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NBA Predictions

August 17, 2020
Modified: January 24, 2022

Sports and sports betting have become common in modern days. If you are an NBA (National Basketball Association) or sports betting fan, you might have come across the phrase “betting tips guide.” However, you might not be sure what this really means. NBA tip is a bet that has been suggested by reliable sources or individuals.

These tips are usually created and made available by groups or individuals who are deemed more knowledgeable in such sports. These could be hockey, tennis, baseball, soccer, or American football. If you are a novice to gambling, or you have been into it, you will learn that betting tips are crucial, especially when you want to place a bet on an NBA match that you are not so sure about. Always make sure to rely on tips that are created and uploaded on credible sites. This will save you from scammers who only want to dupe and take your money.

What is NBA?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a male professional basketball league played in North America. It is played by 30 teams, of which 29 are in the United States of America and 1 in Canada. NBA is one of the few professional sports leagues held in the US and Canada and is recognized as one of the top men’s professional leagues in the world.

The league started as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) in 1946 before being branded the name we know today (NBA) on August 6, 1949. This was done after it merged with the National Basketball League (NBL). The League is usually played between October and April, with each of the 30 teams playing 82 games. National Basketball Association Players are the top paid athletes globally. Since the NBA is a member of the USA Basketball, it is recognised by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which is the overall basketball governing body in the US.

After the summer break, the NBA teams start camping in late September. During this time, players are prepared for the tough season ahead. Also, during this time, we try to get ready with our NBA and MLB prediction because we know punters will be count on us for their wins. When the teams go camping, our website is usually updated with the next teams and the most accurate tips. Normally we do this depending on the physical fitness of players, and how their performance in the previous season.

Note that we always try to give you betting tips that you can count on. Also, if you follow closely, you will notice that before seasons kicks off, there is a transfer window. During this time, new players come in, while others are signed to other teams. These changes make it hard for punters to predict the overall performance of certain teams, but we always ease the tension for them.

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What are NBA tips?

Gamblers are always looking for the best ways to win their bets, which is why we have some of the best NBA tips for them. NBA tips are pointers uploaded regularly on our site to guide you on your betting habit. They are predictions based on various facts regarding the overall NBA regulation and its players. These tips are created by individuals who have been in the industry for the longest time possible.

Therefore, they understand how teams play and how they are likely to perform on various matches. For a long time, Betiton has played a central role in ensuring that you do not wager blindly. We do this by uploading tips as consistently as possible so that you study each team first before placing a bet. Also, you can talk to us at any time if you feel that certain parts of the information we share on our site are not accurate enough.

Even if you are one a great gambler, you need to be careful where you source your NBA, soccer, MLB, or NHL tips. Having the right information at hand is key. This involves knowing the right teams to bet on and how much you need to stake each time. Beginners are strongly advised against staking huge sums of money since most of them are green when it comes to betting on NBA matches.

To reduce the chances of losing money on online betting, try to bet on one match at a time. While multi-bets give you the chance to win huge cash on your bets, you are less likely to win compared to when you place single bets. We have always seen punters trying to bet aggressively, hoping to win and replace their lost money, which is not a very good idea. Always bet soberly and make sure to take it slow. If you are losing, relax and try for better luck next time.

What are the different tips in NBA?

In the NBA, different tips are available for punters and they can choose which ones to rely on the most. Though we feel that you should be familiar with the types, we are still going to mention a number of them. First, we have straight bets, and this is one of the common types of bets used by those looking to wager on the NBA. In Total Line Bets, which is second-most popular after a straight bet, the combined final score is determined, and a line put on it.

You can bet stating that the combined score will go past that line, or stay under it. You can also say that the actual score will stay that way. In basketball and football, you can place this bet on each half of the game if you so wish. Also, we have moneyline bets, and this involves stating that a team will win straight up, and without any point spread.

If you combine two or more picks into one bet, then that is known as the Parlay Bet. This type of bet can be as low as two picks, or it can go as high as 15 picks. However, different sites have limits you can’t go beyond. If you do a twist on your parlay bet, then that is known as a teaser bet. This is one of the common MMA tips used by many gamblers.

If you are betting on just two competitors, then you can choose to place head-to-head bets. This is the most famous type of bet since it is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is choose a team or player that would bet the other and bet on it. There are many other tips, but we have tried to mention that ones you should consider trying next time you want to bet.

  • Accumulators. This is a bet that accumulates two or more selections in just one wager.
  • Mega Odds Accumulators. These are accumulator bets that give you a chance to win huge sums of money on your bets due to high odds.
  • Daily Double. These are wagers that are offered by dog and horse racing tracks, mostly in North America.

The terms above are prevalent unless you are a novice to the betting world. But we are about to tell you exactly what they mean and how they work. Let us start with accumulators. If you place this type of bet, it means you have seen an opportunity that is worth grabbing. You are sure that all the bets are going to win, so you decide to merge them.

Mega Odds Accumulators, on the other hand, are opportunities provided by the bookmakers. If you are sure that you can carry the odds home, then go ahead and place your bet. You are given more than one match, and you have to predict all their outcomes in a single wager. We also have a daily double, but this one might work best for those who enjoy dog and horse races. This type of bet entails two selections and to get money, they both have to win.

Who are the favorite for NBA?

In each sport, there are those teams with some of the best players. Every time they play, they put in their efforts and skills to win or draw at the worst. In the NBA, they are known as favourites. Now, many punters like to pick these teams or individuals each time they place bets. However, they rarely end up making enough money.

What happens is that bookmakers know that these games always have higher chances of winning, so they give them low odds. Therefore, for punters to win huge sums of money from favourites, they combine them with other matches. At Betiton, we encourage our users to be careful, especially when favourites are playing against underdogs since these are the times that most of them lose. When top-flight players play against weaker teams, they do not take the games seriously, which is always a huge advantage for the underdogs. Batting on favourites might not be the best thing to do.

It is never easy to make money on favourites. A lot of things come into consideration and you might still struggle to make money if you always bet on high-end players. But there might be helpful tips to enhance the chances of making money. Normally, when punters wager, they want to be at least 80% sure that they will win.

But that is not all, even if they win, they will not triumph when the odds were low, which means almost no money has been made. It has been found that if you need to make money betting on favourites, you must win at least ten of your bets consecutively. However, those betting on underdogs only need to win around six or seven times to make decent money. Conclusively, favourites are good because they will always give you a win, but if you need to make money, try underdogs too.


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It’s $305,000, which was won from a $5 parlay bet.

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