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Harness Racing Betting at Betiton™ NZ

Last Updated: 08-01-2024 16:43

Harness racing—also known as “the trots“—is a form of equestrian sport that has very specific rules, making it quite different from the standard horse racing you’re used to. In fact, rather than having jockeys ride on their racehorses, the jockeys sit in a special vehicle instead. So, if you’re looking to change your horse racing betting a bit, maybe you ought to give harness racing betting a go?

There are a handful of other rules that differentiate the trots from other forms of equestrian sport but we’ll be touching on those later on. However, whilst the trots might not be as fast-paced as the other forms of equestrian sport, it’s certainly interesting in its own right.

In fact, the trots might be the perfect gateway for you to get into horse racing betting in general! Moreover, there are plenty of fantastic tournaments that happen in this sport, including the Inter Dominion, the New Zealand Derby, and the Australian Pacing Championship.

However, if you’re new to the sport and/or to online sports betting in New Zealand, then you’re going to need to know a handful of things before placing any bets. Thankfully for you, we’ll be going through everything you need to know on this page!

What Are Harness Racing Betting Markets?

Harness racing betting markets are what you’ll be using to bet on the sport. This is because these are the wagers that we provide on our sportsbook for you to wager on the sport. These can be on anything that happens during a race or event.

To give you an idea of what markets are, we’ll be going over some examples in the next section. Finally, it’s good for you to know that next to each market, there is the odds for that market. This is an extremely important concept which we’ll be explaining further down.

Top 5 Harness Racing Betting Markets in NZ

  • Win: when making this bet, you have to select the racehorse you think is going to be the first to finish the race.
  • Place: this bet requires you to choose a racehorse which you think is going to finish either first or second.
  • Show: when placing this bet, you need to select a racehorse which you believe is going to finish either first, second, or third.
  • Exacta: with this bet, rather than simply choosing a racehorse that you think is going to finish in the top 2 positions, you need to chose the 2 racehorses that are going to finish first and second.
  • Trifecta: this bet is just like the Exacta bet but you also need to choose the third-place finisher on top of choosing the horses that are going to finish first and second.

How To Bet On Harness Racing at Betiton™

Eager to finally bet on harness racing, huh? Well, you’re first going to need to create an account with us here at Betiton™ New Zealand. Without an account, you won’t be able to make use of any of our markets on racehorses.

If having to fulfill tediously long forms to create your account puts you off, then we have good news for you! Our account creation process won’t take you more than a couple of minutes at most! Firstly, click on the red “JOIN” button.

Then, on the pop-up, fill in the fields with the required details and then click on “OPEN ACCOUNT“. That’s all there is to it! Next, you’re going to need to make your deposit. We provide a wide range of payment methods, all of which are secure and reliable.

This means that each and every transaction that you’ll make on our platform is 100% safe. After you’ve created your account and made your deposit, you’ll finally be able to bet on the trots. All you need to do is follow the following instructions.

How to Play Your Bets on the Trots at Betiton™ for Kiwi Players

  1. On our sportsbook, click on the “horse racing tab;
  2. There you can find all of the markets that we provide on all of the forms of horse racing, including the trots;
  3. Feel free to browse through the markets we offer until you find the ones that you’d like to play;
  4. Of course, you’re quite free to choose multiple markets;
  5. Once you find the markets that appeal to you most, click on them and they’ll appear on the betting slip;
  6. Then you’re going to need to adjust how much you’d like to bet by adjusting your stake on the betting slip;
  7. Once you’re satisfied with both your stake and your selected markets, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  8. Congratulations on placing your first harness racing bet at Betiton™ Sportsbook for Kiwi Players!

Is There Anything Else That You Need to Know Before Placing Your First Bet on Harness Racing?

When making your first deposit and placing your first harness racing bet on our platform, you’re eligible to claim our new player welcome bonus! This is a $10 extra bet that we give to you as a way of thanking you for joining our website.

However, be aware that there are conditions that you need to abide by when accepting this offer. These conditions include the minimum amount of money that you need to deposit; the minimum amount that you need to stake, and so on.

You can find all of these conditions in both our T&Cs as well as our bonus policy. Thus, we highly recommend for our players to read both our T&Cs and bonus policy in order to become fully acquainted with the conditions of our offers.

What Makes Harness Racing Different to Regular Horse Racing?

There are a handful of differences that make the trots a completely different equestrian sport. Firstly, in the trots, rather than having jockeys ride their racehorse, they will instead sit in a cart known as a “sulky”.

A sulky is a lightweight, two-wheeled cart designed specifically to be pulled by only one racehorse. Moreover, it’s designed to be used by only one “driver”, making it very different to other horse-drawn vehicles. At the same time, horses move at a specific “gait” in the trots.

For those not in the know, a “gait” is a way of walking or moving and there are a handful of gaits in equestrian sport. In traditional races, racehorses go for the gallop, which is the fastest possible gait that a racehorse can achieve.

In the trots, however, the racehorses are constrained to ride at a trot or a pace. These are slower gaits that make the trots slower than the more popular forms of equestrian sport. In the next section, we’ll be going over some popular tournaments that you can bet on.

  1. New Zealand Trotting Cup
  2. Auckland Trotting Cup
  3. New Zealand Messenger Championship

Play Your Bets on the New Zealand Trotting Cup

The New Zealand Trotting Cup is the premier race in New Zealand for Standardbred horses. In fact, the event is considered to be the most prestigious event in New Zealand. This is a Group One event and is held each year by the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club. Moreover, the event is held at the Addington Raceway in Christchurch and is open to three-year-old racehorses and over.

Furthermore, the track is 3.2 kilometres, or 2 miles, long. The event is generally held on the second Tuesday of November right before the Show Day public holiday. So, be sure to log on to your Betiton™ account when the event comes round!

Enjoy Placing Your Wagers on the Auckland Trotting Cup

The Auckland Pacing Cup is another one of the biggest races in the country. The event is only open to the top level horses that are at least 3 years old. The track itself is a right-handed oval with an overall distance of 3200 metres, much like the previously mentioned event. The event is held at Alexandra Park in Auckland on New Year’s Eve. This makes it a great time to get on your Betiton account and bet on this illustrious event!

Bet on our Markets on the New Zealand Messenger Championship

The third major race in the country is the New Zealand Messenger Championship. This is open to horses that are 4 years old and is held in the spring time—usually late April or the start of May. The event happens on a 2700-metre right-handed oval racecourse.

Moreover, the track is all dirt, much like that on which greyhound racing happens. This race is considered to be a great guide for punters to see form of the competition for the rest of the season. Thus, do keep this in mind when placing any wagers on these prestigious events!

What Are Harness Racing Odds? Are They Important for You to Know?

Before you go to play any wager, you should at least know what odds are. As we’ve said before, these are the numbers that you’ll next to our markets. These numbers are important for you to know because they tell you 2 very significant things.

The first is how much you can receive if the bet you’ve placed is a winner. The second is how likely the bet you’re playing is going to win. It’s these 2 factors, therefore, that allow you to judge which wagers you should play on our sportsbook.

How Can You Understand the Odds on Harness Racing Markets?

The first step in being able to read harness racing betting odds is knowing that there are 3 formats that these numbers are generally represented as. These are the decimal, fractional, and American formats. There are 2 main differences between the different formats.

Firstly, each format has its own particular way of representing your risk and reward, making it different from the rest of the formats. Secondly, not every format is used everywhere in the world. For example, the fractional format is mostly used in the UK and in Ireland.

Other than these 2 differences, the formats are interchangeable and using one is merely a matter of preference. Finally, we had already explained how you can understand and read the formats on our sportsbook, so check our guide by clicking on the hyperlink.

What Are Harness Racing Betting Tips?

The final concept that we’ll be going over is tips. These are suggestions on who punters should back when wagering on a particular race, event, etc. Tips are given out by tipsters, sport-experts that dedicate a lot of time to analyse races, read news, etc.

After analysing all of these factors, tipsters will formulate their conclusions on which racehorse stands the most chance of winning, and so on. They then offers their tips to bettors who are in need of some gambling advice. Finally, bettors can either find tips for free or at a price, depending on the tipster.

Where Can You Find Harness Racing Betting Tips to Help You Bet on Horses?

Finding tips on the trots is a rather simple affair as all you need to do is look them on your preferred search engine. Our best tips, on the other hand, are to never bet more than you can afford to lose; play responsibly; and to always make time for other things in life.

Other Sports to Bet On:

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  • Other than various markets on racehorses, we also offer heaps of opportunities to enjoy greyhounds betting! This is fantastic for you bettors that prefer playing wagers on a slower form of racing.
  • We’d be silly if we didn’t provide our Kiwi bettors with plenty of rugby betting markets! We know very well that rugby is New Zealand’s favourite sport. Which is why we provide wagers on all the greatest rugby tournaments in the world!
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  • Last, but definitely not least, we have the king of sport: football. Our Kiwi players can get their fill football betting markets to wager on on our sportsbook, where they can also bet on the biggest football championships on the planet!

Additional Information:


What is a Superfecta in harness racing?

A Superfecta bet is a wager where you need to wager on the 4 racehorses that you think will finished first, second, third, and fourth. Of course, these have to be in the correct order.

What is a Pick 5 in harness racing?

You can probably easily guess what you have to do to win a Pick 5 bet. As the name implies, you have to pick the 5 racehorses that you think are going to finish first, second, third, fourth, and fifth.

What type of racehorse is used in harness racing?

The breed of racehorse that is used for the trots is known as the “Standardbred“. The name of the breed comes from the fact that these racehorses were specifically bred in order to trot a mile in the “standard time” (2 minutes or less).

How fast is a harness racehorse?

Standardbreds have an average speed of 40–48 km/h. However, they can reach max speeds of over 56 km/h.