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Mexico vs Poland Prediction – 2022 World Cup

Sean Fenech
August 31, 2022
Modified: November 10, 2022

On November 22nd, the seventh match of the FIFA World Cup kicks off at Stadium 974. This Group C fixture sees Mexico vs Poland, and with this Mexico vs Poland prediction guide, we will be sharing our professional thoughts and World Cup tips on what the likely outcome of this match will be. 

At Betiton, we are betting pros and our online sports betting advice has a good track record. We will be sharing with you details of each team’s track record within the competition, highlighting the standout players in each team that can impact the game. Plus, we will be giving you our analysis on who has the potential to win, or if a team might just be pushing for the draw.

At Betiton, you can access 309 betting markets for the Mexico and Poland fixture. We have every action of the game covered, with highly competitive odds for you to benefit from. Now, let’s kick off and introduce to you the two featuring teams and start with our first football prediction.

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Our Mexico vs Poland prediction: Mexico to win.

Mexico Preview

At 149 to 1, Mexico are ranked outsiders to lift the 2022 World Cup trophy. Does this signify a fall from grace by the Mexicans? Well, it’s a tough one to call considering their record within the CONCACAF Championship and Gold Cup show absolute dominance and won it as recently in 2019 to make it their 11th title. In the Copa America, they have been semi-finalists a total of three times and runner-up twice. Their many successes outside of World Cup tournaments rank them as the 12th best team in the world according to the FIFA World Rankings (25/08/2022). Yet, they are 19th in the odds to win the World Cup according to our Betiton World Cup predictor. 

The term dark horse seemed to have popped into existence for the world to understand just how Mexico functions as a World Cup team. They have the tenacity and the talent to do very well in such competitions, and when it comes to World Cup betting the odds are a little damning to their potential. Perhaps the monument of glory and iconic stature just crumbles bit by bit with the weight of expectation. Evidence of this can be seen in their most recent performances and during the qualifying stages on the road to Qatar. 

World Cup History

For some time, Mexico was the embodiment of what the World Cup tournament was about, and this is perhaps down to the fact that they hosted two of the most iconic tournaments. One was the 1970 cup and the other, 1986. The country could scoop a third for the 2026 tournament, which is in a joint bid with the United States of America and Canada. Now, great tournament hosts they are, on the field, the performances of the nation have been mixed. But can we rely so heavily on the past to make our current World Cup 2022 predictions?

If we look at their tournament achievements, since 1994, they have qualified from the group stages to reach the Round of 16. In their hosted tournaments, they each reached the Quarter Finals, so they have an average finishing place of 13th. It could well happen again. If you look at Group C, they are the second strongest team according to the ranking and by some distance. To look at the bigger picture, we have them backed to qualify from the group stages and that could mean that Poland suffers in the process. 

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

The road to Qatar for Mexico is a long one, with a group stage to progress through, where they face off with four other teams in a knockout league. This is the CONCACAF. The winners then go through to a final round of each group winner where a further 14 games are played. These are the results of that final round.

Date Match Final Score
03/09/2021 Mexico vs Jamaica 2-1
06/09/2021 Costa Rica vs Mexico 0-1
09/09/2021 Panama vs Mexico 1-1
08/10/2021 Mexico vs Canada 1-1
11/10/2021 Mexico vs Honduras 3-0
14/20/2021 El Salvador vs Mexico 0-2
13/11/2021 USA vs Mexico 2-0
17/11/2021 Canada vs Mexico 2-1
28/01/2022 Jamaica vs Mexico 1-2
31/01/2022 Mexico vs Costa Rica 0-0
03/02/2022 Mexico vs Panama 1-0
25/03/2022 Mexico vs USA 0-0
28/03/2022 Honduras vs Mexico 0-1
31/03/2022 Mexico vs El Salvador 2-0

Mexico Players to Watch

Star players can turn games, which is why it is important to consider the individual breakdowns, rather than just focusing on the entire team when football betting. You may want to consider who will be first, last, or anytime goal scorer, who will be booked, and who might be potential outright for Golden Boot. Just some of the betting markets that are available through Betiton.

So, here are our top three Mexican stars that could put Poland out of the competition very early. 

  • Raul Jimenez: Position: Striker. At 31 it is Jimenez’s last World Cup appearance and comes into the tournament with 93 caps, 29 goals, and 14 assists. One of Mexico’s big players, he will get a goal or two in this tournament.
  • Edson Álvarez : Position: Centre-Back. A sturdy rock in the heart of the Mexican defence comes with plenty of European football experience at the age of 24. Carries 55 caps, 3 goals, and 13 bookings. Odds on favourite to pick up a booking in the Group C clashes.
  • Hirving Lozano : Position: Right Wing. In his prime now at 27, Lozano comes with 58 caps, 15 goals, 11 assists, and 7 bookings. He will be vital in this match, and even if coming off the bench, he makes a great impact player.

Poland Preview

Currently, Betiton is giving Poland outsiders odds of 124 to 1, making them the 16th favourite to win. But is the team worthy of your World Cup bets? Poland is a team with some big names, and this will not be the last time we mention their greatest ever player Robert Lewandowski. However, qualifying for the trip to Qatar was no easy task and recent results have led to many questions on whether the best of the nation’s football is behind them. Their mixed form hasn’t stopped them from being listed as favourites to win the match against Mexico. Currently, the odds are 41 to 25, which is 2.64 over Mexico’s odds of 2.78.

With how Group C shapes up, it is very difficult to suggest that they can qualify quite comfortably, which is why this fixture could be a defining point so early in the competition. But based on the recent history of the tournament, you wouldn’t be holding your breath at the thought of them stringing three consistent positive results. That’s just not how Poland goes about things.

World Cup History

The 2022 World Cup marks Poland’s ninth appearance, and when looking back at their history, can it play any role in making your football predictions? Well, Poland’s best achievements have been third place having reached the Semi-Finals and then winning the ranking match twice to determine the order. But the last time this happened was 40 years ago, which is not a flattering timeline. In their past three cup runs, they have only ever got as far as the group stages, mustering a total of three wins, which isn’t the standard of a team that is currently 16th favourite. 

Their route to Qatar summed up where they are right now.

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

To book their plane ticket to the World Cup, the Polish team has to go through a group stage and by coming 2nd in that group. Then they had to play a knockout game against Sweden for a rightful place in the Last 32. These are the results of all 11 qualifying matches, and you should ask yourself if they are worthy of consideration when looking to formulate your World Cup bets.

Date Match Final Score
25/03/2021 Hungary vs Poland 3-3
28/03/2021 Poland vs Andorra 3-0
31/03/2021 England vs Poland 2-1
02/09/2021 Poland vs Albania 4-1
05/09/2021 San Marino vs Poland 1-7
08/09/2021 Poland vs England 1-1
09/10/2021 Poland vs San Marino 5-0
12/10/2021 Albania vs Poland 0-1
12/11/2021 Andorra vs Poland 1-4
15/11/2021 Poland vs Hungary 1-2
29/03/2022 Poland vs Sweden 2-0

Poland Players to Watch

Are there any players within the Polish national team that could turn the game in a moment when needed? Well, we pick our top polish players for this fixture to look at what they could offer. And you might want to consider some side bets with these three. Goals and bookings are waiting to happen. 

  • Robert Lewandowski: Position: Centre-Forward. In what will be his last World Cup, Lewandowski will have to be on his best form for Poland to stand any chance. He comes into the competition with 132 caps, 76 goals, and 28 assists. Staggering numbers and our money is on 2+ goals in the Group stages.
  • Piotr Zieliński: Position: Midfield. 72 Caps, 9 goals, and 13 assists. A playmaker that will need to boss the midfield and has the talent to do so.
  • Jan Bednarek: Position: Centre-Back. Looking to block out any attacking threat, this 6.2ft defender comes with 42 caps, 1 goal, and 11 bookings. Might be worth adding a booking bet to your Acca.

Mexico vs Poland Betting Odds

The WC 2022 betting odds for this game will change in the run-up to the game as team news becomes clearer. But here at Betiton, the Mexico vs Poland odds for a win or draw and not your only options. There are many areas of the game for you to bet on, whether its 2nd half goals, correct score, or match bet with both teams to score.

Here are the latest odds for the match winner and the popular over/under 2.5 goals.

Match Winner

Mexico to Win Poland to Win Draw
2.79 2.59 3.15

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals
2.19 1.58

Who Will Win? Mexico vs Poland Prediction

The match will be closely contested, it’s the first game for each team, the expectancy is there for both teams, and given that the teams are finely balanced, it makes it a huge game. We believe this to be the game that will ultimately decide who will qualify from Group C. 

So, our Mexico vs Poland prediction is based on consistency of form, past achievements, and climate. Make no mistake, winter in Qatar is still warm with temperatures hitting highs of 25, and this might just suit the Mexican players who will be able to maintain a more rigorous performance. So, our football predictions make this a 1-0 win for the North American side.

Our Mexico vs Poland prediction: Mexico to win.

Our Mexico vs Poland Betting Tips

There are several other alternative bets you could place on this game. For the 1-0 score to Mexico, you can receive odds at 7.75. But at a lower risk, the first half score at 1-0 is offered at odds of 4.54.

Sean Fenech

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