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Bet on Your Favourite UK Sports Online at Betiton Sportsbook

‘The Best Sports Action From Around the World at Your Fingertips!’

Online betting is a great way to make sporting events even more entertaining. At Betiton UK, we’ll provide you with different types of bets to bet on your chosen teams in England.

Online sports betting is the process of wagering on sports on online bookmakers, rather than through conventional bookmakers. The steps include:

  1. Select your sport of choice from the range available to UK players
  2. Go through the wide variety of odds and pick your bet
  3. Once certain of your choice, place your wager

That way, you can bet on your preferred teams in England—or any other teams for that matter—from anywhere in the UK. At Betiton, we make it user friendly for you to both select the sport of your choice as well as the specific event.

At the same time, our bookmakers on Betiton are offering you a great range of wagering options on sports, such as tennis, as well as top sporting events, like the Euro 2020 or the FIFA World Cup 2022.

What Are Sports Betting Odds? Betiton Explains

When you decide to start with sports betting or any other event, you will need to understand how the process all works before placing your bets.

So, be sure to read the following information that will explain all you need to know about online betting, odds, and other similar concepts that you’ll encounter when playing bets on sports.

Odds are essentially numbers that represent how likely something is to happen; so, sport wagering odds are odds that show how likely a team will win or lose, according to the bookmakers offering the odds.

Moreover, odds also show how much you stand to win if the bet you placed was a successful guess of the outcome of a match! Finally, let’s look at an example of odds together so that you can understand how odds work and you’ll be able to make better decisions when it comes to gambling and placing bets on sports.

So, odds of 4/1, for example, are relatively low and they indicate that the team or player is likely to lose the encounter, as they show that the team only has a 20% chance of winning the match. However, if also means that for every £ you place, you’ll receive £4 in return if you win!

What’s Difference Between UK and US Odds?

Whilst UK odds are represented using the fractions we were just explaining, US odds work on a system of positive and negative numbers.

The more positive a number is, the higher the odds are, meaning that the unlikelier the event will happen; on the other, the more negative a number is, the likelier the particular event will happen.

Find Out More About Online Betting Tips

What Are Online Betting Tips?

Online betting tips are pieces of advice by tipsters, people who spend a lot of work reviewing matches, inspecting teams and players, and making assessments on who would likely win in a match.

Tipsters are knowledgeable when it comes to sports as they spend hours upon hours analysing teams’ dynamics, players’ forms, and so on. Afterwards, they post their speculations for bettors to read and follow when making their stake.

Whilst tipsters are indeed quite well-informed in their field, that still doesn’t mean that you should follow their advice to a tee, as you should still do your own research and make your own assessments.

However, tips are surely helpful when British players are still starting out.

Why Are Betting Tips Helpful?

Well, let’s say that you’re just starting out in the world of online betting and so far, you’ve only been watching, for example, rugby casually. And, for the sake of the argument, you only watch the matches where your favourite team plays.

So, you’ll know plenty about your favourite team, but hardly anything on any other team! This is where tips come in as they’ll help you out when you want to understand which teams are currently performing strongly and which ones are performing poorly, for example.

Moreover, tips also tell you which odds to possibly take and on which team, giving you an idea of what you could play. Having said all of this, our best tips are to stick to a budget, meaning that you shouldn’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Furthermore, remember to stay healthy and hydrated.

UK Online Sports Markets: Which Can You Bet on at Betiton?

What are Online Betting Markets?

Betting markets are essentially different sports and matches that you can bet on. So, for example, if you go on our sportsbook at Betiton, you will see a list of different sports that you can bet on; if you click on a particular sport, a list of different matches will come up, each with some odds next to it and a number.

The number next to the odds indicates the amount of odds and bets that are available for play. The markets are, therefore, the sports and the matches that are available to be bet on. At Betiton, you can a whole host of available markets and odds that players can bet on and enjoy, even live!

What Types of Sports Markets Can I Bet On?

There are many markets to bet on online. Sports betting opens doors to multiple ways of betting across more than 25 different sports. 20 years ago, you could only bet on a result of either a win or a draw, now the scope is so vast that betting goes deeper into the game’s fabric.

Bet on the Biggest Events from the Premier League to The Grand National

Not only do we provide more sports than you’ll have time to watch, but as part of our extensive selection of markets and odds, we offer all the biggest tournaments that are happening. These tournaments include championships, leagues, and cups from all our available sports betting markets.

These include tournaments as massive as the:

  • Premier League
  • Grand National
  • Wimbledon
  • PDC World Darts Championship

Place Your Football Bets Online

Every year football tops the list as the United Kingdom’s favourite sport. It’s a fact that football betting holds the biggest interest across online sports betting sites because it gives players the largest odds market of any game.

In fact, every cup, tournament, and play-off finals across all UK leagues will be amongst the hundreds of football features within Betiton’s sportsbook.

For UK bettors, it’s time to get excited as the illustrious Premier League is currently raging on like wildfire, with some very surprising results already coming out of it.

The Premier League is the biggest football event in England, and one of the biggest events in the world, surpassed only by a handful of other football events. It occupies the top tier of English football, where the best teams in England play against each other in fierce competition.

You can watch major teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United. You can follow all the action as it unfolds right here at Betiton, where you can find the best markets, and odds offered by our bookmakers.

The Biggest Football Events You Can Bet On

EventDate HeldPrevious Winner
Premier League12th Sep 2020 – 23rd May 2021Liverpool F.C.
Champions League8th Aug 2020 – 29th May 2021Liverpool
FIFA World Cup21st Nov 2022 – 18th Dec 2022France
UEFA European Championship11th June 2021 – 11th July 2021Portugal

Bet on the Next Major Rugby Union Matches

Whilst football is indeed the most popular sport in the UK, it would be unwise of us to forget about all the other major sports and sporting events that are adored across the UK!

One of which would definitely be rugby, a sport that actually finds its origins in England; rugby has a rich history that’s directly tied to England, which is no wonder, then, that this sport has such a strong following in England, but also in the UK as a whole.

First things first, however, rugby comes in two different forms, which are: rugby union and rugby league. Whilst originally coming from the same sport, these two forms of rugby are now notably different thanks to several historical reasons.

However, we’ll spare you the details and instead focus on the most exciting events in rugby, particularly rugby union. Rugby union proves to be rather more popular than rugby league, and thus offers spectacular events like the Rugby World Cup and the Six Nations Championship.

Events like these make betting on rugby a rather entertaining affair for rugby fans and bettors, even more so when stakes and bets are placed live! No rugby fan in the UK should miss out on such exhilarating events!

EventDatePrevious WinnerHosting Country
Guinness Six Nations Championship6th Feb 2021 – 20th Mar 2021EnglandUnited Kingdom & Ireland
European Rugby Champions CupDec 2020 – 21st May 2021Saracens, EnglandMarseille, France
Rugby World Cup8th Sep 2023 – 21st Oct 2023South AfricaFrance

Rugby Betting Markets Available at Betition

  • Handicap Full Time
  • Highest Half
  • Winning Margin 5 Way
  • Double Result
  • Total Points Odds/Even

Set Your Wager on the UK’s Biggest Horse Racing Events

If we’re going to be mentioning the most popular sports in the UK, we’d also be rather careless if we didn’t include horse racing, arguably one of the beloved sports in the UK.

A large part of the culture surrounding horse racing involves placing bets on horse racing, and thus you’ll notice that the majority of these events have a huge number of available odds to bet on.

Not only that, but horse racing itself offers a good number of markets available for betting. These include exhilarating events like The Grand National, Cheltenham Gold Cup, and other similar major events.

However, there are also a good number of events which aren’t as well-known, including the Royal Ascot at the Ascot Racecourse not far off from London.

If betting on horse racing is something that particularly intrigues you, then you can find plenty of available bets and markets on Betiton, where our bookmaker offers the best odds around.

The Most Awaited Horse Racing Events in The UK

EventDates HeldVenue
The Grand National10th Apr 2021Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool
2000 Guineas Stakes27th Feb 2021Rowley Mile, Newmarket
Cheltenham Gold Cup19th Mar 2021Cheltenham Racecource, Cheltenham

All Your Beloved Darts Tournaments Available at Betiton Sportsbook

Another UK favourite is darts betting, another sport and game that curiously finds its origins in England. Darts is a rather exciting and unpredictable game.

So much so that when it comes to the many darts tournaments (as William Hill World Darts Championship) and matches, expect nothing less than glorious pandemonium. Even the best players can be beaten by amateurs!

Within a single match, you can bet on the winner, the correct score, the player hitting the most 180s, the first score in the match, and many others. You can find a wide array of darts odds offered by our bookmaker at Betiton.

If wagering on darts is something that excites you, we highly recommend having a look through our darts markets.

Major League Darts Events

EventDate HeldVenuePrevious Winner
PDC World Championships13th Dec 13 2020 – 4th Jan 2021Alexandra Palace, LondonPeter Wright, Scotland
Premier League Darts4th Feb 2021 – 21st May 2021Motorpoint Arena – CardiffGary Anderson, England
UK Open1st Mar 2021 – 3rd Mar 2021Minehead – EnglandMichael van Gerwen, Netherlands

Popular Darts Markets You Can Bet On

  • Winner Full Time
  • Handicap Full Time
  • Correct Set Score
  • Highest Match Checkout
  • 170 Finish in Match

Bet on all the UK’s Most Anticipated Tennis Matches

We can’t talk about the UK’s favourite sports without mentioning tennis! Similarly, betting on tennis is also highly popular as well, with a huge number of markets and odds available.

The most important tennis tournaments in the world are known as the Grand Slam tournaments, of which there are four:

WimbledonAll England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, London1877
US OpenUnited States Tennis Association, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre, The West Side Tennis Club1881
Australian OpenMelbourne Park1905
Roland Garros (French Open)Stade Roland Garros, Tennis Club de Paris, Racing Club de France, Stade Français1891

The French Open is the only Grand Slam tournament that’s played on a clay court, and it’s divided into three sections:

  • French Open Men’s
  • French Open Women’s
  • Mixed Doubles

This format is also found in the other Grand Slam tournaments. On the other hand, the US Open and the Australian Open are played on what are known as hard courts, which are essentially made of concrete or asphalt.

The biggest Grand Slam tournament, however, and one of the biggest events in the UK’s yearly sporting calendar is Wimbledon, held in Wimbledon, London.

This event is one of the oldest and most cherished tennis tournaments in the world and holds a high level of prestige for the players who participate there.

Held on a yearly basis, this tournament may not have the biggest prizes but it’s the only Grand Slam tournament that’s actually played on grass. Each year, players face off in the singles (particularly the men) in order to take home the top prize.

Major players that are always keenly watched, include Roger Federer, Raphael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray in the men’s tournament and Serena and Venus Williams in the women’s.

With so many contenders, the event is always exciting; but taking part with your bets can prove to be even more exciting! Through using Betiton’s Sportsbook, you can place bets on your predicted tournament winner, live in-play set scores, first set winner, round scores, and many other markets that surround this game.

Moreover, you can place your stakes on other kinds of bets, including spread bets, place bets, handicap bets, and so on.

You Can Even Place Your Bets on The Eurovision Song Contest

One of the biggest events in the entirety of Europe is without a doubt the Eurovision. This might come as a surprise to you but apart from all the other sports we’ve mentioned so far, you can also bet on the Eurovision! The Eurovision is rather entertaining on its own but placing a cheeky bet here and there can prove to turn it into an exciting experience.

Our bookmakers on Betiton’s sportsbook offer bettors a rather wide range of odds, even on the Eurovision. Our players from Britain can enjoy betting on contestants in the Eurovision, whether it’s the United Kingdom itself, or any of the other countries that will be participating in the next edition of the famous competition!

Who Were the Last Five Winners of the Eurovision?

2019NetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcade498
2017PortugalSalvador SobralAmar pelos dois758
2015SwedenMåns ZelmerlöwHeroes365

Check Out Betiton’s Sports Betting Bonus and Other Offers

At Betiton Sportsbook, we want new players to be able to have a good time, and one of the ways we can help them is by giving their bankroll a boost.

For all the British players who have recently signed up with us, they can get the chance to claim an extra bet worth £10 with our sport’s welcome bonus.

You can place a bet on any sporting event, but it must be done as a whole value—this bet cannot be split. There are other terms and conditions (t&c) that apply for this bonus as well, so make sure to read all of the requirements.

Moreover, we offer a couple of other promotions that will definitely prove useful for our new customers. New players should visit our “Promotions” section to have a look at all our offers and to read all of the T&Cs.

Take Your Sports Betting With You! Mobile Gaming Online Sports Betting UK

At Betiton we want all our players in the UK to be able to access our sportsbook wherever they go. We have therefore optimised our website to be fully mobile compatible to have an incredible betting experience.

This means that you can access the site directly through your mobile browser and bet online. The set-up is the same as that found on the desktop site.

All of the sports betting options, betting slips, bonuses and customer support options are available for use through the mobile site so that your gaming experience is as seamless as on our desktop site.

This way, you won’t have to worry about missing the game today, or tomorrow, or whenever it’ll be, because you can just play away at Betiton on your mobile device. Just remember, however, to make time for other things in life, like your family, friends, and other hobbies.

Deposit & Withdraw Your Betting Funds Safely and Securely

It’s always important to be able to offer top quality payment options to players from the United Kingdom.

Our new players would do well to read the following information so they can get a sample of the range of payment methods on offer at Betiton, and to understand the min and max deposit and withdrawal limits.

For both deposits and withdrawals, we have a range of options that include:

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

We do have various limits in place for the various payment options with a minimum of £10 for both deposits and withdrawals. There’s a maximum limit of £5000 for anyone deposit and a £7000 per month limit for withdrawals.

While the deposits will occur instantly, withdrawals do undergo a 48-hour pending period, during which time you can reverse your withdrawal request.

Make sure you’ve verified your account before deposit prior to requesting funds as this will make the subsequent processing time a lot smoother ensuring you get your hard-earned winnings that little bit faster.

We’re Here to Help! Live Customer Support for UK Players

When it comes to providing the perfect gaming platform, one of the things we strive to implement is a good support system. We want all of our UK players to be able to access a member of staff to get the help they need, whenever they need it.

With this in mind, we have a number of different support options, including live chat, available from 8 am through to 1 am CET every day. Our dedicated staff will get any of our customers up and running in no time no matter the problem, whether it’s a glitch with one of our games, or a problem with a bonus, etc.

Always Bet Online Responsible

Responsible gaming ensures that players are able to quit or get help when there’s a problem. If you didn’t know, BeGambleAware promotes safer gambling. You can check their website, which you’ll be able to find in our footer on every page if you need to, for more information.

Moreover, in line with regulations outlined in our licences from both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, we offer British players a self-exclusion option as well as links to a number of helplines.

Whether you’re more into sports betting or casino games, we suggest that all of our players read our responsible gaming section and review all of our responsible gaming tips and measures to keep their gaming responsible as much as possible.

Online Sports Betting FAQs

What sports can I bet online?

At Betiton, you can bet on dozens of sports, all of which are available on our online sportsbook. Our range of available sports is so wide that it includes popular choices like football, rugby, tennis and horse racing.

What’s the difference between betting on location and betting online?

Betting on location means that you’ll need to be physically present at the event and place a bet conventionally via an on-site bookmaker. On the other, betting online means that you can bet from your home, when you find yourself on the go.

What are the biggest sports events UK players can bet on?

UK players can bet on all most popular sports events are available to bet on. From the World Cup to Wimbledon and more.

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