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Greyhounds Betting at Betiton™ NZ

Last Updated: 08-01-2024 16:36

Greyhound racing is a competitive sport that sees a particular dog breed race for competition. The sport itself is quite popular in New Zealand, making greyhounds betting just as popular! Of course, the breed which we are referring to is the greyhound, a long and slender breed that has the potential for extreme speeds.

In fact, the greyhound has an average running speed of 64 kilometres per hour and a full speed of 70 kilometres per hour. This makes them the fastest dog breed in the world. Little wonder, then, why greyhound racing has proven to be so popular!

This sport provides plenty of fantastic opportunities for those punters wishing to get their fill of sports betting in New Zealand. There are heaps of high-profile races, including the Melbourne Cup, the Sandown Cup, and the Amazing Chase.

However, if you’re new to sports betting, online gambling sites, and/or greyhound racing, there’s a number of things that you’re going to need to know. Thankfully for you, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with all the necessary information in this page!

What Are Greyhounds Betting Markets?

Greyhound betting markets are what you’ll be using to bet on greyhounds on our sportsbook. That’s because these are the bets that we offer on greyhound racing. These can be on anything that happens over the course of a race.

We’ll be going over a number of examples of what you can bet on in order to get you acquainted to what markets are. Finally, with each market, you can find the odds of that market. This is an important concept which we’ll explain further down.

Top 5 Greyhounds Betting Markets at Betiton™

  • Win Bet: this bet requires punters to bet on who they think is going to be the winner of the race.
  • Forecast: with this bet, you’re expected to choose the first and second-place finishers of the race.
  • Tricast: this is a step above the previous bet as not only do you need to bet on who you think is going to be the first and second-place finishers but also on who you think is going to finish third.
  • Winning Distance: when betting on this market, you’ll be betting on the distance by which you think the winning dog will outrun all the others.
  • Odds vs Evens: this final market is a bet on whether the number of the winning dog is going to be odd or even.

How Can You Bet on Greyhounds at Betiton™?

If you’re eager to bet on greyhound racing, then there’s a couple of things that you’re going to need to do first. The first of which is creating an account with us here at Betiton™ in New Zealand. Don’t worry, though, as this will only take you a few moments.

In fact, we’ve streamlined our account creation process to be simple, straightforward, and swift. All you need to do is click on the “JOIN” button on the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen and then fill in the required details.

After you’ve filled in all the necessary fields, simply click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” and you’re all set! Next up, you’re going to have to make a deposit using on our of deposit methods. This is the money that you’ll be using to bet on the sport with.

We have partnered up with a number of trusted and secure payment providers. This means that all your deposits and withdrawals on our platform are absolutely safe. Once you’ve made your account and done your deposit, you can finally bet on the dogs.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Betting On Your Favourite Greyhound Race

  1. On our sportsbook, look for our “greyhounds” section;
  2. This will take you to all of our currently available markets on the sport;
  3. Feel free to browse through our markets until you find the ones that you’d like to play;
  4. Once you’ve found the markets that you’d like to bet on, click on them and they’ll appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen;
  5. At the same time, you’re quite free to select multiple markets;
  6. On the betting slip, you choose how much you’d like to bet by adjusting your stake;
  7. Once you’re satisfied with both your chosen markets and your stake, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  8. Congratulations on placing your first bet on greyhound racing at Betiton™ New Zealand!

One Final Thing to Know About When Placing Your First Greyhounds Bet at Betiton™

When making your first deposit and playing your first bet on greyhound racing, you’ll be able to claim our new player bonus bet! This is a $10 bonus bet that we give to you as a way to welcome you on our platform! You can use this on any race of your choosing.

However, bear in mind that this bonus comes with T&Cs that you’re obliged to abide by. These T&Cs also apply to every other bonus that you might claim on our sportsbook in the future. There are various T&Cs that apply on our bonuses.

These include the min deposit that you need to make; the min odds that you need to bet on; the min stake you need to play, and other conditions that apply. All of our conditions are outlined in our T&Cs. Thus, we highly suggest that our punters read our T&Cs as well as our bonus policy. 

  1. The Amazing Chase
  2. NZ Nationals Series
  3. Australian Nationals

Play Your Bets on the Amazing Chase

The Amazing Chase is a brand new greyhound race. This race sees the top fastest dogs in the country compete against one another in order to take the final title. The competing canines in these events are all selected according to their times in other notable events.

Thus, depending on how they fare in other events, they’ll qualify for the 8 qualifiers of the Amazing Chase. These qualifying events generally take place between June & July, whilst the event proper takes place at the end of July every year.

Unlike other races, however, the Amazing Chase features heats with just 2 dogs in each heat going head to head in order to find the fastest dog of them all, who will receive a bonus for achieving the fastest time. There are only 4 heats of 527m in total

Bet on the NZ Nationals Series

The NZ Nationals Series is another large event that takes place over a number of different races. The races within this series are all of varying lengths, with middle distance (520m – 545m) and long distance (732m – 755m) events all included.

The idea of this series is to showcase the diverse distances and speeds these dogs can run, finding the one that’s the best all-rounder. The Series is made up of heats where top dogs from all areas of the country will compete to see which is the fastest.

There is additional prestige for this as the winners can then go on to compete overseas in the larger, more glamorous Australian Nationals and garner themselves some international fame. Of course, don’t hesitate to browse through our markets on this race!

Enjoy Betting on the Australian Nationals

The Australian Nationals, also known as the GCA National Championships, are one of the biggest series of races in Australia. It generally takes place in August, offering both sprint and distance contests with each of the top races registering as Group 1 events.

Heats and finals are held in each of the states, with the Grand Final rotating to a different state each year. These are contested over distances of around 500m and 700m. With such a prestigious race, you can rest assured that our sportsbook is full of markets on it!

What Are Greyhounds Betting Odds?

Greyhound betting odds are the important numbers that you’ll next to every bet that we provide. These are important for 2 main reasons: firstly, they show you how much money you can win if your bet happens to be successful.

Secondly, they also let you know your chances of success; that is to say, they tell you how likely your bet is to win. Thus, odds are important because they can help you choose which bets to play. You can do this by carefully considering what the numbers show you.

Finally, it might serve you well to know that odds are calculated by bookmakers and online gambling sites themselves. They use several factors in order to perform these calculations, including the performance and form of a dog, the track itself, etc.

How To Greyhounds Betting Odds Formats

If you want to be able to understand the odds, you’re going to first need to know that there are 3 different formats that represent them. These formats are the decimal, fractional, and American formats, and there are 2 main differences between them.

The first of which is how they represent the odds. The second difference is where these formats happen to be most popular in the world. Other than that, there isn’t all that much difference between them and they are completely interchangeable.

Therefore, choosing a format over another is merely a matter of preference. Lastly, to be able to understand a format, you’re going to need to know how to “read it”, so to speak. You can find out how to be able to read the formats on our platform by clicking on the hyperlink.

What Are Greyhound Betting Tips?

The final thing that you might need to know before going ahead and betting on greyhounds is tips. These are pieces of advice given by sports experts known as tipsters. Tipsters are dedicated “consultants” that advises bettors on who to bet on.

They do this by analysing a number of factors that allow them to arrive to their conclusions. These are generally the same factors that bookmakers and online gambling sites use to calculate the odds of a bet, as we saw above.

Once they apply their sport knowledge to arrive to their conclusions, they will provide their tips to bettors. Players will be able to find these tips on tipster sites either for free or for a price, depending on the particular tipster.

How Can Find You Tips on Greyhound Races & Tipster Sites?

Finding tips and tipsters’ sites is rather simple as all you need to do is look them up on your preferred search engine. Our best tips, however, are to never bet more than you can afford to lose, to always play responsibly, and to stay healthy.

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Additional Information:

Greyhounds Betting FAQs

Can I bet on greyhound racing live?

You absolutely can! Our live or in-play betting feature allows you to play bets live, that is, whilst the dogs are actually competing!

What is the best way to bet on greyhounds?

There is no best way to bet on this sport as every way of betting is legitimate. If you would like to get the most out of your greyhound betting, you can even select multiple markets!