NBA Predictions

James Smith
August 17, 2020
Modified: June 27, 2023

The NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the most followed and popular sports across the world. NBA boasts some of the most athletically gifted players who can do things that ordinary people can only dream of. There’s one thing that as a fan you can do which players cannot do. You can bet on the outcome of the NBA games and have a thrilling moment as you watch the game live or on TV.

The first step you need to follow is a betting tips guide and avoid making the typical mistakes made by bettors. Almost all bettors make mistakes, especially during the first bets. The common mistake that bettors make is failing to place a bet objectively. This common problem arises when you place a bet at Betiton platform when your favourite team is playing. Here, you’ll undoubtedly bet on your emotions and bet that your team will win against the opponent, and this’s not always the case.

What is NBA?

The National Basketball Association is the leading professional basketball league in the world. When it comes to the most competitive sports around the globe, NBA games rank among the best. The reason for this has perhaps something to do with how players play the game. Basketball is an easy and simple game to follow. Players run up and down the court and aim at placing the ball into the hoop.

NBA first came into existence on 6th June 1946 in New York City as BAA (Basketball Association of America). In 1949, BAA merged with NBL (National Basketball League) to form the present-day NBA. Since its peak in the 1990s, the NBA has since gained popularity, which ranks basketball as one of the most popular games across the world. NBA took the world by storm during the 1992 Olympic games thanks to the Dream Team composed of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and others.

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Year in year out, watching professional basketball is incredible. In fact, the excitement is much more effective if you are into NBA basketball betting. If you’re a player in New Zealand who loves NBA basketball betting, you know there’s much more fun involved other than placing a bet on your favourite team to win every match. Probably, you are well-informed it’s hard to find the information you need to have successful bets when it comes to betting on the NBA.

The same way football fanatics use football tips when betting on football matches, you also need to use basketball tips when betting on Betiton NBA games. You don’t just need to follow the odds blindly. The fact that a team has a high odd doesn’t mean that it will undoubtedly lose. There are some factors that NZ players need to keep in mind, such as the team’s form, how it plays while playing at home or away, and whether it has any significant injuries.

What are NBA Betting Tips?

Getting the appropriate basketball betting tips so you can start having a more enjoyable betting life at Betiton casino is vital. Countless individuals promise to give you the best advice when betting on basketball tournaments, and the place you outsource these tips is as essential as how you will use it. On the internet, several sporting betting services allege to provide high winning percentages.

Still, the truth of the matter is that most of them do not provide sufficient evidence to Kiwi players to back up their allegations. It is for this reason that you need to double-check that you are getting information from the right source, like betting tips by Betiton. So, if you are new to betting, continue reading this review to learn more about some helpful tricks and tips that you need to consider when betting on your favourite basketball betting league at Betiton casino, especially in New Zealand.

When betting, it is advisable to know the position of every player. Having precise knowledge about the team and the players you want to place a bet on gives you an upper hand when wagering. This is undeniably a serious matter that most novices opt to ignore. If you need to get the latest info about the players and the entire team, you can visit our website to get the latest info about the players.

It matters a lot to possess crucial information about the popularity of every team and player. As a precaution, it would be wise to place a bet on a team and players that are popularly known across the globe. Betting on a team that has low popularity when playing against a ‘giant’ team could make you disappointed. The same way you would utilise cricket tips while betting on cricket games, ensure that you use basketball tips when staking on basketball games.

What are the different tips in NBA?

If you need to have a fantastic basketball betting season, all you require is to ensure that you are paying close attention to the NBA league. The last part of any league is vital since every team and player is trying to get the best possible results out of any game by offering the best performance.

Here are a couple of tips that may help you have a memorable basketball betting experience. First, NZ players should always avoid betting the gimmicks. What this means is that the players in New Zealand need to stop gambling on multiple game bets on a single ticket. This’s also popularly known as teaser bets or parlay bets.

Since sometimes it’s challenging to recognise the outright winner of a particular game, it would be beneficial if you avoid adding unnecessary games on a single bet. Instead, always stick to single bets in most cases if possible, to prevent a scenario where you lose a fortune due to one team.

Another tip to consider is always to be cautious when selecting a betting platform. One of the leading betting services in New Zealand currently is the Betiton Casino. If you follow our basketball betting tips to the letter, you can start utilising them in in our casino.

When selecting a platform to place your stakes, the most critical aspects that you need to consider are the reviews from the previous customers, check whether the betting service is licensed or not, and then find out whether it actually works correctly or not. With the invention of internet and technology, scammers can establish a betting website that claims to offer incredible winning tips, but only a handful that provides info to back up the allegations.

Therefore, search for a genuine source and then you can be practically confident that you are getting basketball betting advice that will help you have a hassle-free betting life.

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A great way to test yourself whether you are following the tips to the latter or not is to place some bets against your favourite team when you think that it’s disadvantaged against its opponent. In most cases, this is an excellent way of testing whether you are placing bets based on emotions or not.

The fun of betting is placing a bet against your favourite when you think that it’s actually going to lose a game. If you dare to put this type of bet, continue to stake for and against your team and just watch as the betting life gets better and better. But if you do not have the nerves to stake against your beloved team, you should avoid placing bets altogether.

Failing this test indicates that you can’t bet factually and you need to avoid these types of games and concentrate on betting on other sports that do not involve your beloved team.

Who are the favourite for NBA Betting?

When it comes to NBA betting, home-court advantage plays a significant role. Over the years, the home teams have won over 60 % of the games they have played at their home grounds. It is challenging to come across that has won more games on the road than at the home ground.

Mainly when betting on handicaps, the home-court advantage is a crucial thing to think about. Thus, you may need to place a bet on a team that it is playing at home, especially if it’s on good form, and it does not have any significant injury. Also, before placing your bet on a team that is playing at home court, you need to search about the history of the two teams and how their past games ended.

The players in NZ who like betting on basketball has an added advantage since we regularly provide head-to-head encounters and historical data of the NBA league.

When selecting the team to place a bet on, please consider the popular ‘revenge matches’ or ‘grudge matches’ in which a recently traded player or trainer is playing against his previous employer for the very first time. If the coach or player is a great performer, the chances of winning against the former team are significantly high since they want to prove a point.

Also, pay attention to geographic location. Here, consider how far any team needs to travel to play their games as well as the time zones they need to change in the process. A team that travels less tend to be much more energetic and better rested than its counterpart. This minimal freshness can make a massive difference during the game. Examine the injury reports of the teams. In any betting sport, an injury to the key star player can considerably change the morale and outcome of the game.


Well, it’s special due to its association with hip-hop and the unique tricks used by the players.

You need first to identify the best place to place a wager like Betiton. Secondly, bet on popular NBA leagues.

It’s $305,000, which was won from a $5 parlay bet.

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James Smith
August 17, 2020

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