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How counting cards works in Blackjack in Ireland

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Card Counting is one of the vital strategies that Blackjack players can use when playing the game in Ireland. The concept of counting cards in Blackjack is simple and straightforward. Card counting is a strategy, or system, that is used to know whether the succeeding hand will give the player or dealer an advantage.

Ireland Players should note that counting cards’ not a guarantee that you will win when playing the game. However, Blackjack card counting is just a system that can help to monitor what cards are left in the deck, thereby, increasing the player chances of winning. Additionally, understand that high-value cards give a player better edge over the casino.

Whereas, low-value cards give the Blackjack dealer a better edge over the player. The best way to learn how to count cards in Blackjack games is by playing free Blackjack online. Also, at Betiton, you will have access to the required information you need to get started. In this Blackjack guide, we will discuss the basics of card counting.

What’s the History of Card Counting

Before we dive deep into the concept of card counting and how it has been done, we think it will make sense if we discuss its origin so that you will understand better. The history of counting cards dated back to the 19th century.

The concept of Blackjack card counting was introduced by the U.S. Army which was named the Four Horsemen. 1957 saw the publication of a book give the title “Playing Blackjack to Win”. Additionally, in 1962, there was an upgrade to the book. This further improved the book, and it was done by a famous mathematician by the name Ed Thorp, and the book was titled “Beat the Dealer”.

In his book, the used the principles of early computers to demonstrate that it is possible to have knowledge about the cards remaining in the deck depending on the cards played during a Blackjack game. Ever since then, many books have been written on the principles of counting cards. These include “Million Dollar Blackjack” written by Ken Uston, etc. The rules of the game should be understood before playing.

What is card counting?

Before getting started with card counting as an Ireland player you should understand what card counting is. Blackjack card counting is a technique used to know whether the dealer or the player has an advantage of winning. The principle of counting card is simple and straightforward. The deck of cards that has a high proportion of 10s and aces (high-value card) will give a Blackjack player an edge over the casino.

However, if the deck of cards has a high proportion of the face cards (low-value card), the dealer gets an advantage over the players. Also, counting card in Blackjack requires you to monitor the ratio of the cards left in the deck. However, when counting cards, players should do it in their mind without alerting the casino operator.

Additionally, card counting does not offer 100% odds of winning in the game, instead, the player will have 44% chances of hitting a win in the long run. If you want to learn how to play Blackjack, you can make use of the free demo version. Check out Betiton casino for more.

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How does card counting work?

After understanding the concept of counting card, it is important that you know how counting card works before proceeding to use it during a Blackjack game. In a Blackjack game, there is always the same ratio of low-value to high-value cards when a dealer shuffles.

As the game goes on, depending on the cards that have been placed, the ratio of the high-value to the low-value card is likely to change. This is where card counting comes in, Blackjack players need to be able to predict the ratio of the cards that are left in the decks of cards. Also, players should understand that counting cards in Blackjack can reduce the house advantage below 1%. This is better for Irish Blackjack players.

Most importantly, you should know that how counting cards work at a land-based casino is different from an online casino. Additionally, players should get familiar with Blackjack basic strategy before proceeding to card counting. There are different strategies that you can use to count card in Blackjack. Check Betiton for more.

How to start counting cards?

As an Ireland Blackjack player, before you proceed to count cards in a Blackjack game, either at an online or land-based casino, it is important that you understand the principles of counting card. Blackjack players should note that counting is not easy if a large deck of cards are used.

However, with the right strategy, skills, and knowledge, you can be a professional in counting card. Also, make sure you have fully understood the basic Blackjack strategy before you start count card. There are various strategies that can be used to count cards in the game of Blackjack. These include Hi-Lo strategy, Omega II strategy, etc. However, irrespective of the strategy applied, it still follows the same principles.

First, assign a value to each card. Then keep counting by subtracting and adding based on the cards in each deck. After that, use the information to calculate the true count, and lastly change your bet as the true count rises. If you want to learn more about how to start counting cards, you can check out Betiton.com

Basic card counting strategy

The type of Blackjack card counting strategy is mostly recommended for Ireland players who are just getting started with the game of Blackjack. One of the common and most famous strategies that you can use to start card counting is the Hi-Lo card counting system. The rules and principles of this strategy are easy and straightforward.

With this strategy, it can help to raise the odds of hitting a natural Blackjack hand while playing. We mentioned earlier that to count cards in a Blackjack game, you need to assign a tag to each card. In Hi-Lo card counting system, cards 2 through 6 will be assigned the tag +1, cards 7 – 9 are assigned the tag zero, while aces, face cards and 10 are assigned the tag -1. Card counters need to take note of each card being played and assign the right tag to them.

For instance, suppose in a game, card 3 is tagged +1, and card 10 is tagged -1. Then the aggregate will be zero (+1-1). After the card is reshuffled, start counting from zero.

Advanced card counting strategy

When you have mastered the basic strategy of counting cards, you need to understand the complex strategy in card counting. There are various advance strategies for card counting that you can select from.

We will be discussing the Omega II advanced strategy for card counting. This strategy is otherwise called a balanced system that has its base as zero. This strategy was introduced in 1992. In this advanced strategy, cards 2, 3, and 7 will be given the tag 1, all 10s and face card are given the tag -2, while 4, 5 and 6 will be given the tag -1, 9 is given the tag -1, and ace and 8 are given the tag 0. When counting your card, make sure you assign the right tag for each card.

When you get a positive total count, it implies that there is a high proportion of low-value cards left in the deck, while negative total count implies there is a high proportion of high-value cards left in the deck. You can check out for tips at Betiton.

Can You Count Cards in Online Blackjack?

Counting cards in the game of Blackjack is attainable. However, we won’t recommend that you count Blackjack cards online when playing with your actual cash. This is because the counting card in Blackjack is a difficult task to do, most especially at online casinos.

Due to the software used at online casinos to shuffle the card shoes, monitoring the ratio of low-value cards to high-value cards become a daunting task. This is because the software will shuffle the cards deck every time a new hand is dealt.

There is a certain application that can be used for card counting, however, most online casinos prohibit each casino. Ireland Blackjack players need to know that the important factor that affects counting cards in online Blackjack is the deck penetration.

This describes the card that has been played before the shoe is reshuffled. In many casinos online, the software used is built to reshuffle cards with little deck penetration. This is one of the reasons why card counting in online Blackjack is difficult. To become a professional card counter, you can make use of Blackjack trainer.


The objective of this guide is to make Ireland Blackjack players understand the concept of card counting in the game of Blackjack. In this guide, we have discussed the basic fundamentals required to get players started with card counting in a Blackjack game, both online and in the brick-and-mortar casino.

In this article, we discussed that the concept of card counting is a technique that allows players to keep track of the cards to be able to know whether the dealer or players is at an advantage. When a player is at an advantage, they tend to increase their stake. On the other hand, when the house is at an advantage, they proceed to reduce their stake.

One of the reasons why counting cards in the game of Blackjack is feasible is due to its low house advantage. On a final note, players can make use of Blackjack simulator to learn the game of Blackjack. Based on what has been said so far, most Ireland players will have one or two questions. As such, below is a list of FAQs to help out.


Card counting is more difficult when playing using multiple card decks. But with constant practice, players can get good at it.

Blackjack players can get good at counting cards when they practice more often. We recommend that player should try card counting with free online blackjack or with your friends before playing with real money. Also, you can make use of our great blackjack simulator to get better at card counting.

We would like to base this on individual preference and we will advise that you choose the strategy that best works for you.

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