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Online Sports Betting in UK – Bet £10 Get £15

Online betting is a great way to make any sporting event even more entertaining. Here at Betiton in UK, we’ll give you all different types of bets to bet on your favourite teams in England. Keep in mind that all informations in this page are here to give informations, so play responsible. When it comes to online betting, there is a whole new range of different options open to you that come from across the world ranging from horse racing betting which can be based out in Dubai, Australia and Argentina, allowing for 24/7 access to multiple horse racing bets, through to football and tennis, we have it all. Sports betting in the UK is an exciting way to watch your favourite sporting events as it brings an added element of entertainment to the proceedings. Placing bets at Betiton is an excellent way to get yourself entertained with what will unfold right before your eyes. Guaranteed, the Best Sports Action from around the World at your Fingertips! We make it user friendly for you to both select the sport of your choice as well as the specific event as we have a wide range of options. On top of this, we offer a huge range of betting options so that you can choose the specific bet type as well as offering you highly competitive odds.

  • Easy access
  • Wide range of sports
  • Competitive odds
  • Mobile sports betting.

We offer a great range of betting options on sports such as tennis as well as top sporting events like the Euro 2020 or the FIFA World Cup 2022. We can provide you with all the biggest sporting events from the United States with American Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and many others.

How to bet online using the Betiton Sportsbook

Sports gambling is very simple should you have either limited knowledge of specific sports or if you consider yourself to be a tactical master of a game that never quite got into managing a team for themselves.

By already selecting the Betiton Sportsbook, you are home to every global sporting options. Here are the steps on how to bet online with Betiton:

  1. Create a Betiton account and get your Welcome Bonus.
  2. Select your sport or sports of choice.
  3. Make your way through the various markets, one at a time selecting your predictions to form your betting slip.

You can form up to 14 different bets from the same sport or mixed. Once you have selected the odds, you can pick a number of different ways to wager your claim.

Managing your online sports betting

Managing a bet might sound like an odd thing to do, but there is more than just the one way of making the wager you put down. When it comes to sports betting, new players need to know about the finalizing of a betting slip and the options they have. Here is how you can place money on different sections of your betting slip and what they mean as a return to your stats.

  • Singles: By placing your money on this option, you are only covering one single bet, this cannot be used if you are planning to bet on multiple options. Your return is the multiple of your single bet as bettors.
  • Doubles: This betting option covers two odds that you have selected. Your return is the multiple of both odds combined and both must yield a winning result for a payout.
  • Trebles: By selecting trebles, you will need to have a selection of three odds. The triple odds return is that of all three combined when each has won.
  • X- Folds/Accumulator: When you have a selection of four or more odds, these are often referred to as accumulators. Of these, you can select folds to bet on. For example, you have selected 8 odds for your accumulator, now of these 8, you can be on 4 folds, 5 folds, 6 folds, or 7 folds or the full 8 folds. These folds are cover bets. If you select 5-fold, you only need 5 of the 8 odds to come up winners. If you select all 8 and bet the full accumulator, then you need all predictions to come in.
  • Trixie: Using a Trixie option covers you across four different possible outcomes when selecting three odds.
  1. Landing 3 doubles: So, you have bets A, B + C of which, results could be A+B, A+C and B+C. Landing a treble: All A, B and C bets win.

A minimum of two odds winning will result in a return from your selection. Your wager is now 4x the amount because of the covering bets.

  • Yankee: This betting option works on selections of four, meaning your Yankee bet can now cover eleven different possible outcomes.
  1. 11 separate bets 6 doubles 4 trebles A 4-fold accumulator

With 11 bets covered, your wagering, thusly, becomes 11x the stake.

  • Super Yankee: This betting option consists of a selection of five bets and covers 26 different possible outcomes.
  1. 10 doubles 10 trebles Five 4-fold bets A 5-fold accumulator

With 26 bets covered, your wagering, thusly, becomes 26x the stake.

  • Heinz: Named after the 57 varieties branding of Heinz, this betting covers 57 possible outcomes from a selection of six different odds.
  1. 15 doubles 20 trebles 15x 4-fold bets 6x 5-fold bets A 6-fold accumulator

With 57 bets covered, your wagering, thusly, becomes 57x the stake.

  • Super Heinz: By selecting 7 odds, you can open yourself up to 120 different possible outcomes and, thusly, the Super Heinz is created
  1. 21 doubles 35 trebles 35x 4-fold bets 21x 5-fold bets 7x 6-fold bets A 7-fold accumulator

With 120 bets covered, your wagering, thusly, becomes 120x the stake.

  • Goliath: Should you wish to select the largest betting slip return from 8 odds selections, you are covering 247 possible different outcomes.

28 doubles 56 trebles 70x 4-fold bets 56x 5-fold bets 28x 6-fold bets 8x 7-fold bets A 8-fold accumulator

With 247 bets covered, your wagering, thusly, becomes 247x the stake. The management of your bet is so open that you can even Cashout your bet at any time before and during the scheduled fixtures. So, if your bet is up but you are too nervous to see it through, you can click your ‘Cashout’ option and take what is being offered. Alternatively, if your bets are going downhill and are still offered a return of cash, then you can ‘Cashout’ to use that money on a different bet later on down the line.

Access Betiton Sportsbook via your mobile

Mobiles account for how more than 65% of online betting sites are accessed by their members. At Betiton, you are able to access our sportsbook through your handheld device whether you have Android, Windows, or iOS systems built-in. You can enjoy all the best spots betting there is on desktop or mobile. Gaining access to your account is simple and from there you can easily acquire your sports betting features with or without our casino app. The process of betting is the same as it would be using a Desktop, Tablet, or a MAC.

  • Log into your account.
  • Select Betiton Sports Select your sports.
  • Build your bets Stake your wager

You can watch the results come in from your mobile, place separate in-play bets and Cashout should your bet be up or down before the final whilst blows.

 ”Secure, Instant and Reliable! Everything you want from a mobile service when dealing with Live Sports Betting.”

The global sports you can enjoy at Betiton UK

Our aim is to be the world’s #1 sports betting site in the UK and to make this happen, we provide you with every possible sporting feature from around the world that also comes with favourable odds. Here are just some of the sporting options you are faced with when deciding to become a member of Betiton Casino.

  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Greyhounds
  • Motor Sport
  • Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey

The different types of sports betting markets you get at Betiton UK online sportsbooks

There are many markets to bet on online. Sports betting opens to door to countless ways of winning across more than 25 different sports. 20-years ago, you could only bet on a result of either bet on a win or a draw, now the scope is so vast that betting goes deeper into the game’s fabric. Here are just a handful of the different online sports bets you can make at Betiton UK.

  • Home Draw Away (Football)
  • Correct Score (Football)
  • Set 1 Winner (Tennis)
  • Next Two Games Winner (Tennis)
  • Team with Highest Scoring Quarter (Basketball)
  • Winning Margin 7-Way (Basketball)
  • Outright Winners Ashes Series 2021/2022 (Cricket)
  • Total Rounds (Boxing) Round Betting (Boxing).

”Pick your odds from over 3,000 different markets across more than 25 different worldwide sports.”

Top Sports Betting Events in United Kingdom

  1. Euro 2020
  2. Wimbledon
  3. Darts.


Every year football tops the list as the UK’s favourite sport. It’s a fact, football is the biggest interest inside online sports betting sites because it gives you the largest odds market of any game.

This year though, Euro 2021, is the big event in the football calendar. There will always be a major event in the footballing calendar that will be covered. Every cup, tournament, and play-off finals across all UK leagues will be amongst the hundreds of footballing features within Betiton. For UK bettors, it’s time to get excited as England is now in with a shot at becoming the top team on the continent. Kicking off in a few months, the event starts with a round-robin tournament where teams will play each other within the same group, not to mention the infatuation in the stadiums.

This year too, the event is being hosted at numerous stadiums and cities across Europe. This is to both celebrate the 60th anniversary of the competition and to bring football closer to the fans enabling them to enjoy more of the games. You can follow all the action as it unfolds right here at Betiton. Also, you can bet on Premier League, Champions League, and a lot more!


One of the other big events in the UK’s yearly sporting calendar is Wimbledon. This event is one of the oldest and most cherished tennis tournaments in the world and holds a high level of prestige for the players who participate there. Through using Betiton Sportsbook, you can place bets on your predicted tournament winner, live in-play set scores, first set winner, handicap betting, round scores and many other markets that surround this game. Held in London on a yearly basis, this tournament may not have the biggest prizes but it’s the only grand slam tennis tournament that’s actually played on grass.

Each year, players face off in the singles (particularly the men) in order to take home the top prize. Major players that are always keenly watched, include Roger Federer, Raphael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray in the men’s tournament and Serena and Venus Williams in the women’s.

With so many contenders, the event is always exciting, now imagine putting yourself into the same environment, taking part with your knowledge of tennis and being part of the same team through your bets.


Another UK favourite is the darts and when it comes to the many tournaments (as William Hill World Darts Championship) and matches you do get, expect nothing less than glorious pandemonium.

Darts betting comes with many different sporting coupons to bet on. Aside from the tournaments and events, within a single match, you can bet on the winner, the correct score, the player most hitting a 180s, the first dart score and many others.

Odds and Tips for online betting

No matter what you’re betting on, be it Grand National betting or something else, understanding the odds is important for successful wagering. In the context of Grand National Betting, this is for many people across the UK a completely one-off indulgence, where the first-time players pick of the winner is usually selected off of a hunch, a red hot tip or simply because the horse has a cool name. Through our online betting data, you can place a sports bet with confidence as Betiton provides you with professional and detailed horse racing stats.

Odds for sporting events

Now, our sports betting site does offer you a little bit more than common sports betting features. We have are adding celebrities, entertainment and even Eurovision betting as part of the best online betting experience.

If the Eurovision is something the family all enjoy, then each have a family member pick their own winner. When you decide to start with sports betting or any other event, you will need to understand how the process all works before placing your bets. This means that you will need to know what type of bets there are and what the odds mean.

These latter are the numbers that actually tell you how likely it is that an event will occur. These numbers also show you how much you are likely to receive in a payout if your bet is successful. They can be shown in a range of different formats that include decimal, fractional and American. Generally, in the UK they’re shown as fractional. However, it’s up to you which system you prefer and you can change the settings on our site to the one that you like best.

Odds of 4/1, for example, are relatively low indicating that the team or player is likely to win the encounter. It’s all very well going for 100/1 odds, it also means that the bookies think the team, horse or player is highly unlikely to win. On the other hand, 9/4 odds mean the event is highly likely to happen.

Tips and tipsters

Tipsters are the people who spend all their time watching a specific sport and the teams, events and players that are involved in it. They check out wins and losses, overall form and so much more to make educated predictions about which team or player is more, or less, likely to win an event. They will also trawl the internet to find any good deals or low odds so that you can make use of them and potentially get a good value on your betting.

Tipsters will follow all kinds of sports, though they’re popularly found giving tips on things like horse racing, football and rugby. A nations favourite is not forgotten here at Betiton UK online sports site. Rugby offers players many markets to bet on throughout the Rugby League and Rugby Union.

Now when it comes to using the advice of Tipsters, they shouldn’t be a complete substitute for your own research though but can be used as a jumping-off point if you’re new to the online sports betting world. Using tips is a great way to get some idea of what to look for in a team or player.

However, if you want to be truly successful at sports betting, then you need to have self-discipline. This means that even when you find a great set of odds, this needs to be a bet that you can afford to lose. Thinking on these lines, it also makes sense for British players to make use of any bonus offers such as the one we offer at Betiton. For any online betting, you should always have a look to see what the best odds are as well. Lastly, take a look at daily tip sites and see what they say, though it’s also okay to go with your gut feeling too.

Betting offers and bonuses at Betiton

At Betiton Sportsbook, we want you to be able to have the best time possible, and one of the ways we can help you to achieve that is by giving your bankroll a boost. For all British players who have signed up with us, you’ll get the chance to get an extra bet with our sport welcome offer. You can place a bet on any sporting event, but it must be done as a whole value – this bet cannot be split. There are other terms and conditions in place for this bonus as well, so make sure to read all of the requirements.

Deposits and withdrawals

It’s always important to be able to offer top quality payment options to players from the United Kingdom. For both deposits and withdrawals, we have a range of options that include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, to name but a few. We do have various limits in place for the various payment options with a minimum of £10 for both deposits and withdrawals. There’s a maximum limit of £5000 for anyone deposit and a £7000 per month limit for withdrawals. While the deposits will occur instantly, withdrawals do undergo a 48-hour pending period, during which time you can reverse your withdrawal request. Make sure you’ve verified your account before deposit prior to requesting funds as this will make the subsequent processing time a lot smoother ensuring you get your hard-earned winnings that little bit faster.

Bet on sporting events with your mobile

In this day and age, all of us love to be able to access websites via a mobile device. This is because we can then get playing while we’re out and about. At Betiton we want all our players in the UK to be able to access our sportsbook wherever they go. We have therefore optimised our website to be fully mobile compatible to have an incredible betting experience. This means that you can access the site directly through your mobile browser and bet online. The set-up is the same as that found on the desktop site, it’s just is a little less cluttered with some of the options found in a drop-down menu instead. All of the sports betting options, betting slips, bonuses and customer support options are available for use through the mobile site so that your gaming experience is as seamless as on our desktop site.

Customer support and Loyalty program

When it comes to providing the perfect gaming platform, one of the things we strive to implement is a good support system. We want all of our UK players to be able to access a member of staff to get the help they need, whenever they need it. With this in mind, we have a number of different support options available from 8 am through to 1 am CET every day. Our dedicated staff will get you up and running in no time. We also have a profitable and much-admiredLoyalty program you can join that has seven different tiers of exclusive Loyalty levels. By making real money wagers on our casino games, you will accrue loyalty points that move you up the ladder and give you access to a range of exciting bonuses such as monthly cashback or higher withdrawal options. However, at this time, sportsbook wagers do not qualify.

Responsible gaming & Begambleaware

Responsible gaming ensures that players are able to quit or get help when there’s a problem. If you didn’t know, BeGambleAware promotes safer gambling. We offer British players a self-exclusion option as well as links to a number of helplines. You can still check the website of Begambleaware, you’l find it in our footer in every pages if you need to.

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