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Bet on the UK’s Greatest Football Matches at Betiton Sportsbook

Football is one of the most popular sports in the UK. This can be attributed to the fact that it is easy to play—at least, on paper—, and therefore easy to learn the rules when watching.

There are numerous clubs across the country, each from different areas, so viewers get attached to their home team, giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride when their team wins. Part of the fun of watching this sport is also the sheer talent displayed by the players.

Many footballers have exceptional footwork skills, which make the whole game even more exciting. Betting on this sport means you need to know and understand odds, so keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Finally, if you’re from the United Kingdom and you happen to be interested in sports betting, particularly in betting on football then you should really consider betting on sports at Betiton. At Betiton we offer plenty of sports markets and odds that will keep you entertained for many games to come, we guarantee it.

What Are Football Betting Odds? Betiton Explains

When diving into the world of sports betting, whether it’s betting on rugby or on the obvious choices like football and horse racing, it’s important that you know where to find tips and what the best odds are.

The first thing you need to understand is the odds. These are the numbers that explain how likely it is for an event to happen (whether the team will win, lose, or draw) as well as showing you how much you will get paid if you win.

Odds are often shown as fractions in the UK market, though if you prefer decimals or American odds, you can change this at Betiton. One thing to remember, though, when looking at odds is to bet odds greater in value than those that are very low.

This is because low odds while being more likely to happen, will also pay out a lot less. For instance, 1/2 odds means that the team is most likely favourited to win but a bet on them would be hardly worth your while as it pays a pound for every 2 you bet.

Conversely, odds of 100/1 go too far the other way, as the likelihood of that team winning is incredibly slim, and the bookies think they’re clear outsiders. But say by some miracle they manage to win; you would stand to win 100 times your bet!

Football Betting Tips: What You Need to Know

Tipsters are very useful especially if you’re new to the football betting world, as they can give you useful football tips to help you make your judgments on what team to bet on.

Tipsters spend a lot of time looking at player and team form to see who is likely to win or score in a head-to-head. They will usually post their predictions so that other players can see them and use them if they wish.

Tipsters will also take the time to look around the internet, checking out various sportsbooks to find good value odds. These value odds will also be suggested to players so that they can potentially make a good profit on a single bet if they choose to follow this advice.

So, for example, when it comes to horse racing betting tipsters will tell you which horses are most likely to win, what odds to take, and so on. The same applies to when players bet on a tennis match and by that we mean that tipsters will tell you which player they think will win, which will lose, whether to go for handicap bets, etc.

However, while taking tips can be a good idea at the start, we do recommend that you continue with your own research as well. This is because the tipsters do not often catch everything. Sometimes, going with your gut feeling can actually pay off.

However, we do advise against simply picking a team to win just because they are your favourite. This is one way that will possibly see you getting more losses than wins, in the long run, so check out team form yourself too.

It’s also important to be disciplined with your betting, making sure to only take bets that you can afford when playing online.

5 of Betiton’s Football Betting Markets Available to Players in the UK

Betiton has many markets to choose from, even if you prefer to bet on a game of darts rather than a game of football, for example; other than that, we have many more other markets that you can play on.

But if football is where your heart lies, then our bookmakers have provided something for you as well! We offer a host of football markets, odds, and events, including the Premier League and the Champions League.

Moreover, we also offer live games that you can place bets on as they progress which can be easily accessed from our online sportsbook.

Of the odds that we offer, you can bet on what score the teams will achieve, or which team will be the first to score, or how many total goals will be scored during the game. Here are 5 of our betting markets:

  • Total Goals
  • Both Teams to Score
  • First to Score
  • Draw No Bet
  • Exact Score

The 7 Highest Scoring UK Football Clubs Ever

In every sport, some teams or players prove to be above the rest; of course, football is no exception, and some teams have problemed themselves to be the best in the whole of England.

These teams have scored more goals and won more games than the rest, so it’s no wonder that they’ve found themselves on the list of the top goal-scoring teams in England! So, whenever you’re watching a match and one of these teams is playing, you know you’re in for a good game!

However, just because they are the highest-scoring, doesn’t necessarily mean that they should always be bet on. That’s a sure-fire way to lose your bets; if you want to win, you should consider doing your research first. Whilst it’s impossible to correctly predict every score, research helps a great deal.

Moreover, if you are just starting out, The Grand National is where many place their first bets, due to the culture surrounding the event.

So, if you’re accessing our sportsbook from England, or anywhere from the UK for that matter, maybe you should also consider playing on horse racing rather than solely football.

N.B. The table was last updated on the 20th of September, 2020.

1Liverpool FC1993
2Manchester City1928
3Manchester United1785
4Chelsea FC1749
6Tottenham Hotspur1742
7Wolverhampton Wanderers1741

The 3 Greatest Football Tournaments Not to Be Missed in the UK

Not all tournaments or leagues are created equal, and that’s easy to see; in fact, it’s hard to deny that some leagues and tournaments are so big that even non-football fans enjoy watching them!

What’s more exciting than seeing some of the biggest teams in the world play against one another to win the prestigious prizes in football? We’d hardly know what to tell you. Of course, watching the matches on their own is undeniably fun, especially when fantastic teams and players are participating!

However, betting on these games might add an extra layer of fun that you might very much enjoy. You can bet on the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup 2022, and, of course, the Premier League, where you can see the best teams in England vying for the top.

But don’t forget that you can also Bet on The Euro another massive tournament that takes place every four years. If you decide to start placing bets on these fantastic leagues, we provide the best markets on our sportsbook at Betiton; our bookmakers also offer the best odds to play on!

Lastly, you can also bet on these leagues live, so you can enjoy the excitement of betting as the match progresses in real-time!

  1. FIFA World Cup 2022
  2. UEFA Champions League
  3. Premier League

Bet on The FIFA Wold Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest betted on sporting events in the world, even beating out the Olympics. This event takes place once every four years, with the next one coming around in 2022.

This next event is to be held in Qatar, which is a first for the event, since it’s being held entirely in the Arab world. Moreover, it’s the second World Cup that’s being held entirely on the Asian continent.

In the years running up to the event, teams from countries around the world compete in a series of different qualifying events—these are from the different regions of the world—in order to see which ones will make it to the World Cup itself.

Once all the teams—32 in total—have been finalised, the tournament begins in earnest, gradually whittling down that number.

Bet on The UEFA European Champions League

The second-largest football tournament is the UEFA Champions League. This event, unlike the World Cup, takes place every year. This just means that every year, players in the UK get treated to an epic football event.

This event takes the top teams in Europe and, in a similar fashion to the World Cup, pits these teams against one another until the teams are gradually knocked out. Teams also have to go through qualifying rounds in order to even make it to the final event.

Winners of this event prove to the world that they’re amongst the strongest clubs on the planet.

Bet on The Premier League

This last event is also surprisingly popular outside the UK despite being the English Premier League. This league is the top division for clubs located in the UK and is based on a relegation and promotion system.

These teams will all play a double round-robin throughout the duration of the event so that each team will play each other twice—once away and once at home to make use of that home advantage. Points are scored on a number of goals, amongst other things, to see which of the teams will rank at the top of the table.

What Other Football Leagues Can I Bet on at Betiton UK?

Betiton provides a vast range of sports to bet on, just in case football isn’t your cup of tea, or if you’d like to change it up every now and again and try out something new without having to change platforms.

We have so many markets that you can even bet on the Eurovision. However, if you simply enjoy football, apart from the big 3 leagues mentioned above, we offer these further leagues to bet on.

Of course, tournaments like the Premier League offer extremely exhilarating matches to bet on, especially if you’re watching it live from England! However, England offers far more leagues than that; here’s a list of other English leagues you can find on Betiton.

  • English FA Cup
  • National League
  • English Football League Cup
  • League One
  • League Two

Don’t Miss Betiton’s Betting Offers and Bonuses for UK Players

One of the best ways to get ahead when you’re just starting out in sports betting is by making use of any bonus offers that are available. At Betiton, we are offering all players from the UK the chance to get their hands on a really exciting bonus.

For more terms and conditions, you can check our terms & conditions and our bonus policy, both of which are linked at the bottom of this page. It’s best to read them both so that you don’t get caught out when making a withdrawal.

Never miss a Match. Bet on Favourite Game on Betiton Mobile

Being able to access all our football betting options via a mobile device is very important in our technology-oriented world. In order to allow you to be able to place bets while on the go, we have made sure that our desktop site has been fully optimised for mobile use.

This means that no matter what mobile device you use, you can get access to our mobile site seamlessly and easily. The site follows the same setup and design as the desktop one, so you won’t be missing out on any features.

You can access betting slips, football odds, payment options, bonuses, and support in the same way you can via the desktop site, which makes it easy to transition between the two platforms.

Live Customer Support Available for all UK Players

Customer support is one of those often overlooked though necessary parts of online betting. At Betiton, we give our players from Britain a wide range of options to use to get in touch with us. The support is also open from 8 am to 1 am CET every day so that players will have easy access to helpful and informative staff.

Deposit and Withdraw Your Football Betting Funds Safely and Securely

At Betiton we always want to offer our British players nothing but the best in the way of payment methods and monetary security. In order to provide this, we only use reputable payment providers that include

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

You’ll be able to choose the payment method that suits you the best when making a payment. There’s a minimum of £10 for both deposits and withdrawals, with a maximum of £5000 and £7000 for deposits and withdrawals respectively.

Verifying your account is a must, especially if you want any withdrawals to proceed smoothly and not take longer due to the need to verify the account in the first place. While deposits are instant, withdrawals will take up to 48 hours to process.

Be Sure to Bet on Football Responsibly: UK Responsible Gaming

In order to ensure that all our UK players can gamble in a safe environment, we have responsible gambling options such as self-exclusion and helplines in place.

Moreover, we also provide tips and countermeasures that help to keep your gambling to a responsible level. Lastly, we absolutely condemn underage gambling and encourage you to look into installing anti-underage-gambling software.

UK Football Betting FAQs

How do online football betting odds work?

Odds are essentially numerical representations of the likelihood of something happening; in other words, odds show in numbers how likely or unlikely something is to happen.

At the same time, odds show you how much money you’ll receive is the bet works out; for example if there was a match between Manchester City and Everton, and the odds are 9/10 against 5/1, it’s clear than Manchester City are the favourites here.

However, winning a bet in favour of Everton will land you a pound for every fiver you bet—as opposed to the £9 for every tenner you bet on Manchester City—which is a fantastic payout.

What’s a handicap in live football betting?

We don’t need to tell you that certain teams and players are better than others, and certain matches are decided before they even begin.

However, with handicap betting, the playing field is levelled a little: handicap bets place a “disadvantage” on the better team to give an edge to the underdog.

This means that the inferior team can lose the game but players could still win their bets if they placed a handicap bet on them.

Where can I find tips and strategies for betting on football?

A simple Google search, or whichever search engine you use, will give you plenty of tips; in fact, the internet is chock-full of tipsters giving bettors tips on the best odds, players, teams, and so on.

It’s good to do your research beforehand, but keep in mind that you can never win 100% of the time. The best tip we can give you is to never bet more than you can afford and to remember to have fun!

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