature is an 8-deck variant. One Split per hand only, Insurance is allowed, paying at 2 to 1. Blackjack pays 3 to 2 and the Royal Pairs is a side bet based on the first two cards. The RTP of the side bet is 93.72% whereas the base game holds an RTP of 99.40% Blackjack is a game that is clearly diverse in how it can be played and won. The RTP is the game’s
  • Return to Player factor. The scores are so high, to give you a clearer meaning of what this represents, we can discuss the house edge. Blackjack has the lowest house edge of any game found inside of casinos, scoring an average of 0.40%. To put this into context, games like online scratch cards have a house edge of 4 – 35%. Keno has an edge of 1.25 -25%. Poker has an edge of 2 – 6% and Baccarat 1.5%. Playing your blackjack and Betiton gives you these options to help you improve your chances of success.

What about Live Blackjack?

The Live Casino platform at Betiton is built to be the best on the New Zealand market. We aim to supply our members with the most immersive gaming experience by using the best tools and programs there are. The live casino method of gaming pits you against the table’s host and dealer. The entire platform is a giant streaming network. Shot in studios, played using real equipment, and bets placed in real-time. For our blackjack category, you will discover 59 blackjack tables to give all our members enough opportunity to play. In our Live Casino platform, you will have your selection of live variants that offer a twist of play from the traditional game. Here are a few of the blackjack variants you can look forward to playing once registered:

  • Blackjack Party
  • Speed Blackjack Live
  • Blackjack Diamond
  • Platinum Blackjack
  • The Strip Blackjack

The experience of playing live is different on the senses, given it is the most realistic form of gameplay there is on the Internet. Your gaming moves as a player will still playout on the virtual gaming panel where you select your bets and your moves. Visually, you will watch the dealer play out the game using real cards on real tables. The option to chat with them is also available and we ask when doing so to respect the rules on language and behavior. For members of Betiton, you can take with you into your live gaming experience, our live promotional bonuses. Look out for offers on our promotions page to see if any rewards are available to play live dealer games with additional credit allowances.

Are There New Real Money Online Blackjack Games for NZ Players?

We are pleased to announce that we have worked with the fantastic developer iSoftBet to produce our own Betiton bespoke games for blackjack. These will not be available in any other casino and therefore, are entirely exclusive to our members. Our aim is to continuously provide the best gaming selections there are in the market and if we feel like going beyond this to create something limited to our members, then we will take those measures also. The Betiton site is powered by over 20 of the best gaming manufacturers in the world, so with such great numbers, you can also expect a number of new titles being added to our game’s menu. Our Betiton Bespoke Blackjack Games: Betiton Casino Blackjack: Our bespoke game provides our members with a table that holds a 3 to 2 payout on 21 blackjack. You can also play Insurance with a 2 to 1 return. The game requirements on the dealer means they must hit to 16 and Stand on all 17s. Wagering starts at 0.01 climbing to a max of 10.00. The RTP of our bespoke blackjack game stands at 99.40%. Betiton Casino Blackjack Multi-Hand: This game offers a bespoke 8-deck variant that pays blackjack at 3 to 2. You can play the Insurance bet with a return on winnings coming in at 2 to 1. Dealers have to hit till 16 is reached and stand on all soft and hard 17s. Wagering is between 0.10 and 10.00 coins. The RTP of our multi-hand game comes in at 99.40%.

How to Play Real Money Online Blackjack?

Playing real money online blackjack really is simple and there really is no place for error as all virtual games are automated to help guide you through the processes of the game. For example, if you land a total of 4 with your two cards, the panel on the game will highlight your optional moves, where you can either Hit, Split or Double Down. If ever there was a move you thought you could action but it is not highlighted by the game, then there is no way you could mistakenly play the incorrect move. As previously mentioned, when discussing the general rules, there are actions within the game that will allow you to reach or get close to the target of 21 with your hand. We will now look at these moves in close detail and explain the terms used whilst playing online. Blackjack gaming moves: Hard / Soft: The Ace card holds two values, 1 and 11. Soft hands are where the Ace card is optional and can be used in the hand flexibly as either score. A hard hand is a forced use of the Ace which, if collected by a Hit move, is often forcibly used as a value of 1. Push: The term push indicates the action of a draw/tie. If both player and dealer land the same resulting values, then the game is a Push and betting wagers are returned with no losses. Hit / Stand: To action a Hit the player is requesting an additional card to be played by the dealer for them to use in their hand. Suggesting a Stand to the dealer, indicates you wish to remain with your original hand without any additional cards. Double Down: If you inform the dealer that you wish to Double Down, you will action this by increasing your original wager by double the amount and in return the dealer gives you one card. A move that can only be played once as a base game move or twice during a split. Insurance: The move of placing an Insurance bet is very much a side bet that players do if they want to break even should the main game fail. Players will place this side bet based on the dealer’s face card. If the card is an Ace or is a 10, Jack, Queen or a King, then this will indicate a risky hand to yours, and thusly, the insurance bet is backup if your original hand is weak. Split: The rule of splitting cards varies through the game’s variants. Asa a general rule, you can only split on matching pairs. This takes one hand and becomes two. You will then Hit or Double on each new card to form individual hands to beat the dealer’s one hand. Surrender: If you wish to pull out of a game, then the act of surrender allows you to leave the game with half your original wager saved for another game. Blackjack 21: Landing a blackjack, means to score a perfect 21. This can only be done by having an Ace card and having either a King, Queen or Jack as your secondary card.

What Are the Online Blackjack Card Values?

When you play any game of blackjack, the values of the cards always remain the same. The values are the card faces, those that are pictured (Jack, Queen and King) hold a value of ten. It is only the Ace card that holds two varying values and they are 1 and 11.

  • Number cards two through to ten are played using their face value.
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks are played with the value of 10.
  • Aces can be played as either a value of 1 or 11

Online Casino Blackjack Basics for Beginners

There are a number of player strategies that can be picked up and used. There is no defining blackjack strategy that can guarantee a flawless success rate. As a new player, we would advise that practice be the best source of your development. Rather than trying to learn the game using real money, have the patience to learn with our demo features. Remove the risk and learn about the rules, which variants are more profitable and importantly, which blackjack you enjoy playing the most. Once you have established the games that you deem the best, then you can play for real money and with a better sense of understanding. Another basic strategy for blackjack beginners is to make your decisions based on the dealer’s face card. The rule of thumb goes like this:

  • If the dealer is showing a 6 or a 7, then their hand is weak.
  • If the dealer is showing an 8 or 9, then this is moderate to hard.
  • Should the face card be one that holds a value of 10+, then this is risky.

It’s almost like playing chess and seeing ahead of the game by judging your opponent and not focusing solely on what you have. Here are some other key point rules that beginners should be fully aware of when playing blackjack online…

What Is a Blackjack Insurance?

The move of using blackjack Insurance is to place a side bet on the game. Your decision to do this will be based on the face card of the dealer. If they hold a card value of 10 or 11, then you can opt to place the Insurance bet on, because they have a greater chance of landing blackjack. With an Insurance bet, you will win at 2 to 1, breaking even should the main game lose. Some players are against the side bet option, believing that it can be a financial hindrance more so than an advantage.

What About Split Cards?

The act of splitting mainly occurs with a pair of matching values. This rule differs, however, from variant to variant. Splitting has a clear benefit that allows you to face the dealers one hand with two of your own newly formed hands. The action of splitting does come at the cost of having to double your bet. In some cases, players believe you should just play on with that you have, however, the action of the split can be a necessity if your hand is weak. If, for example, you have two 8s totalling 16, then it is far too risky to Hit or Double Down. Splitting in this instance would be more beneficial to the player.

Blackjack Strategy for Advanced Players

The more you develop as a player and learn as you progress from game to game, there is only one thing left to learn and that s reading a deck of cards. Yes, card counting is the pinnacle achievement of any casino player and it is not that difficult because it’s a case of basic maths and the law of averages. An example of this would be taking a 3-deck game, of which we know there are 39 possible 10-value cards within. As the game plays out, you will mentally deduct each value of 10 used in the game. Once reaching a clear point where 10-valued cards outnumber the lower values, you can begin to alternate your bets to take advantage of the possibilities of hitting blackjack or as close to, to beat the house.

Play Online Casino Blackjack for Real Money at Betiton™

Our casino is here to allow our blackjack players the opportunity to win real New Zealand dollars. The ways in which you achieve this goal is up to you. Playing blackjack real money games online is a fantastic source of entertainment and possibility. Our mission as an operator is to at the very least guide you towards the best opportunities online. We and no-one else can tell you have to win blackjack games all the time, but we can at least give you the best fair options, developed by verified and tested gaming developers. Adding to this, with blackjack having a near 50/50 balance between casino and player, the odds are mightily impressive.

Blackjack Bet

When it comes to placing bets in the game of blackjack, there are only three main options within the base game. How you put your real money bets on the line is entirely down to you, but here are those options to help you achieve a total of 21 or as close to 21 as possible. The Ante Bet: This is the opening bet that starts of each gaming round within blackjack. The Ante bet should be equal to or higher than the minimum table wager. Double Down: This bet will always double the original stage made on your Ante bet. the action allows you to play with an additional card to help you achieve a win over the dealer’s hand. Split: The act of splitting means your wager must double to form two new hands. From splitting you can then action the bet of Doubling Down in some variants. Alternatively, you will just Hit upon each new hand to reach as close to 21 as you can for each hand. The alternative real money bet is the side bet which we have discussed in the section on ‘What is Blackjack Insurance’ above.

Additional Information:


Can you play real blackjack online?

Playing at Betiton allows you to play blackjack online in its most realistic form. We provide live dealer blackjack games, and dozens of variants. Real tables, real cards, and real hosts, all streaming live 24/7 with optional chat functions to enhance the experience. We provide over 50 live tables with over 10 variants of the game, that allows you to mix up how you play and win.

Is online blackjack safe?

All games provided through Betiton casino are supplied by regulated and licensed software developers. The games are checked and tested by independent bodies like the iTech Lab service. They verify and certify the authenticity of the games deeming them to be fair and safe. The certification for our site is located below in the iTech Lab icon.

How do you play blackjack for beginners?

As we tell all new players joining our site, the best advice we can share is practice and plenty of it. All our virtual blackjack games come with demo mode features. Through this no cost option, you can learn the games and discover your favourites. The demo button for our games are within the thumbnail of our gaming tiles in the bottom right corner.