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Top 5 Blackjack tips for Irish players

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

Blackjack remains one of the most popular and player-friendly games in Ireland. Every player needs to learn the various tricks that can be used to make the game easy and exciting. It is possible to enjoy playing blackjack and have lots of fun in Ireland.

There are a wide variety of tips that help you improve your skills for blackjack. Familiarising yourself with these simple tricks is something that every Irish player needs to do. Blackjack is a game of tact and skill. The most effective players know how and when to strategically and skillfully make decisions.

Betiton has developed an exciting blackjack guide to help Irish players understand the basic tips for playing this game.

The Mindset of Blackjack

When it comes to playing blackjack, the roles of psychology and rules cannot be underestimated. The player needs to understand that even the slightest distraction can derail the game. Concentration is an essential requirement for playing blackjack.

There are a few things to consider when playing blackjack. First, the player must carry a positive attitude. It is important to eliminate every possible doubt and fear. You must believe in yourself and remain positive that the outcome will favor you.

If you happen to make a mistake, don’t degrade yourself. The hands in blackjack are not linked. Having bad hands doesn’t mean that you will not have good ones. Such an attitude gives you more confidence to play on.

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Second, you need to have a clear mental picture of what you would want to achieve at the end of the game. Blackjack is more of a mental game than a physical one. Most players love this game because it allows them to challenge their thinking.

This kind of picture will help you choose the right strategy for playing. Third, ensure that you know how to play blackjack before commencing. You risk losing if you mess up on any of the rules. Beginners are encouraged to study the rules first before committing to play the game.

Do not give up on your strategy when you have bad hands. Similarly, don’t get overexcited when you have good ones to the extent of losing your focus.

Staying Healthy

Betiton truly cares about the health of its players. A mental game exercises the brain by keeping the mind active. Similarly, you need to offload your mind of the many issues of life. Playing a game is a perfect way of doing this.

Life can get overwhelming and if not careful, it is possible to damage your mental health. However, it is also important to note that there various things that a player can do which end up distorting his or her health.

Your health comes first and thus must be protected at all times. Staying healthy is the basic strategy of playing this game effectively. The following tips can help a player stay healthy while playing a blackjack game.

First, you must always ensure that you maintain the right sitting posture while playing. Comfort is a fundamental blackjack strategy. Avoid hurting your back, neck or any other part of your body. You will be distracted when your body is not comfortable.

Second, ensure that you take the right drinks when playing. It is not advisable to take drinks that will make you feel drowsy or sleepy. Remember you need the utmost concentration to play the game. Drinking water is recommended to keep your body and brain hydrated. Third, allow your budget to guide the extent to which you can play. You don’t have to put yourself in frustrations that will hurt your mental health.

Learn the basic strategy

The first step of playing blackjack successfully is learning the basic strategy. Many experienced players tend to ignore it and thus mess up. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced player, you must apply the basic strategy.

The fundamental thing you need to understand about this game is that the player’s decision determines the outcome. Blackjack basic strategy is a mathematically proven method which gives the player the best advantage while playing the game. It is a set of rules that must be used every time the blackjack game is being played. Counting cards is an advanced blackjack strategy. It is a system that enables you to get a positive expectation by ensuring that your house edge is in your favour.

In a nutshell, players learning the basic strategy need to understand the concept of card counting. It is essentially a tracking system that helps the players to keep a track of the cards that have been dealt with in the game. It is possible to get an estimate of the remaining cards and thus adjust the betting strategy accordingly. Card counting helps to increase a player’s odds while playing the game. It is not a complicated process at all.

The misconception with many people is that this is a concept that can only be cracked by a few players with great intelligence. Players that count their cards well always play efficiently. Therefore, learning the basic strategy is extremely necessary.

Understand How Blackjack Strategy Works

It is essential to first understand how the blackjack basic strategy works before playing a game. Every player should invest quality time learning this strategy. The basic strategy tells the player which action he or she is supposed to take to improve the blackjack hand.

Any player must know when to apply the appropriate action. Your aim as the player is to have more advantage over the opponent. This strategy reduces the house advantage to about only 0.5 percent. The little disadvantage to the player makes blackjack one of the most profitable games to play. To understand better, you need to look for a highly skilled blackjack trainer or visit the Betiton site to learn more.

Learning the blackjack simulator will equally increase your understanding of the basic strategy. It is a tool that teaches you how to play the game at the casinos or online. It will teach you all the actions that you will be required to apply while playing. Various blackjack simulators have been developed to help players. Choosing the right simulator will ensure that you access the appropriate information needed.

However, you must never attempt to start a game without a proper understanding of the basic strategy. Doing so will not only frustrate you but will also discourage to attempt any other game. Asking other experienced players to explain to you can also help to comprehend this strategy.

Learn how to play every hand

Another important tip for a successful blackjack game is learning to play every hand. The player can decide whether to play single or multiple hand games. To gain more advantage, it is advisable to play multiple hand blackjack.

However, starters should play the single-hand game until they are sure that they can handle the multiple ones without messing up. The main reason why players opt to play more than one hand is to get more game options within a short time. It is not always advantageous to play multiple hands especially if you are still learning how to play the game. You can easily lose focus and end losing. The best way to know how to play the hands is to learn using free blackjack.

It is recommended that players carefully assess every possible hand they are likely to get in the game. Additionally, they need to critically evaluate the best decision that should be applied in such cases. If not careful, players can find themselves in difficult scenarios where they have hands 14, 15, or 16. Anytime a player’s hand value is above 14, he or she is in an unfavourable situation.

In such a case, the player needs to quickly come up with a good strategy and the best decision to bail him or her out of that problem. Anytime you have a chance to turn the table in your favour, ensure that you take full advantage of the situation.

Follow the best blackjack players

Learning from others is an effective method of familiarising yourself with any skill. Similarly, blackjack learners have a lot to learn from other best players. You can seek to find out the secrets to their success by studying or listening to their playing experiences. Hearing their humble beginnings and how they rose above the mistakes they did in their initial stages will undoubtedly encourage you.

Anytime you have an opportunity to interact with an experienced blackjack player, ensure that you ask them as many questions as possible. Let them explain the best strategies to use, the things to do while playing and those to avoid. Ask them about the mistakes that they did so as not to repeat them when you start playing.

If you can’t interact with the best blackjack players physically, you don’t have to worry. There are lots of other platforms where you can find them and learn a few tricks from them. You can follow them on their social media platforms or sites that offer online games like Betiton.

Some of them do videos to teach other people how to go about gaming without making losses. Visiting their websites and blog sites is equally an important aspect of learning from them. Many of these experienced players have also opened Blackjack training facilities which you can enroll and learn. Following the above tips will not only make you one of the best Blackjack players in Ireland but will also help you enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can play blackjack for free by visiting Betiton casino as we offer free blackjack games or using a blackjack trainer.

You can practice blackjack my studying strategy cards with you play free blackjack games or when learning on a blackjack trainer.

You can play blackjack for beginners by setting the level to ‘easy’ when you play on a online blackjack trainer at an online casino such as Betiton.

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